Sleepless In Hogwarts


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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to JKR not me

Disclaimer 2: Anything wirtten in bold (not including dates and times) is a direct quote from books 1-3

Warnings: Eventual slash. Mentions of MPreg. Eventual MPreg

Chapter One

Monday 2 September 1991 – 1.07 am

Seamus Finnigan was sure he was the last one awake in his dorm. He could hear loud snoring from two of the beds and soft snuffling from a third. The fourth bed was silent. Whomever was in that bed was a damn quiet sleeper, Seamus found himself thinking.

The blond sighed and rolled over. He was homesick. Home was a small village in Northern Ireland. It was so far away from the Scottish highlands Hogwarts was situated in.

"Mam would have a fit if she knew I were awake at this time of night," Seamus muttered to himself, rolling onto his back and staring up at the dark canopy of his four-poster.

He heard rustling from one of the beds but didn't turn his head, assuming the occupant was merely rolling over. When he heard feet quietly hit the floor, Seamus jerked himself upright.

"Who's that?" he asked.


The voice was soft and full of nerves. Seamus racked his brains trying to place it. He knew it wasn't the redhead – he had a loud domineering voice. The black boy had a Mancurian accent so it wasn't him. That left the slightly podgy boy and Harry Potter.

"Who's that?" Seamus repeated.


Seamus frowned. Why was Potter awake?

"Can't sleep, Harry?" Seamus asked lightly.

Seamus saw the shadowy figure through his curtains fidget slightly.

"Not used to such a big room," Harry said quietly.

"Me either," Seamus admitted. "It's just me, me mam and me dad back home. We live in a small town in a tiny cottage. It only has two bedrooms but that's perfect for the three of us."

Seamus pulled his curtains back and turned to face Harry. The small boy – much smaller than Seamus had imagined he would be – was hunched over on his bed. He looked like he was just trying to disappear into the covers.

"Tell me about yourself, Harry," Seamus suggested. "If we're going to be roomies for the next seven years we should get to know one another."

Harry cracked a small, shy smile at that and peered up at Seamus through his eyelashes. "Ok," he agreed. "What do you want to know?"

"Where'd you grow up?"Seamus asked curiously.

"Surrey," said Harry. "I live with my aunt, uncle and cousin."

"You close to your cousin?" Seamus asked. He'd always envied people with siblings, wishing he had a brother or sister as a playmate.

Harry shook his head. "No," he said. "Dudley is – " Harry hesitated, choosing his words carefully, "the total opposite of me."

Seamus quirked his eyebrows curiously but let the gloss-over slide.

"Why aren't you asleep?" Harry asked curiously, before blushing bright red and ducking his head. "Sorry, none of my business."

Seamus frowned. "'S all right," he said dismissively. "Truth is I'm homesick. Ireland is a long way from Scotland."

"Oh," said Harry quietly. "Do you miss your family, then?" he asked.

"Oh yeah," said Seamus. "Like I said before, it's just the three of us so we're a pretty tight-knit family."

Harry seemed to furrow his brow in confusion at that. Seamus wondered why. He watched as Harry stifled a yawn.

"We should get some rest," Seamus pointed out. "We've still got to find our way around tomorrow in preparation for classes on Monday."

Harry nodded. "Bed's too big, though," he complained, pouting a little. "Not used to it."

Seamus grinned at that and lifted his covers up. "Come join me then," he suggested. "I'm not used to such a big bed either. Perhaps it'll feel smaller if we share."

Harry hesitated before slowly moving over and sliding under the covers. Seamus dropped the covers and brought his arms around Harry's smaller body. He felt the boy tense up before slowly relaxing.

"This is nice," Harry mumbled.

"Yeah, it is," Seamus agreed.

Smiling contentedly, Seamus closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Tuesday 3 September 1991 – 1.39 am

Seamus woke up to the sound of stifled sobs. He instantly recognised that they were coming from Harry's bed.

"Harry?" Seamus called softly. "Harry, you all right?"

"Seamus?" Harry called back shakily.

"What's wrong?" Seamus asked.

"Everyone was staring at me," Harry complained. "I don't like being stared at. That's when the questions start and then – "

He broke off suddenly as more tears fell down his cheeks.

"Then what, Harry?" asked Seamus curiously.

"Nothing," Harry said quickly.

Seamus scowled at the obvious lie. He didn't like liars but he gathered from the way Harry had abruptly stopped talking that the small boy was hiding something. Something unpleasant. So Seamus let the lie slide.

"Want to join me, Harry?" Seamus asked, a little hesitantly. He and Harry hadn't really spoken since that first night. Harry had already been up and dressed when Seamus woke the next morning and had successfully avoided him since.

"Yes please," Harry said in a small voice.

Seamus lifted his covers and felt Harry dart underneath them. Seamus wrapped his arms around the sobbing boy and held him until he fell asleep. Seamus wondered what Harry was hiding and how long he had been hiding it for.

Saturday 7 September 1991 – 2.12 am

Seamus woke with a start when he felt a body sliding in underneath his bedcovers and cuddling up to him.

"All right, Harry?" Seamus asked the boy sleepily.

"Snape," the boy answered tearfully.

Seamus pulled Harry into a hug and felt the boy relax in his hold. "You didn't do anything, Harry," Seamus told the boy. "That greasy bat-like git obviously has issues and was just taking them out on you."

He felt Harry nod against his chest. "I asked Hagrid why Snape didn't like me and he said it was probably cos he and my dad hated each other at school."

Seamus squeezed Harry comfortingly. "Don't let anything he says get you down, Harry," Seamus whispered. "You're better than that."

Seamus looked down when he felt Harry shift his head so that he was looking up at him. "Thanks, Seamus," the small boy said.

Seamus gave him a crooked grin. "Anytime, Harry," he said. "If you ever need comfort, just join me at night and I'll do what I can. Now go to sleep."

Harry grinned and tucked his head onto Seamus' chest again. "Night, Shay," he said.

"Night, Har," Seamus replied, closing his eyes with a yawn.

Friday 27 September 1991 – 1.47 am

Seamus was surprised when he felt Harry slip into his bed. He curled his arms around him and pulled him close, however.

"What's wrong?" Seamus asked sleepily.

"Malfoy challenged me to a midnight duel," Harry said sheepishly. "Me and Ron went but it turned out be a trap. Granger followed us and Neville tagged along cos he couldn't remember the password. Filch chased us down corridors until Granger unlocked a door for us to hide behind. Turned out to be the forbidden corridor."

"Really?" said Seamus, not really absorbing all the information he was being given. No doubt it would register at some point during the day but right now he could barely stay awake.

"Yeah," said Harry. "And guess what! The corridor is forbidden because there's a giant three-headed dog living down it!"

That woke Seamus. "No way!" he gasped. "A Cerberus in Hogwarts! Mam's gonna flip when I tell her."

"No!" Harry hissed, tugging at Seamus' arm. "We're not supposed to know about it so if you tell your mum then she'll complain to the Headmaster and I'll get in trouble!"

Seamus heard the panic in Harry's voice and reluctantly agreed not to tell his mum.

"You ok, though?" Seamus asked, yawning widely.

"Yeah, fine," said Harry, snuggling down in the bed. "Just wanted some company, is all. That's ok, right?"

"Yeah," said Seamus. "It's cool."

Thursday 31 October 1991 – 2.19 am

Seamus was suddenly aware of a shaking, sobbing figure huddled beside him in the bed and shaking him awake.

"Harry?" Seamus said, confused. "What's wrong? What happened?"

"I had that dream again," Harry sobbed. "The one with the screams and the green light."

Seamus pulled Harry into a hug and kissed the top of his head, much like his mother would do when trying to comfort him.

"Do you have that dream often?" Seamus asked, concerned for the small boy.

Harry nodded against Seamus' chest. "Fairly often," he admitted. "Always on Halloween, though."

Seamus frowned at that. Halloween was when Harry's parents had been killed. Perhaps, the blond wondered thoughtfully, the two were connected.

"Well, once the others are asleep tomorrow night you can come join me if you want," said Seamus.

Harry relaxed against Seamus and smiled happily. "Thanks, Shay," he said gratefully. "You're the best."

Saturday 9 November 1991 – 3.07 am

Seamus barely woke up when Harry slipped into his bed. He curled his arms around the smaller boy and kissed the top of his head sleepily.

"Go to sleep, Harry," he mumbled.

"Can't," Harry retorted. "Too nervous."

"Go to sleep before I knock you out," Seamus complained.

Harry grinned and leaned up to kiss Seamus on the jaw. "Night, Shay," he said, snuggling back down.

Seamus merely groaned in response.

Sunday 10 November 1991 – 1.13 am

Seamus couldn't sleep. Every time he closed his eyes he saw Harry's broom trying to jerk the small boy off it. He groaned to himself. He hated it when he couldn't sleep. It didn't happen that often but when it did he hated it.

Seamus turned his head. Harry's bed was silent but Seamus knew that didn't necessarily mean he was awake as Harry was an incredibly silent sleeper.

Groaning again, Seamus slipped out of his bed and climbed into Harry's.

"Shay?" Harry mumbled. "What's wrong?"

"Couldn't sleep," said Seamus, pulling Harry back against his chest and curling around him. "Kept seeing your broom trying to throw you off."

Harry sluggishly moved an arm to pat Seamus' hand comfortingly. "I'm all right," he said sleepily. "Go to sleep."

Seamus grinned. "Yes, Har," he said, closing his eyes and finally relaxing his body enough to drift off.

Monday 11 November 12.01 am

"Happy birthday!"

Seamus opened his eyes and grinned at Harry, pulling him down into the bed. "Where's my present?" he demanded teasingly.

Harry giggled and held it out to him. Seamus took it and ripped it open. It was a book on Leprechaun lore, something Seamus was fascinated in as they hailed from his home country.

"Thanks, Har," said Seamus, leaning in to press a kiss to the smaller boy's cheek. "You staying with me tonight?"

Harry scoffed and wriggled underneath the covers. "Try and keep me away," he said haughtily.

Seamus grinned, dropped the book into his open trunk and pulled Harry into his arms. "Night, Har."

"Night, Shay."

Saturday 21 December 1991 – 2.27 am

"Seamus. Seamus, wake up."

Seamus groaned as he felt someone shaking his shoulder. Rolling over he opened sleepy blue eyes to glare at Harry who stared back at him sheepishly.

"What?" Seamus grumped.

Harry blushed. "I wanted to give you your Christmas present," he admitted. "You're going home in the morning and I won't have a chance to give it to you."

"Couldn't you have just put it in my trunk?" Seamus asked, sitting up.

Harry shrugged. "Wanted to give it to you in person," he admitted. He held out a badly wrapped rectangular parcel. "Here," he said shyly. "Don't open it til Christmas morning, though."

Seamus grinned and reached under his pillow to bring out a wrapped box. "Here," he said, handing it to Harry.

Harry stared at the box in surprised delight and reverently ran his fingers over it. Looking up at Seamus, Seamus was surprised to see his emerald eyes were filled with tears. "I've never had a Christmas present," he said tearfully.

