A Darker World Book One: Changing Identity

Chapter 2: Becoming Snape

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Chapter Two

Becoming Snape

Severus left Harry with the Brocklehursts while he went to retrieve his son's things from the Dursleys. There wasn't much but Severus compensated by making all three Dursleys feel every second of pain they had caused his son. He returned to collect his son a couple of hours later.

'Where are we going?' Harry asked.

'Hogwarts,' said Severus. 'I live there year round.'

Harry didn't reply.

'You will share my quarters during the holidays and will share a dorm with the other boys during term.'

Harry was silent.

'I'm going to Apparate us to Hogsmeade because of the wards surrounding the school, and from there we'll walk up to the castle.'

Severus was finding it difficult to remain silent around his son. He supposed he was nervous about finally being able to parent the boy.

'I'm going to shrink the shopping and put it in my pocket,' Severus said. 'I'll hold onto your arm and you'll need to keep a tight hold of your pets. Understood?'

Harry nodded once. He watched his father shrink his belongings and place them in his pocket. Harry then picked up the Crup, tucking it tightly under one arm and reached up with the other to grab the falcon's legs. He had a strong grip for an eleven-year-old and the falcon looked quite pissed at being held in such a manner. It shrieked angrily and flapped its wings. Harry ignored the falcon's tantrum and allowed his father to grab a tight hold of his arm.

'Ready?' Severus asked.

Harry nodded once. Severus spun on the spot and, with a loud crack, the Snapes disappeared. A second crack signalled their arrival at the Apparition Point in Hogsmeade.

'It's not a long walk,' Severus told his son.

Harry ignored him as his hard eyes took in his surroundings, assessing its strengths and weaknesses.

'Harry?' Severus queried.

'Yes, Father?' Harry replied blandly.

'We need to get to the castle,' Severus said, starting a brisk walk along the path. 'We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow, and the old coot that runs the school will likely have more than a few things to say about your new living arrangements.'

'Yes, Father,' Harry repeated, his long legs easily keeping up with Severus' quick stride.

Twenty minutes later they had arrived at the gates to Hogwarts. Severus whipped out his wand, twirled it and a bright silvery doe shot out if it.

'Hagrid, I am at the gates,' Severus said to the doe. 'If you don't know by now who I am then Merlin forgive you. Well? Get to it, man!'

The doe then cantered off and the two Snapes waited in silence. A little bit later a huge man came lumbering down the path.

'Alrigh', Professor?' Hagrid called.

'Just open the gates,' Severus sneered.

Hagrid eyed Harry curiously but did as he was told.

'Oh, Hagrid,' Severus added, as he and Harry swept through the entrance, 'this is my son, Harry. Do not be alarmed if you see him around.'

'Righ' yeh are, Professor,' said Hagrid, beaming at the young boy.

Harry didn't acknowledge Hagrid as he strode past the huge man in the wake of his father.

'I shall introduce you to everyone tomorrow,' Severus said abruptly. 'I would prefer to do it once your name is legally Snape.'

'Of course, Father,' Harry replied.

The next morning, Severus and Harry visited the Ministry of Magic to have Harry officially made a Snape.

'Got everything?' Severus asked his son.

Harry didn't reply but he looked incredibly bored so Severus took it as a yes and tossed some Floo Powder into the fireplace.

'The British Ministry of Magic Atrium!' Severus shouted, stepping into the flames.

Harry waited a moment before copying his father's actions. He spun through the fireplace, keeping his eyes squinted and his elbows firmly tucked in. The moment he saw his father, Harry straightened himself and stepped smoothly out of the fireplace.

Casting his eyes around, Harry took in the large, busy lobby that shone brightly. The floor was made of white marble and the walls were a nauseatingly gold colour. The ceiling was high and arched with many beams criss-crossing themselves to give an ancient effect. In the centre of the lobby was a huge golden fountain, which consisted of several magical creatures bowing at the feet of a smug-looking wizard, who was holding his wand high and proud. Just behind the wizard and to the right stood a witch with a subservient look plastered on her face as she gazed at the wizard. Her wand was not to be seen. Just behind the witch was a house elf, dressed in rags and carrying a tray. You almost couldn't see the house elf when studying the statue, which was probably what the Ministry wanted. Just looking at it made Harry feel ill.

