The Night Haunters

The Chains Of Fate

Danny stood in her Inner World for the second time in her life. Ripper Danny stood there in her shredded clothing and death glaring red eyes in front of her with crossed arms. Danny had come here for some peace and quiet as opposed to the constant chatter of the Haunter Warehouse below where she slept. Instead she was met with her Inner Self and she prohibited any peace to Danny, and not without a smirk to go with it, angering Danny all the more.

It had been six months since her Oath Ceremony escapade. Her reputation had solidified among the Night Guardians on a global scale. She was the female version of Savage: Strong, silent, and deadly with a record to back it all up. She, with her ability to see the smallest signals and body language, even made the most senior Haunters uneasy with her presence. Savage and Nathaniel had explained to her their relationship to her, that she shared blood with Savage, therefore making her their sister since it didn't feel like she was a long lost niece. That also went with her reputation, since the trio was, in effect, the most deadly group in the world. Of course as soon as she destroyed the entire LA warehouse's forces while unconscious, she was as revered as Savage was when she went on missions with her two new found brothers.

But in those six months of comrades tensing with her presence like they did for Savage, she still hadn't impressed her inner Ripper. That's why she was here, to impress her and release her full potential, and Ripper Danny was lording over her with the biggest smirk.

"What's it gonna take?" Danny exclaimed suddenly, "I've done everything Haunters do but ten times better!"

"Who's the only one equal to you that isn't your brothers?" She hinted, as if talking to a child.

"No one near me, I can tell you that," Danny gritted her teeth in annoyance.

"Wrong," Dark Danny sighed.

"What? You?"

Her face lighted up, "Finally! Half of a year too late but still, at least you got it Danielle!"

"I have to" Danny cocked an eyebrow.

"Bingo, princess," The red eyed girl smirked.

Danny grumbled and drew a knife. Dark Danny smirked and used her vampire speed to charge Danny. Danny hurled her blade, which sunk into Ripper Danny's shoulder. That, shockingly, didn't slow her an iota. After she closed the distance, Dark Danny threw a left hook at Danny's jaw. Danny pivoted and went with the punch, twisting to the right and grabbing her Ripper's wrist. Danny reset her feet quickly and then slammed her other fist into the Ripper's elbow, shattering it and causing her to hiss in pain and rage. Her Ripper jerked away, using her good arm to take the blade still lodged in her shoulder and sink it into Danny's stomach.

Both Danny and her inner self stood there, breathing heavily from pain and exhaustion, their wounds healing as they took a breather. They stared at each other intensely. They circled each other, looking for openings. Danny threw two blades, one sinking into Ripper Danny's chest while the other flew out of sight into the sand a few hundred feet away. That didn't faze the Ripper, who took out the blade and started to wield it as her own. Then, as their wounds healed at the same time, they began again.

Danny slid into Dark Danny's legs, slashing at her Achilles tendon. She barely missed and cut a deep gash into her calf. Enraged, Dark Danny hissed and ignored the pain, turning around and ramming Danny as she rose from her slide. She tackled Danny, slamming her into the hard packed desert sands. She sunk her blade through Danny's collar bone and into the ground, pinning her there. Punch after punch Dark Danny sent into Danny's face, each seemed to draw blood and almost send Danny into the black void of unconsciousness. Yet, each time, Danny refused to lose. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Danny's palm stopped Dark Danny's right fist, and her blade impaled her left. Danny rammed her skull into her shadow self's own skull, stunning her long enough for Danny to sink her blade into her brain.

Dark Danny slumped in Danny's arms, lifeless. Danny breathed a sigh of relief before she too collapsed into black nothingness.

Danny jolted awake in her hammock, to the concerned faces of her brothers. She had been breathing raggedly as soon as her battle had begun. Savage, already knowing what was happening inside Danny, waited until she woke. Nathaniel had stopped by and saw Danny in this state. He had never seen a Prodigy fight for control of their power, so he had no end of questions.

