A Darker World Book One: Changing Identity

Chapter 5: New School, New Subjects

Discalimer: I totally forgot to do this when I posted the first chapter so here it is now. I wish to God I owned this but I don't and am therefore poor.

Chapter Five

New School, New Subjects

The following morning, Harry woke early and summoned his father's house elf, Dippy.

'Yes, Master Harry, sir?' Dippy asked, bowing low.

'Fetch me a single red rose,' Harry ordered. 'A Muggle one. Leave the stem but remove the thorns.'

'Yes, sir, Master Harry, sir,' said Dippy.

He disappeared with a crack and Harry finished dressing. He packed his school bag with all his books and equipment before going to knock for Crabbe and Goyle.

'Ready?' Harry asked shortly. 'Good,' he added, seeing the pair nod.

Another crack signalled the arrival of Dippy. 'Your rose, Master Harry, sir,' Dippy squeaked, holding out a beautiful red rose.

Harry took it and started walking to the girls' quarters. He knocked on Daphne's door politely.

'Who is it?' Daphne called, her voice quivering slightly.


The door was thrown open and the three boys ushered inside.

'Parkinson tried getting in during the night,' Daphne said. 'She was furious when she kept being thrown back by the wards.'

'Goyle, stand outside,' Harry ordered sharply. 'If you see Parkinson, inform her I shall be wanting a word later.'

'Yes, boss,' Goyle grunted, moving to stand outside the closed door.

Harry presented the rose to Daphne. 'For you,' he said, tucking it into Daphne's long hair. A wave of his wand had it secured there until Daphne herself wished to remove it.

'Thank you,' she said sincerely. 'It's beautiful.'

She reached up and kissed Harry on the cheek.

'Come along, firsties!' a voice called. 'You don't want to be late for breakfast.'

Harry picked up Daphne's bag to carry and took her arm dominantly.

'Crabbe, follow behind us,' Harry ordered. 'Goyle, walk in front.'

The four of them fell into position and walked out of the common room, leaving the older Slytherins in no doubt as to who would be the ruling Slyth in later years.

When they reached the Great Hall, Harry led them to the Slytherin table. Harry pulled out Daphne's chair for her and Crabbe and Goyle remained standing until Harry himself had sat down.

Severus came along the table handing out the timetables.

'Son,' he said formally. 'Miss Greengrass, a delight to meet you.'

Daphne inclined her head and returned to sipping at a cup of tea.

'Mr Crabbe and Mr Goyle, nice to have you back on board.'

The pair took their schedules without comment. Glancing at his schedule, Harry noticed they had Charms first with professor Flitwick.

'Ready?' Harry asked, seeing Daphne had folded her hands in her lap.

'Yes, darling,' Daphne replied serenely.

'Crabbe, Goyle,' Harry barked. 'On your feet!'

Crabbe and Goyle stood, reluctantly abandoning the remainder of their breakfast. Harry then stood and pulled out Daphne's chair so she could stand.

'Let's go,' Harry said authoritatively.

He swung both his bag and Daphne's over one shoulder, took her elbow and led her out of the Great Hall, Crabbe and Goyle following behind.

'Do you know where the classroom is, darling?' Daphne asked.

'I live here, love,' Harry replied, leading her to the correct classroom.

They went in and sat down at the front of the classroom with Crabbe and Goyle still behind them. When the rest of the class filed in, Malfoy and Parkinson glared spitefully at them and stalked to the front desks on the other side of the classroom,.

The first Charms lesson was spent learning the many different wand movements. From there, they went to History of Magic where they set up Quick Notes Quills and promptly fell asleep.

Herbology was spent learning about Muggle plants. They planted a few to get used to the idea of digging through mud with their fingers. It was in this class they met up with Mandy and Padma again and arranged a study session in the library after dinner.

Their first Defence lesson the following day had them all agreeing that Quirrell was a joke. He stammered so much that it was impossible to follow his lecture.

It was also agreed that Transfiguration was the hardest of their subjects. McGonagall ran a tight ship in her classroom and she made it very clear whether she liked you or not and she definitely didn't like Slytherins.

Astronomy was the most tiring of all the classes as it was held on a Wednesday night at midnight. The eleven-year-olds were invariably half-asleep during class. Poor Professor Sinistra had her work cut out keeping them all awake and coherent.

Potions with Severus, however, was every Slytherin's favourite class. Everyone but Malfoy and Parkinson.