'Come, Harry,' said Severus smoothly. 'I have no desire to be here any longer than I have to.'

'Agreed, Father,' Harry said, sneering at the many curious eyes focused upon him.

Severus raised one eyebrow as a signal of his curiosity but he quickly shook it off as they made their way to the large golden lifts and slid through into a packed place. Eyes rested upon Harry throughout their ride to the third floor but Harry ignored them coldly and was the first to exit the lift at their designated floor, Severus right behind him.

'This door, Harry,' said Severus, steering his son in the correct direction.

Without bothering to knock, the duo swept in through the door and seated themselves in front of the desk. The man behind it blinked and glanced nervously at the door.

'C-can I help you?' the man stuttered.

Severus sneered. 'This is my son,' he announced. 'He would like to change his last name to Snape.'

The man glanced at the tall boy by the frightening professor and gulped. 'Y-y-yes, Professor. Y-y-you need to f-f-fill in t-t-these forms f-f-f-first.'

He passed over a couple of forms for Severus to read through, fill in, and sign. Severus sneered again before pulling a quill out of a pocket and conjuring some ink to use.

Name: Harry James Potter

Age: 11

Date of Birth: 31st July 1980

Sex: Male

Mother: Lily Marie Evans Potter

Father: Severus Tobias Snape

Current guardian: Severus Snape

New name: Harry James Snape

The man behind the desk took the finished forms from Severus, his eyes widening as he caught sight of Harry's name. 'Y-y-y-you can't c-c-c-change the n-n-n-name of the Boy-Who-Lived,' he stammered.

Severus sneered. 'I've completed the forms and we've both signed them,' he said. 'There's nothing you can do.'

The man thought furiously for a moment before sighing, looking regretful. 'Congratulations,' he said mournfully. 'Your son is now officially a Snape. I'll have to inform the Minister, you know.'

Severus stuck his nose in the air. 'And I care because...?'

The man flushed with embarrassment, as Severus and Harry stood and left the office. They Flooed back to the Severus' quarters at Hogwarts.

'I hope you're ready to meet your professors,' Severus said to his son as they both marched down to the Great Hall.

'I am, Father,' Harry said coolly.

'Very well,' Severus said.

Severus flung open the doors to the Great Hall and the two Snapes marched in and towards the Head Table. A man with a long silver beard and hair and an eccentric dress sense stood and gazed sternly at Severus and Harry.

'Now, Severus,' he said firmly, 'I've had a Floo-call from the Minister. You've got Harry Potter living with you.'

'No I don't,' Severus sneered. 'I've got Harry Snape living with me.'

There was a stunned silence throughout the food hall. 'You changed his name?' McGonagall said angrily.

'Only to what it should have been in the first place,' Severus sneered. 'He was born a Snape but adopted by Potter.'

The tiny little Charms professor, Filius Flitwick, looked thoughtful. 'I do recall Lily marrying someone else before marrying James. And Harry did arrive quite soon after their wedding. It is entirely possible the boy is not a Potter at all, in which case the changing of his name would be utterly legal.'

'Harry, my boy, what do you think of all this?' Dumbledore asked, rather desperately in Severus' opinion.

'He's my father,' the boy said coldly.

'Yes,' said Dumbledore impatiently. 'But are you happy with him?'

Harry turned icy green eyes on Dumbledore. 'He's good to me,' was all he said.

'Come, Harry,' Severus barked. 'We shall dine elsewhere tonight.'

'Yes, Father,' Harry said.

With that the two Snapes turned and swept out of the room.

'Albus,' Minerva McGonagall murmured, 'we have to get him back under our control.'

'Agreed, Minerva,' Dumbledore muttered back. 'Entirely agreed.'

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