"I didn't die, y'know," Danny looked puzzled. "You guys worry too much."

"We've never had a sister, Shadow," Nathaniel rolled his eyes as if it were obvious. "And Savage wouldn't tell me what was happening!"

"Like I said a thousand times," Savage sighed. "She was fighting herself. Her Inner Ripper."

"Anyways," Danny interrupted their arguing, something six months ago she would have probably been killed by Nathaniel for, "I'm fine now."

"How'd it go?" Savage asked.

"I think I won," Danny shrugged, then tapped her temple with her index finger. "But I haven't had any feedback yet."

"So you won the first fight?" Savage asked, crossing his arms.

Danny nodded, "Looks that way."

"It's only a matter of time, then, Shadow," Savage said, turning to leave.

"You got a job in fifteen with Rafael, alright? His squads down in the Pit waiting for you," Nathaniel nodded to Danny and turned after Savage and caught up to him.

Danny sighed and sat up in her hammock. She grabbed her black cloth mask and wrapped it around her face and neck. She shrugged on her leather biker-looking jacket with an oblique zipper. She already had her network of sheaths, so she simply slipped her blades into them quickly. Danny grabbed her Gear boots and slipped them on over her gear's padded pants. She clipped a boot knife into each boot. She checked each of her sheaths and made sure she had everything she would need, then she vaulted over the edge. Danny plummeted the four or five stories down to the floor and landed gracefully, as silent as the shadows. Heads turned, of course, but there wasn't any gossip about her now, since the warehouse had gotten used to her "eerie" presence.

"What's up, Shadow?" A Haunter girl from her squad with a preppy attitude and brown hair.

Danny shrugged.

The Haunter, Cassie, sighed, "You are way too much like your brother, you know that?"

"Which one?" Danny smirked, but no one could tell because of the cloth wrapped on her face.

"Who's the silent-and-freakishly-intense one?" Cassie chuckled.

"I see," Danny rolled her eyes, "He has a name, you know."

"And, just like you, he earns it every single day," Cassie sighed.

Danny shrugged, "I don't try to, you know. Anyways, what's the job?"

"Got a couple of vamps having a little too many human snacks," Cassie reported, "Body count's past where the five-O'll just blow it off as a gang war casualty list. So, basically, it's a Silencer mission. It's you, me, Rod and Rafael. Sounds fun, huh?"

"Who's taking point with Rafael?" Danny cocked an eyebrow.

"Rod'll be doing that," Cassie said, "You and me are the watch so the cops don't get in the way."

"Sounds good, I guess," Danny played up how disappointed that it wasn't her turn to take the more blood-filled slot.

"Hey," Cassie picked up on her sarcasm, "You're up after Rod, if that makes you feel better."

"Eh," Danny shrugged. "Whatever."

They arrived with the other two of Danny's squad. Rod was standing next to Rafael, pointing to a map that was laying on a folding table. Rod had black messy hair, tan skin, and a sparse mustache. Rafael was a brown haired, blue-eyed guy with a easy going attitude. When they both saw Cassie they brightened up on their smiles, but Danny could tell they were as tense as everyone else was around her. She had been assigned to Rafael's squad not even two weeks and she had saved their butts at least once for each, but she didn't rub it in. In fact, she barely spoke, if at all. Another habit that added to her overall image as Savage's and Nathaniel's sister.

"Are we ready then?" Rafael asked.

Danny nodded, crossing her arms. Cassie smiled, "Yup! Let's go slaughter some idiots!"

Rod chuckled, "You make it sound like we're going to the mall or something."

"Well, the food court sucks there," Cassie complained, "Too many people to see you fed."

"Oh, I wish we could have a human standing here so I could see how they would react to this conversation," Rod sighed, his lean chest rising sarcastically.

"Anyway," Rafael rolled his eyes, "Let's go."

