Butterflies and Hurricanes

Part 2: Skin Walkers

Part 2

Ch2: Skin Walker


In an urban corner of St. Louis, two figures crouched on an apartment roof, watching as a pair of brothers stalked through a crime scene.

“Aw, mom, you doppleganger’s badass level is exponentially falling,” Mary moaned, head pillowed on her arms.

“It’s not like they’re expecting a skin walker.” Ben countered, squinting through binoculars. “I don’t think they’ve even ever seen one before yet.”

She sighed. “At least they got the Wendigo. If they were blindsided by that, not only would I have to disown them out of pure shame, but I would throw them in Grandpa Bobby’s panic room and throw away the key.”

The transgenic looked down at her. “Look, if you’re just going to be a nuisance, why not just meet me back at the hotel?” A blue light flickered in the back of his eye. “Dreel agrees with me, and thinks your time would be better utilized ‘procuring sustenance’. I think that’s code for ice cream and waffles. If I get flabby because you got the angel in my body addicted to junk food, I’ll never forgive you.”

Mary giggled. “With your metabolism, he could eat out a candy shop and not notice.”

“Don’t you dare!” he snarled at her considering expression.

She stuck out her tongue. “Fine, I’ll just eat it all myself then!” She fluttered away before her cousin could reply.

Ben sighed, sharing his indulgent commiseration with his passenger. The angel curled confusedly over the emotions, but managed the idea of a shaky half smile in return.

Below, Sam and Dean traced the monster to a manhole cover, and followed it down. When the duo didn’t emerge after an hour, Ben swore, and leapt from the roof to the ground.

His legs were saved from shattering by the grace of Gadreel, and he sprinted down the drain after the idiot brothers.

“Seriously,” he grumbled as he cocked his gun full of silver bullets. “Now I know why Caerulea Domina insists on so many hunting rules and training, because she was the idiot who had to learn them all first hand!”

He rounded a a corner and nearly ran into a copy of himself. Two shots, one in the heart the other between the eyes, saw the monster bleeding out in the drain. Ben sneezed and rubbed his nose, trying to dislodge the clinging scent of new skin and bloody musk which he could never quite get rid of after meeting up with a shifter.

Sneezing again, he tried to scent his way through the twining tunnels to where the Winchester brothers were being held.

He found Sam easily enough, and cut the hunter’s bindings after making sure he was breathing and uninjured. He had to smother a laugh at the sight of Dean, clad only in leiderhosen, with his hands tied around his back. The hunter might have fluttered near lucidity when Ben took a moment to snap some blackmail pictures with his phone, but he didn’t wake up once freed, so Ben ignored it.

Gadreel ghosted across his thoughts in mild admonishment, but the transgenic quieted him with the assurances that the blackmail was all in good fun. As he climbed back to the surface, he entertained his guest with a tale of one of his and his twin’s prank wars, which had evolved into a full scale tactical search and destroy exercise, engulfing over half of the members of Camp Chippewa.

Back at the hotel, Ben dozed in the back of his mind, while Gadreel squinted at the cooking channel, as if it held the secrets of the universe. Considering that many angels actually knew said secrets caused Ben to wonder if maybe it did.

The panther was startled from his warm nap by the door crashing open and bouncing back against the wall.

The Winchester Brothers (TM) stalked in, guns drawn, scowling.

“Hands where I can see them!” Dean snarled. He was back in his leather coat and jeans, so Ben supposed that he must have found the dead shifter and taken his clothing back.

Ben waited for his body to comply, but it sat frozen on the couch.

“Gadreel?” he thought.

The angels wings flailed against the inside of their spine and ribcage. “They’re vessels! They know I’m free! They’re going to call heaven! I’ll be taken back there!”

“Calm down, soldier!”

“I can’t! I can’t!” Gadreel’s thoughts whirled in panic.

“I won’t let them trap us,” Ben soothed, shifting smoothly into the control seat of his body. “They couldn’t even if they tried.”

The angel’s grace calmed as he buried himself deep within the recesses of his host’s mind.

Ben took a deep breath and opened his eyes. Placing his hands behind his head, the transgenic spun to face his captors. “Well, looks like you caught me boys.”

Dean cocked his gun. “Looks like.”

