A Darker World Book One: Changing Identity

Chapter 1: Diagon Alley

Discalimer: I totally forgot to do this when I posted the first chapter so here it is now. I wish to God I owned this but I don't and am therefore poor.

Chapter One

Diagon Alley

Harry's eyes darted around suspiciously as they landed, finally, upon a man of medium height with weak, watery eyes and a purple cloth wrapped turban-style around his head. Harry automatically didn't trust him. He despised men that quivered and shook for no discernible reason.

'Come, Harry.'

A small hand slipped into his larger one and pulled gently. Harry obediently moved in the required direction.

'Tom,' a curt voice said.

Harry's eyes swivelled to a rather small, balding man with a toothless grin. Uninterested, they swung back to facing forwards.

'Off to Diagon Alley, Professor?' Tom queried in a breathy, wheezy voice. 'New students?'

Severus sneered. 'Quite,' he said coldly. 'If you'll excuse us?'

'Of course, Professor,' Tom wheezed.

Severus inclined his head at the elderly man and swept through the crowd. Harry, going to follow his father, was stopped by the turban-clad man.

'M-M-Mr. P-P-Potter,' the man stuttered. 'H-How n-n-n-nice to s-s-see you again.'

Harry raised an eyebrow.

'I'm P-P-Professor Q-Q-Q-Quirrell,' the man continued, fully aware of the silence in the pub and the many eyes gazing adoringly at their saviour. 'I'll b-b-b-be your D-D-D-Defence teacher th-th-th-this year.'

Harry stared coldly at the man before turning on his heel and stalking away without another word, leaving every witch and wizard in the vicinity gob-smacked by his rude behaviour. One witch in particular, a peroxide blonde with atrocious dress sense and a malevolent gleam to her beady eyes, was feeling rather gleeful that this scene had occurred right in front of her. Rita Skeeter, Daily Prophet reporter, had a story here and she intended to make full use of it. Gathering her things together, she hurried after the group that had just left.


Harry could sense eyes upon him. They weren't curious either. Turning his head slightly, he caught sight of a determined blonde following them, scribbling away on a piece of parchment. Dismissing her as unimportant, Harry followed his father into a white marble building.

'Isn't this exciting, Harry?' Mandy squealed.

'Yes,' Harry replied.

Mandy frowned at the lack of enthusiasm in her "friend's" voice.

'You don't sound excited,' Mandy pointed out. 'You don't look it either.'

Harry didn't respond this time. He watched as the Brocklehursts exchanged Muggle money for Wizarding gold. His father returned and handed him a pouch with huge gold coins.

'Your pocket money for the school year,' Severus explained. 'Potter left his family's fortune to you. That is but a little of it.'

Harry inclined his head. 'Thank you, Father,' he said stiffly.

Richard and Delilah looked amused.

Clearing his throat, Severus asked, 'Where would you like to go first?'

'Let's get their uniforms first,' said Delilah.

'We'll go to Madam Malkin's, then,' said Severus. 'She's the best for uniforms.'

'Okay, then,' Richard agreed. 'I think we should get their cauldrons after that. We can put all their books inside them, then.'

'Good thinking, Sherlock.' Delilah smiled fondly at her husband while Mandy giggled, Severus sneered and Harry watched impassively.

Severus led them into a small shop that was just as dark and dingy as the pub. Inside were racks of traditional wizarding robes in all colours and sizes. Pointy hats were stacked high on shelves above the racks and black dress shoes littered the stone floor. Toward the back of the store was a small wooden counter with an old-fashioned till and a pile of catalogues resting upon the polished surface. The door to the back storeroom was open and showed a long dark corridor. In the centre of the room were three stools, one with a young blond boy stood upon it, and the second and third empty. A short woman with unkempt grey hair was busily pinning robes on the boy. A blond man and woman were stood nearby observing critically.

'Hogwarts?' the grey-haired witch asked, passing a younger witch the pins. 'I'm Madam Malkin.'

She shook hands with Richard and Delilah and nodded to Severus.

'This is our daughter, Mandy,' said Richard.

'First-year?' asked Madam Malkin, then she shook her head. 'Of course you are, dearie. I've not seen you in here before. Up you get.'

A second young witch appeared suddenly and draped a plain black witch's robe over Mandy. Madam Malkin turned to Harry then and blinked in surprised.

'My, you're a tall one, aren't you?' she said, slightly nervously.

'Madam Malkin,' Severus said silkily, 'this is my son, Harry.'

Madam Malkin blinked and the three blonds all turned their heads sharply.

'Severus, I wasn't aware you had a son,' the blond man said as silkily as Severus.

Severus smirked. 'Lucius, I did not want my son targeted during the war and so hid him away.'

'Clever,' the blonde woman stated. Stepping forwards she held out her fingers to Delilah. 'Narcissa Malfoy,' she said coolly. 'My husband, Lucius, and my son, Draco.'

Delilah shook Narcissa's hand heartily, delighting in the look of horror that crossed the woman's snooty features. 'Delilah Brocklehurst,' Delilah said with a smile. 'My husband, Richard, and my daughter, Mandy.'

