Broken Hallelujah

You're Asking a Bit Too Much

"Well, that's one hell of an outfit Blondie's got himself," Varric muttered, leaving Anders' clinic shaking his head.

"I rather like it," Merrill said softly. "He looks like a great raven or something, especially with that nose." She padded softly down the steps just behind Hawke, turning to speak to Varric, but her eyes avoided Fenris who brought up the rear of the pack; she'd learned now it was always smarter to avoid conflict with him, and she always would, barring the times when Fenris was the one who started the fight.

Hawke didn't say much, only went over Anders' awkward shopping list in his mind.

Fenris approached Hawke between the other two and murmured to the Fereldan, "This feels as though it's going to be a lot of work..."

Hawke shrugged. "You say that like it's something new for us. Besides, if it means him being rid of Justice - if it means I don't have to pull him off of any more innocent victims," he commented, and cocked his eyebrow at the elf.

"I fear you're asking a bit too much," Fenris said detractingly, "even if this potion does work."

"Fenris," Hawke said his companion's name in a quiet sing-song way. "Be nice." The Champion brushed the back of his hand casually against Fenris', and the elf, suspicious though he was of Anders' request, gave Hawke a smile.

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