In short order, Ben found himself manhandled into the desk chair and tied down with phone cords. This was only the... third time he had found himself in a similar position, though even having parallel-copies of his grandmother and uncle there made him very uncomfortable to recall those past encounters.

Holy water splashed him in the face, drawing him back to the present, followed swiftly by a silver knife scoring a line across his bicep.

He could feel he hunter’s mounting confusion as he failed to react to any of their tests.

Ben rolled his eyes. “I’m not a shape shifter or a demon or a revenant, I’m your grandson. From the future.”

“Yeah, right,” Dean snarked, pulling out a silver knife.

“No, ‘Gee thanks for saving my ass in the sewer, those leiderhosen were chafing!’ Just going straight to the stabbing? Ok then.” The transgenic sighed.

“Dean maybe we should listen to him, I mean he did kill the shifter,” the taller man said, brows furrowed.

“Shut up Sammy.”

At that moment, the hotel door rattled and opened, revealing a startled brunette with green eyes clutching a bag of groceries.

“Hey, back already from funky town?” Ben said, invoking a code word which in this instance meant ‘just follow along’.

Mary shut the door, careful to leave her hands in view of the trigger happy hunters currently holding her cousin prisoner.

Ben wriggled in his chair, testing bonds which he could easily break, even without angelic strength. “They know who I am and the time bending magics, so no need to keep anything about me a secret.”

The nephilim shifted her weight from one foot to the other, prompting the hunters to tense around their triggers.

“Hey, hey, hey!” Ben twisted to speak at his captors. “This is my cousin, she’s vanilla flavored, so no need for guns and stabbing!”

“Ben?” Mary was carefully not moving, for though she could most likely survive a gun shot, she did not wish to try it. “I thought we were keeping a low profile until we got home.”

The transgenic resisted a smile. Good, they were building up a story that, while not believable, was much less unbelievable than claiming to be a half angel and half panther from a future parallel dimension. “I was,” he said affronted, “But then Gramps and Sasquatch here almost got body snatched by the shifter.”

“I thought you said we weren’t going to alter the time stream more than what was unavoidable.”

Ben shrugged, “What can I say, I acted on instinct.”

The brothers had watched this exchange with mounting confusion, until Sam finally cracked.

“Time travel isn’t possible,” he said.

“Sure it is!” Mary chuckled. “It’s old soul magic. Needs like, angel feathers and griffin tears, or something like that. Hardly ever used, because it works on a linear model of time, meaning that if you try to go back to change something you’ve either created a splinter universe, or you’ve always gone back in time and what you do doesn’t change anything. Rather annoying.”

“So you’re saying you’re a witch?”

“Ug, no!” the nephilim gagged. “Witches use an outside source of power. Soul magic can only be done by...people with a specific type of will and constitution. So, like, half a percent of the population.”

The taller hunter’s gun lowered. “And that’s how you ended up here.”

“Sammy, you can’t actually be believing this!” Dean snapped.

The younger brother shot the elder a wide eyed look. “Why not Dean? The guy’s not a shifter, but he looks just like you. And it’s not like this isn’t the weirdest thing to happen to us.”

Dean raised an eyebrow.

“Ok, maybe this makes the top three, but come on.” Same rescinded.

The elder hunter sighed, but slowly clicked the safety back on his gun as he lowered it.

Mary beamed.

“Right, so now that that’s all settled, can someone please untie me?” Ben said.

The party of hunters and sort-of-but-not-really time travelers retired to the battered motel the Winchester brothers had rented, what with Ben and Mary’s hotel door having been smashed.

“Wait,” Sam pulled the vowels of his words taught with dawning realization. “If you’re Dean’s grandson,” he pointed at Ben, “and you’re his cousin,” he pointed at Mary, “does that make you-”

“Technically, I’m Ben’s aunt. His momma was a lot older than me, so I called her my aunt instead of my sister.”

The younger Winchester brother looked mildly relieved at his lack of paternity, even as the elder spluttered.

“What, you’re supposed to be my kid?”

A sharp needle of hurt stabbed Mary’s heart at the rejection by even just a pale shade of her mother. “Why, not what you expected?” she said, hiding her sorrow under bravo.

Dean ran a hand over his mouth, eyes inscrutable. “Mostly it’s that you exist.”

Green eyes narrowed, but before Mary could bluster out an insult, her cousin smoothly cut in.

