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Modehiem Outskirts - Part Three

Reno, Rude and Yuffie were running down the corridors with Yuffie in the lead followed by the two Turks. The corridors were empty, dark and maze like. Yuffie did not know which way to go so she guessed but it was starting to feel like they were going in circles.

Up ahead of them the hallway split into two like a ‘T’ and something was telling her to turn left. She was about to turn the corner when someone pulled her back just before a sword swung down missing her.

With both feet off the ground she looked up to see Rude standing behind her holding her up by her shirt. After he let her go she nodded thanks to the bald Turk and then looked ahead to see Weiss turn the corner facing them with his sword gun raised.

Before Weiss could do anything Rude had his gun out shooting forcing the Tsviet to jump back around the corner. Yuffie did not have a weapon and there was no way her martial arts skills would be any match in a gun fight. As if reading her mind Reno took a gun and handed it to her. It was not her ideal choice of weapon but she knew how to use one. She accepted it and released the safety.

‘What I wouldn’t give for some Materia right now,’ she thought to herself as Weiss stuck his sword out around the corner and fired three rounds missing.

Instead of sticking around to fight the spiky haired man made a break down the other hallway to the right with the Yuffie and the Turks in pursuit. He was much faster than them and was able to doge every bullet Rude and Yuffie shot at him as if he was able to predict their shots.

Weiss fled through a door at the end of the hallway. It took a few seconds before the three reached the same door and entered. On the other side was another big warehouse like room with high ceilings and so dark they could not see the other end of the room. There were three hanging lights near them by the entrance but the rest of the room was pitched black. Weiss was nowhere to be found but they could hear noises off in the distance.

Reno looked behind him and located a light switch by the door so he flicked it with his nightstick. A few more lights flickered and turned on lighting up part of the room around them but the other side was still very dark. They could just make out the outline of Weiss standing amongst a large group of oddly shaped shadows.

As the lights started to warm up it grew a little brighter and the three were able to make out the other shapes. Weiss was surrounded by a large group of about 30 monsters all with Genesis faces. They were monsters that the three recognize from all over the planet, even some you could only find in the Shinra Mansion.

Reno turned around and tried to open the door but it was locked on their side.

“Shit,” Reno said out loud as he turned around and flicked the switch on his rod charging it.

Weiss smiled wickedly at them and suddenly, as if they were under his control, all the monsters rush the three as they prepared themselves for the attack. The three separate themselves a little focusing on a small group of monsters while watching each other’s backs.

Many of the monsters were ground monsters with a dozen flying ones. Rude and Yuffie proceeded to shoot at the flying monsters while Reno focused on the ground monsters with his electric nightstick.

Yuffie emptied a clip and called out to Reno who pulled a full clip out of his jacket pocket and threw it towards her. She caught it, loaded her gun and continued shooting.

The three were doing a good job keeping the monsters at bay considering how much they were outnumbered. After Rude ran out of ammo he threw his gun away and lifter his fists ready to fight with his hands; he preferred hand to hand combat anyways. Yuffie did the same once she ran out of ammo.

In the heat of battle Yuffie looked around and could not see Weiss anywhere. She assumed he was either hiding or used the commotion as a chance to escape. She looked over at Rude who seemed to be holding his own against three Ceaser monsters. She then proceeded to deliver a roundhouse kick to a Dorky Face.

Suddenly a ringing noise came from Reno’s direction catching her attention. She looked over to see Reno reach into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. She couldn’t help but wonder how his phone had a signal this far up north and made a mental note to herself to ask him who his service provider was when they were out of this mess.

“Yo,” Reno said answering his phone with his right hand while electrocuting a cat like creature with his left. “It’s about time!” he told the person on the phone, “we could really use some help.” He paused listening. “Well how the hell should I know?” he said rudely while knocking the creature upside the head with his rod. “Why don’t you try the GPS?!”

As soon as the redhead said that Yuffie could almost make out the sound of a woman yelling at him through the phone.

Reno moved the phone a few inches away from his ear until the yelling stopped. He paused and sighed.

“I’m sorry. We could REALLY use your help PLEASE,” he said nicely then hung up the phone.

Yuffie looked over to Rude who also appeared to be listening in on Reno’s conversation while fending off a monster. They were a little more than half way through the group at this point. Most of them were not very strong with the exception of some of the monsters from the Shinra Manor and the Mt. Nibel area.

Rude was surrounded by dead or unconscious monsters with one Ghirofelgo giving him a bit of trouble.

