Sleepless In Hogwarts

Author Note

Hi guys

I am sooo sorry! I hadn't realised it's been just over two years since I last updated this. I apologise that this isn't an actual chapter but I thought you all deserved to know exactly what has been going and why this hasn't been updated. Before you panic, I haven't abandoned this! Okay, so first things first I had a little breakdown. My job was stressing me out and all the travelling was wearing my nerves thin - I'm a nervous driver - and on top of all that I was getting home and having to look after my nan who suffers from Alzheimers. Last August my gran died - bear in mind that my nan is still alive and my gran died, two different people. I was her only granddaughter so were like ridonkulously close. That was my breaking point. I quit my job and did nothing for two months other than grieve. My mum was like seconds away from demanding the doctor refer me to a psychiatrist when my best friend gave me a proverbial slap round the face and told me to pull myself together. Its been hard going but I'm finally getting back to me.

I have a little of the next chapter written but not much but now that my head is way more focused and I'm back in work in a way less stressful environment where I can happily walk to and from the office and don't have to worry about other asshats on the road trying to run me and my tiny car off the road I can finally start my writing again.

To clear up something that many of you have been asking - and yes, I have been reading your reviews but haven't been able to reply without thinking I sound like a complete moron - yes, Sirius is a free man. That isn't a plothole at the end of chapter three that is deliberate and will be cleared up right at the start of chapter four. I already have that scene written. Some people have been urging me to hurry up and get to the mpreg I just want reiterate that although mpreg is mentioned in this there will be very little of it in the actual fic. None of it at all until the very last chapter and there will be only a handful of scenes where Harry is actually seen pregnant - I've meticulously plotted those scenes out.

Finally, yes there will still be a long wait for the next update because I am still writing a ridonkulously long chapter but I have finally decided when Voldemort dies and it is not going to be when you think, and no I will not give out any clues.

Sorry again that this is not a chapter but hey, at least you know I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, right?

Thanks for reading


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