The Pierce Sisters

August 2 1944

August 2nd 1944

"You girls want another round?" Ruby asked while grabbing Elena and Lexi's empty shot glasses.

A smile crept onto Lexi's face. "You know us too well, Ruby."

Ruby rolled her eyes, but the upward curve of her mouth betrayed her amusement. "Well," she said in response. "At least I know you can't get drunk. Otherwise I think I would have had to cut you off about 10 rounds ago."

Thought she didn't look it, the woman behind the counter was old. Not as old as the two vampires she was serving, but she was at least a few years past 80. Yet her eyes still sparkled with energy, the type normally only found in children.

When Elena had first meet Ruby, the bartender had saved her life and kept her hidden from Klaus. She had always had a fire in her, and not even the many years of life that she had experienced could drive it out of her. Is that what it is like to look into my eyes? Elena couldn't help but wonder to herself. Was she still as young at heart as she looked. After all the running and torture she had gone through, were her eyes still burning bright in defiance of those who would seek to harm her or those she cared about?

Over the past twenty years, she had grown as a person, and she knew it. For almost ten years after Lexi triggered her emotions, the two of them were inseparable. They laughed together, danced together, went on double dates together, although that one never seemed to go as planned. But there had been practically no supernatural related incidents.

Then, in 1929 Elena had decided to go her own way. She began traveling the world. She would compel her way onto a ship to England and then sneak on the back of a train around the country. She had made her way to France, China, Egypt, even Australia. She had seen all seven wonders of the world, and still wanted to see more. There was always something else to discover, something new to learn.

But when World War II broke out, she found herself drawn back to her own country, to her home. There she stood with all the other women and worked in factories to help build the necessary machinery and weapons for the soldiers. Though she knew she would have been able to fight if she wanted to, she decided to stay home. The middle of another war was not where she wanted to be, but she did her best to support her troops alongside the thousands of other women helping in the war effort.

Lexi showing up at the door of her apartment that night, however, had been a welcome distraction from the bloodshed she knew was happening overseas. And now here they sat, drinking shots at Ruby's bar.

"So," Lexi was saying, now turning towards Elena. "How was the world?"

"Big." Elena laughed. "But there is nothing quite like coming back home. Especially after ten years of traveling."

"But, you're not really home, are you?" Lexi pointed out.

Elena frowned. Of course America was her home. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, Elena, that this," Lexi gestured around her to the rest of the bar, "isn't really your home. Your home, your real home, is Mystic Falls."

Elena sat and stared at her friend. She hadn't heard that name in years, but as soon as Lexi had said it, she knew it was true. Mystic Falls was where she had been born and raised. It was where she had been turned and it was where she had always seen herself finally taking her last breath.

Finally, Elena found her voice. "I haven't been back there since . . ." Her voice trailed off, allowing Lexi to fill in the blank.

"It's been eighty years. The town is much different now than it was back then." Lexi supplied. "Maybe it's time you gave your hometown a visit?"

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