Seamus was surprised. Harry's relatives hadn't ever given him a present?

"Then I'm pleased to be the first," Seamus said lightly, aware that Harry would only pull away if he pressed the comment.

Seamus watched Harry carefully put the wrapped parcel in a corner of his rather empty trunk before slipping under Seamus' bed covers.

"Merry Christmas, Shay," Harry said softly, reaching up and kissing Seamus' jaw.

"Merry Christmas, Har," Seamus replied, kissing the top of Harry's head.

Wednesday 25 December 1991 – 9.03 am

Seamus had opened all his presents, except for Harry's. He had deliberately left that one to last. Eager to see what the small boy had bought him, he ripped into the packaging and pulled out a book. 100 Celtic Spells Seamus read with joy. When his acceptance letters for wizarding school had come, Seamus had seriously considered attending St Patrick's Academy of Magic because they taught Celtic spells as well as Latin ones. Hogwarts' superior curriculum had won though and Seamus was pleased. If he hadn't decided to attend Hogwarts he would never have met Harry.

"Who's that from?" Seamus' mother, Catherine, asked.

Seamus' Muggle father, Mick, looked over as well. "What is it?" he asked.

"It's a book of Celtic spells," said Seamus excitedly. "I've wanted this for ages. But how did he know?"

"Who?" Catherine asked, intrigued by this unknown boy who had obviously caught Seamus' attention.

"Harry Potter," said Seamus.

"No!" Catherine squealed. "You never said you were friends with Harry Potter!"

Mick frowned. "Who's this Potter boy?" he asked.

Catherine glanced over at her husband. "You know, darling," she said. "The Boy-Who-Lived? I told you about him."

"That kid?" said Mick, looking surprised. "You're friends with him?"

Seamus nodded. "Kind-a," he said.

"Kind-a?" Catherine repeated. "Either you are or you aren't."

"It's complicated," said Seamus, opening the book and flipping through the pages. "Because of who he is we're only secret friends."

Catherine nodded slowly. "So you're his friend behind the scenes," she said.

"Exactly," said Seamus.

"What's he like?" Mick asked.

"Sweet," said Seamus immediately. "It's really difficult not to like him. Neville, another boy in our dorm, has very little confidence, but if Harry notices him doing something really well he'll praise him and ask him for help. Slowly he's helping Neville build up his self-confidence."

Catherine raised her eyebrows. Call it hope but something was telling her that Seamus liked Harry a little more than his other friends.

Monday 6 January 1992 – 2.12 am


Seamus opened his eyes and shook away the last vestiges of sleep as he pulled Harry into his arms.

"Thanks for my present, Har," Seamus said. "I love it."

Harry grinned. "Thanks for mine, too," he said, pointing at his bed. "I've been using it every night. Not had one nightmare."

Seamus grinned. He'd bought Harry a dream catcher in the hope that Harry wouldn't suffer from as many nightmares.

"You won't believe what else I got," Harry continued to babble excitedly.

The small boy pulled a cloak from behind his back and showed it to Seamus proudly.

"Whoah," Seamus said softly, running his hands over the material. "Is this an Invisibility Cloak?"

"Yup," said Harry. "Dunno who gave it to me but there was a note saying it belonged to my dad."

Seamus looked up and smiled. "It's nice that you have something of his," he commented.

"Yeah," said Harry happily. "Now all I need are some photos and something of my mum's and I'll be content. Not happy but content."

Seamus let that settle in the back of his mind for future reference.

"You'll never believe what I found when I went exploring with it," Harry continued to babble excitedly.

"What?" said Seamus, watching as Harry slipped the cloak underneath his pillow.

"The Mirror of Erised," said Harry. "It shows what your heart desires more than anything. I saw me with my parents."

Seamus pressed a kiss to the top of Harry's head and squeezed him comfortingly.

"Oh!" Harry exclaimed as they settled back down in the bed for the rest of the night. "I almost forgot. Professor Dumbledore really likes socks so I'm gonna buy him some next Christmas."

Saturday 8 February 1992 – 1.37 am

"I'm scared," Harry admitted quietly, curling up beside Seamus.

"Mmm?" Seamus queried.

"Snape's refereeing the match tomorrow," Harry confessed. "He hates me."

"Be fine," Seamus muttered. "Go to sleep, Har."

Harry closed his eyes, wriggling underneath Seamus' arm and wrapping his arms around the taller boy.

"Night, Shay," Harry said quietly.

He got a groan in response.

Tuesday 19 May 1992 – 2.21 am

Seamus rolled over and jerked awake when he felt someone shuddering beside him. "Harry?" he questioned. "What happened?"

"Hagrid had a dragon," Harry sobbed. "Me and Hermione persuaded him to send it to a preserve and Ron contacted his brother, Charlie, who works with dragons in Romania. We snuck out tonight to hand the dragon over to Charlie and got caught. We lost Gryffindor one hundred and fifty points. Everyone's going to hate us!"

Harry sobbed even harder at that curling into Seamus' body for comfort. "I won't hate you," Seamus said soothingly, running his hand over Harry's back.

Harry clung to Seamus, burying his face in the taller boy's shoulder. Seamus grimaced at the feel of the tears soaking his shoulder and running down his chest. He didn't say anything, though, simply kissed Harry's head and continued rubbing at his back in an attempt to calm him down.

"Don't leave me, Shay?" Harry finally said once he had stopped crying.

"Never," Seamus promised.

Saturday 23 May 1992 – 2.01 am

Seamus knew instinctively that Harry didn't want to talk when the small boy climbed into his bed after his detention. His shoulders were tense and he made no move to cuddle up to Seamus. Seamus reached out and pulled Harry back against his chest.

"I know you don't want to talk, Har," Seamus said quietly. "But don't push me away."

He felt Harry slowly relax against him. "Thanks, Shay," the boy muttered.

"Anytime, Har," said Seamus, closing his eyes again.

Saturday 4 July 1992 – 12.48 am

Seamus clung to Harry tightly. He had been so scared when he heard Harry was in the hospital wing after fighting off You-Know-Who again. Seamus buried his nose in Harry's neck and breathed in deeply, inhaling Harry's own unique scent. Seamus had wanted to visit Harry in the hospital wing but hadn't dared. After all, nobody really knew they were friends.

"I'm gonna miss you, Shay," Harry said quietly.

"Gonna miss you, too, Har," Seamus said just as quietly.

"You will write to me, won't you?" Harry asked anxiously, rolling over so that he was facing Seamus.

"Of course," said Seamus indignantly. "Though I might stop if you don't write back."

Harry giggled and moved to rest his head on Seamus' chest.

Saturday 1 August 1992 – 1.54 pm

Dear Seamus,

Sorry about my absence for the last month. Some House Elf was stealing my mail in a bid to prevent me returning to Hogwarts this year.

I'm staying at Ron's for the rest of the summer. He and the twins came and rescued me from my relatives. They had locked Hedwig in her cage, poor darling.

I really wish I could see you this summer but Ron's never away from my side. Can't wait for Hogwarts to start up again. Is our arrangement still standing cos despite my dream catcher I've been having nightmares about the end of term. I keep seeing Quirrell and Voldemort sticking out of the back of his head.

I miss you.


Seamus scanned the letter quickly and sighed in relief. He'd been worried. He'd sent a letter to Harry every day this summer, plus a birthday present, but had never received a reply. Now that he had one he could relax and enjoy the rest of his holidays.

Wednesday 2 September 1992 – 1.33 am

Seamus gripped Harry tightly as they snuggled underneath the bedcovers. "What happened?" he demanded.

Harry blushed and hid his face against Seamus' chest. "Dobby, the House Elf that stole my mail this summer. I got that back, incidentally. Thanks for my present. I write all my dreams in it. What I can remember anyway."

Seamus practically growled. "What happened?" he repeated.

"Oh, right," said Harry. "Well, Dobby kind-a blocked the barrier to platform nine and three-quarters and me and Ron thought we'd fly Mr Weasley's car to school instead."

"And you crashed it into the Whomping Willow?" Seamus said incredulously.

"Yes, well," said Harry sheepishly. "That was Ron's fault. He was driving. My feet couldn't reach the pedals."

Harry pouted up at Seamus who finally gave a wry grin and kissed the tip of Harry's nose. "Merlin you worried me," Seamus sighed, relaxing his tight grip on Harry.

"Sorry," Harry apologised. "I don't mean to."

"I know," said Seamus.

Seamus nuzzled at Harry's black hair. He had grown it out slightly over the summer. It was still wild and chaotic but now curled over his ears to his chin.

"Missed you," Seamus said hoarsely.

"Mmm," Harry hummed, eyes already closed. "Missed you, too."

Thursday 3 September 1992 – 1.02 am

"More detention," Harry grumbled, sliding into Seamus' bed. "I hate Lockhart and his stupid class."

Seamus chuckled. "He's pretty horrendous, right?" he said.

"That's one way of putting it," Harry said, wriggling to get comfortable. "His books are complete and utter nonsense. I doubt we're going to learn anything from him this year."

"Might have to do some reading on the side," Seamus agreed.

"And that stupid first-year. Urgh!"

Seamus grinned. "I'll try and run interference there for you, Har," he said. "I must admit he's very in-your-face about his infatuation with you."

Harry sighed and closed his eyes, resting his head on Seamus' chest. "I just wish people would leave me alone," he said quietly.

Seamus kissed the top of Harry's head. "One day, hopefully they will."

Tuesday 8 September 1992 – 12.13 am

"Harry?" Seamus said, confused, when the smaller boy barrelled into his bed and head-butted his chest in an attempt at receiving comfort.

"I'm going mad," the smaller boy said in a muffled voice. "I'm hearing voices."

Seamus choked down his chuckle as he brought his arms around Harry. "What are these voices saying?" he asked carefully.

Harry hesitated. "Come," he whispered. "Come to me. Let me rip you. Let me tear you. Let me kill you."

Seamus started and tightened his grip on Harry to the point where the smaller boy squeaked and pushed at his chest.

"Someone wants to kill you?" Seamus demanded. "Who? Did you recognise the voice? Who were you with at the time?"

"I was in detention with Lockhart," said Harry. "And I'm pretty sure these voices are all in my head. Probably my over-active imagination."

"I don't like it," Seamus announced. "I don't like that you're hearing voices."

"Don't particularly like it myself," said Harry, yawning widely.

Seamus nudged at Harry. "Put your pyjamas on," he cajoled. "Then you can come to bed."

"Ok," Harry agreed sleepily.

Sunday 1 November 1992 – 1.03 am

"I didn't do it," Harry said, slipping into Seamus' bed.

"I know," said Seamus sleepily. "Where were you tonight? I didn't see you at the feast."

Harry blushed, tucking his cold feet in between Seamus' calves. "I attended Nearly Headless Nick's Deathday Party," he said.

"Why?" asked Seamus, running one hand up and down Harry's arm in an effort to stop the thin boy from shivering.