Danny silently walked towards the Hangar, the place where all the Haunters vehicles were kept. There was a good amount of Haunters spending their downtime in the Pit, the center of the warehouse with random pieces of furniture for Haunters to lounge and relax. The Pit had a circular space in the middle as the place for Haunters settle their differences the old fashioned way. Today, a couple for girls were having a knife fight and screaming their side of who "saw him first", with a handsome looking guy face-palming after repeated attempts of calming the two. Danny, maybe on purpose, walked right through the fight, not even trying to dodge the torrent of exchanged blows between the two girls.

The Pit went absolutely silent when a stray blow sunk into Danny's arm. The girl who stabbed her, a new blood that Turned about a week ago, paled to a ghostly white. She looked up into Danny's eyes, which, unknown to Danny, had turned red instinctively at the sudden pain. She glanced at the girl she was fighting.

The girl the new blood had been fighting had paled too, mumbling, "You are so gone, Clara..."

Danny looked at 'Clara', "He worth it?"

Clara blinked, "...Yes."

A chorus of sarcastic 'Awwww's came from the crowd, but they fell silent when Danny's red eyes glanced at them in annoyance before going back to Clara, "Then act like it."

"Huh?" Clara blinked

"You looked scared to me," Danny said in a non-condescending way.

"Ha! You looked scar-" Clara's opponent began, but she was cut off by Danny's throwing knife as it sunk into her throat and her neck. After a few gasping breaths the girl collapsed and died.

Danny turned back to Clara, "Next time your enemy wont be handled for you, new blood."

Danny took Clara's blade out of her arm, since it had been there through the entire ordeal, retrieved her blade from the dead girls neck, and continued on to the Hangar. She heard hushed whispers as soon as they thought Danny was out of earshot. She could practically feel the envy and nervousness as they stared after her. Danny ignored it generally. If anyone disagreed with her methods and actions, they could challenge her in the Pit. Which was the exact reason no one openly disagreed with Danny or her two brothers, since no one could defeat anyone of them. Also, there was the fact that everyone in the warehouse had been killed by Danny when she went Ripper on them.

Danny slipped into the Hangar, striding towards her bike while weaving through the rows of parked cars. She grabbed her riding gloves from her seat and slipped them on. Danny put on her black helmet next, then threw a leg over the side and sat in the seat. She turned the bike on and revved the engine. Danny smiled and remembered the first time he laid eyes on it in her human life a year ago. She had gotten A Honor Roll for a whole year and her parents surprised her during the Thanksgiving break. She had probably thanked them at least a hundred times before driving it around until it ran dry of gas. The memory was bittersweet, since it brought a smile to Danny's face but left a pit in her stomach where her mom and dad used to be. She didn't miss them like she used to. She had a new family when she Turned, however short of a time she spent there, then she came to L.A. Nick left a day or two after Danny's Oath Ceremony rampage. It hurt her that he had to leave, and that she was ordered to stay with Savage and Nathaniel for multiple reasons. In her sadness at Nick's departing, Savage dropped the bomb that she was basically his and Nathaniel's sister.

Danny snapped out of her revere at Cassie's voice through her bike helmets microphone, "You on your way, Shadow?"

"Yeah, I had to break up a cat fight," Danny grumbled.

"Sounds rough," Cassie'a voice crackled slightly in the headset.

"What's a few stab wounds to a Prodigy?" Danny said into the mic.

"Whatever, Shadow," Cassie's tone told Danny she was smiling wryly.

"Cut the chatter, you two," Rafael's voice came over the headset, "We have a job to do."

"Sure, boss," Cassie replied, while Danny fell silent.

Cassie got there before Danny in her stolen Challenger. The job was at the two rogue vampires hideout in the grey area between suburbs and downtown, a secluded location in an apartment complex. Rod and Rafael met up with Cassie as Danny arrived in her black bike. As soon as Danny took her helmet off she pulled on her hood, and pulled the cloth up on her face, shrouding her face in darkness. She placed the helmet on the seat and her gloves in the helmet. The other three Haunters had their hoods up as well, arrogant smirks twitching at each of their mouths. They noticed Danny approaching and nodded in her direction. Cassie turned to join her while the boys went to the apartment to attack the rogues.