Their first Potions class wasn't until Friday morning; they soon discovered they were sharing the class with the Gryffindors. Harry and Daphne again took the front two desks with Crabbe and Goyle seated behind them. The next two to enter were Parvati and her new friend Lavender Brown. Parvati ignored Harry and flounced to a seat at the back. Lavender ran her eyes over Harry in a curious manner before joining Parvati at the back. They were followed two more Gryffindors; a dark-skinned male and sandy-haired Irish boy. Harry knew their names to be Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan, respectively. Not far behind them were Blaise Zabini, Theodore Nott, Tracey Davis and Millicent Bulstrode of Slytherin. They all sat behind Crabbe and Goyle, leaving the back two desks for Malfoy and Parkinson.

Longbottom came in with Sally-Ann Perks five minutes before the bell was due to ring. Weasley and Granger sprinted in one minute before the bell and were forced to sit at the front of the class, right in front of Severus; desk.

Severus strode in just as the bell rang. He walked to the front of the class and glared at the Gryffindors before smirking at the Slytherins.

'I am Professor Snape,' he announced. 'This is Potions and your most dangerous class. The only time you will use your wand in this room is to light your fires, adjust the temperatures, and handle dangerous ingredients. Is that understood?

There were mumbled yeses from the Gryffindors while the Slytherins merely inclined their heads in a polite manner.

Just then, the door was flung open and Malfoy and Parkinson made dramatic entrances.

'Thank you for joining us, Mr Malfoy and Miss Parkinson. You are ten minutes late so that will be a detention for each of you tonight with me.'

Malfoy and Parkinson scowled but said nothing as they slid into their seats. They couldn't argue because they knew they were in the wrong.

'First,' Severus said, returning to his lecture and waving his wand at the blackboard behind him, producing elegant white script, 'I will go over the lab rules and precautions with you. We will then brew a simple Potion so I can assuage your brewing skills and capabilities. For today you will work alone. As of your next lesson you will work in the partners I assign you. Clear? Good.'

Severus waved a hand at the writing behind.

'Copy this down and inform me when you are ready to proceed onto the practical portion of the lesson.

With that, Severus sat down at his desk and observed his pupils as they rummaged through their bags for parchment and quills.'

Harry was the first to organise his things and begin copying the notes on the board. It was nothing he didn't already know as his father had gone over lab rules and safety precautions over the summer. Harry was also the first to finish the notes and begin the Potion.

About halfway through the lesson, everyone had at least made a start on the Potion. Harry was almost finished and Daphne was not far behind him.

While Severus was examining cauldrons, Malfoy pulled out a very volatile ingredient from his bag and threw it into Weasley's Potion. There was a huge explosion, which caused Severus to whip around and glare at the entire class.

'Malfoy, another detention with me,' Severus spat. 'Be here tomorrow night at seven.'

Malfoy sneered. 'You can't do that,' he said confidently. 'You never saw me do anything.'

Severus ignored the blond Slytherin and turned to the Gryffindors.

'Weasley, Granger,' he barked. 'Ten pointed from Gryffindor each and detention tonight with Filch. Be at his office at seven.'

'What for?' Weasley demanded.

'Not protecting your Potion,' Severus replied silkily, 'and another five points for being rude to a professor.'

Weasley spluttered indignantly while Granger pursed her lips, looking very sour. Harry raised one hand.

'Father, my Potion is complete,' he said coolly.

Severus moved across to peer into his son's cauldron.

'Ten points to Slytherin, Mr Snape,' said Severus with a pleased smirk.

Harry inclined his head, poured some of his Potion into a vial, labelled it and handed it to his father.

'You may clear your work station, son,' said Severus. 'I trust you have the homework written down?'

'Yes, Father,' said Harry.

Severus turned to Daphne then. 'Ten points to Slytherin, Miss Greengrass, he said. 'You may clear up.'

'Thank you, Professor,' Daphne said politely.

'That's not fair!' Malfoy said loudly. 'You're favouring them because he's your son and she's his whore!'

In a flash, Harry was out of his seat and Draco was on the floor on his back with Harry's wand pressed into his throat. Malfoy whimpered pathetically.

'How would you like me to call your betrothed a whore?' Harry hissed.

'Please,' Malfoy whimpered.

'Harry,' Severus said sharply. 'Not during class.'

Harry's head whipped around and angry green eyes met cold black ones.

'Very well,' Harry said coldly.

In one movement Harry was on his feet and stalking towards Daphne, who was holding out both their bags. Harry snatched them, roughly grabbed Daphne's elbow and moved to leave the lab.

'This isn't over, Malfoy,' Harry growled menacingly.

The classroom door slammed shut behind him as he pulled Daphne along, leaving the rest of the class in absolutely silence.

A/N: I'm incredibly sorry this is really short. I toyed with adding in Harry having words with Parkinson over her attempting to barge into Daphne's room at night but it didn't fit so I left it out. If anyone would actually like to read how the conversation went let me know and I'll either PM you with it or, if I get enough people asking for it, I'll post it as a one-shot.

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