"Cos he asked me to," said Harry, shrugging.

Seamus rolled his eyes. "Of course," he said.

"I heard the voice again," Harry admitted. "That's why me, Ron and Hermione were found by Mrs Norris."

Seamus frowned. "What did the voice say this time?" he asked.

"Rip. Tear. Kill. So hungry for so long. Kill. Time to kill. I smell blood. I smell blood."

Seamus looked at Harry in horror. "You're hearing a voice say all that and then Mrs Norris winds up attacked?" he said. "That's not a coincidence, Har. You're hearing the person who's attacked that mangy old cat!"

Harry wrinkled his nose up distastefully. "Yeah, but I don't recognise the voice," he said.

Seamus huffed exasperatedly. "You haven't heard everybody's voice," he pointed out. "You don't talk to every single person in this bloody school."

Harry blushed. "Oh," he said in a small voice. "Right. Of course. What should I do?"

"Tell someone," Seamus said immediately. Then he rolled his eyes as Harry looked at him pointedly. "Someone who isn't me," he added. "A teacher."

"You want me to tell McGonagall?" Harry asked. "Or Dumbledore?"

"Dumbledore preferably but I doubt you'll be able to get time to speak to him," said Seamus. "Tell McGonagall."

"No," Harry refused. "I tried telling her that someone was trying to steal the Stone last year and she wouldn't listen. I'll tell Dumbledore if I can."

"Write him a note and have Hedwig take it to him," Seamus suggested.

"No, I'll wait till I get an opportunity to speak to him in private," said Harry.

Seamus rolled his eyes. Harry was annoyingly stubborn. "Tell me as soon as you hear that voice again," he demanded.

Harry reached up to kiss Seamus' cheek. "I will, Shay, I promise," he said.

Monday 9 November 1992 – 1.23 am

"How's your arm?" Seamus asked, the moment Harry wriggled underneath his own to rest again his chest.

"A little tingly," said Harry with a shrug. "But otherwise fine. Skele-Gro is nasty painful stuff."

Seamus didn't smile. He couldn't. He'd almost had a heart attack when that Bludger had appeared to have it in for Harry.

"No lasting damage, then?" Seamus asked anxiously.

Harry shook his head. "Nope," he said. "Madam Pomfrey said I'd be fine. I've just got to rest the arm as much as possible for a couple of days. Give the new bones a chance to get as strong as my other ones. I've also got to drink tons of milk."

"I'll be watching you at mealtimes so you'd better do it," Seamus said in a warning tone.

Harry smiled. "You're sweet to look after me, Shay," Harry said sweetly.

Seamus leant down and pressed a quick, light kiss to Harry's surprised lips. "Why wouldn't I look after you, Har?" he questioned quietly. "You look after everyone in the school. You need someone to look after you for a change."

Harry blushed and lowered his chin so he wasn't looking at Seamus. "Thanks, Shay," he shyly.

Seamus sighed and curled his arms around Harry. "Night, Har."

"Night, Shay."

Wednesday 11 November 1992 – 12.01 am

"Happy birthday!" Harry whispered excitedly into Seamus' ear. "How does it feel to be a teenager?"

"Same as it did to be twelve," Seamus grunted. "Come here."

Seamus dragged Harry onto his chest and grunted again when Harry giggled and sat up, straddling his hips.

"I got you a present," Harry said. "Here."

"What is it?" asked Seamus, taking the book-shaped parcel from Harry.

"I took inspiration from the fact that you keep trying to change your water into rum," said Harry.

Seamus opened the package and grinned. Obscure Water-Related Spells he read. "Thanks, Har," said Seamus, pulling the smaller boy down to peck his lips quickly.

Harry blushed and slid to the side of Seamus so he could cuddle up against him.

Wednesday 16 December 1992 – 1.07 am

"Shhh," Seamus soothed, rubbing his hand up and down Harry's back. "Don't worry about it. I know you're not evil. Ron knows you're not evil. Hermione knows you're not evil. So you can speak to snakes. Big deal."

Harry sniffled and looked up at Seamus with wide wet eyes. "You don't hate me?" he asked.

Seamus shook his head. "Not possible," he declared. "Just let me know if snakes are good conversationalists. Might invest in one if they are. I can just get you to tell me what it's saying."

Harry gave a small smile at that as Seamus ran his thumbs underneath Harry's eyes, wiping away the tears.

"Thanks, Shay," Harry said softly.

Seamus kissed the top of Harry's head. "No need to thank me, Har," he said honestly.

Friday 25 December 1992 – 9.17 am

Seamus had once again left Harry's present till last to open. He ripped off the paper and stared in awe. Harry had bought him the Durrow High Cross. It was very very old and very very valuable. It must have cost Harry an absolutely fortune to purchase.

"Oh my," Catherine said, bring one hand up to cover her mouth. "Is that from Harry?"

Seamus nodded silently, his fingers carefully tracing the cross.

"He knows you're Catholic?" Catherine asked.

Seamus nodded again. "He knows pretty much everything about me," he said.

"Well then," said Catherine firmly. "He will have to come visit us this summer."

Seamus grinned. "I think he'd like that," he said. "He doesn't exactly get on with his relatives."

"Then I will write him a letter later on in the year inviting him to spend two weeks in August with us."

"That would be nice, Mam," he said.

Catherine smiled and ruffled her son's hair. "Go on, now," she said. "I've got a dinner to cook."

Seamus pecked his mother on the cheek and dashed upstairs. He couldn't wait to get back to Hogwarts so he could thank Harry for the gift.

Monday 4 January 1993 – 12.57 am

"It must have cost a fortune," Seamus admonished Harry, when the smaller boy slipped into his bed.

Harry shrugged. "Not as much as you would think," he said. "Did you know Durrow Monastery was wizard-founded and run?"

Seamus blinked. "No," he said in surprise. "I didn't know that."

Harry nodded. "Yeah, St Columba who founded Durrow Monastery was a fairly powerful wizard of the age. He wanted to give Muggleborns of that time somewhere they could go to worship God without fear of judgement."

"Huh," said Seamus, impressed. "How do you know all this?"

Harry blushed and wriggled slightly. "Well, when you told me you were Catholic I did a lot of research," he admitted shyly. "I wanted to understand you better."

Seamus smiled and leant down to press an innocent kiss to Harry's lips. "Thank you for being so sweet," he whispered.

Harry blushed harder and ducked his head shyly. "Um, I really liked my gift as well," he said embarrassedly.

Seamus shrugged. "You told me you had always been fascinated by snakes and had read up on them as much as you could. I figured you'd want to read up on magical breeds as well."

Harry didn't hesitate in kissing Seamus' cheek. "Thank you for being so sweet," he said teasingly.

Seamus rolled his eyes. "Go to sleep, Har," he said.

"Yes, sir," said Harry cheekily. "Right away, sir."

Seamus grinned and pulled Harry back against his chest. "Minx," he muttered, closing his eyes.

Harry just wriggled his bum in response.

Tuesday 5 January 1993 – 12.39 am

"I forgot to tell you something last night," Harry said, slipping into Seamus' bed again.

"Hmm?" said Seamus sleepily. "What's that?"

"I found a diary," said Harry. "Only it's blank."

Seamus frowned. "So?" he said. "Return it to its owner."

"Its owner was a student here back in the forties, Shay," said Harry pointedly. "I have no way of knowing whether they're even still alive."

"Keep it, then," said Seamus. "If it's blank like you said you could use it when your diary is full."

Harry sighed and settled down on Seamus' chest. "Yeah, I suppose," he said.

"Go to sleep, Har," said Seamus, curling an arm around Harry.

Harry kissed Seamus' cheek before settling down and closing his eyes. "Night, Shay."

Monday 15 February 1993 – 1.07 am

"Shay!" Harry hissed, shaking Seamus' shoulder. "Shay, wake up!"

Seamus opened bleary eyes and groaned. "What now, Har?" he moaned. "Ron's sister give you another singing Valentine?"

Harry blushed and jumped on Seamus' stomach. "Shut up," he hissed. "Poor girl was mortified. She doesn't know she's not my type."

Seamus opened his eyes again and grinned, fully awake now. "Oh yeah?" he said cockily. "What's your type, then?"

Harry flushed a deeper scarlet and bowed his head. "Not her," he muttered and Seamus let it drop.

"So is there a reason I'm awake?" Seamus asked, resting his hands on Harry's hips and massaging them with his thumbs.

"Yes" said Harry, grateful for the change of subject. "That diary I found. It's magical. It absorbs ink and writes back to you."

"Get rid of it," Seamus said immediately, his hands stilling on Harry's hips and clenching them tightly. "Get rid of it immediately."

Harry cocked his head to one side in puzzlement. "Why, Shay?" he asked innocently. "What's wrong?"

"Magical artefacts that can talk to you are usually Dark," said Seamus nervously. "Even talking mirrors are rather suspect."

Harry chewed on his lower lip thoughtfully. "Ok," he said eventually. "I'll get rid of it. I'll give it to McGonagall tomorrow after school."

Seamus let out a sigh of relief and released his tight grip on Harry's hips. "Thank you, Harry," he said, gently sliding Harry off him.

Seamus leant down and kissed Harry's lips. He pressed firmer than he had the previous time and was pleased when Harry kissed back tentatively. They parted after only a couple of seconds and Harry smiled shyly, his cheeks rosy again.

"Why do you do that, Shay?" Harry asked.

"Do what?" asked Seamus, knowing what Harry meant but hoping Harry would drop it.

"Kiss me," said Harry.

Seamus kept silent. He wasn't really sure why he kept kissing Harry. He knew he liked the smaller boy. A lot. But he wasn't sure why that led to him kissing him.

"I don't know, Har," Seamus said honestly. "But when I do I'll let you know."

"Ok," Harry agreed, cuddling into Seamus' side. "Night, Shay."

"Night, Har."

Tuesday 16 February 1993 – 2.01 am

"Someone stole the diary," Harry whispered, sliding in next to Seamus.

"I know," Seamus murmured. "I live in this dorm, too."

Harry blushed. "Sorry," he muttered.

Seamus rolled over and wrapped his arms around Harry. "Go to sleep, Har," he said sleepily. "It's not your problem anymore."

Harry wriggled to get comfortable before closing his eyes. "Night, Shay."

Sunday 16 May 1993 – 12.31 am

Seamus held Harry tightly as he sobbed heartbrokenly against his chest. He felt useless and helpless. There was absolutely nothing he could do to make Harry feel better.

"It's my fault," Harry sobbed. "It's because she's my friend that she got attacked."

"It isn't your fault," Seamus said sharply. "You're not the one who attacked her. Someone else did."

Harry just sobbed harder, his hands clutching Seamus' shoulders desperately.

"On the bright side," Seamus said desperately. "Everybody will be forced to eat their words. No way will they believe you to be Slytherin's Heir and still attack Hermione."

"They shouldn't have believed it anyway," Harry wept. "My mum was Muggleborn. One of my best friends is Muggleborn. Why would I have anything against them?"

