Red Flag

Chapter 16 RATED M

Rachel leaned back to search his eyes, afraid of what she might find. But all she found was that look, the one full of want and something else...possibly love? Passion? The man before her wasn't hard to read in his uniform, but now, before her in the dim light, she was having a hard time. She tentatively ran a hand over his soft gray hair, relishing in the feel of it under her fingers. She'd been wanting to do that for some time now.

"Don't you dare say you're sorry after this," she spoke quietly in a warning tone, a small smile playing at the corner of her lips, searching his ocean blue eyes.

He found a grin, and shook his head a little. "I'm not sorry," he replied, leaning in again, and attacking her lips with his once more.

This time the kiss was deeper, filled with more passion. Tom explored her mouth with his tongue, much like their first kiss but this time voluntarily. When she moaned against his lips, he slid his arm around her slender waist, pulling her to him. Then, without parting their lips, he laid her back gently, making sure she landed comfortably against the pillows. He unwrapped his arm, lying down beside her, propping himself up on his elbow so he was over her but not crushing her.

She ran her hand up and cradled the back of his head, her fingers toying with the hair that lay at the base of his skull. She couldn't get close enough to him, felt like her body was on fire from all the feelings rushing through her. She didn't think for once, just let herself feel and enjoy being the center of his moment, the object of his affection here and now. And boy, did it feel amazing.

Tom stretched out against her side, pulling her close. He wanted desperately to be as close to her as possible, and as she rolled to her side and threw her leg over his hip, he deduced she felt the same. He grinned a little against her lips, sliding his hand down her side and then down her tone thigh, silently cursing the material of her sweatpants. He could also feel his belt pushing into his side uncomfortably, tried to ignore the sensation. He wasn't dressed for such a moment, his BDUs not his most comfortable choice of clothing. But as much as he wanted to get out of them, he didn't want to break this moment. He had her, he had her in his arms and he wasn't letting her go.

Rachel made a breathless sigh as Tom's lips drifted from her lips to her jaw line, kisses and nips cascading down her neck. When he came back up to her lips again, he moved to the other side of her neck, giving it an equal amount of attention. Rachel wasn't sure if she couldn't breathe because he was now leaning on her or if it was because she was so caught up in the attraction, the heat, she felt for this man. She hadn't anticipated her night heading in this direction, was glad she'd showered before climbing into bed with the children to read to them, glad she'd worn a better looking pair of comfortable clothes. But as he pulled the neck of her shirt back, she shuddered, and wished she could just discard the damn piece of cotton, as it was only hindering him on his mission.

Tom attacked her shoulder, feeling more desperate by the moment. Somehow he ended up on top of her, but she bared his weight just fine, her legs parting to let him lay comfortably between them. This woman was a match for him in passion; he had known it from the moment in the hanger during their first burning encounter. And now, as she writhed below him, her nails digging into his back through his tee shirt, he was sure of it. If they didn't stop soon, he'd be showing her just how much.

Rachel impulsively slid her hands up under his shirt, across the span of his broad muscular back, and felt him moan against her. She raked her nails across, giving him good indication that the work he was doing to the soft spot under her ear was working. She felt him drive his hips into hers and she sucked in her breathe at the sensation, followed by a little giggle. She felt him chuckle against her neck.

"You all right, Dr. Scott?" he asked playfully against her skin. The vibration of his words against her and the use of her professional title sent a shiver down her spine.

"Oh yes, Captain Chandler," she replied back in a breathy tone. It seemed to spur him on and she allowed her eyes to close as he ravaged her neck. She took enjoyment out of the feel of his thick back, all the way down to his obliques, where she gripped hard when he found a sensitive spot on her clavicle. She knew her shirt would be stretched out after their escapades, but she didn't care. All she wanted was for his mouth to never leave her body, not with the way he was making her feel.

He settled back onto his knees more, reached back with both hands and grabbing hers. He pushed them up above her head into the pillows, holding her wrists gently. He pulled back to take a look at the beautiful woman below him, vulnerable and wanting, her eyes telling him just how much. He left her hands their and reached to undo his belt, the damn thing leaving a mark against his abdomen. He watched her watch him pull it through the loops and discard it. She licked her lips, and he was now sure of how turned on he was, how much he wanted this woman, in all ways.

"Rachel," he breathed against her lips, placing feathery light kisses on her swollen ones. She opened her eyes and gazed up at him. He locked eyes with her brown ones. "I'm falling for you," he began, lying back against her, his hands reaching up to grasp hers, "hard." He finished his confession, not allowing her to respond, kissing her with such fire, she thought she'd melt.

He sucked the air out of her lungs with his kiss, leaving her breathless. She needed him, wanted him. She unwrapped her legs from around his waist, reached for the hem of his tee shirt and pulled. He moved enough for her to pull it and discard it over the side of the bed, her hands reaching up to his strong chest.

He took a chance, and reached for the bottom of her shirt, and when he went to lift the hem, she easily sat up and let him discard the material. The black cotton bralette was everything he wanted to see and more, her toned midsection drawing his eyes next. He didn't know where to place his hands first, but she didn't let him decide, pushing him backward from her sitting position and climbing on top of him. His eyes widened at the sudden change in dynamic, as she kissed up from his naval to his neck, but he certainly wasn't complaining. His hands rested on her hips as she got closer, hovering just over his lips.

"And I have already fallen for you," she whispered against his lips, much in the same fashion he had done to her. He grinned up at her before she crashed her lips into his, using one hand to steady herself and the other to cup his cheek.

