Broken Hallelujah

Interlude IV

Hawke gripped the hair on the back of his head with both hands, pacing in front of the fire place. After only too brief a period of relative quiet, Kirkwall was in an upheaval again, the tension between Meredith and Orsino coming to what felt like a dangerous head, and Hawke knew he was going to be forced into it. He couldn't remain the Champion and hide away in his Hightown mansion like... Well, like everyone else who lived in Hightown. They had opinions when opinions were safe to have, but when there was the faintest whiff of danger, their opinions stayed in Hightown. They never took action. Hawke was not the kind of man who couldn't not take action.

At least he had people by his side, people he could trust. He'd only wished the Warden Commander would have stayed in Kirkwall a bit longer. Not only did she seem able to reign Anders in, she seemed as determined as Hawke himself was wont to be. She had to be, didn't she? After all, he was Champion, but she was a Hero.

But Mahariel was gone, and Anders had withdrawn within himself, or at least had until the mage had sent Hawke a summons of a sort, a request for a favor, and Hawke couldn't rightly say no, not after all the mage had done for him.

Hawke let his arms drop to his sides. Maybe he'd go see Fenris first.

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