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Arranged marriage


All I wanted was a simple life , alone . But things have changed and I have a promise I have to keep. My life would be set on to a new road if I were to keep that promise. But a sharp turn doesn’t necessarily mean the road ahead is gonna be dreadful.

Romance / Humor
Devil number 2
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: they aren’t the real personalities of the idols I’m just using their names to create this.

I find it odd that this place carries 49 floors, yet it only has 4 elevators.

“Amelia I request your presents at the moment “ a voice was heard from the earpiece I was wearing on my right ear. I followed suit and rushed to my boss’s office in no time, well evidently lied it took about 10 mins. He stood there with his back facing me.

“How may I be of service Mr. Kim,“ I spoke

“stop with the formality last I checked I was your brother,” he said turning around.

I looked at him with a bored face “ I know that Tae now hurry up I don’t have all day.“ I joked and forgetting the fact I’m at work and the tone and choice of words are so unprofessional.

A box smile spread across my brother’s face and he let out a chuckle. His smile was so bright I couldn’t help but smile as well. Taehyung had such a smile it was contagious you couldn’t stay mad or sad around this boy and had to crack a grin.

“ My beloved sister, can I not call upon you in hopes of carrying out a small conversation”

“That’s very nice of you but need I reminded you, the both of us have a lot of work to do”

“okay okay ill cut to the chase, I called you here not just to set you in a distressed mood, but I need these sent to the head of the management department Noona, “ He said handing me a few files.

“ I’ll get it done, Mr. Kim, “ I said placing it on the notebook I was holding.

“ oh and Ami don’t forget the family gathering we gotta go to starts at 8:30 “ the brother of mine reminded me.

“I’ve got it locked in my mind now Tae, thanks for the reminder,” I said while making my way to the door.

I’m Amelia 22 years old with a marketing , accounting and Business Masters degree, Bachelor in Finance, and a MBA . I work at Kim enterprises a company that belongs to my younger brother. I work as his secretary. At first I wasn’t so pleased with the idea of having such a low ranked job but my father reassured he wanted me to help Tae with his first year as CEO and in the next year, he would appoint me as something much higher. The chief marketing officer is Jisoo one of my trusted friends and sister-in-law. She isn’t the wife of the brother I work for KimTaehyung but my Eldest brother Kimseokjin . the position of CEO was meant to be his but my brother took a fondness for the culinary arts and refused. Our father wasn’t as happy about the fact his son was a chef but it made Jin happy and Taehyung showed talent in business and knowing he would be a much better CEO then Jin ,he agreed. Although he did ask me if I wanted the position since I am technically am older than Taehyung... you see me and Taehyung happen to be twins and I’m 2 mins older. I turned down the request because my brother had a dream of taking that position and I certainly am not gonna be the one that chooses to stand in his way. Jin is now the owner of several 5-3 star restaurants and as i said is married to my good friend Jisoo . My other brother however is just in an engagement with one of the few of my best friends Jennie . And so you heard it folks both of my brothers are already in the marriage or close marriage stage in life when I’m still single and a virgin.

I entered the 42 floor to meet my beloved friend rose.

“She looks smoking .”

“where your u going“ I asked her

“not going anywhere in a particular spectacle no need for you to know, “ she said lightly biting her nails. From the years we’ve spent together I’ve noticed she bites her nails only when she very much is trying to hide something and her behavior was almost identical. I raised an eyebrow and asked again.

“Sure?, you know a part of me really doesn’t wanna believe you“ I commented.

“ I’m just going out with a friend nothing special “ She blushed. nothing special huh.

“ now honey run along to your date , you don’t want to be late“ I said before slightly pushing her to the elevator. She walked in.

“ it’s not a date-“ she tried to protest but I cut her off .

“ don’t try and deny, if that’s not the case you most be meeting someone your especially fond of” I concluded and as if on cue the elevators doors closed.

“ you and I are both gonna be single our whole lives “ Lisa suddenly chipped in and spoke true words .

“ your not wrong“ I said turning to her . “Oh have you seen jisoo anywhere I can’t seem to get a hold of her “

“ no actually “ she said looking around.

“ Shouldn’t you be at work.”

“ I got a day off .”

“ Mr. smith gave you a day off ?” I questioned that would be very unlike him.

“ you got me” she sighed “ I over slept an hour and called in sick because I wouldn’t have seen tomorrow if I hadn’t, although it is worth mentioning that he wasn’t to distress about it.“she admitted.

“makes sense” I agreedwell my hunt for Jisoo is still on, I’ll see you later" I said walking off while waving. I continue to search for her when my eyes suddenly landed on a tall redhead . It was her. Shouldn’t have took me so long to find her . Her red hair could be seen from miles away .

“Good morning“ I spoke while walking to her .