Almost as if sensing their progress Yuffie felt and heard a low rumble coming from across the room. She looked towards the noise that was coming from a dark corner of the warehouse. Peering into the darkness she could just make out a glowing pair of eyes that appeared to be moving. She then heard another low rumble followed by a loud roar that shook the ground.

As soon as she heard the noise she knew exactly what they were dealing with. She recognized the noise from travelling through the Mt. Nibel area with her friend’s years ago. Before the echo of the roar could subside the beast stepped out into the light confirming what Yuffie feared: a dragon.

Noticing the dragon Reno and Rude stop fighting for a second a little surprised they missed such a huge creature hiding on the other side of the large room.

“Hurry up guys,” Reno says to himself referring to his colleagues who were trying to track down their location in the helicopter.

Noticing the three humans fighting with the other monsters across the room the dragon let out a louder roar and extended out its monstrous wings as if it was casually stretching after a long nap. It then proceeded to walk towards the fighting group.

As it drew closer Yuffie noticed that this monster did not have a Genesis face like all the other monsters.

“Why the hell did they bring that thing here?” Reno asked.

It’s like he was thinking the exact same thing as her. If they weren’t planning on turning it into a Genesis copy why bother trapping it and bringing it all the way up north.

The last hand full of monsters continued attacking as if they didn’t even notice a huge dragon casually walking towards them. The three were able to fend off the attacks but they were more concerned with the dragon who luckily did not seem to be in a rush to reach them.

Right when the dragon was half way across the room the three heard a large explosion causing the room to shake. Less than a second later they heard another boom but this time the ceiling closer to the dragon crumbled causing some of the rubble to hit the dragon drawing its attention.

Suddenly gunshots come flying through the hole hitting the dragon but did not appear to cause it any serious injury. The dragon looked up in the direction of the incoming bullets and roared in anger. It then proceeded to jump up through the hole and chase after its attacker.

A few seconds after the dragon left Barret and Cid came jumping down through the hole assisting the others with fighting the remaining monsters. After the last monster fell everyone could hear the sound of gunfire outside. It was hard to tell by the sound if they were making any progress fighting the dragon.

“We should try to help them,” Yuffie said looking at her friends.

There must be another door around here somewhere she assumed thinking about how Weiss must have escaped. They all ran to the other side of the warehouse and found an exit leading outside.

Outside the helicopter was hovering in the air dodging the dragon’s attacks while Reeve and Elena bombarded the creature with machine gun bullets. The bullets appeared to have no effect on the dragon’s skin like its scales were made of metal. Every time the dragon took a dive the helicopter would move just in time, avoiding its attacks. Reno was impressed with Tseng’s piloting skills since the redhead was the one who usually did all the flying.

Barret then started to shoot at the dragon from the ground drawing its attention. The two in the helicopter then continued to shoot at it from behind angering the dragon because it did not know who to attack.

The dragon appeared to focus on Barret and looked like it was about to dive towards him so the helicopter maneuvered closer and continued shooting. Suddenly the Dragon turned and swiped at the helicopter. Tseng almost moved in time but the dragon managed to hit one of the top propellers breaking it clean off.

The helicopter started to wobble midair and Tseng had no choice but to make an emergency landing. It was a rough land but he managed to touch ground without crashing. The three exited the helicopter and ran to meet the others by the warehouse. Realizing all its targets were on the ground the dragon looked down and started to prepare for a drive.

“What are we going to do?” Elena asked. “Guns aren’t working.”

Cid, who had been standing closest to the door casually smoking his cigarette, took one last drag of his smoke before speaking.

“I got this,” he said flicking his smoke into the snowbank next to him and grabbed his spear.

He then proceeded to jump high up into the air and almost instantly, as the dragon approached the group, he came crashing down spear first on top of the dragons head, right through its eye and head. The dragon fell dead immediately crashing into the ground stopping just feet away from the group. Cid then proceeded to pull his spear out from the dragon’s head and walked over to the others like nothing happened.

“Wow…” Yuffie said as everyone else around her was speechless. “Soooo, does anyone else know where we gotta go to find Cloud and the others?” She asked the group.

“The front entrance to the facility is over there,” Tseng replied pointing up towards the tallest structure a few buildings over. “I assume they would be keeping the prisoners in main building.”

“Where’s Vincent?” Yuffie asked looking around.

She finally realized he was not with the group when she last saw him he was fighting with Cid and Barret.

“He saw someone running from this building just when we arrived and took off after him,” Elena replied. “They were running towards the main building so we might catch up with them.”

“Must have been Weiss,” Yuffie guessed out loud.

The group then proceeded to make their way towards the reactor.

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