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Modehiem Outskirts - Part Two

Despite being trapped inside a mako pod Tifa knew everything that going on around her. Prior to becoming Miles’ prisoner the last thing she could remember was sleeping next to Cloud in Cosmo Canyon and then suddenly she was inside this mako chamber.

Around two days ago she regained consciousness but her body was still sedated. She was now able to see everything going on around her and could hear their muffled voices. She wondered if Miles did this on purpose.

She witnessed Miles inject Genesis with Jenova cells and assumed he did the same to her when she was unconscious. Listening to Miles she learned that he managed to retrieve some Jenova cells from Hojo’s laboratory before the fall of Shinra and preserved it to use in his experiments.

Words could not describe the anger she felt towards him for what he exposed her and her unborn child to. She didn’t know exactly what he did to her but she could tell he did something because she felt different.

Since she regained consciousness she had been using every ounce of strength to try to fight the paralysis and free herself. Luckily over the last day she could feel herself growing stronger and mustering all her strength she was now able to slightly move her fingers. She knew it would not be long before she would be able to gain control of her entire body.

Right now she could see Miles standing over Weiss taking a tube out of his arm. He proceeded to inject the unconscious man with something then turned to Shelke taking the tube out of her arm. Tifa was relieved to see that she was still breathing meaning Miles’ procedure did not kill her.

Genesis was standing a few feet away from the table watching Miles work. From what she could hear she did not think that they trusted each other and they seemed to argue a lot.

Tifa switched her gaze back to Miles who was standing over Weiss. She noticed that he was now awake and looking up at Miles. Seeing Weiss awake Genesis took a few steps closer to him while Miles turned towards his table of supplies behind them.

“You’re awake, how do you feel?” Genesis asked Weiss.

“Like a new man.” Weiss smiled looking over at the unconscious Shelke lying on the table next to him.

With the way he was looking at her Tifa feared he was going to hurt her.

Suddenly Genesis turned his attention to a computer monitor located on a table next to some of Miles’ equipment. It was hard for Tifa to make out but it looked like the monitor was for a security camera outside and there was something going on out there. Noticing what Genesis was looking at Weiss shifted his attention away from the girl.

“What is it brother?” Weiss asks.

“It looks like we have company,” Genesis explained. “Do you feel up for a fight?” he asked Weiss.

Weiss smiled “do you have my swords?” he asked.

Genesis smiled back and nodded yes. Then he looked closer at the monitor.

“It looks like your old friend is out front waiting for you,” he explained motioning to the screen with the image to Vincent fighting the Genesis copies outside with the others.

“I guess that leaves Cloud to me.” Genesis looked over at Miles.

“Take this,” Miles said as he passed Genesis some kind of small devise, “and remember what I told you.”

Although the sounds around her were muffled she learned what Miles did to Cloud when he was held captive in that basement. She learned that years ago Cloud and Zack were experimented on by Hojo as part of his reunion theory. Hojo hypothesized that all Jenova cells separated from her body will be drawn back to her. After the Nibelhiem incident Hojo took the surviving villagers and injected them with Jenova cells to test one part of his theory.

Tifa knew that Hojo’s theory was right because when they were chasing down Sephiroth, a few years later, they came across hooded figures near the Northern Creator and in Nibelhiem who had numbered tattoos and were obsessed with the reunion. Tifa assumed these were the people who Hojo experimented on and were instinctively drawn to Sephiroth and Jenova.

Hojo also hypothesized that Jenova was able to control weaker beings that possessed her cells and he also believed that stronger beings with Jenova cells could control the weaker beings. Hojo used this premise for his experiment on Cloud and Zack. His goal was to create beings as strong as Sephiroth but were also under his control. He proceeded to make them stronger physically using Mako and Jenova cells but he installed a chip in their brains that inhibited part of their mind allowing them to be easily controlled. This was the reason Hojo injected himself with Jenova cells because his plan was to control Cloud and Zack as his own personal army.

Tifa wondered if this was how Sephiroth took control of Cloud and made Cloud give him the black materia years ago. This would have explained why Cloud had an identity crisis when she first ran into him in Midgar and why he was so easily manipulated by Sephiroth up until she helped him find his real self in the lifestream.

The device that Tifa saw Miles hand Genesis was a failsafe switch Miles created. If Cloud became strong enough to overcome Genesis’ control when activated, which Miles predicted might happen, the switch will send a signal to Hojo’s microchip leaving him incapacitated.

Tifa knew that Cloud was nearby and she was worried. Cloud had no idea what they had planned for him. Her mind began to race; she wished there was a way she could warn him.