“Oh , good morning” she greeted back .

“Mr. Kim told me to bring you these” I said handing her the files .

“took him long enough” Jisoo comment . I chuckled at her response.

“ I’ll be off , bye “

I was just typing one last sentence in to the computer. A sigh left my lips as I flung my arms upwards to the ceiling to stretch.

Well that was a long day and I still have to go to that meeting or so it’s called. I lowered my hands and reached for the purse in front of me and took my phone out to check the time


I better head out . I packed my belongings and head out of my office. I got to the parking lot after some time. I texted my brother to ask about the location. After I got in my car and put my seat belt on .



You hadn’t mentioned the location of where we are to meet.

St***** A**


it’s not really a meeting.

What exactly do you mean?

You’ll understand when we get there

What in the world is he trying to say. I pulled out my phone and opened the JPS and wrote the address. “ 15 min drive“ It isn’t to far from here . I turned on the engine and head out .

I had arrived. I got out of my car and stepped out. My eyes glistened at the sight. It was a house, a gorgeous one at that. I walked to the front door and something caught my eye . Above the door nob was a rectangle silver plate . Mr.park. Was engraved in it. My eyebrow crashed together. Confusion ran through me but never the less i continued on my task and I rang the doorbell and appeared the one and only

park Jimin

“ come in, “ the man said as if he was already expecting me. Not the reaction id hope from him. He turned around and started walking. But after a few steps he soon realized I wasn’t following him. Jimin turned his head to face me a bit and slightly shifted his head back and forth. A gesture that meant ‘come on’. Seeing the fact that I still did nothing . He turned around fully and gave me a confused look which suddenly turned to a smirk. what a change in expression. He sipped a hand into his front pocket and walked back to me. This guy probably is the sexiest man I’ve seen- he slid his free and through his hair. Lord Jesus help me-“people say I’ve got an admirable amount of looks but staring for that long is strange don’t you think“- jackass

“ I wasn’t staring, in fact I envy the people that who haven’t see such a horrendous face“ I huffed.

“I beg to differ”

“nonsense“ I Scoffed. “I’m also quite confused to why your here”

A chuckle left his lips. He lean in closer until I could feel his breath on my lips. “what on earth are you doing “

“ look“ his eyes pointed to his arm. He was pointing at the Mr. Park sign above the doorbell . “this is my house, it seems quite absurd to ask why am her if this place belongs to me” he said backing a way .

“you didn’t need to go so far to prove a point “ I mumbled

“I didn’t quite get that” he asked

“It was nothing“

“ so you wanna go inside now, there waiting “

“ who are you referring to“

“ you really know nothing “

“ well I was told it was a family meeting, “ I said . Was I wrong to not suspect something. “Jimin” I paused

“I guess you could call it that” i chuckled slightly. His responds only heightened my confusion.

“ is there something I don’t know”

“was that not clear”

“ please tell me” I pleaded

“ Well I was in formed that your family and mine would coming over to talk about “ he paused “Business“ he said flexing his two middle and index fingers. I have absolutely no idea why that gesture was need.

“ what do you mean”

“ I never took you for a clever one but...., seriously I don’t have the time nor the crayons to explain this to you.”

“ hey!” I said with a hint of anger,

“ whoa okay there I meant that as a sort of joke given the circumstance, how about you just come inside, things will be come more clear” the man urged

“ I suppose theirs no use arguing“ I agreed. I follow Jimin through his magnificent home. A moment later we entered the living room . I found my parents his parents and my two brothers. They were in the mist of a conversation before they realized my presence.

“ Oh dear what took you so long” my mother asked .

“ Oh sorry am I late?”

“ No it’s just, you rang the door bell awhile ago.” She said with a smirk . Mom really.

“oh honey come sit here“ Mrs. park offered.

“ thank you” I said taking a seat beside her . I looked over at my brother . He had a worried look on his face.

“So how do you think of Jimin quite a marriage material don’t you think” Mrs. park asked . what . My eyes widened at the question. I bite my lips not knowing how to answer the question.

“Ma” Jimin cut in .

“hey come on is was a harmless question” his mother responded.

“ Would you mind if I take my sister outside for a bit “ Taehyung asked with a sweet smile

“ go ahead dear“ Mrs. Park said with a smile.

Both me and my brother got up and I followed him to a hallway that was a quite far away from the living room . I took a look at him . He was biting his lips and his eyes were pointed down. It was like he got caught in trying to steal a cookie.

“ Tae...” I started. “ what’s going on” I replied in utter confusion.

“ Ami I’m sorry , I was supposed to tell you but I freaked out and I just …., I don’t , I shouldn’t be given such an important responsibility “ he said the last part to him self .

“ Tae what are you not telling me”

“ Amelia were here to discuss....., your marriage with Jimin....”

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