Seamus sighed. Harry wasn't going to listen to him. He was so stubborn he was almost impossible to live with.

"Try and sleep, Har," Seamus said soothingly. "You'll feel better in the morning."

"Shay?" Harry said once he'd quietened down.

"Hmmm?" Seamus asked, half asleep.

"Stay safe," Harry whispered. "I don't think I could bear it if you got attacked."

Seamus' eyes flew open and he looked down at Harry. "Oh, Har," he breathed.

Harry was looking up at him desperately. "Promise me, Shay," he whimpered. "Promise you'll stay safe."

Seamus bent down and pressed a firm kiss to Harry's lips. He kissed him pushing everything he felt for Harry into the kiss. He was pleased when Harry's lips started moving as well, responding to him. Seamus pulled Harry impossibly closer before breaking away and resting his forehead against Harry's.

"I promise, Har," he said hoarsely.

Harry breathed out shakily and tucked his head under Seamus' chin again. "Thanks, Shay," he said softly.

Wednesday 19 May 1993 – 2.23 am

"Hagrid's been arrested!"

Seamus woke with a start and stared at Harry in shock. Harry's emerald eyes were swimming with tears.

"What? Why?" Seamus asked, curling an arm around Harry's waist and pulling him close.

"The Minister and Lucius claimed he was responsible for the attacks fifty years ago. That's why he was expelled. But he wasn't! Hagrid couldn't harm anyone!"

"I know, Har," Seamus soothed. "Hagrid's innocent. He's gone to Azkaban then?"

Harry wrinkled his nose. "That's the wizarding prison, right?" he questioned.

"Yeah," said Seamus. "Is that where he is?"

He felt Harry nod against his shoulder and tightened his grip on Harry comfortingly. "Don't worry, Har. Dumbledore will get him out."

"Dumbledore's gone as well," Harry muttered. "The School Board wanted him to step down and put in somebody "competent". McGonagall is acting Headmistress in his absence."

"How do you know all this?" Seamus wondered aloud.

Harry blushed. "Um, me and Ron snuck down to Hagrid's hut this evening under my dad's Cloak. Dumbledore was there as well."

Seamus felt Harry was holding something back from him. "What is it, Har?" he prodded.

"They gave me messages," Harry admitted.

"What d'you mean?" Seamus asked.

"Dumbledore knew me and Ron were there under the Cloak and before he left he looked directly at us and said "you will find that I will only have truly left this school when none here are loyal to me. You will also find that help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it." And when Hagrid left he looked over at us as well and said "If anyone wanted to find out some stuff, all they'd have to do would be to follow the spiders. That'd lead them right." But I don't understand why they said that!"

Seamus looked puzzled. "They're obviously trying to give you clues," he said. "Not that I want you to follow Hagrid's advice. I have a feeling you would end up in the Forbidden Forest."

Harry sighed and cuddled close to Seamus. "I don't know," he said softly. "I'll sleep on it and make any decisions tomorrow."

"Ok," Seamus agreed, shifting the both of them down the bed so they could lay down. "Get some rest, Har, you've not been sleeping well."

Harry blushed. "Sorry," he muttered.

"Don't apologise!" Seamus exclaimed. "I've never complained when you've snuck into my bed before, have I?"

"No," Harry said. "But I'm sleeping here every night at the moment."

"You're under a lot of stress," Seamus pointed out. "I don't mind. If it makes you feel better then go for it."

Harry smiled and shyly pressed a quick kiss to Seamus' lips. "Thanks, Shay," he said.

Seamus grinned and kissed the top of Harry's head. "Night, Har," he said.

Wednesday 9 June 1993 – 3.47 am

"Oh Merlin!" Harry said, sliding into bed next to Seamus.

"It's late," Seamus murmured. "Where've you been?"

"Forbidden Forest," Harry said guiltily. "We followed the spiders to a nest of Acromantula. Apparently Hagrid raised the leader from the egg. But they don't show the same loyalty to Hagrid's friends. They tried to eat us. Mr Weasley's car saved us."

Seamus raised his eyebrows. "A car saved you?" he repeated incredulously.

"Yep," Harry confirmed. "Mr Weasley tinkered with it a lot. It's pretty sentient now."

"Great," said Seamus. "So did your jaunt to the forest yield results?"

"Yep," said Harry, snuggling happily into Seamus' arms. "We know for certain that Hagrid didn't open the Chamber fifty years ago and he definitely didn't open it this time. Aragog, his pet Acromantula, is blind and wouldn't be able to attack people now. Plus, who wouldn't notice a huge spider scurrying about?"

"And," Seamus continued, "Acromantula don't petrify people. They eat them."

"Oh yeah," said Harry. "Good point, Shay."

Seamus rolled his eyes. Harry was so oblivious sometimes. "Don't go into the forest again, Har," he said firmly.

Harry winced. "I'll try and avoid it in future," he said, kissing Seamus' jaw placatingly.

Seamus sighed. "I worry about you, Har. You get into so much trouble."

Harry blushed. "I don't mean to," he protested. "Trouble seems to find me."

"You willingly went into the Forbidden Forest!" Seamus exclaimed.

Harry winced again. "Yeah, but that was because Hagrid told us to follow the spiders and that's where they went."

"Oh Merlin," Seamus said, running his hands through his blond hair in frustration. "Do you always do what you're told?"

"No," Harry said slowly.

"Then why the hell did you do what Hagrid told you to!" Seamus hissed.

Seamus felt his anger melting, however, when he saw Harry's look of confusion. He genuinely didn't understand what he'd done wrong. He had no idea why Seamus was so mad.

"Shay?" Harry said in a small voice. "Do you hate me?"

Seamus sighed and pulled Harry into his arms. "No, Harry, I don't," he said. "Just please try and keep out of trouble."

"I'll try," Harry promised.

Seamus kissed the top of Harry's head and tucked it under his chin. "That's all I ask," he said, closing his eyes again.

Tuesday 29 June 1993 – 2.07 am

"What happened?" Seamus asked frantically the moment Harry slipped into his bed. He had been lying awake waiting for Harry to return.

"I figured it out," Harry mumbled tiredly. "It was a Basilisk."

Seamus gaped at him in horror before crushing Harry to his chest. "That's why you were hearing voices," Seamus muttered. "It was Parseltongue."

Harry nodded. "The Heir of Slytherin was Voldemort's past self. He was possessing Ginny Weasley and using her to set the Basilisk on the Muggleborns. Then she was taken into the Chamber. She was nearly dead when I found her."

"Oh Merlin," Seamus breathed. His arms shook as he gripped Harry tightly.

"I killed the Basilisk," said Harry. "Dumbledore's phoenix, Fawkes, came to me with the Sorting Hat. Fawkes clawed out the Basilisk's eyes. I put on the Hat and Gryffindor's Sword hit me on the head. I stabbed the Basilisk through the mouth. Unfortunately I kind-a got bitten at the same time."

"What!" Seamus struggled to keep his voice low to avoid the others in the dorm hearing their conversation.

"Yeah," said Harry. "I nearly died but Fawkes cried on me and I was healed."

Seamus closed his eyes, not relinquishing his hold on Harry. "I'm having a nightmare," he muttered. "I must be. This can't be true."

Harry blushed. "Sorry," he muttered. "It's all true. Dumbledore did give me and Ron two hundred points each and awards for Special Services to the School, though."

"And that makes it better?" Seamus asked incredulously. "Have you seen Madam Pomfrey? Are you allowed to be in the dorm?"

"I'm fine, Shay," Harry insisted. "Other than the Basilisk bite, which Fawkes healed, I only needed a shower. I was covered in grime and slime and Basilisk blood. That reminds me, I never thanked Snape for saving my life last year. I should go down to the Chamber and collect Potion ingredients for him."

"Keep some of the venom for yourself," Seamus said shakily. "Since you have such bloody bad luck you may need it at some point in the future."

Harry hummed and closed his eyes sleepily. "Ok," he agreed. "Can I go to sleep now, Shay?" he asked. "I'm so sleepy."

Seamus sighed and kissed the top of Harry's head. "Yeah," he agreed. "Night, Har."

"Night, Shay," Harry mumbled, already half asleep.

Saturday 3 July 1993 – 2.07 am

"Mam was going to write to you inviting you to come visit for two weeks in August," Seamus said, absently running his fingers through Harry's hair.

"Yeah, she did," said Harry, his face lighting up. "It was the first letter I've ever received, discounting my Hogwarts letters."

Seamus grinned. "Are you going to come?"

"Of course," said Harry, grinning back. "Like I would say no to that. I miss you during the holidays."

Seamus squeezed Harry affectionately. "I miss you, too, Har," he said. "So, did Mam give you dates?" he asked.

"Yeah," said Harry. "She's going to Floo to the Leaky Cauldron at 9.00 am on my birthday and then we're going to Portkey, whatever that is, to your home."

Seamus grinned. "I get you on your birthday?" he asked. "Good. I'll plan something for you."

Harry sighed happily. "Nobody's ever planned something for my birthday before," he mentioned. "The Dursleys didn't ever care. I didn't even know when my birthday was until Hagrid showed up with my Hogwarts letter."

"That's harsh," Seamus commented lightly, making a mental note to tell his mother to make the day special for Harry.

Harry shrugged. "I'm used to it," he said, suppressing a yawn.

"Go to sleep, Har," Seamus said softly.

"Mmm, ok," Harry hummed, wriggling into a comfortable position and closing his eyes.

Seamus pressed a kiss to the top of Harry's head and closed his own eyes. They drifted off to sleep wrapped in each other's arms.

Saturday 24 July 1993 – 10.31 am

Seamus grinned when Hedwig delivered a letter to him and perched on his shoulder, obviously told to wait for a reply. Seamus fed her a bit of bacon and opened the letter.

Dear Shay,

I feel really terrible writing this letter but I can't come this summer. I kind-a got into trouble with the Minister. My Aunt Marge (she's not really my aunt but I have to call her that) was badmouthing my parents and I kind-a blew her up and ran away from home.

I took the Knight Bus to the Leaky Cauldron but Minister Fudge was waiting for me. He told me I had to stay in Diagon Alley for the summer. Tom, the landlord, has been appointed my keeper. I did ask Minister Fudge whether I could still visit you this summer and he said no.

I don't know why I'm not allowed to visit but I'm so grateful I'm not being expelled for blowing up Aunt Marge that I'm going to do what I'm told for once. I feel really bad for letting you down. I know you were looking forward to my visit. Perhaps you can come to Diagon Alley and visit me instead?

I miss you, Shay.


Seamus felt his heart drop into his stomach as he read the letter. Sighing he went to find his mother. "Mam?" he called.

Catherine looked up and smiled at her son. "Letter from Harry?" she asked, spying Hedwig on her son's shoulder.

"Yeah," said Seamus morosely. "He can't stay this summer."

Catherine frowned. "Why's that?" she asked. "He seemed so excited when he wrote back to me."

"He was," Seamus confirmed, handing over Harry's letter. "This explains it."