'Brocklehurst?' Lucius sneered. 'That's not a name we know.'

'Mother and Father know all the Pureblood names,' said Draco haughtily. 'Even the less desirable ones.'

'Now now,' Madam Malkin chastised. 'None of that in here, if you please.'

Draco smirked. 'So, Snape,' he said, looking at Harry, 'which House do you think you'll be Sorted into? I'll be a Slytherin, of course. Malfoys are always Slytherins. Have been for generations.'

Harry stared at him coldly before looking away again. He stepped up onto a stool and impatiently stood still whilst robes were draped over him and pinned into place.

'Snape, I asked you a question,' Draco snapped irritably. 'I demand you answer me!'

Harry's head slowly turned to look at Draco. Draco suppressed a shiver as his gaze was involuntarily drawn into a stony green one. 'Slytherin,' Harry said finally.

Draco turned away, looking uncomfortable.

'Oh, and, Malfoy? Don't ever demand things of me again. I guarantee you won't like the consequences.'

Draco sneered at the taller boy but its effect was somewhat diminished by the blatant fear in his eyes.

'That's you done, Mr. Malfoy,' said the first assistant, waving her wand at the robes to alter them.

Draco jumped off his stool and sauntered over to his parents. 'Be seeing you, Snape,' he said with an arrogant smirk.

Harry ignored him, choosing instead to gaze up into the rafters. Not long after, both Harry and Mandy were done with their uniforms and had their cauldrons, trunks, stationery, potion kits, scales and telescopes. Now they were off to buy their books before heading to Ollivander's for their wands.

'What are the required books?' Delilah asked her daughter.

'The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1)by Miranda Goshawk; A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot; Magical Theory by Adalbert Waffling; A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration by Emeric Switch; One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi by Phyllida Spore; Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger; Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander; The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection by Quentin Trimble,' Mandy read from the list. 'There's a list of recommended books as well.'

'There's no harm in buying the lot,' said Richard.

Delilah nodded her agreement. Harry was staring thoughtfully at the pet shop. It was eerily silent.

'Did you want a pet, Harry?' Mandy asked. 'I do. I want a kitten. Mummy, can I have a kitten, please?'

'We'll see,' Delilah automatically replied. 'Harry, what pet would you like?'

Harry didn't answer.

'We'll go there once you have your wands,' Severus told the young boy.

Harry started walking towards the bookstore again. They went in and bumped into a very familiar trio of people.

'Get out of my way, Snape,' Draco demanded, moving to push past the taller boy.

A hand shot out and grasped Draco tightly around the neck, lifting the blond off his feet. Draco gasped for air and scrabbled at the fingers around his throat while his legs kicked madly, searching for something to rest upon.

'I warned you,' a low menacing voice growled.

He tossed Draco aside, knocking the blond unconscious. Cautiously, Mandy took Harry by the hand and led him further into the store. Silence followed their departure before Lucius turned his wand on Severus.

'Your son has harmed a Malfoy,' he said, quiet anger evident in his voice. 'Blood will be spilt. I, Lucius Abraxus Malfoy, Head of the Ancient House of Malfoy, claim a blood feud against the House of Snape. How does the Head of the House of Snape respond?'

'I, Severus Tobias Snape, Head of the House of Snape, agree with the blood feud,' Severus snapped back.

An angry red glow surrounded the two men as they glared hatefully at each other. Eventually they both turned on their heels and stalked away, Delilah and Richard trailing nervously after Severus and Narcissa levitating Draco behind Lucius.

'What was that, Mr. Snape?' Delilah asked.

Severus didn't respond. He grabbed a couple of books off s shelf, levitating them in front of him.

'Harry, these are the first books you will need to read,' Severus told his son curtly. 'They will assist you in our feud with the Malfoys.'

Harry nodded once before turning back to the shelves.

'Father?' Harry asked suddenly. 'Would one of these books happen to contain a list of blood feuds between families and a list of alliances?'

Severus smirked. 'Why, yes, Harry. A Detailed and Revealing History of Ancient Blood Feuds and Alliances does.'

Harry, looking smug to everyone's surprise, since he never removed his stoic mask, nodded once before heading to the till. Severus followed after him, levitating the books Harry had picked out.

'Are you sure you want this book, Harry?' Severus asked, holding up a copy of 100 Magical Languages and How To Speak Them. It was an incredibly thick book and the print inside was tiny.

'Yes,' was Harry's reply.

Severus sighed and paid the required amount of Galleons. Richard, after a few moment of fumbling, paid the Galleons for Mandy's books as well. Then they went to Ollivander's for their wands.

A bell rang as they entered the shop and they waited, impatiently in the case of Severus and Harry, for someone to appear. A tall thin man with bulging eyes soon shuffled into the store.

