A Darker World Book One: Changing Identity

Chapter 6: Fights At Midnight

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Chapter Six

Fights At Midnight

The start of October had them all eager for their first flying lesson. It was scheduled for the first Friday morning of October and as soon as it was announced the Pureblood children began reciting tales of their time on a broom.

The moment it was announced, Daphne withdrew into herself. Harry couldn't figure out was going on in her head. One day he cornered her as she left her room.

'Daphne,' he said seriously.

'Harry?' Daphne replied in surprise.

'What's going on, love?' Harry asked. 'Ever since that notice about the flying lessons you've been different.'

Daphne's eyes were like ice as she glared at her fiancé. 'There's nothing wrong,' she said coldly.

'Don't lie to me,' Harry hissed, causing Daphne to flinch back from him.

'Don't talk to me like that,' Daphne snapped back. 'You don't own me!'

Harry ground his teeth together in frustration. 'Will you please tell me what is wrong?' he asked through clenched teeth.

Daphne eyed him warily and quickly ushered him into her room. Harry sat himself on a chair and waited. Daphne began pacing nervously.

'I'm scared of heights,' she finally blurted out. 'My father tried to teach me how to fly several times when I was younger but the moment I got more than two feet in the air I started having a panic attack.' She turned to her betrothed with tears in her eyes. 'I don't want to do the class, Harry,' she said tearily.

Harry held out his arms and Daphne stepped forward into them, seating herself sideways on Harry's lap and resting her head on his shoulder.

'I'll see what I can do, love,' Harry murmured.

'Thank you, darling,' Daphne replied softly.

They sat there like that until Crabbe and Goyle came looking for them.

'Boss?' Crabbe called.

Daphne was starting to fall asleep on Harry's lap so Harry took the liberty of inviting the two bodyguards in.

'Come in,' he called.

Daphne shifted slightly on Harry's lap, burrowing her face further into his shoulder.

'Boss, I've had a letter from my father,' Crabbe said after entering the room. 'He wants to meet with your father and confirm his duties.'

Goyle nodded. 'Mine too,' he grunted.

Harry looked down at Daphne and sighed. He reluctantly shook her awake.

'Love, we need to go see my father,' Harry whispered.

Daphne stirred and opened her eyes sleepily. 'Can't I stay here?' she asked.

'No, we all need to stay together,' Harry said. 'I can have Goyle carry you if you like?'

'Maybe,' Daphne murmured. 'I'll walk for now, though.'

Harry lifted Daphne to her feet before rising himself and wrapping an arm around his fiancée's waist to steady her.

'Why are we visiting your father?' Daphne asked as the four of them left the common room and made their way to Severus' office. Harry knocked on the door and went in before Severus answered. Severus raised on eyebrow when the four of them sat down before him.

'Yes?' he said.

'Crabbe and Goyle's fathers would like a meeting, Father,' Harry said.

'What about?' Severus asked calmly.

'Duty confirmation,' Harry replied.

Severus sighed. 'Very well,' he said irritably. 'I shall arrange something for the weekend. I will write to them with the details.'

The four continued to just sit there.

'Was there anything else?' Severus asked.

'Daphne and I will not participate in flying class,' Harry said calmly.

'It is mandatory,' Severus pointed out.

Harry sneered. 'We will not be participating,' he repeated.

Severus shrugged. 'Very well,' he said. 'I cannot change your minds. Madam Hooch, however, will have something to say about it.'

'She can say whatever she pleases,' Harry responded calmly, 'but it won't make any difference.'

Severus had no more to say on the subject and dismissed them.

'I would like to visit the library before we return to the common room,' Daphne said once they left the office.

Harry moved in the direction of the library automatically.

'What are you looking for, love?' Harry asked, seeing Daphne disappear into the Charms section.

'General, everyday Charms I can use,' Daphne replied absently.

She studied several book titles before selecting three of them and checking them out.

'Done?' Harry asked, looking bored.

'Yes,' Daphne replied, linking her arm through her fiancé's. 'We can return to the common room if you like.'

Although she sounded indifferent, Harry could tell Daphne would rather not go back to the common room.

'How do you fancy a walk around the lake?' Harry suggested.

Daphne's icy blue eyes shone with an inner light though her face remained expressionless.

'That would be nice, darling,' Daphne said evenly.

Harry led them out the front of the grounds and towards a section of the lake they could walk around.

'Would you like to sit down anywhere?' Harry asked.

'Yes, besides that tree would be nice,' Daphne answered.

Harry inclined his head and changed direction. He spread his cloak on the grass at the foot of the tree and waited for Daphne to seat herself before settling himself. Crabbe and Goyle sat down far enough away to give the betrothed couple some privacy but close enough to quickly intervene should someone attack them.

Daphne took out one of her books and both Harry and herself started reading. They were calm and peaceful until a dark shadow fell over them. Looking up, they found Weasley and Granger glaring at them.