Catherine quickly read the letter and sighed. "Well, I suppose we can go to Diagon Alley for a few days instead," she said. "Can't stay long, though. Your dad still has his job to go to."

Seamus grinned and took back the letter. "I'll let him know. Can we go for his birthday?"

Catherine smiled back and reached out to ruffle her son's hair. "Sure," she agreed. "Go write him letting him know."

Seamus took off for his room, eager to let Harry know that they would still be able to hang out this summer. Catherine watched him go with a knowing look on her face. Seamus might not realise it yet but he was crushing heavily on his best friend.

Thursday 2 September 1993 – 1.03 am

"You ok?" Seamus asked anxiously, running his hands over Harry's back in concern.

Harry smiled up at Seamus, but his emerald eyes were duller than usual. "I'm fine, Shay," he assured the taller boy.

"What happened?" Seamus asked.

"A Dementor came into our compartment and I fainted," said Harry. "I heard someone screaming, though," he added, frowning in confusion.

Seamus dismissed that in favour of pulling Harry close. "Merlin I was worried," he breathed. "I heard you'd had an extreme reaction to the Dementors but nobody was saying what that reaction was."

"I'm fine," Harry repeated soothingly. "Professor Lupin gave me chocolate and it made me feel better."

"Chocolate, huh?" asked Seamus.

Harry nodded eagerly. "I don't get chocolate very often and this one was really good," he gushed. "It's a shame my Aunt wouldn't sign my permission slip for Hogsmeade. I wish I could go and find what chocolate that was."

Seamus grinned and made a mental note to buy Harry some chocolate when he went to Hogsmeade.

"What was the big news you had to tell me?" Seamus asked, referring to when he and Harry had bumped into each other on the platform and Harry had quickly hissed out that he had huge news.

"Oh, that," Harry said, his eyes drooping. "Sirius Black is after me."

Seamus swallowed his cry of dismay but his grip on Harry tightened slightly. "What?" he croaked.

"Yeah," said Harry. "Sirius Black was a Death Eater and he wants to kill me. That's why I wasn't allowed to leave Diagon Alley this summer. I have a feeling all the professors will be keeping a close eye on me this year."

"No doubt," Seamus said dryly.

"Thanks for my present," Harry added.

Seamus had bought Harry a book on Parsel Magic. Parsel Magic was notoriously difficult to master but Seamus knew that Harry would appreciate the challenge.

"You're welcome," Seamus said. "Have you started reading it yet?"

"Yeah," said Harry, perking up. "It's soooo interesting. I can't wait to try some of the spells."

Seamus grinned. "Glad you like it, Har," he said.

Harry sighed and wriggled comfortably. Seamus held his breath as he felt his body reacting to Harry's wriggle. Luckily Harry either didn't notice or wasn't horrified by it. Seamus swallowed and let out his breath in a whoosh.

"Night, Har," Seamus said, his voice slightly huskier than usual.

"Night, Shay," Harry chirped.

Seamus closed his eyes, telling himself that his body would have reacted like that if anyone had wriggled against him.

Friday 3 September 1993 – 1.19 am

"It wasn't a Grim," Seamus said immediately. "Can't have been."

"Even if it was the rumour is complete nonsense," Harry pointed out. "I saw a Grim the night I ran away from home. I'm still alive."

Seamus gave Harry a sharp look. "And you failed to mention this to me?" he said.

Harry looked sheepish. "Um, I forgot?" he tried.

Seamus sighed. "I'm gonna be on edge all year, aren't I?" he said wearily.

Harry pressed a kiss to Seamus' cheek. "It's sweet that you care about me, Shay," he said. "Not many do."

Seamus sighed. "Go to sleep, Har," he said. "It's late."

"Night, Shay," said Harry.

"Night, Har."

Friday 9 September 1993 – 1.07 am

"Shut up," Seamus said grumpily as Harry giggled helplessly next to him. "Banshees are terrifying."

Harry continued to giggle. "Seamus Finnigan, scared of Banshees," he giggled. "That's priceless."

"What are you scared of then?" Seamus demanded.

Harry quietened. "Professor Lupin assumed I'd be terrified of Voldemort," he said quietly.

"But you're not," Seamus stated, knowing Harry better than that. He'd never once mentioned how scared he was with every encounter he had with Voldemort.

Harry shook his head. "No," he said. "I am terrified of Dementors though. They make me vulnerable. I don't like being vulnerable. That's when you get really hurt."

Seamus rubbed Harry's shoulder soothingly. "I had a feeling that's what you would be scared of," he commented. "After the way you reacted to them on the train who would blame you."

Harry sighed and rested his head on Seamus' chest. "Thanks, Shay," he said.

"Anytime, Har," said Seamus quietly. "Anytime."

Monday 1 November 1993 – 3.07 am

The Great Hall was finally only filled with snores. Nobody was talking and nobody seemed to be moving around. Seamus glanced over at where Harry was sitting up looking at him and motioned with his head. Harry leapt to his feet and hurried over, quickly sliding inside of Seamus' sleeping bag. Seamus swallowed when he realised how tightly pressed together they would be.

"You ok?" Seamus asked quietly, as Harry threaded his fingers through his.

Harry nodded silently. "It's a bit unnerving," he said softly. "This just proves that Sirius Black really is after me. I mean, why else would he try and break into Gryffindor Tower?"

Seamus tightened his grip on Harry's hand. "I don't know," he said honestly. "But I wish you could sleep over here tonight."

Harry sighed. "Me too," he said morosely. "I need the comfort. Tomorrow night?"

"Tomorrow night," Seamus agreed.

They lay in silence for a while. "I got you some chocolate when I was in Hogsmeade," Seamus finally said. "I got you a bit of every type of chocolate. Hopefully the one Professor Lupin gave you is in there."

Harry smiled and kissed Seamus' cheek. "Thank you," he said. Then he groaned. "I had tea with Professor Lupin today. I could have just asked him."

Seamus grinned. "Oh well, never mind," he said cheerfully. "This way you get to try loads of different types of chocolate. You might find one you like even more."

Harry smiled again. "Yeah, you're right," he agreed. He glanced up at the ceiling and sighed. "I should go back over to my sleeping bag," he said reluctantly.

Seamus sighed as well. "Ok," he agreed. "Tomorrow night?"

"Tomorrow night," Harry repeated.

He pressed a light kiss to Seamus' lips before scurrying back to his own sleeping bag. Not a moment too soon, either, because two seconds later Professor Snape stalked back into the Great Hall.

Thursday 11 November 1993 – 12.01 am

"Happy birthday!"

Seamus opened his eyes to see Harry hovering over him with a wide smile. "You really need to stop waking me in the middle of the night just to say happy birthday," he murmured.

"Why?" Harry asked curiously as Seamus curled an arm around his waist and pulled him down on top of him. "Oh," he added, blushing as he felt Seamus' erection underneath him.

"You interrupted a very nice dream," Seamus said with a smirk.

"Sorry," Harry whispered, not looking at Seamus.

"Don't be," said Seamus, tucking a lock of hair behind Harry's ear. "The real thing is much nicer."

Harry blinked in some confusion before blushing again. "Oh!" he squeaked.

Seamus grinned and leant up to press a rather heated kiss to Harry's lips. Seamus moved his lips rather insistently and felt Harry grip his biceps as he whimpered piteously under the onslaught. Seamus longed to grind his hips upwards but didn't want to scare Harry off. Reluctantly he pulled back, panting for air. He struggled to withhold a groan when he saw Harry's eyes were dazed and his lips plump and red.

"Where's my present then?" Seamus asked, trying to act completely natural.

"Oh." Harry started in surprised and reached behind him to grab a parcel. "You mentioned that you wanted to do something archaeology based as a career so I did a little research and found this."

Seamus opened the parcel and smiled. Curse Breaking and Warding for Beginners he read. He wasn't sure what career he wanted but maybe this would help.

"Thanks, Har," said Seamus sincerely.

Harry beamed ecstatically and slipped under the covers, curling himself around Seamus in a cat-like manner.

"Night, Shay."

Seamus put the book aside and wrapped his arms around Harry. "Night, Har."

Sunday 14 November 1993 – 2.09 am

"Merlin I was scared," Seamus breathed the minute Harry slipped into bed beside him. "My heart was in my mouth."

Harry smiled sheepishly. "Sorry," he said. "Dementors."

"I know," said Seamus. "You scared me half to death, though."

"Sorry," Harry repeated. "If it makes you feel better I've got to get a new broom. Mine hit the Whomping willow and, well, it's little more than splinters now."

"That really doesn't make me feel better," said Seamus.

"Oh," said Harry in a small voice. "Well, sorry."

"Stop apologising, Harry," said Seamus frustratedly. "You didn't do anything wrong. Those damn Dementors need to take all the blame."

Harry stroked Seamus' cheek soothingly. "I'm fine," he said. "Was scared myself but Madam Pomfrey gave me chocolate."

Seamus gave him a searching look. "Did she give you enough?" he asked.

Harry hesitated. "Could do with a bit more," he said warily.

Seamus didn't hesitate. He reached into his trunk and took out a bar of chocolate and handed it to Harry.

"Eat that and then you can go to sleep," Seamus said sternly.

Harry smiled sweetly and reached up to kiss Seamus' cheek. "My Seamus takes care of me," he cooed happily.

Seamus fought the urge to blush. He liked that. He liked that Harry thought of him as his property.

"Eat," Seamus said instead.

Harry unwrapped the bar and took a bite. His eyes rolled in pleasure and Seamus felt his body reacting to Harry's look of bliss. Harry made quick work of the bar and carefully put the wrapper in the bin next to Seamus' bed.

"Night, Shay," Harry chirped, blissfully unaware of Seamus' discomfort.

"Night, Har," Seamus replied automatically, curling his arms around the smaller boy as he wriggled into his favourite position.

Tuesday 16 November 1993 – 2.01 am

"Professor Lupin's going to teach me to drive Dementors away," Harry said happily.

"That's good," said Seamus sleepily. "When?"

"After the holidays," said Harry. "He's got too much to do before then."

"Ok," said Seamus, rolling over and pulling Harry back against his chest. "Go to sleep."

"Ok," Harry chirped, closing his eyes and wriggling to get comfortable. He didn't hear Seamus' groan as his little wriggle awakened a certain part of the taller boy's body.

Sunday 12 December 1993 – 3.09 am

"Don't hate me," said Harry, sliding in next to Seamus.

"What did you do?" Seamus asked automatically.

"Um, Fred and George gave me a map of Hogwarts," said Harry. "It shows every little detail of Hogwarts and the grounds and," Harry continued excitedly, "it shows where people are. It also shows all the secret passages and some of them lead right to Hogsmeade."

"Uh huh," said Seamus suspiciously, thinking he knew exactly where this was going.

"So I kind-a used my Invisibility Cloak and snuck to Hogsmeade to do some shopping," Harry said quickly.

Seamus groaned. "Harry," he complained. "I told you not to do anything stupid this year. Sirius Black wants to kill you and you leave the safety of the castle? Without permission?"