She could feel herself becoming stronger and thinking about Cloud was helping. Slowly she was gaining more control of her body and she was now able to move most of her arms. She knew it would not be long before she would be able to free herself.

Miles must have noticed her move a little because he looked over and proceeded to walk towards Tifa’s pod examining it. Tifa stayed motionless trying not to alert her captors to her newfound ability.

“What is it?” Genesis asked realizing something caught Miles’ attention.

Miles examined the pod taping it with his finger to see if it would stir a reaction. Nothing happened.

“Nothing,” Miles responded, “you two should get going. Cloud should be here soon.”

Miles suspected that Cloud would not waist his time fighting the Genesis copies like the others. He most likely found another way in and should be nearby.

Weiss proceeded to head towards the others while Genesis waited nearby for Cloud to arrive.

When Cloud entered the reactor he was surprised to find the place empty. It was dimly lit and full of long maze like corridors. He raced down the hallways eager to find Tifa and Shelke. He was still feeling weak from the tranquilizers but he pushed through with all of his strength. For the first time in years his sword was feeling heavy on his back but at least his adrenalin was giving him some extra strength.

He wondered the corridors guessing on which way to go. He finally turned a corner leading to another hallway but at the end of this hallway was an opening with a pitch black room. He was about to run towards the room when someone emerged from it.

Genesis walked out into the dimly lit hallway holding a sword. Cloud could see that he was holding something in his hand but couldn’t make out what.

Cloud reached for his sword ready to fight. He knew he had to get through Genesis in order to reach Tifa. He was still a little weak and he had to assume Genesis knew this. He knew this was going to be a tough battle and all he could do was keep thinking about Tifa for motivation to fight with all of the strength he had left. Without saying a word Cloud rushed the brown haired ex-SOLDIER.

Genesis just stood there as Cloud ran towards him with his sword raised. Suddenly his head started to hurt but he tried to ignore it. This was not a good time to be getting one of his headaches, he thought to himself.

He was just a few feet away from Genesis when the pain in his head intensified and something caused him to stop in his tracks. He stood in front of his foe with his sword still raised but unable to move his legs. He tried to swing his sword to see if he could hit Genesis but he was a foot short. He looked at Genesis who just stood there staring at him with an evil grin on his face.

“What did you do to me?” Cloud asked the ex-SOLDIER confused and angry.

He struggled with all his might trying to move his feet. He wondered if this was a side effect of the tranquilizer Miles gave him.

Genesis laughed. He was enjoying every minute of this.

“Stop resisting, I can control your every move.” Genesis made Cloud drop his sword to the ground. “Now kneel before me,” he ordered Cloud as he forced the blond onto his hands and knees.

Cloud was struggling the whole time but it wasn’t helping. The last time he felt like this he almost struck Aerith with his sword when she was praying in front of him in the city of the Ancients.

‘How was Genesis able to control him like this?’ he thought to himself.

“Fight all you want but there is nothing you can do now. As we speak your friends are being introduced to my new and improved brother along with more of my copies and there is nothing you can do about it.”

He took a step towards Cloud who was still on his hands and knees struggling to keep himself up.

“And let’s not forget your pretty little girlfriend,” Genesis stopped and kneeled one knee on the ground bringing his face close to Cloud’s ear. “You won’t recognize her when we’re through with her,” he provoked the blond.

That comment caused a wave of fury to pass through Cloud’s whole body. Thinking about what they were doing to Tifa caused him to become more enraged and that in turn gave him more strength. He knew if he concentrated enough he would be able to overcome Genesis control over him. It was just like when Sephiroth had control over him years ago. Overtime he slowly learned how to fight off Sephiroth’s control over him and he is a much stronger version of the person he was back then.

Focusing all his strength Cloud was able to gain control of his right hand sliding it over to his sword lying on the ground next to him. As soon as he had a grip of the handle he mustered every last ounce of strength he had left and swung his sword at Genesis who jumped back dogging the attack except the tip Cloud’s sword just managed to graze Genesis’ right cheek.

This caused Cloud to gain back full control of his body and he proceeded to relentlessly attack his enemy. Genesis unsheathed his sword and was able to counter Cloud’s every blow as he was bombarded by the young blond.

Genesis knew he hit a nerve and enraged Cloud but that was exactly what he was trying to do. Cloud had to work extra hard trying to mentally block Genesis while delivering blow after blow. Luckily the more Cloud fought it the easier it became.

The thought of Tifa allowed him to tap into a strength he never knew he had. He had not felt this empowered since the last time he fought the reincarnated Sephiroth with a little motivation from the spirit of his friend Zack.

‘I got this,’ Cloud thought to himself leaping up into the air and delivering another blow.

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