The Pierce Sisters

March 6th 1895

March 6th 1895

Elena rushed into the bar. "Ruby, I'm sorry to bother you, and I will leave in just a minute before the sun comes up, but I have something for you."

Ruby looked up from the table she had been setting up. The bar probably opened in an hour or so, being as it served as a cafe at breakfast and lunch.

Elena held out the file, letting the witch take it from her hands and flip through a few pages. "I grabbed it in Klaus's house. I think it is everything he had on you."

Ruby looked up from the file, and Elena was shocked to see tears in her eyes. "Thank you Elena. You don't know how much this means to me. He promised he would give me what I wanted, but he never did. He just kept holding it over my head. And now here it is."

Elena still didn't understand what exactly Ruby was talking about, but she said she was welcome all the same.

Ruby blinked the tears away. "Wait here for a moment." she said, running to the back room. A moment later she came out with a large book in her hands. She pulled a rather beautiful ring off one of her fingers and placed it on the counter.

"What are you doing?" Elena asked, not understanding the witch's strange behavior.

Ruby threw a quick glance up at Elena. "I am giving you a gift. You have found this," she nodded toward the file, "for me, so I am making something for you." She didn't give any more explanation than that, so Elena didn't ask.

She watched as the witch started chanting. Elena glanced towards the window as the first rays of the morning peaked through. She leaned back, so as to avoid the light, which now shown directly on the ring.

Ruby continued chanting for another moment before stopping abruptly. She opened her eyes and grabbed the ring, holding it out for Elena.

Elena took it and put it on, holding it out to admire it. "Thank you, but I still don't understand what you did-" Ruby threw the curtains over the window back, letting the sunlight shine directly on Elena. Elena flinched in expectation of the burning heat of the sun, but it didn't come. She gave Ruby a questioning look, before looking down again at the ring. "It lets me walk in the sun?" She asked.

Ruby nodded. "It was the only way I could think of to repay you for what you have done for me." Ruby smiled and Elena returned the favor.

"Thank you, Ruby." Elena said. She jumped up and gave the witch the biggest hug she could, without hurting her.

"No," she replied. "Thank you. Now, get your butt out of her and on run again while Klaus thinks you are still trapped by the sun."

Elena nodded and gave Ruby one last smile before pushing the door open and stepping into the sunlight for the first time in thirty two years.

And Katherine is probably locked up somewhere being tortured by Klaus. The thought had crept into Elena's mind before she could stop it. The guilt of leaving her sister there weaved its way through every inch of her body. She knew there was nothing she could do. Katherine was Klaus's now, and if Elena didn't put as much distance between herself and him, she would be also. Perhaps it would be better, Elena tried to tell herself. If Klaus had Katherine, she wouldn't be out terrorizing the world. But it wasn't right and Elena knew it. She didn't want to have to deal with the heavy feeling in her heart. If she continued like this, she would end up going back for her sister and get herself killed or captured in the process.

The thought had crossed her mind a few times before in the past three decades, but she had never seriously considered it like this before. The only way she was going to run and survive, was if she flipped off her humanity switch. She had no choice.

Elena closed her eyes and said an, "I'm sorry," to no one in particular and switched off her feelings.

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