"Um, I got you a really great Christmas present," said Harry. "I didn't have anything yet and I saw it and thought that you would really like it so I bought it."

"Uh huh," said Seamus. "And how many sweets did you buy on top of the ones I bought for you?"

"None," Harry insisted. "I knew you were bringing some back for me so I didn't bother. I told Ron and Hermione I still had some left over from Halloween so they didn't press the issue."

"Of course you did," Seamus muttered. "Harry, don't sneak out again. It's dangerous."

"But," Harry protested.

"No," Seamus said firmly. "I will hold a grudge against you if you sneak into the village on the next weekend."

Harry pouted, causing Seamus' heart to pound furiously hard. "Ok," he agreed reluctantly.

Seamus eyed him suspiciously. Somehow he didn't think that Harry was really agreeing to that. "I will find out if you go," he warned.

Harry hesitated before slumping in defeat. "Ok," he said sadly. "I promise I won't go until I have permission to."

"Good," said Seamus in relief. "Now go to sleep."

Harry shook his head. "Can't," he said cheekily. "I'm too hyped up on sugar."

Seamus groaned and let his head fall back against his pillow. "Go back to your own bed, then," he said. "I need to sleep."

"If you give me a kiss I promise to lay down and try to sleep," Harry said slyly.

Seamus eyed Harry carefully. "Ok," he said slowly. "What are you up to?"

Harry opened his eyes wide and gave Seamus a look of innocence. "Nothing," he protested.

"You just want to keep me awake," Seamus accused.

"No," said Harry, shaking his head and keeping his wide-eyed innocent stare. "That's not true."

"Hmmm," said Seamus suspiciously.

But he lowered his head to kiss Harry heatedly anyway. He groaned when Harry fisted his hair and tugged him closer, kissing him back just as heatedly. Seamus felt himself growing hard and, for the first time, felt Harry's body responding as well. Lust flashed through Seamus' body and, caught in the heat of the moment, he gripped Harry's wrists pulling his hands from his hair and pinning them above his head. Seamus broke the kiss to press kisses along the length of Harry's jaw to the soft space behind his ear.

Harry whimpered, his hips pushing up against Seamus'. Seamus gasped against Harry's flushed skin and he ground down in response.

"Shay!" Harry moaned, jolting Seamus back to reality.

Seamus pulled away from Harry breathing harshly. Harry looked up at him through darkened eyes.

"Why'd you stop?" Harry asked, pouting.

"Don't want to wake the others," Seamus explained, flopping back onto his back and throwing an arm over his eyes.

"Oh," said Harry quietly. "Sorry."

"Don't be sorry, Har," said Seamus. "Just isn't the right time, is all."

Harry made no move to cuddle up to Seamus like he usually did so Seamus reached out with an arm to pull him over to him.

"Night, Har," Seamus said.

Harry sighed and finally curled around Seamus, wriggling himself into a comfortable position. "Night, Shay," he said softly.

Monday 13 December 1993 – 12.17 am

"What's wrong, Harry?" Seamus asked in alarm as Harry slipped into his bed, tears pouring down his cheeks.

"I – I h-heard Professor M-McGonagall and H-Hagrid t-talking," Harry sobbed. "They s-said that S-Sirius B-Black is m-my Godfather!"

"Oh, Har," Seamus breathed, pulling the smaller boy into an embrace.

Harry wept against Seamus' chest, gripping the sleeves of Seamus' long-sleeved t-shirt tightly. Seamus could do nothing than rub his back comfortingly.

"I wish my life were normal," Harry said quietly, once he'd calmed down.

Seamus didn't say anything. There wasn't anything he could say to that.

"Go to sleep, Har," Seamus finally said. "You'll feel better in the morning."

Saturday 18 December 1993 – 2.01 am

Seamus kissed Harry almost desperately. He pulled the smaller, thinner body as close to him as he possibly could and moved his lips insistently over Harry's. Harry whimpered and clung to Seamus tightly. Seamus could taste salt and knew that Harry was crying. He pulled away and looked deep into Harry's eyes.

"Don't cry, Har," he said desperately. "I hate it when you cry."

"Can't help it," Harry wept. "Gonna miss you sooo much."

Seamus sighed and rolled onto his back, bring Harry to lay almost on top of him. "Gonna miss you, too, Har," he said quietly.

Neither of them got much sleep that night.

Saturday 25 December 1993 – 10.01 am

Seamus read through the instruction manual for the Nintendo Gameboy Harry had bought him for Christmas. According to the note Harry had included with the parcel, he had found it in a little shop near a pub called the Hog's Head. It was run and owned by an ex-Ravenclaw Muggleborn who sold Muggle contraptions, adapted to work around magic. Since Seamus had grown up half in the wizarding world and half in the Muggle one, Harry had thought he would appreciate the hand console. The console had come with two games – Tetris and Super Mario Land.

Seamus was strangely touched by the gift. Dean Thomas, his other best friend, had never thought to buy him a Muggle gift, despite being Muggleborn himself and knowing that Seamus' dad was a Muggle.

Catherine watched Seamus read through the instruction manual. Just like with the last two years, despite his other Christmas presents, Seamus was strangely focused on just Harry's. Catherine was sure that Seamus would be completely at a loss if he were asked what else he'd been given over the holidays.

"Our boy is falling for Harry," Catherine murmured to Mick, who was flipping through the television guide to see what he could put on.

Mick looked up to see Seamus putting batteries in his console and inserting one of the games.

"I think you might be right," he said gruffly. "Invite him over this summer. He seemed alright when we met him in London but a couple of days isn't enough to get to know someone."

"Hmm," Catherine agreed. "We'll see. He's wanted by Sirius Black at the moment so it all depends on whether the danger has passed by then or not."

"Perhaps he can come for Christmas next year as well," said Mick as Seamus whooped in delight, finally getting the hang of the game he was playing.

Catherine smiled as well. "I'll invite him," she said serenely. "Put on some Christmas music, Mick, there's a love."

Mick rolled his eyes at his wife's patronising tone of voice but got up and did as she asked. She didn't mean anything by it after all. It was just her way of winding him up.

Monday 3 January 1994 – 1.12 am

"I got a Firebolt for Christmas," said Harry, slipping in beside Seamus and cuddling up to him. "But there was no note saying who it was from so Hermione had McGonagall confiscate it in case Sirius Black sent it and it was cursed or something."

"Smart of her," Seamus commented. "I'm pleased as well. If she hadn't have had McGonagall confiscate it then I would have. Your safety is more important than a stupid broom."

"I know," Harry agreed. "That's why I thanked Hermione and had a go at Ron when he started shouting at her. Ron's not talking to me or 'Mione at the moment."

"Does that mean I'm going to have to put up with him?" Seamus asked with a groan. "No doubt he'll tag along with me and Dean. Merlin knows he won't bother with Neville."

"Poor Neville," said Harry sadly. "I like him. He's really nice but everyone seems to forget about him."

"Ask him to hang out with you and Hermione tomorrow, then," said Seamus sleepily.

"I will," said Harry determinedly.

Seamus grinned and rolled over, pulling Harry back against his chest. "Night, Har," he said.

"Night, Shay," Harry said absently.

Friday 7 January 1994 – 2.37 am

"I know why I hear screaming when Dementors get too close to me," Harry said, climbing into bed beside Seamus and shaking him awake.

"Hmm? Why's that?" said Seamus, still half asleep.

"They're bringing my worst memory to the surface," said Harry. "Apparently I remember the night my mum and dad died."

Seamus jolted fully awake, sitting up and staring at Harry in horror. "Oh, Harry," he breathed. "Are you ok?"

Harry shrugged. "Dunno," he said, looking a little lost. "I feel kind-a numb."

Seamus pulled Harry into a hug, burying his nose in Harry's neck. "I'm even more determined to keep you away from those wretched things now."

Harry was silent. "I heard my dad," he said after a moment. "He told my mum to take me and go. And Mum, she needn't have died. Voldemort told her to stand aside. He didn't care about her. He just wanted me. She sacrificed herself to save me."

Harry's eyes filled with tears and he buried his face in Seamus' shoulder. He didn't cry though. A few tears leaked out from his squeezed shut eyes but he never sobbed. He was silent for a little longer.

"Professor Lupin was friends with my dad," Harry said after a while. His voice was thick with unshed tears. "I'm gonna see if he will have tea with me every now and then. Tell me some stories about my dad. Perhaps he knew my mum as well?"

Seamus started formulating a plan in his mind. "You do that, Harry," he said quietly. "Maybe that will help."

Harry yawned and nuzzled Seamus' shoulder affectionately. "I'm gonna sleep now," he said sleepily.

"Ok, Har," said Seamus quietly.

Seamus felt Harry press a kiss to his shoulder before he fell lax in Seamus' arms.

Friday 7 January 1994 – 3.37 pm

Seamus knocked on the door to Professor Lupin's office. He was alone, having told Dean and Ron that he had a question about the Defence homework.

"Mr Finnigan?" said Professor Lupin. "Can I help you?"

"Yes, sir," said Seamus awkwardly. "Can I come in?"

Professor Lupin stood aside and Seamus slid through the door rather nervously. He glanced about before quickly focusing back on the professor.

"Yes, Mr Finnigan?" said Professor Lupin calmly.

Seamus swallowed. "Harry told me you were friends with his dad when you were students here," Seamus blurted out.

Professor Lupin raised his eyebrows in shock. "We were," he said.

Seamus shifted from one foot to the other. "Did you know Harry's mam as well?" Seamus asked.

"I did," said Professor Lupin. "Lily and I were Prefects together. We became quite good friends."

"Perhaps you could help me then, sir," said Seamus earnestly. "See, Harry has something that once belonged to his dad and Hagrid gave him a photo album of his parents but he has nothing that used to be his mam's and he once told me that if he had something from each of his parents plus some photos he'd be content. Not happy but content."

Professor Lupin nodded slowly and gestured for Seamus to continue.

"Well, I didn't know how to go about it but I've wanted to try and find something of his mam's for some time now," said Seamus.

"I didn't know you and Mr Potter were such good friends," said Professor Lupin idly.

Seamus flushed. "We're secret friends," he mumbled. "Our first night here neither of us could sleep so we..." he trailed off in embarrassment.

"Ah," said Professor Lupin. "You share a bed occasionally."

Seamus nodded, not meeting the professor's eye.

"Well," said Professor Lupin. "Perhaps I can help you. Their house hasn't been touched since that night. The few witches and wizards that knew the secret left the house alone out of respect for James and Lily's memories. When I get a chance I shall go to the house and gather as many mementos as I can for Mr Potter."

"Sir, wasn't the house under the Fidelius?" said Seamus curiously.

"Yes," Professor Lupin confirmed. "It was and still is. I was privy to the location, however, and am easily able to access it."

"Thanks, sir, I owe you one," Seamus said gratefully.

"You are most welcome, Mr Finnigan," said Professor Lupin with a gentle smile. "And I won't mention your little visit to Mr Potter."