“Hey Mary, why don’t you and Dean head over to the diner and get more food? You only got enough for the two of us before, and it’s only polite to treat our elders when they’re being so hospitable.”

“Elders?” Dean spluttered. “Kid, you don’t look more than a year or two younger than me!”

“Yeah, but I’ll technically not be born for a while, so suck it up grandpa!”

The elder Winchester grumbled under his breath, but grabbed his coat and keys. Mary jogged to follow him out the door to the Impala, leaving Ben and Sam alone.

“So,” Sam drew out the word casually. “Dean has a lot of kids where you’re from?”


“And he’s still with the same person?”

Ben’s grin was all teeth. “Mary’s mom is Caerulea. The Winchesters are lucky to have her.”

“Her name is...Blue?”

The transgenic rolled his shoulders. “It’s more of a title. She’s a very important and respected woman. She’s the Tzaddekes, and the mother of the future. It’s because of her that any of us are alive, back home.”

Sam’s eyes widened incredulously. “And she ends up with my brother?”

Ben scowled. “You don’t think Dean is worth that much?”

“Well,” the taller man spluttered. “I just- if you knew him like I did-”

“Every iteration of Dean Winchester I’ve met has been a great person. You disrespect him by thinking so little of him.”

“Well, considering that Mary’s mom apparently some kind of awe inspiring figure individual, you can forgive me for wondering how she ended up related to me.”

A cat with a canary could not have grinned as smug as Ben. “Like I said, the Winchesters are lucky to have her.”

“I thought we were supposed to be bringing food back for Ben and Sam,” Mary said as she perused the menu.

Seated in across from her in the red booth, Dean snorted. “Sam’s a bitch, and your cousin shouldn’t be such a smart ass if he wants to get fed.”

The nephilim hid her smile under the pretense of scratching her nose.

“Have you two decided what you want?” the waitress said, walking over over with her notepad out.

“Yeah, I’ll have a cheeseburger and a slice of the mixed berry pie, please.” Mary said, handing over the menu.

“And you dear?” the waitress asked.

The table’s other occupant startled from his thoughts. “The same,” he shot out quickly.

Mary tried not to giggle as the waitress walked away.

Dean drank in her features like a sailor marooned without water. “Your mom,” he hesitated, unsure of what to ask, before finally settling on a safe wording. “Are we... happy, where you’re from?”

“Of course.”

The hunter could only think how beautiful Mary’s other parent must be, to make such a small twitch of the lips more tender than any expression he had yet to encounter.

“I’ve got four adopted big sisters, one of whom is Ben’s mom,” the young woman continued. “And I’ve got a baby brother, who looks less like you than I do, and about a million aunts and uncles and cousins.”

Fondness smoothed out Dean’s expression. “Guess I marry into a big family.”

Mary chuckled. “You have no idea.”

“And...they’re all ok with hunting?”

“Smiting evil is the family business.”

A genuine smile lit the hunter’s face. “So your little brother looks like-?”

Mary tried to exclude any descriptions of the non-physical, which still aptly described her brother. “He’s got blue eyes, but is blonde like you. I’ve got all the Winchester charm, but he fits right in with the awkward bunnies of the other side of family.”

Dean hummed. “So, a black haired blue eyed socially awkward stranger will one day sweep me off my feet.”

“What? I didn’t say anything about-”

The hunter laughed. “What can I say, I’m batman.”

Mary flushed. “Well, I’m not going to tell you any more if you keep trying to get secrets about the future from me. One of my aunts gave us a whole lecture about temporal causality, and Ben will freak, because he’s the only one who listened to her.”

Dean’s deep laughter echoed around the diner.



Caerulea Domina: Blue Lady/Master. Ben uses this to refer to Deanna.

Mr. Winchester: Ben uses this to refer to Castiel, because he doesn’t want Sam and Dean to know that Dean’s counterpart is Mary’s mom, and her father is an angel. He paid more attention to inter-dimensional time travel consequences than his cousin. (I think I ended up changing the line that used this, but I’ll keep the note here just in case.)

So, Dean is 26 in 2005 S1. Ben is around that age, but looks younger due to his genetic tinkering. Mary is about 7~8 years younger than Ben, putting her at about 19~20yrs old in this story.

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