A Darker World Book One: Changing Identity

Chapter 7: An Introduction to Magical Be

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Chapter Seven

An Introduction to Magical Beasts

The display of Harry's prowess with a wand led to many of Malfoy's followers defecting to the Snape side of the feud. Tracey Davis finally chose to show where her allegiance lay and became Daphne's best friend.

The Malfoy camp grumbled for weeks after the incident that Harry should have been punished. Since, however, they had been taught never to trust anyone outside of Slytherin and Harry was their Head of House's son, they had nobody they could go to.

The closer it got to Halloween, the more the Gryffindors and Malfoy's Slytherins started taunting Harry about his mother being dead. They began telling him how sorry that You-Know-Who or the Dark Lord would be coming after him soon. Apparently, many of the students had been told that He would return the first Halloween Harry attended Hogwarts. Unluckily for them, their taunts didn't bother Harry at all. It did, however, bother Daphne who spent most of October in detention for hexing other students in the hallways and, occasionally, the Great Hall.

On Halloween morning, Harry lit a black candle in his room before heading to his classes. Harry hadn't wanted to light a candle in memory of his mother, but Severus had insisted. He said it was expected of him; a wizarding tradition.

Their first class of the day was Transfiguration. About halfway through the class distant sounds of screaming reached their ears. McGonagall huffed, irritated, and marched out the door of the classroom to investigate the ruckus. She grabbed one girl by the arm.

'What is going on?' McGonagall demanded.

'There's a troll on a rampage!' the girl shrieked in a panicked voice. 'It's after Potter!'

'Nonsense,' McGonagall scoffed.

The girl wrenched her arm out of McGonagall's grip and tore off down the corridor as the Slytherins crowded around their professor at the doorway.

'Get back inside,' said McGonagall angrily. 'Now. There is nothing going on.'


The castle shook suddenly, causing many to lose their balance and stumble.


The castle shook again.

'Nobody panic,' McGonagall said sternly. 'I am going to see what the problem is now.'

She disappeared, leaving the Slytherins alone.

'We're all going to die!' Parkinson wailed, grabbing hold of Malfoy's arm and digging her nails in painfully.

Tracey snorted rather inelegantly. 'Get real, Parkinson,' she scoffed. 'The Headmaster won't let us die.'

'Not the other Houses, no,' Malfoy drawled. 'He couldn't care less about us Slytherins.'

'Shut up,' Harry said suddenly.

'No,' Malfoy refused, looking affronted. 'Why should I?'

'Because I said so,' Harry said coldly. 'I can hear something.'

'I can't hear anything, Snape,' Parkinson spat. 'You're making it up.'

'Of course you can't hear anything,' Daphne said callously. 'You're talking far too loud.'

'Shhh,' Harry hissed.

He stuck his head outside of the door and listened very carefully. A harsh grunting and the steady thump of heavy footsteps reached his ears. They were heading down this very corridor if Harry wasn't mistaken. Harry reached his hearing out for noise of approaching professors or running students. Nothing.

'The troll's headed this way,' Harry informed everyone.

'Whatever, Snape,' Malfoy sneered.

'Daphne, Tracey, get everybody out of here as quickly as possible,' Harry ordered. 'Goyle, go with them. Crabbe, with me.'

'But, Harry,' Daphne protested.

'No, Daphne,' Harry said firmly. 'I won't be able to concentrate knowing you're still in danger.'

Daphne's eyes fluttered closed and she sighed. 'Fine,' she said, her voice resigned. 'But you'd better come back to me in one piece, you hear?'

'I hear,' said Harry. 'Now go!'

Daphne and Tracey ushered everybody out of the classroom, including Malfoy and his cronies, who wouldn't leave until Goyle cracked his knuckles threateningly.

'What are we doing, boss?' Crabbe asked grimly.

'We are going to stop the troll, Vincent,' said Harry calmly.

'You, er, think we can, boss?' Crabbe asked, looking uncertain.

'I know we can, Vincent,' said Harry firmly.

Crabbe still looked doubtful as he joined Harry in the middle of the corridor.


The building shook.


A light went out.


The name rumbled out, sounding suspiciously like Crabbe and Goyle in lackey mode.

'Lumos!' said Crabbe, lighting the tip of his wand.

Light flared around the two boys who found themselves nose to stomach with a huge mountain troll. It had a thick grey skin with white splashes here and there, almost like large burn scars. Its face was flat with a squashed nose and slanted eyes. It was waving a huge club around.

'POTTER!' it grunted again.

'It's Snape now, actually,' said Harry rather casually.

The troll blinked stupidly, turning its gaze down towards Harry and Crabbe.

'Snape?' it repeated dumbly.

'Yes. Snape,' Harry said slowly.

'SNAPE!' It bellowed suddenly, waving its club around madly and causing the portraits on the walls to rattle.

'Yes,' Harry drawled in a bored voice. 'I think we've established that I'm Snape.'

The troll blinked before letting out a deafening roar. Harry immediately started firing spells as the monstrous beast lumbered towards him.

'Stupefy!' Harry shouted.

The troll didn't even falter.

'Stupefy! Stupefy!' Harry cried again.

The troll swung at Harry with its club. Both Harry and Crabbe had to duck to avoid losing their heads. They started backing away, ducking each swing the troll threw their way.

'Sive Funis!' Harry cried, producing a rope from nothing. A flick of his wand had the rope wrapped around the troll and tightly knotted.

The troll roared again, splitting the rope as it broke free. It swung its club at the two boys as they rounded a corner.

A harsh thud and sickening crunch echoed through the corridor. Then the screaming began again. This time it was filled with pain and grief. It was an unbearable noise and Harry almost put his hands over his ears in an effort to shut it out. Instead he stepped out in front of the troll, cold anger radiated off him in waves. The troll gave what could only be described as a smug, cannibalistic grin.

Harry locked eyes with the troll and raised his wand.

'Sive Mucro!' he hissed. A hundred sharp daggers materialised in the air before him.

The troll looked confused now. Harry jabbed his wand at the troll and all one hundred daggers flew into the thick hide of troll. Harry smirked; he looked positively evil to the crowd now watching.

'Deeper!' he hissed to himself, jabbing his wand again.

The troll howled in agony as the daggers sank deeper into its flesh.

Harry twirled his wand in his hand and the daggers spun 180o inside the troll, which ceased howling to look at Harry in bewilderment before toppling over backwards.

There was silence before the screaming started again. Harry turned and looked dazed and detached at the dead bodies before him.

A/N: Sorry it's so short. I suck at writing action. I will work on it and try and make it better and longer. Also, I'm sorry it's a cliffhanger. Please don't hate me!

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