Danny stood watch over the entrance Rafael and Rod took. They heard the commotion with their vampire hearing, and it sounded like Danny was missing out on some interrogations. Cassie shivered at how the rogues were begging for mercy, pleading for forgiveness, while Danny merely found it amusing.

Hello, Princess, the ghostly voice of her inner Ripper echoed in her head.

Why do you insist on calling me that? Danny thought back irritably.

Because you insist on me not calling you it? Anyways, I have some news for you, Dark Danny's voice trailed off.

Yes? Danny cocked an eyebrow.

You have proven yourself worthy of my power. Her ghostly voice sounded as if it were from gritted teeth.

I did? Danny thought, shocked.

Yeah, but we have to fuse if you want my power. We will still be able to talk in your inner world if you feel like it, but other then that, I will be you and you will be me, Dark Danny explained. do I...fuse with you? Danny asked, finding the sentence strange.

You have to meet with me in here, Dark Danny's voice came back, talking about Danny's inner world.

Well, I can't do that now. Some lucky hunter could walk by and stake me, Danny thought back.

Whatever, was the answer.

Danny had been circling the area while having that conversation. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened in that time. Cassie stood guard at the door, pacing in front of it with a bored expression. Danny scoffed at her demeanor. Cassie, she noticed, had vampire level ADD. If she wasn't talking about something that interested her enough, she instantly was bored and looking around for something that would interest her. Fidgety, and with a short attention span, her special personality made her extra aware of her surroundings.

A woman approached Danny with a a set jaw and a hard gaze. She walked right up to Danny, as if she was her employee that had scared off customers, and looked her in the eye. Danny stared back, unconsciously placing a hand on a hidden blade, with a confused and amused look in her eyes. The woman had red hair, emerald green eyes, and a small nose. She wore some fancy jewelry, nice clothes, and expensive looking heels that made her short frame high enough to be eye level with Danny. She looked at Danny with interest in her eyes then, as she realized something she looked at Danny with disgust.

"Night Haunter, " She hissed under her breath, "What are you doing here?"

Danny blinked behind her cloth mask and her hood and pointed to the door where Cassie stood guard.

"For them?" The woman asked, irritated, "You can't have them, vampire, they are under my protection."

Danny chuckled that this human would think she could interfere with her mission, which angered the woman before her even more.

"Don't think I won't stop you?" The woman smirked and held out her hand like he was going to Force-choke her like in Star Wars. That would have made Danny die from laughter, had pain not exploded inside her head and blinded her temporarily. Since part of her studies involved knowing certain types of deadly injures, Danny knew it was an aneurysm. This woman was making her brain bleed. Only witches, Danny knew, could do something anywhere near that.

"Never underestimate a witch," The woman smirked as Danny gritted her teeth and clenched her fist, but otherwise nothing else was noticeably different about her. Danny pushed through the blinding pain, knowing she was tapping into the limited amount of power that her inner ripper allowed for now. Her eyes turned red and her fangs extended without her knowing, and she lounged for the witch as she smugly turned away from her, thinking she was incapacitated.

"Impossible!" The witch exclaimed, "I made your brain evaporate! How are you still alive?"

Danny's cloth mask slid off to reveal her bared fangs as she hissed in menace. They landed on the ground with Danny shoving the witches shoulders down on the concrete. The witch must have seen something because her face went blank with sudden fear. Her hand moved to take Danny's hood off, but Danny grabbed her wrist and pressed in down. The witch closed her eyes, took a breath and suddenly a gust of wind slipped the hood off Danny's head and it hung from her shoulders, useless. There she was before the witch, fangs bared with red eyes all the more noticeable from her pale skin and the streak of the same red in her jet black hair. The witch paled at the sight of Danny's eyes. She knew. She had to know to pale like that and look so hopeless at the sight.

