A Darker World Book One: Changing Identity

Chapter 8: New Sports

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Chapter Eight

New Sports

'Where's Mandy?' Daphne asked Tracey.

'I haven't seen the Ravenclaws,' Tracey admitted.

'Oh Merlin,' Daphne moaned. 'Harry's going to flip if Mandy's in the line of fire. She is like a sister to him.'

The Slytherins rounded a corner and collided with a scared group of Ravenclaws.

'Mandy!' Daphne cried in relief. 'Thank Merlin! Stay close to me. I need to make sure you stay safe so that Harry won't freak later.'

'Harry never freaks,' Mandy scoffed, but she stuck to Daphne like glue anyway.

Stopping around the corner, Daphne peeked out to see what was going on. She watched Harry and Crabbe duck the swinging club. They were backing away, steadily heading towards the corridor the Slytherins and few Ravenclaws were hiding down.

'Mandy, move away from the corner,' Daphne whispered.

The two girls slowly backed away from the corner as Harry and Crabbe dashed around. The huge club swung and the two boys ducked. The troll missed them but caught one girl in the chest, instantly killing her. She went flying back into another girl who smashed head first into a wall. Both died within seconds of the impact. A second later the screaming started...

'Ahhhhhh!' screamed Daphne, jolting awake. 'Harry!' she gasped through her tears.

Five minutes later there was a knock on the door. It opened and Harry came in. He looked incredibly tired as he sat on the edge of the blonde girl's bed and pulled her into his arms.

'Shhh,' he soothed. 'You're all right.'

He stroked her hair and rocked her back and forth for a while. Daphne eventually quieted and slumped against her betrothed wearily.

'Better?' Harry asked.

'Not really,' Daphne muttered.

She sat up straight, wiping her eyes dry. Harry watched her expressionlessly.

'It hurts,' Daphne finally said. 'They were two of my first ever friends.'

Harry wiped a lone tear from Daphne's reddened cheek.

'I'll be there with you tomorrow,' Harry reminded the young girl.

'Thanks.' Daphne smiled weakly. 'Stay with me?'

'For as long as you want me to,' Harry replied.

Daphne looked relieved as she snuggled back down in her bed, clutching Harry's hand tightly. Harry waited until Daphne's breathing had deepened and evened out and her grip on his hand had relaxed before he returned to his own room.

Dumbledore watched the few students file into the Great Hall for the Memorial Service. He saw Daphne Greengrass and Harry Snape, dressed in mourning black, make their way to the middle of the Hall to show they were mourning the loss of both students.

A few more students trickled in before Dumbledore nodded at Filch to close the doors. As soon as they were shut, Dumbledore rose to his feet, looking sombre.

'I regret having to welcome you here in this dreadful of days,' he began. 'First, I would like you all to bow your heads in a minute of silence.'

The students bowed their heads and there was utter silence for a couple of minutes. Looking up Dumbledore cleared his throat, jolting the students back to awareness.

'I am deeply sorrowed that two of our number have passed so young in their lives,' Dumbledore began. 'They could have accomplished so much in their lives but we will never know in what manner now.'

Harry squeezed Daphne's hand reassuringly. Dumbledore continued on, talking about the two students' grades and the achievements they had made in their short lives before raising a glass.

'To Tracey Davis and Padma Patil,' he said sorrowfully. 'May you rest in peace.'

Daphne broke down into sobs at that as the other, more composed students, raised their glasses in memory of the two students.

'Must I?' Harry drawled. 'It is such an inane and pointless sport.'

'The Headmaster insists,' Severus replied. 'Unless students are serving detention then they are required to watch Quidditch games.'

Harry sighed, looking put upon. 'Then assign me a detention,' he said. I'd rather scrub cauldrons than watch Quidditch.'

Severus raised a single eyebrow. 'Would you really?' he said.

Harry gave him an "are you stupid" look before nodding once.

Severus sighed. 'Unfortunately, unless you were given the detention before Monday then you would still have to attend the match.'

Harry huffed. 'Fine, Father,' he said, scowling. 'I will. But I do so under duress.'

With that, he whirled around and stalked out of the room.

'And here comes the Gryffindor team!'

A third-year Gryffindor by the name of Lee Jordan was commentating the match.

'Captain and Keeper, Oliver Wood; Chaser Angelina Johnson; Chaser Alicia Spinnet; Chaser Katie Bell; Beater Fred Weasley; Beater George Weasley; and Seeker Mark Daniels.'

The team walked out, waving to the crowd. The fourth-year Seeker looked extremely nervous as he clutched his broomstick to his chest.

