Red Flag

Chapter 6

"Rachel," the word rolled off his tongue in a way she'd never heard anyone say it before. Not to mention she'd never heard him say it before, and it sounded as though he'd always been meant to say it. The last five or so months he had always called her Dr. Scott, no matter what their conversation. Until today. This moment. He called her by her first name. They were no longer acquaintances, they were friends, on some level, she was sure. Though the way her heart skipped when she heard her name on his lips, she knew there was more to it on her end than that.

The look in his eyes stopped her further. It was soft, kind. Much the same look he'd given her before he'd hugged her, but deeper. She could see respect, pride, and something else deep within his ocean blue orbs. She searched his face, trying to decipher what he was asking for, what he was trying to say, knowing it was more than the words falling from his lips.

"You did it. Let's enjoy the moment," a small smile was upon his lips, in his eyes. He was in awe of the woman before him, all she'd accomplished. She'd had plenty of bumps along the way, but somehow she'd managed to achieve the ultimate goal. He was happy, very happy. And as she stood before him, about to make him immune to the horrific virus ravaging the real world, their little bubble was their little bubble. This moment was theirs.

She looked so relieved, so pretty in the light of his quarters. It was not often they were eye to eye, he towered over her so often. But now, as she stood in front of him, at his level, he was having a hard time keeping his eyes off of her, keeping his hands to himself. He wanted to hold her again, wanted to gather her up and bestow so much of the pride and joy he felt for her upon her. He was so proud, so relieved, so..happy.

He pulled up his shirt sleeve instead, and she faltered for a moment, his broad, bare shoulder ready for her injection. The light caught his wedding band for a moment, and she silently reminded herself somewhere in the back of her mind that this man had a family he had to find, wouldn't rest until he found. But when she caught his eyes again, that thought left her, and she focused on those blue eyes, and the task at hand. She grinned despite herself, knowing this was a poignant moment for them. He held stoic as she poked the needle into his strong shoulder, making him immune. She locked eyes with him again as she pulled the needle out, before he pulled his sleeve down. He ran his fingers over the now soft spot, and she ran her fingers over his before she could stop herself, meaning to rub the spot she'd just injected. Their skin connected and she could feel her stomach tighten at the feeling of his hand under hers. They kept their eye contact for a long moment, as he sat before her, both of them silent.

He watched her, tried to read behind her dark eyes, tried to keep himself from pulling her in. Instead he grasped the hand that had just touched his, holding it tightly. He saw the questioning that crossed her features, but he simply held her small hand in his much larger one, pulling it down and reaching with this other hand to grasp her hand with both of his. He could feel her wrap her fingers around his. They had found this warmth in one another he would have never anticipated, never expected.

She held her breath, unsure of what he was doing. He made her heart flip flop in her chest, as she got lost in the abyss that was his eyes. She gripped his hand, didn't want him to ever let it go. His eyes spoke volumes to her, in so many ways. He took a breath and she held hers longer, waiting for him to speak.

"Rachel, I-" a knock sounded at his stateroom door and she jumped, pulling her hand away quickly, her cheeks flaming red. Tom closed his eyes, annoyed at the failed timing. He cleared his throat, standing to open the door. She busied herself cleaning up her things, and on his way by her backside, he leaned down to her ear, his breath warm on her soft skin, his large chest barely touching her back. His hand rested gently right above her hip.

"We'll talk later," he whispered, and she nodded quickly, picking up her little bag. She couldn't imagine what he'd been about to say, surely it was innocent. Tom pulled open the door, to find Mike standing outside. Rachel came around from behind Tom, nodding her greeting to Mike before sliding by the two large men, and making her way down the narrow corridor. Mike watched her go, but when he turned back to Tom, his captain was already talking business.

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