'Mr Potter, I've been expecting you,' the man said. He shuffled forwards and raked his eyes over the tall boy. Harry watched him coldly. 'I am very sorry to say that I sold the wand that did it,' the man continued softly, staring at the lightning-bolt scar on Harry's forehead. 'I was not to know the many horrific things that wand would go on to do. I did sense, however, that little something in the young He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named that told me not to trust him. I regret now that I did not listen to my instincts.'

The man's eyes snapped to Mandy. 'A new Magical Family!' He sounded delighted about it. 'Have you any brothers, young lady?'

'No,' said Mandy nervously. 'Just male cousins.'

Ollivander nodded. 'As I expected,' he said mysteriously.

Severus looked ready to throttle the man. 'Get on with it,' he snapped.

'Good day, Professor,' Ollivander said. 'It is most considerate of you to escort young Mr Potter around Diagon Alley.'

'My name is Harry Snape,' Harry said suddenly. 'I have never been a Potter except in name and that will be changed shortly.'

Ollivander looked rather surprised by this. 'I do apologise, Mr Snape,' he said.

Harry didn't say anything.

'Yes, well.' Ollivander looked and sounded wrong-footed. 'Which is your wand arm, Mr Snape?'

Harry held out his left. Ollivander measured him before passing him several wands to try. Harry waved them all, causing several things to explode.

'Ah, try this one, Mr Snape,' said Ollivander. 'An unusual combination. Holly and phoenix feather.'

He held it out to Harry but when the young boy went to take it, the wand flew out of Ollivander's hand and to the other side of the shop.

'Ah, it would seem that wand has taken a dislike to you, Mr Snape,' Ollivander commented.

Harry raised an eyebrow. 'I was not aware,' he said coldly, 'that wands possessed brains and were therefore able to form opinions.'

Severus smirked. Ollivander was looking distinctly flustered by now, something the foreboding professor was unused to seeing.

'I think I have the perfect wand for you, Mr Snape,' Ollivander said, a little nervous now. 'It is the only wand of its kind that I will ever make.'

'What is it?' Mandy asked curiously.

'12 inches yew with a runespoor fang core,' said Ollivander. 'Very sturdy and excellent for the Dark Arts. Here, Mr Snape, give it a wave.'

Harry took the wand and sharply waved it above his head. A multitude of black and silver sparks shot from it, causing the Brocklehursts to clap, Severus to smirk and Ollivander to shudder.

'My my, Mr Snape, you are one powerful wizard, aren't you?' Ollivander murmured.

'How much?' Severus barked.

Ollivander raised his eyes. 'Ten Galleons, Professor,' he said. 'Now, Miss Brocklehurst, why don't you try this one?'

Mandy waved a number of wands before buying a ten and a half inch cedar wand with a unicorn tail hair core.

'That one is seven Galleons, Miss Brocklehurst.'

Richard paid and they all exited the shop rather quickly.

'Pet shop!' Mandy squealed excitedly. She took Harry by the hand and pulled him along behind her. The closer they got to the pet shop the louder it seemed to become until they were covering their ears from the cacophony.

'So, Harry, what sort of pet would you like?' Severus asked. 'It doesn't matter what it is as it is a late birthday present.'

Harry's eyes flicked between a large falcon that was watching the group suspiciously and a large Crup puppy. They were all startled when the falcon suddenly spread its wings and flew to Harry's shoulder, looking at the shop assistant haughtily.

'He likes you, Harry,' Mandy whispered.

'He's free,' the shop assistant said suddenly. 'Nobody will take him. He's too scary.'

'I guess I can have both, then?' Harry said to Severus.

'Indeed,' said Severus dryly, as the Crup attached itself to Harry's heels.

'I want a kitten, Mummy,' Mandy said.

'I have a lovely little kitten somewhere,' the shop assistant said, looking around.

'Is that him?' asked Mandy, pointing at a tiny black kitten that was playfully batting Harry's Crup's forked tail.

The shop assistant sighed. 'He won't leave that poor animal alone,' she said. 'You can have him for five Galleons, seeing as he's such a pest.'

Mandy giggled and scooped the kitten up. 'He's adorable,' she cooed.

Richard paid for the kitten, a travelling basket, litter box, a collar and cat food before stepping aside for Severus and Harry. Since the falcon was free, Severus paid for the Crup, a lead, dog food, a collar, a perch for the falcon, and live mice for the falcon.

'Let's have an ice cream before we head home,' said Delilah, looking down at her daughter. 'I believe we could all use a treat.'

They sat down outside Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour and bought coffee and ice cream.

'I've had such a lovely day,' Mandy sighed. 'Haven't you, Harry?'

Harry was silent but judging by the added brightness to his cold green eyes, Mandy guessed that he'd had a nice day as well.

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I also have to admit that I had planned on Harry and Draco being friends but they just sturbbornly refused to. The fued may have surprised you (hopefully) and if it did then then you're not the only ones. I was totally surprised when I wrote that bit because I hadn't planned on it all. Now that Harry's planned best friend has changed I need to go through my entire plot outline and edit it to suit the new plotline. *sigh* so much work. I hate it when a fic doesn't go the way I want it to.

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