"It cant be," The witch whispered, "Your kind was taken care of long ago..."

Danny remained as she was, staring with a murderous gaze as the witch lay limply in her grasp.

The witch then blinked as she realized something important, and began to chant in what sounded like Latin. Danny cocked her head, confused at what sort of spell the witch was cooking up. Then it hit her. And her inner Ripper as well. Her own moans of agony were echoed in her mind with the ghostly voice of Dark Danny. She let go of the witch and stumble to her feet, clutching her head as the pain radiated from her skull to the rest of her body. It felt like chains of fire were being wrapped around her, searing themselves to her and restricting her. But it wasn't her body that was being caged in by the chains, but her strength, her power. But she still felt the agony of the spell.

"I just neutralized the curse on you, Night Haunter," The witch said, "Only the blood of the original one of your kind could undo it, and he has long since been dealt with."

"And what do you think you are doing, witch?" Cassie interrupted with a knife in the woman's back. Though it wasn't fatal, yet. "You okay, Shadow?"

Danny nodded slightly, the small gesture agitating the chains she felt around her. She could move like normal, but she felt weak and exposed now. She could feel her strength being restricted like turning the faucet off on the sink.

"That's your name, Ripper?" The witch' swords were gurgled by her own blood.

Danny nodded.

"Well," The witch said, coughing crimson, "I want you to know that what I did was a favor to you, Shadow. That power you had would have consumed you, and you wouldn't be able to control it. That's why we had done it to your ancestor, so that there was no way for him to survive because it was his own soul attacking him. I hope you can get away from these monsters and start a real life."

Then the witch went limp and crumbled to the ground at Cassie's feet, the knife jutting from her back. Danny blinked. Her eyes changed back to their icy, sickly blue and her fangs retracted. Cassie stepped over the body of the witch and wet to Danny's side, worried. Danny waved her off as politely as she could, gritting her teeth and started to walk towards the door where Rod and Rafael emerged with the two unconscious bodies of two vampires.

They looked at Danny with worried expressions. Danny was unsteady on her feet, like she was drunk, but in a way that the two boys knew she was hurting bad. Plus, she never really stumbled or tripped unless someone was messing around and tripped her up.

"What's going on, Shadow?" Rafael asked.

"I need to speak with my brothers," Danny croaked. Savage or Nathaniel would know what to do, right?

"Okay," Rafael nodded, worry ringing in his voice, "We brought the truck so we can strap your Yamaha down on the trunk bed and give you a ride. It that okay?"

Danny nodded, not really listening since she couldn't really understand him through her pain, "Thank you."

Then her breath hitched, and she coughed up a fountain blood. For five minutes her chest heaved as she went through the coughing fit. Then, just as she thought she was finished, the edges of her vision became first blurry, then black. Then all at once she tripped and was unconscious before she hit the asphalt. Only one thought was running through her mind.

Help. Oh, God, please help me...

Danny woke up in the back seat of the cab, with Rafael at the wheel and Rod in the passenger seat. Her head was in Cassie's lap, while Cassie's was asleep and leaning her head against the window. Everyone's hoods were down and the sight of the Hanger's hidden-in-plain-sight entrance came into view. They pulled in silently, Danny's thoughts scrambled to remember what had happened. Slowly, as the boys parked the truck among the many vehicles, she vaguely recalled why she urgently needed to meet with her brothers. Danny sat up just as Cassie stirred and Rafael began to unstrap her bike from the bed.

"How're you feeling," Cassie sounded concerned, if a little groggy.

"Fine," Danny answered quickly, slipping out of the truck. Only to be stopped by Rod.

"You sure about that, Shadow?" He raised an eyebrow, "Cause you outright fainted during a mission and puked your lunch and breakfast. Two things that you don't ever do."