"Thanks," said Seamus, grinning at him. "Well, I should go. My mates are waiting for me."

"See you in class, Mr Finnigan," said Professor Lupin, walking him to the door.

Sunday 19 February 1994 – 1.24 am

Seamus jerked awake as a loud scream echoed through the dormitory. Immediately assuming it was Harry having one of his worst nightmares, Seamus flung back his covers and scrambled out of bed. He quickly realised that it hadn't been Harry who screamed but Ron.

"What's going on?" Seamus asked, longing to reach out and pull Harry into his side.

"Black!" said Ron in a scared, rather high-pitched voice. "Sirius Black! With a knife!"

"What?" said Harry, looking terrified all of a sudden.

Seamus realised with a start just how much smaller than all the others Harry was. He was head and shoulders below Ron and Dean and a head shorter than himself and Neville. He was also so much thinner than the rest of them.

"Here! Just now!" said Ron, his hands shaking as he gesticulated wildly. "Slashed the curtains! Woke me up!"

"You sure you weren't dreaming, Ron?" said Dean.

"Look at the curtains!" Ron demanded, gesturing at them. Seamus looked. They had been ripped to pieces on one side. "I tell you," Ron continued. "He was here!"

Seamus was the first to react. He ran for the dormitory door and dashed downstairs, the other boys hot on his heels. He vaguely heard other dormitory doors opening and other boys asking what was going on. The only thought running through Seamus' mind was finding Black and getting rid of him once and for all.

Seamus skidded into the common only to find it empty. He looked everywhere.

"Are you sure you weren't dreaming, Ron?" he asked frantically.

"I'm telling you, I saw him!"

"What's all the noise?"

"Professor McGonagall told us to go to bed!"

Seamus turned to face the other boys only to realise that some other Gryffindor had joined them.

"Excellent, are we carrying on?" said Fred Weasley brightly, ruffling Harry's hair affectionately.

"Everyone back upstairs!" said Percy, hurrying into the common room and pinning his Head Boy badge to his pyjamas as he spoke.

"Perce – Sirius Black!" said Ron faintly. "In our dormitory! With a knife! Woke me up!"

Seamus heard Harry give a scared little squeak and he looked at Fred and jerked his head towards the small boy. Fred got the message and wrapped an arm over Harry's shoulder in comfort.

"Nonsense!" said Percy, as everyone fell still and quiet. "You had too much to eat, Ron – had a nightmare – "

"I'm telling you – "

Seamus turned his head as the portrait opened and Professor McGonagall climbed through.

"Now really, enough's enough!" the stern witch said crossly. "I am delighted that Gryffindor won the match, but this is getting ridiculous! Percy, I expected better of you!"

"I certainly didn't authorise this, Professor!" said Percy, puffing himself up indignantly. "I was just telling them all to get back to bed! My brother Ron here had a nightmare – "


Seamus' gaze shifted to Harry. The small boy, already pale, had turned as white as a sheet and was trembling on the spot. He was now gripping at Fred's dressing gown as a lifeline. Seamus met Fred's eyes and received a knowing look.

"Don't be ridiculous, Weasley, how could he possibly have got through the portrait hole?" said Professor McGonagall.

"Ask him!" said Ron, pointing a shaking finger at the back of Sir Cadogan's picture. "Ask him if he saw – "

Seamus listened carefully as Professor McGonagall asked Sir Cadogan whether he'd allowed someone of Black's description into the common room. Seamus clenched his jaw when the portrait confirmed that he had and then announced that Black had read the entire week's worth of passwords off a scrap of paper. Seamus almost had to ask someone to physically restrain him when Neville admitted that he had written the passwords down and promptly lost them.

Professor McGonagall immediately issued detention to Neville for being so careless and asked a House Elf to provide hot cocoa for all the students to calm them down. The third-year boys all huddled together with the Weasley twins, who sat either side of Harry, soothing him. Ron was quite indignant about this and said that he was the one who was almost killed why the hell were they comforting Harry?

Seamus clenched his jaw and his mug of cocoa tightly at that.

"Because, Ronniekins, Black was here to kill Harry not you," said Fred calmly.

"Just happened to get the wrong bed, is all," added George.

Hermione was curled up on the floor between Harry's legs. Harry was running shaky fingers through her long curly hair and she was hugging his leg tightly. Seamus could see, for the first time, just how close they really were. They were almost like siblings.

"Back to bed as soon as you've finished your hot cocoa," Percy announced pompously.

Harry's fingers stilled and he looked up at Fred imploringly.

"Perce," Fred called.

The pompous boy bustled over. "Yes?" he said.

"Harrykins here is understandably rather unnerved by tonight's events," said Fred.

"What with Black wanting him dead and all," George added.

"So we thought," Fred continued.

"Being the incredibly nice, thoughtful Gryffindors that we are," George added.

"That Harry could stay in our dorm tonight," Fred finished.

"For comfort," George added.

"Well, you do have that spare bed in there," said Percy thoughtfully.

Fred and George nodded eagerly.

"I suppose he could stay with you tonight," Percy said slowly. "Just tonight, though."

"Thank you, Percy," Harry said quietly.

Percy moved away again and Seamus and Fred exchanged meaningful looks over the smaller boy's head.

Sunday 19 February 1994 – 4.07 am

Seamus slid quietly into bed beside Harry, aware that he was still wide awake. Harry rolled over and latched onto Seamus and buried his face in the blond's shoulder.

"He wanted me," Harry said in a muffled voice. "He was looking for me."

"You're sleeping with me every night until that maniac is caught," Seamus said fiercely.

Harry raised his head to look into Seamus' steely blue eyes. "I told Fred and George about us," he said.

"Fred had already guessed," said Seamus.

"They promised not to say anything," said Harry. "Lee Jordan promised as well."

Seamus sighed. His heart was going a mile a minute with worry for the petite brunet lying beside him.

"I hate this," Seamus murmured. "I hate that every year there's someone trying to kill you."

"Me too," said Harry in a small voice.

The two boys clung to one another for the rest of the night but neither got any sleep.

Sunday 17 April 1994 – 1.02 am

Seamus finally heard Ron starting to snore and waited for Harry to sneak into his bed. He wasn't disappointed. Harry quickly curled around Seamus and rested his head over the taller boy's heart.

"Buckbeak's going to be executed," Harry murmured.

"Who?" Seamus repeated, looking puzzled. He didn't take Care of Magical Creatures – his Ancient Runes class was then.

"Buckbeak," Harry repeated. "The Hippogriff that attacked Malfoy."

"Oh. Right," said Seamus. "When?"

He felt Harry shrug. "Dunno," he said wearily. "They haven't set a date yet."

They fell into silence. Seamus gripped Harry tight as they lay there. His worries over Black getting back into the dorm still lingered and nothing Harry did or said could soothe him.

Sunday 8 May 1994 – 3.07 am

Seamus pressed kisses down the column of Harry's throat, pleased with himself for having placed a Silencer around his bed.

Harry whimpered and clutched at Seamus' shoulders, his hips thrusting upwards eagerly. "Please, Shay!" he moaned.

Seamus grinned against Harry's neck. "Please what, Har?" he asked, grinding his hips down into Harry's.

Harry gasped and threw his head back. "Oh!" he whined. "Oh!"

Seamus chuckled and returned to sucking on Harry's collar bone. He pulled at the neck line of the over-large pyjama shirt the small boy was wearing and grunted in frustration. Quickly, he scooped Harry up and pulled the shirt up and over his head, tossing it behind him without thought. Now that he had Harry's chest in view, Seamus settled himself down over the smaller boy again and started sucking on his collar bone again.

Harry whimpered and moaned and whined. He kept trying to thrust his hips upwards to create more delicious friction and Seamus let him, grinding down every time Harry thrust up.

Seamus flicked at Harry's pert nipples before settling his mouth over one, sucking and nibbling on it and causing Harry to jerk uncontrollably.

"Oh!" Harry gasped. "Shay!"

Seamus shifted so that he was supporting himself with just one arm while the other pinned Harry's hips down. The taller boy started thrusting fast and hard whilst leaning down and kissing Harry hard.

Harry moaned and gripped Seamus' shoulders, helpless against the onslaught of pleasure. Seamus released his lips and lowered his head so that his lips were brushing Harry's ear.

"Cum, Harry," he whispered huskily. "Cum for me."

Harry threw his head back and moaned as he shuddered and came hard. Seamus ground down one last time and groaned as he came as well.

Seamus collapsed on top of Harry. Both of them were breathing heavily and harshly.

"Ok, Har?" Seamus asked, finally rolling to the side of Harry.

Harry licked his dry lips. "Yeah," he whispered. "That was some celebration."

Seamus chuckled, reaching for his wand. "Well, it's not every day you win the Quidditch Cup for Gryffindor."

Harry blushed. "Wasn't just me," he protested, as Seamus flicked his wand and cleaned the both of them up.

"Mostly you," Seamus argued, tucking his wand underneath his pillow and pulling Harry into his body for a cuddle.

Harry nuzzled Seamus' neck and yawned fairly loudly. "Mmmm," he hummed contentedly. "Night, Shay. We'll argue about this tomorrow night."

Seamus grinned to himself. "Night, Har."

Saturday 25 June 1994 – 4.31 am

"Har?" Seamus muttered sleepily. "What's going on?"

Harry sobbed and curled around the taller boy. "Sirius is innocent," he said tearfully. "Peter Pettigrew was the Secret Keeper for my parents, not Sirius. Pettigrew framed Sirius. They're illegal Animagi."

Seamus was awake now and looking down at Harry as the small boy explained everything that had happened in great detail. Seamus' fingers clenched tightly on Harry's thin waist when he was told that Professor Lupin was a werewolf and had nearly attacked him when he transformed that night.

Harry explained how Sirius had offered him a home with him once Pettigrew had been presented to the Ministry and Sirius cleared of all charges. When Lupin had transformed, Sirius had transformed into a huge, black, shaggy dog to try and keep him away from the humans. In the confusion, Pettigrew had also transformed and escaped. Harry had noticed the Dementors going after Sirius and run to his rescue. They had both passed out but not before Harry swore he saw his father cast a Patronus.

They had gone to the hospital wing for Ron had a broken leg. While Ron was laid up, Harry and Hermione had used a Time Turner to go back three hours. In those three hours, Harry and Hermione managed to save Buckbeak from execution, Harry finally cast a successful Patronus, which turned out to take the form of his father's Animagus form, a stag called Prongs. They also managed to help Sirius escape from where he was locked in a tower room awaiting a Dementor Kiss.

Seamus was horrified by everything he heard. He buried his face in Harry's hair and took deep, steadying breaths in an effort to calm himself down.

"No matter what," Seamus said in a strangled voice. "No matter what happens I promise to always be there looking after you, Harry."

Tears continued to leak from Harry's saddened emerald eyes and he sniffled and pressed a kiss to the side of Seamus' neck. "Thank you, Shay," he said tearfully.