'Library books aren't allowed on the grounds,' Granger preached bossily.

Harry looked her up and down coldly. 'Who are you again?' he asked.

'Darling, how could you forget?' said Daphne in mock surprise. 'This is Hermione Granger, bossy know-it-all Mudblood bitch of Gryffindor, and her pet Weasel.'

'How dare you!' Granger shrieked shrilly.

'Oh, did I say bitch?' Daphne asked sweetly. 'I meant witch.'

Weasley was red with fury, his face clashing with his carrot-coloured hair. 'Slimy snakes!' he bellowed, flailing gangly arms around like a windmill.

Harry raised one eyebrow. 'I can see that words are not your speciality, Weasel,' he said coldly. 'Nor is intelligence, it would appear. My betrothed and I are quite clearly human, not reptilian. Moreover, snakes are actually smooth and dry, not slimy as you proclaim.'

Weasley growled and lunged at Harry but Crabbe was suddenly there. He caught the Gryffindor in a headlock while Goyle grabbed Granger by the arms, preventing her from reaching for her wand.

'This is assault,' Granger said shrilly.

'No,' Daphne countered, 'it's self-defence via our bodyguards.'

'But I didn't do anything,' Granger protested.

'You were reaching for your wand,' Goyle growled, tightening his grip on the young girl's arms.

Granger winced and Weasley struggled even more in Crabbe's arms. Harry rose fluidly to his feet.

'If they release you, I want your promise that all you will do is walk away,' Harry said softly.

'Bugger off!' Weasley spat.

'Language, Ronald!' Granger snapped.

Harry shrugged lightly and turned to help Daphne to her feet. 'Crabbe, Goyle, do what you wish with them,' he said.

He swung his cloak back over his shoulders, took Daphne by the elbow and started to walk away.

'Have fun, boys,' Daphne called over her shoulder.

'I want him expelled!' Hermione Granger screamed.

Dumbledore folded his hands in his lap and frowned.

'Now, my dear,' Dumbledore began soothingly.

'No, Headmaster.' Hermione stomped her foot childishly. 'He is nothing but a monster! He is evil through and through!'

Ron Weasley nodded his agreement. 'We just wanted to talk to him and he had his cronies attack us!'

Dumbledore and McGonagall looked more than a little disturbed by this.

'Nevertheless,' McGonagall began, 'it is imperative we have him transfer to Gryffindor, betroth himself to Miss Weasley and settle under our control again.'

'I don't want that git marrying my sister,' Ron pouted sulkily.

Dumbledore and McGonagall ignored him.

'Miss Granger, Mr Weasley and yourself must try again. He needs friends. Decent friends,' said McGonagall tartly. 'Please try not to act idiotically and anger him.'

Hermione pursed her lips. 'Yes, Professor,' she said sourly.

Ron still looked sulky so Dumbledore tried to placate him.

'I will pay you an extra thousand Galleons, Ronald, my boy,' the elderly wizard said.

The redhead's eyes lit up greedily. 'Alright,' he agreed.

'Done deal,' Dumbledore said happily. 'Pop off to the Hospital Wing now.'

Hermione flounced out of the room, Ron trailing behind her.

Friday afternoon at three, the Gryffindor and Slytherin first-years dumped their book bags in their dormitories before heading down to the courtyard for their lesson. Harry shrank a book for himself and Daphne and tucked it into a pocket of his robes.

'Everyone by a broom,' Madam Hooch barked at the class.

'No,' Harry said shortly. 'We do not wish to participate in such a lazy and dangerous sport. We would much rather spend our time advancing our academic minds.'

Hooch blinked rapidly while her brain processed what the young Slytherin said. Once it clicked, she pursed her lips angrily.

'Detention for both of you,' she snapped, 'and stand by a broom. Now!'

Harry's cold green eyes flashed angrily. 'No!' he repeated icily. 'We shall not.'

'You will or risk being expelled!' Hooch shouted, rapidly losing her temper.

Suddenly Harry had his wand focused on the suddenly very scared flying teacher.

'You dare threaten expulsion for the Boy-Who-Lived?' he hissed dangerously. 'You have no idea who you are dealing with!'

With that he sheathed his wand, took Daphne's arm and stalked back to the castle.

That night in the Great Hall, just as Harry was placing a slice of chicken and mushroom pie on his plate, he was approached by Dumbledore.

'Mr Potter,' the elderly wizard began, 'I hear you threatened Madam Hooch. I would like you to explain why you did such a cruel and malicious thing?'

Harry ignored him, calmly reaching for the platter of mashed potatoes.

'Mr Potter, do not ignore me,' Dumbledore said sternly.

Harry turned and served Daphne some peas and carrots before filling his own plate.

'Mr Potter, you are facing a detention,' Dumbledore said crossly, causing Malfoy to snigger with glee.