'And here are the Slytherins. Keeper Carl Bletchley; Captain and Chaser Marcus Flint; Chaser Adrian Pucey; Chaser Charles Warrington; Beater Damien Montague; Beater John Wickham; and Seeker Terence Higgs.'

Harry looked bored as he clapped the Slytherin team onto the pitch.

'Captains, shake hands,' said Madam Hooch, bringing the game balls onto the pitch.

Wood and Flint stepped forwards and shook hands.

'Play nice,' Madam Hooch warned. 'Take your positions.'

The two teams flew up and took their positions. Harry watched impassively as Madam Hooch released the two Bludgers and the Golden Snitch before blowing her whistle and tossing the red Quaffle into the air. Harry tuned out the commentary as he recited Potion ingredients in his mind.

'I'm bored,' Daphne complained.

'Shhh!' several Slytherins hissed, trying to listen to the commentary.

'Goyle, entertain Daphne,' said Harry monotonously.

Daphne pouted as Goyle moved to sit in front of the blonde girl so she could practice Charms on him, as she was wont to do when bored.

'Boss.' Crabbe tapped Harry on the shoulder, causing the tall boy to look around. 'Quirrell's acting suspiciously.'

Harry's cold green eyes flicked towards Quirrell whose own eyes were darting around nervously while he wrung his hands in his lap.

'Keep an eye on him,' Harry barked. 'Goyle, hand me some parchment.'

The two bodyguards did as bid while Daphne watched impassively. Harry wrote a quick note to his father: Watch Quirrell. He's behaving oddly. A wave of his wand sent Harry's note flying into Severus' lap. Harry watched his father read the note and nod briskly before returning his eyes to the sky.

'It's not a good day for Slytherin!' Jordan shouted excitedly. 'Bell takes the penalty shot - and she scores!'

The Gryffindor side of the arena went wild while many Slytherins shook their heads in disgust.

'Pucey takes the Quaffle and is off. He dodges Bell and - takes Spinnet out with an elbow to the gut! Surely that can't be legal!'

The Gryffindors booed and shouted for a penalty but Madam Hooch didn't appear to have seen the foul and called for the game to continue.

'The game continues,' Jordan said bitterly. 'Pucey passes to Flint who shoots - Good save by Wood. Johnson has the Quaffle. Automatic pass to Bell who passes to Spinnet who dodges a Bludger and is off. She passes to Johnson and - hello? What's up with Daniels?'

Harry glanced up at the Seeker who had lost control of his broom, and was barrelling straight at Harry. The tall Slytherin looked at Quirrell sharply. The normally nervous professor held his hands steadily in his lap as he muttered fiercely under his breath, nerve taking his eyes off the Gryffindor Seeker.

'Duck!' Harry shouted.

The Slytherins ducked as Daniels flew straight above their heads and crashed into the magical wall behind them. The broom snapped in two and lost its magic. Several third-years moved aside as Daniels fell, unconscious.

'It was no accident, Headmaster!' Severus shouted. 'I saw - '

'Now, Severus, be reasonable,' Dumbledore interrupted soothingly. 'Why should Quirinius want to harm Harry?'

Severus gritted his teeth as McGonagall butted in. 'Mr Daniels merely lost control of his broom,' she said. 'If anything, your son is at fault for causing Mr Daniels harm.'

'What?!' cried Severus. 'My son saved his own neck. Why should he have to look out for some stupid Gryffindor's as well?'

'Albus, the boy should be punished,' McGonagall said, ignoring Severus. 'He should be banned from attending further Quidditch Games!'

Severus smirked but before he could say anything, Harry stepped forward. 'You old hag!' he snarled, his green eyes flashing angrily.

'Albus!' McGonagall shrieked.

'Mr Snape,' Dumbledore began calmly.

'What?' Harry spat. 'She is an old hag. A manipulative bitch, too!'

'Detention,' Dumbledore said with a sigh. 'Tomorrow night with Filch. You're also banned from further Quidditch Games this year.'

Harry looked furious as his father pulled him out of the office.

'What was that?' Severus demanded.

Harry smirked. 'I got myself out of watching Quidditch for the rest of the year,' he said smugly. 'Kudos to me, right?'

Severus stared in disbelief before he started laughing. Scared, a handful of Hufflepuffs darted the other way.

'Very well done, son,' he said, clapping Harry on the back.

Harry looked around to make sure the corridor was empty, before allowing his face to relax into the first true smile in years. He suddenly looked his age as his eyes sparkled with an inner joy.

'Thanks...Dad,' he said warmly.

A/N: Sorry it's so short and so late in coming. I had some trouble writing this chapter and I really wanted it to go well cos I hate posting chapters I don't like myself. I quite like this now after writing it so many times and it's finally gone the direction I wanted it to. Sorry again. Hopefully the next chapter will be longer.

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