He allowed her to have the upper hand for a little while, before flipping them back over. It had been a long time since he'd been intimate with a woman, and over 20 years since he'd been with another woman besides his late wife. He didn't doubt his skills, but he did doubt his stamina, he knew he wouldn't last long, especially if the foreplay continued.

She seemed to read his mind, reaching for the button on his pants. He gladly removed the material, and then pulled hers off, ridding her of any clothing left between them. He grabbed a pillow from behind him as she reached for his hard length, taking it in her hand. He sucked in a breathe, felt every fiber of his being go rigid at her touch.

She admired him before her, took in the contours of his body, as he stared down at her, a small sweet smile on his face. She was surprised at how comfortable she felt, how easy this was unfolding for them. They were grown adults after all. They weren't young teenagers; this was not their first time in this situation. But they weren't taking it lightly. Though she was certain they were both enjoying themselves.

She was anticipating his next move, he could tell, but instead he held her hands, took all of her in. She was stunning; her milky skin looked like porcelain against his dark sheets. Her hair was sprawled out behind her and he could tell by the look in her eyes, she was ready for him. He ran his hands down her body before leaning over her, positioning himself, eager and hesitant all at the same time. Rachel wrapped her legs around his hips as encouragement and he didn't need any further reinforcement, he slid into her, sighing as he did so.

Rachel arched her back off the bed, noises urging him on escaping her lips. He nuzzled her neck, kissed and licked along the vein there, before kissing her fervently. She gripped his back, whimpered for more, as he obliged, giving her all that he had. He was by no means rough with her, but he was zealous and skilled, knew all the right spots to hit, all the right ways to navigate those pressure points.

It wasn't long, as he predicted, before he was close. He looked down at her, saw her parted lips, her furrowed brow, and her closed eyes, knew she wasn't far off either. "Rachel," he whispered, and she opened her eyes, the look there sated and deep. He matched her intensity, wanted to take this leap together, gripping one of her hands tightly, pushing it into the mattress. He drove deeper into her a few more times before he felt her clench around him and he couldn't hold on any longer, collapsing onto her. She bit down on his shoulder to keep from crying out, and he buried his face in hers, riding the waves.

Rachel wasn't sure how long they laid there, connected, her arm wrapped around his sweaty shoulder, their hands still entwined, but she was at a loss when he shifted. He peered up at her, his face bruised and tired, but his eyes were clear and a smile lit up his handsome face. He kissed the tip of her nose, her cheek, her forehead and then her lips. She leaned up into him, relishing in his taste.

"Wow," she muttered when their lips parted. He chuckled, his cheeks turning a pinkish hue. He rolled off of her, much to her disdain, but then wrapped her up in his strong arms, pulling her back into his chest. They shared the pillow he had provided her with earlier, and he slipped kisses all long her neck. He heard her relaxed sigh, and felt more relaxed than he had in a long time. He sat up, pulling her with him, to the other end of the bed, wrapping them both up under his blankets. Both sated and at ease, neither chose to think about the magnitude of their actions, or the repercussions that could come from it. They instead took joy and comfort in their private quiet moment, knowing these were few and far between. He'd have to be on the bridge in a few hours, and she would need to check on a few cultures she had down in the lab.

But for now, it was just them.

Tom roused to rustling in the darkness. He could feel the cold spot beside him, knew she was getting dressed, no matter how much he didn't want it to be true. He flipped on the light by his bed and that brought her motions to an abrupt halt. Her hair fell over her shoulder, wild and unruly, as he blinked his eyes against the light, trying to adjust them. When he finally caught her eyes, she offered him a small smile.

"Hi," he offered. She blushed, dropping her eyes to the boots she was tying.

"Hello," she greeted, whispering. He glanced at the clock, saw it was only four hours after they'd fallen asleep. He needed to be up soon anyway.

"Where are you going?" he asked curiously, sitting up. As the blanket fell, exposing his chest, she desperately wanted to climb back in bed with him. But she couldn't.

"I need to shower and get down to the lab," he nodded, watching her braid her hair, trying to ease the untamed tresses, encourage them to look like she hadn't just been sleeping in the Captain's quarters. "If anyone asks, I was tending to your wounds," she instructed with a wry grin, knowing he didn't need to know her planned excuse. But at least now they'd have the same story in case someone caught her leaving now.

"I have another hour before I have to get up," he reached out for her hand and she obliged, letting him pull her back onto the bed. She couldn't resist his sincere smile, and those blue orbs. "You could come back to bed…" he let his words trail off, the huskiness of his voice indicating what he was thinking. She giggled, her face growing red.

"I'd love to but I do actually have to check my cultures. And you do actually need some rest," she touched his bruised eye for effect, as he winced at her touch.

"Can I come by for a checkup later?" he teased, his lips falling to her neck again. She sighed, closing her eyes. He had become a hormonal teenager overnight, and she knew if she let him, he could keep seducing her whenever he wanted. This was a side of him she didn't know, a side of him she very much wanted to know more about. She met his lips in a kiss, keeping him at bay.

"Possibly," she replied with a wink. He groaned at her, before kissing her again. "Meet the kids and me in the mess hall at 1300 for lunch?" she requested, a hopeful grin on her face. She knew what they really had planned. He returned the smile.

"Absolutely," he kissed her again, before lying back against the pillows. She stood and walked shyly toward the door.

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