Seamus pulled back and stared deep into Harry's eyes. "You asked me once why I kissed you," he said solemnly. "I told you then that I didn't know but I would let you know when I did."

"You know now?" Harry asked curiously, tilting his head to one side and examining Seamus closely.

"I do," Seamus agreed. "I love you, Harry."

Harry lowered his gaze and pursed his lips thoughtfully. "I can't say it back," he said finally, peering up at Seamus through his eyelashes. "I don't know what love is. I've never been loved before."

"That's ok, Harry," Seamus said. "I can wait."

Harry smiled sweetly and pressed a kiss to Seamus' jaw. "Night, Shay," he said. "Thank you for being you."

Seamus gave a crooked grin. "Night, Har. Love you."

Harry blushed and curled around Seamus, gripping his sleep shirt tightly.

Friday 1 July 1994 – 7.00 am

Harry glanced up in confusion as Hedwig soared towards him with the rest of the Post Owls. As she landed, Harry untied the letter on her leg and fed her a piece of bacon.

"Thanks, girl," Harry cooed, smoothing down Hedwig's ruffled feathers.

He slit open the envelope and pulled out the letter. Ron and Hermione watched him curiously as his eyes went wide as he read.

Dear Harry,

You may recall my writing to you last year inviting you to spend two weeks with us in August. I have managed to procure three tickets to the Quidditch World Cup Finals this summer, which England is hosting. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to stay for two weeks in August and attend the Quidditch World Cup Finals with myself and Seamus.

I hope you accept our invitation. My husband and I would appreciate the opportunity to get to know you properly.

Yours sincerely

Catherine Finnigan

"Who's it from, Harry?" Ron asked, his voice obnoxiously loud and drawing the attention of other Gryffindors around them.

Harry could feel Seamus' gaze on him as he looked up from the letter, folding it hastily and tucking it into his book bag.

"Sirius," Harry mumbled. "Was telling me that he would write me as often as possible this summer."

Hermione gave Harry a shrewd, pointed look and the moment Ron focused his attention on the mountain of food in front of him she leant in close.

"When we get a moment alone you are going to tell me who really wrote that letter," Hermione whispered.

Harry swallowed, snuck a look at Seamus who gave a small smile, and leant in to Hermione.

"I'll ask Fred and George to distract Ron for an hour and I'll tell you the whole story," Harry promised.

Hermione smiled and patted Harry's knee affectionately. "Go ask them now so I can know as soon as possible," she said.

Harry grinned and darted out of his seat and down to the table. Settling himself between the twins. He asked them to distract Ron for an hour after classes and received loud, smacking kisses on each cheek from them in confirmation. Harry glanced back at Hermione and gave her a discreet thumbs up. Hermione grinned back, picked up both their book bags, gave Ron a tap on the shoulder and moved down to Harry.

"After classes," Harry promised the brunette.

"Ok, Harry," said Hermione. "But I want every single little detail."

Harry blushed and dropped his head, peering up at Hermione through his eyelashes. "Every detail?" he asked innocently.

Hermione, seeing his blush, blushed herself and moaned and nodded. "Every detail," she repeated in a whimper.

Friday 1 July 1994 – 4.00 pm

Hermione locked the door of the classroom behind her and hopped up to perch on one of the desks.

"Spill," she said eagerly.

"It was Mrs Finnigan," Harry admitted.

Hermione frowned. "Seamus' mum?" she said. "But why would she be writing to you?"

"Cos me and Seamus are kind-a seeing each other," Harry said shyly.

Hermione gaped at him. "What?" she squealed. "Since when?"

"I suppose you would say first-year," Harry said thoughtfully. "Our first night here neither of us could sleep and were talking. We weren't used to how big the beds are and kind-a shared that night. Since then, whenever one of us has felt bad we've snuck into the other's bed."

Hermione blinked. "And nobody knows?" she said. "How did none of the others in your dorm notice?"

Harry shrugged. "It was mostly me that bed hopped," he said. "I'm used to getting up super early cos of the Dursleys so I'm always the first awake. The few times Seamus came to me I Levitated him back to his own bed before the others woke up."

"So when did you officially become a couple?" Hermione asked, leaning forward eagerly.

"We haven't," said Harry slowly. "Sure, we kiss every night and we've done...stuff, and he's told me he loves me but we've never come out and said that we're boyfriends or anything."

"He loves you!" Hermione practically screamed. "Oh my God, Harry, this is huge!"

Harry blushed as Hermione jumped down and flung her arms around him. "Why's it huge, 'Mione?" he asked innocently.

"Honestly," Hermione tutted, shaking her head. "You need to read more. Words have a lot of power in the wizarding world," she told Harry. "When a witch or wizard tells you they love you they are basically saying they want to marry you and bear your children or have you bear their children."

Harry frowned. "Well, I guess I'd be ok with living with Seamus for the rest of my life," he said. "But we'd have to adopt – "

"No you wouldn't," Hermione interrupted. "Wizards can get pregnant. At least, submissive wizards can."

Harry blinked. "But – " he began to say.

"When two wizards profess their love to one another," Hermione informed Harry, "their magic intertwines and works together to create a magical pouch in place of a uterus in the submissive's body. The submissive is usually determined by the younger of the wizards."

"That would be me," Harry said.

Hermione nodded. "I bought some books on the subject if you're interested," she said.

"I am," said Harry. "I mean, if I'm going to bear Seamus' children then I'm going to need to know all the ins-and-outs of it, aren't I?"

Hermione smiled. "Have you told him you love him yet?" she asked.

Harry shook his head. "I'm not sure if what I feel for him is love or not," he said, looking perplexed. "I've never experienced love before and I'm really confused."

"Oh, Harry." Hermione caught Harry in a hug again. "Did you tell him this?" she asked.

"Yeah," said Harry. "He said he understood and that he could wait."

"Good," said Hermione.

"'Mione, what happens if a person tells someone they love them only to find that that someone has already professed to love someone else?" Harry asked curiously, thinking of Ginny Weasley and her annoying crush on him.

"It's like being stabbed in the heart with a knife," said Hermione seriously. "Most witches and wizards don't say "I love you" unless they're absolutely sure that the other person returns their feelings. A lot of witches and wizards don't get over the rejection."

Harry winced. "I'd better figure this out quickly then," he said.

Hermione squeezed Harry affectionately. "I would," she said.

Harry pulled away from Hermione and the two hopped up onto desks next to each other and Harry started explaining everything about his relationship with Seamus. Listening to him, the way his eyes shone with happiness and his skin glowed, Hermione was left in absolutely no doubt that Harry was completely head-over-heels in love with Seamus Finnigan. Now the boy just had to figure it out for himself.

Saturday 2 July 1994 – 11.09 am

Dear Catherine,

Thank you for the offer. I would be absolutely delighted to attend the Quidditch World Cup with you. Unfortunately my friend Ron's father already purchased a ticket for me to accompany them.

I would love to meet you properly sometime. Perhaps we can arrange a meeting for another time?

Yours sincerely

Harry Potter

Harry sent the letter off with Hedwig and plucked the tiny owl that had been fluttering around outside their carriage window out of the sky. He took the letter from the owl and read it aloud to Ron and Hermione.

"It's a pity Sirius couldn't claim guardianship of you," Hermione said, linking her arm through Harry's and leaning against his shoulder.

"Yeah, mate," Ron agreed, eyeing the closeness between Harry and Hermione with jealous eyes.

"It's alright, guys," Harry soothed them. "I can still use him to my advantage."

"How's that, Harry?" Ron asked.

Harry gave a rather evil grin. "The Dursleys don't need to know that Sirius is innocent," he said. "After all, he's wanted in the Muggle world for murder as well."

Hermione laughed and Ron goggled at him. "Mate, when did you get so Slytherin?" he asked, looking a little disgusted.

"I've always been this way, Ron," said Harry with a shrug. "Just chose not to show it is all."

Hermione giggled and squeezed Harry's arm. "Threatening them with Sirius should keep them off your back this summer, Harry," she said happily. "But you've got my phone number so just give me a call if they give you any trouble."

"Will do, 'Mione," Harry assured her.

Ron sat back disgruntled as Harry and Hermione each took out a book and started reading. Dynamics in their trio were changing and Ron wasn't sure he liked it.

Saturday 2 July 1994 – 7.31 pm

Seamus watched as Harry walked over to a trio of people – a fat, moustached man; a thin, horse-like woman; and a whale-like boy. Seamus ran his eyes over Harry's clothes – ripped and faded oversized jeans that were held up with a piece of string and a grey-ish oversized t-shirt that fell off one of his thin shoulders completely. Seamus shuddered in horror at the clothes that were obviously not Harry's.

Seamus watched as Harry said something to the three Muggles and they shuddered and paled. The whale-like boy clamped hold of his huge buttocks with a whimper. Seamus was sure the boy had nearly had an accident in his trousers from the look on his face.

Chuckling to himself, Seamus made his own way over to his parents. Harry may not be visiting this summer but he was secure in the knowledge that the small boy had done something to make this summer not so terrible.

Seamus greeted his parents and cast one last look over at Harry. The smaller boy was watching him over his shoulder so Seamus shot a wink at him before his mother activated their Portkey. Seamus managed to catch Harry's blush before he was whisked away.

A/N: Hi! So I hope you liked this chapter and the idea. You'll have gathered that I'm going to follow the books to a certain extent. Books 6 & 7 will be completelly disregarded in this fic. In this verse there are no such thing as Horcruxes. I apologise if you don't like how I styled this chapter with snatched scenes of the two main characters but that's how all the other chapters are going to be. The scenes may get longer and they may remain a similar length to the ones in this chapter.

Please do not judge me for using several direct quotes from the books. I didn't want to use them but I found that some of the scenes I needed to write were difficult to do so without a direct quote. Although I will admit that some of the quotes are there purely because some of the lines amuse me.

Apologies to anyone waiting on new chapters for my other stories but I haven't got much inspiration for them at the moment so they are on hold indefinitely. They will get finished though! They have not been abandoned!

Thanks go to iGymnast for betaing this for me and for being so patient in waiting for chapters from me. You truly are an angel, darling.

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Dea Spears: These are the type of stories I love to read. I hope I can see your work in NovelStar. There are also a lot of talented writers in that platform. You may check their group on Facebook.

Dea Spears: I'm loving this so far. You can publish it on NovelStar, just submit your story to [email protected] or [email protected]

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Gillian: I loved this book, loved the writing style, plot and its overall feel good factor. Just makes you believe in what will be will be and whatever is for you won't go past you.

Belle Amboni Abella: Very interesting story and so heartbreaking. I love this story

Georgia: I am so gready to find out what is coming up next you blend you're story so beautiful

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DanielCatherine Sims Scrogham: Its a good book so far, but the writer stopped updating 4 months ago. I delete book after a few months and no updates and I won't try reading it again. It is very disappointing so I recommend not reading it until its finished.

JacquelineS: I am so glad I chose to read this story. It was beautifully written and I adored the characters. Kudos to the author for capturing all the romance, passion, and heartache that involves in abstaining a relationship.

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