Tracey Davis reached across Crabbe. 'Professor, Potter no longer exists.'

'Nonsense,' Dumbledore spluttered. 'He is a Potter!'

'No, professor,' Davis said, shaking her head. 'He has never been a Potter. He's a Snape. Always has been, always will be.'

Daphne shot the dark-haired girl a thoughtful look. Davis was just a little shorter than Daphne herself with long, thick brown curls and stunning navy blue eyes. So far, she had travelled with Bulstrode and the ginger-haired Casey Moon, but had kept her mouth shut and her nose clean. Nobody had quite figured out whether he allegiance lay with the Malfoy camp or the Snape one.

'Professor,' Harry's cold voice broke through Daphne's thoughts, 'if you wish me to answer you it would be wise to speak in a pleasant manner and to use my correct name.'

Dumbledore's jaw tightened in anger. 'Fine,' he snapped. 'Mr Snape, would you please see me in my office after dinner?'

'Of course, Headmaster,' Harry replied coldly.

He returned to his dinner, leaving Dumbledore to storm back to his seat angrily.

Fifteen minutes later, Daphne lay down her knife and fork and Harry followed suit. The moment Harry stood up, Dumbledore was on his feet. He gave Harry a pointed look and swept out of the room. Harry strode up to the Head Table, stopping in front of Severus.

'Father, the Headmaster has requested my presence in his office this evening to discuss my attitude towards Madam Hooch,' Harry said briskly.

'I will be there right away,' Severus replied, answering the unspoken question.

Harry inclined his head and swept out of the room. Severus followed, his robes billowing ominously.

'Lemon drop,' Severus said to the gargoyle guarding the Headmaster's office.

The statue slid aside, revealing a tall, spiralling staircase. The two Snapes stepped onto the stairs, which began acting as an escalator. At the top of the stairs, Severus reached out to knock on the door, but before his hand was anywhere near the door a voice called out, 'Enter!'

Father and son stepped inside the office and, without being asked, took seats in front of the desk. Dumbledore placed his elbows on the desk and leant forwards, steepling his fingers.

'Now, Harry,' Dumbledore began calmly.

'Mr Snape,' Harry interrupted.

'I beg your pardon?' Dumbledore said, taken aback.

'Do not be familiar with me, Headmaster,' Harry said icily. 'I will not condone it.'

Dumbledore's eyes flashed angrily. 'Mr Snape,' he corrected through gritted teeth. 'I understand you threatened Madam Hooch today. Would you care to explain why?'

'No,' Harry said calmly, 'but I will anyway. She attempted to force my betrothed and I to learn to fly when we had clearly expressed a wish not to do so.'

'Now, Mr Snape,' said Dumbledore, 'flying lessons are a compulsory lesson during your first year.'

'Correction, Headmaster,' Severus interrupted smoothly, 'the Hogwarts rule book says that a student may forfeit flying lessons for extra tutoring in another subject. I am willing to provide extra Potions classes for my son and Miss Greengrass.'

'I accept,' said Harry coolly, 'and I'm sure Daphne will as well.'

He and Severus stood. 'Goodnight, Headmaster,' they both said respectively, before sweeping out of the room, leaving Dumbledore looking baffled.

'I need to check the rule book,' Dumbledore muttered to himself. 'I don't remember that rule at all.'

Harry made his way back to the common room much later that night. He had returned to his father's office after the meeting with Dumbledore for a chat and neither had realised the time. It was now midnight and Harry was very tired, which always made him irritable.

Upon entering the common room he saw Malfoy and Parkinson ganging up on Daphne while Millicent Bulstrode restrained Tracey Davis and two older students, Marcus Flint and Adrian Pucey, restrained Crabbe and Goyle.

'What,' Harry said icily, causing all heads to turn to him, 'is going on here?'

Everyone pointed at Malfoy and Parkinson. Harry needed no more encouragement. He whipped out his wand and pointed it at his rival.

'Expello!' he hissed, causing Malfoy to fly backwards from Daphne.

Parkinson squeaked and ran away. Thousands of eyes watched Harry stalk towards Malfoy, a murderous glint in his emerald eyes.

'Diffindo!' he hissed out.

Malfoy cried out as his shoulder was sliced open.

'Creo vas solum!' Harry said, conjuring a glass vial. He held the vial to Malfoy's shoulder, collecting his blood.

'So I spill the first blood of the feud,' Harry mused. 'I thought it would be my father.' He turned back to Malfoy. 'I will not tell you again, Malfoy,' he threatened. 'Stay. Away. From. My. Betrothed.'

The blond Pureblood whimpered fearfully as Harry straightened up and glared at the room. Everyone watched as he pulled Daphne to her feet.

'Let that serve as a warning to you all,' he said coldly.

Eyes followed him as he stalked towards the dormitories. Life in the Serpent House had suddenly got a whole lot more interesting.

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