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By putrij

Romance / Mystery

Chapter 1: The Cyborg & Archeologist

Disclaimer: Oda Sensei, I borrow your One Piece's Character cause it's not mine.


It's been a week after Luffy became the newly pirate king and his nakama had completed their dream too before him. He decide to make bases in Raftel and every hometown of his nakama. They spent the last week with the biggest parties ever for their achievement. Until Luffy command his nakama to begin the new journey. No one knew about his trully destination was Alabasta to meet the desert princess, Nefertari Vivi. How he miss that woman and had promise her that he will come back to Alabasta after achieve his dream.

Today the Straw Hat Pirates (SHP) start their new journey without destination. They just follow where the log pose pointed. Everyone enjoy their activity. Brook was playing his guitar in front of kitchen. Robin reading in the library accompany with Chopper, Sanji of course was still cooking for their dinner. Usopp and Luffy sat in the kitchen watching the Cook. Franky was at lawn deck. Zoro continue his work out in the crow's nest even though he has became the greatest swordsman defeat Mihawk one year ago. And the last person is the Navigator, Nami.

She is standing in front deck near the lion's head. Her hand rest at the railing while her eyes close and smile appear from her thin lips. Enjoying the sea breeze as the sun disappear from the sky. Her mind full of her sister and the family in her hometown. Sanji's voice about dinner make her back to the present.

Nami turned her body to join the others to the kitchen. When she start to walking down the stairs, she catch the view of her crewmate with big metal body and blue hair. His facial is showing him that he is thinking of something. 'That's Franky. What's with him? Is he not listen Sanji-kun?' Nami thought. She decide to approach him but seems like he didn't notice her presence.

The Cyborg still looking at something in his right hand while the left rest on his thigh. He even didn't listen Sanji's call for dinner. His head thought about his lover, the darkhaired woman. They had become a couple since their reunited and only Nami knew it. But he didn't have the courage to propose her. Until this night, he will ask her to marry him no matter what.

"Franky?" Nami's call interrupted his thought. A bit shocked cause her voice, he manage to relaxed himself. "Why are you here? Everyone must be in the kitchen now," she continued.

"Oh, Nami-sis! I don't know you're still here. I think you are with the others. I just want to go to the kitchen. But..." he stop the sentence as he look down to the ground still holding something in his hand and the other at his head.

"But what?" leaning her head forward to look him in the eye.

"I'm still thinking what if I propose Robin to marry me in front of crew tonight. What do you think, Sis?" his eyes still on the ground.

With wide eyes, Nami answer him, "That's great idea, Franky! You must do it! And I'm sure the crew will accept it. " with cheerful voice and sweet smile.

"You think so?" Nami nodded her head. He continued, "Okay! I will do it after dinner!"

"Perfect!" Nami give him thumbs up while Franky stuck his signature pose and cried out "SUUUUPPPPPEEEEEERR!"

Suddenly, the kitchen door open with hard push. "What are you shouting at, Shitty Cyborg?!" Sanji appear from there and snapped to the cyborg. His visible eye caught a beautiful woman with long orangehaired. His eyes turn into heart, "Oh, I'm Sorry Nami-swan! I don't see you there, My Love!" he approach in front of Nami and took her hand with his. "Let's have dinner, My Sweet. I've been waiting you for so long"

"Thank you, Sanji-kun! But first, can you take off my hand? I can't walk like this," she gave him a sweet smile and his nose's bleeding make the entire lawn deck full of his blood.

"Oi, you are not bleeding on the sunny again Cook-bro!" Franky shoved his fingers to Sanji's nose. He took off Franky's metal hand from him. The three walk to the kitchen where their nakama still wait for the food. When they arrived at the kitchen with Nami come first followed by Sanji and Franky at behind, the other crew had took their seat. Luffy sat at the edge of table, Zoro at his right. Chopper sat between Zoro and Ussop. Robin took a seat in front of Ussop. Brook choose to seat on the bench as he is drinking milk.

Sanji took Nami seat next to Robin, but she refuse politely and tug Franky so he sit between the elder woman. Sanji accepted it with heart-eye. A red tint appear on the cyborg's cheek while look at Robin. She gave him a sweet smile like she don't know about his plan. Smile to the pair, Nami sat in front of Zoro who had glance at her direction all the time. She just ignored him.

Sanji place the ladies' plate first before the boys. Luffy as usual always stealing his nakama's food (especially the boys) and they always shouted to him. Nami tried to be patience for their habit. Robin only chuckled look at the boys.

After dinner, Franky turned his metal body to Robin's direction. Robin also face him with curious look. The crew still unnotice their move until Franky took Robin's hand and said, "Nico Robin, I hope it is not to fast for you, but..." he took a deep breath before continue. "...will you marry me?" he handed Robin a purple box. The entire crew give their attention to the pair now. Some of them watch with wide eyes and jaws (almost) dropped to the floor. Except Nami who smile to the couple. Robin just smile to Franky as she took the box and open it. Her eyes sparkled after see the ring with purple diamond.

"How beautiful! Thanks Franky," she lift her head to look Franky before answer his proposal. "And of course I will. I've been waiting for it." After that Robin give him a light kiss on the cheek. Steam came out from his ears and give her the signature pose.

All crew cheered for the couple even Sanji. Nami give Robin and Franky tight hugs. They congratulated and Luffy shout about party on the deck. His nakama only shocked to his announcement but they just did it. Captain's order! So they move out to the deck with so much food and drink, except Nami. She must go to the bathroom first. They talked to each other about the couple. But Luffy had a question to them.

"So, where and when you two guys will marry?" ask him to the couple.

"Mm..don't know. Maybe until we arrive at the island. What about you, Dear?" Franky tilted his head to Robin. She just gave him sweet smile.

"It's up to you. We can talk it later." She answered. Franky nodded his head.

"How about you guys marry with us at Alabasta?" Luffy's words made his nakama stopped their activity and looked at him with shock face. 'Luffy will marry?' their thought about the Captain.

"What do you mean, Luffy?" Robin asked politely.

"I wanna marry Vivi and you guys can join our wedding!" he grinned widely.

"WHAT?! MARRY VIVI?!" all shout except Nami and Robin only chuckled.

"Yes! And not only Franky and Robin, Ussop and Kaya will join too!" he continued.

"I'm sorry, Luffy. I don't want Kaya go to Alabasta alone. It's too dangerous!" Ussop said as he frown.

"Don't worry, Ussop! Kaya had stayed in Alabasta since 5 months ago! She became Vivi's private doctor!" smile to his nakama.

"IS THAT TRUE?! Oh God, thank you so much!" he jump follow by Chopper, Brook, and Franky.

"Yosh! Ussop agree! What about you two guys?" Luffy asked Franky and Robin.

"We will accept that, Senchou." Answered Robin after discuss with Franky.

"YOSH! IT'S DECIDE! WE GO TO ALABASTA...!" shout the pirate king.

"Aye!" (ALL)

"NAMI...! WHERE ARE YOU...?!" (L)

"Ano Luffy... She is in the bathroom." (C)

"Oh yeah, I forgot. I will go there!" he ran to the bathroom but stop by Sanji who kicked his head and pin it to the floor.

"Don't peeking Nami-san, you Rubber Head!" (S)

"It's you Ero-cook, not Luffy." Said Zoro as he cug the beer.

"Shut up, Marimo! You don't know about women, Muscle Head!" Sanji released Luffy and glared the greenhaired swordman.

"Say that again, Perverted Cook! And I will slice you to pieces!" unsheated his sword, ready to fight the cook who had raise his foot. But before they began, a large bump landed on their head.

"STOP THAT!" Nami come out from the bathroom and had hit their head. Zoro just mumble something under his breath while Sanji fawn over her about her beautiful. She just ignore the cook and went to her captain. "You call me, Luffy?"

"Yes! How long the way to Alabasta?" (L)

Nami looked at her map, "I guess it's about 2 months since the weather at our side."

"About weather, we leave it to you! Now, we will go to Alabasta!" (L)

"Hai, Senchou!" Nami ran to navigation room. She took Alabasta's eternal pose then give order to Ussop who had stand at steering wheel. They smiled to sea. They missed Vivi so much except Franky and Brook that still curious about her.

Nami still didn't know why her Captain decide to go there. She just assumed that he must be miss Vivi. But her heart didn't think that way. It must be another reason. She shook her head to take away the thought. Green-haired man glanced to her with concern look while she in deep thought. He smiled at her serious face. She is so cute.

Nami suggested they must take a rest before continue. All men went to their quarter except Zoro who had his night watch. He went to Crow's nest. Nami and Robin went to their room as Robin told Nami about Luffy's plan later in Alabasta. Nami froze when heard about Luffy and Vivi's weeding. She just stand behind closed door. Robin noticed that and asked her. She just shook her head and say that it's fine. Robin just smile and went to sleep.

After their conversation, Nami can't sleep. She still thought about her captain's wedding. She knows she loves Luffy so much. Blamed herself, why didn't she tell him. Now she could only regret it. Buried her feeling in the bottom of her heart. She wanted to cry but she can't. She just lie there, gave her back to Robin so she can't saw her sadness.

A moment later, tears started fall down from her eyes. She hid her face under blanket and sobbed. A soft whimper came out from her mouth. Tried to control her voice, so the older woman didn't wake up. After cried for at least a half of hour, she drifted into sleep.

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