"I'll report for you guys while I'm talking to my brothers. I suggest you take some break time and head out for some feeding before dawn."

Rod sighed, n

knowing arguing with her would be fruitless effort, "Hope they have the answers to what that witch did to you. Alright, I'll tell Rafael. Take it easy, Shadow."

Danny nodded turned to the entrance to the warehouse and began to walk slowly that way, so she wouldn't lose her balance. Soon she was leaning on to cars as she walked so she wouldn't get too dizzy. The light of the door to the Warehouse seemed like a lonely star against the backdrop if the dimly lit hidden parking lot. After an eternity it seemed, Danny crossed the threshold.

Little by little the entire warehouse noticed how much Danny was struggling to walk, and that she wasn't wearing the cloth mask she always had on. She saw a couple of Haunters head straight for her brothers offices. Danny basically ignored them and pushed on to where she thought Savage or Nathaniel would be: the training room. The training room was on the other side of the warehouse. Which it, to Danny in her current state, might as well have been on the other side of the planet.

Pushing through the dizziness, Danny made it halfway to the training room before Nathaniel emerged from it's door with the two Haunters that went to get him pointing directly at Danny. Nathaniel laid eyes on Danny and his usual maniac looking grin faltered and he furrowed his brow with concern. Using the vampire speed that came with being over five hundred years old, Nathaniel vanished then appeared in front of Danny and caught her just as she stumbled and fell. He mumbled something about bad timing and lead her up the long way to her hammock.

Since her hammock was in the rafters five stories up, it took a bit for Nathaniel to get Danny up there. But Nathaniel had to easily be the strongest vampire, aside from the Originals, in the world. So about five minutes later, Danny found herself laying down in her hammock. All her blades had been unsheathed and set neatly aside just how she always did(except for the hidden ones that even her brothers didn't know about), and two very confused, concerned vampire legends.

"What did this to you?" Nathaniel sounded more than upset that she had been hurt, and that she had let herself get weak enough to get hurt.

"She said she was a witch," Danny said, trying to sit up.

Nathaniel sighed, irritated, "And what did the witch-bit-"

Savage spoke up, cutting him off. "Did she say anything about you being a Prodigy?"

Before Danny could speak up, Nathaniel unknowingly cut her off and looked over to their brother, "What do you think she did?"

"I have a hunch, but I'm not sure," Savage said, glancing at Danny.

But Danny could barely make out the figures of her two brothers, the edges of her vision were getting fizzy and slowly closing in. Before she could utter a response, Danny felt herself falling into the black void of consciousness.

Danny woke up with a start in her inner world, which felt strangely quiet. There was no ghostly, haunting voice to greet her as the last two times. Well, except for the moans of agony coming from her Inner Ripper fifty feet in front of her. She was in her usual tattered clothing, but her red eyes didn't have their usual sense of menace and deadliness. Instead, they held pain and self pity in them. That was so unlike her that Danny rushed to her side as if she were her sister, not someone who had tried to kill her the last time she saw her. There were, much to Danny's surprise, chains around her inner Ripper's arms that were pinning them behind her back. The chains were heated up so they looked-and probably felt like-they were heated by fire.

"What the hell is going on!?" Danny blurted.

"Oh," the chained girl said through ragged gasps, " see that...your here."

"What?" Danny cocked an eyebrow, "Why?"

"I have a hint. I'm this stupid curse not to tell you what...will set me free, but what I can say is...that the original prodigy is alive. He's alive, and way...closer then you thought."

"You can't get me your power until we find him, huh?" Danny said, more a statement then a question.

Her inner Ripper nodded, then cringed as another wave of agony slammed into her. Danny immediately felt a wave of the same dizziness. They were the same being, Danny thought, so should she be feeling the same pain?

"What do I do when I find him?" Danny asked gently, as the agony subsided.

"You need...his blood," Her ripper croaked, "And...a lot of it."

"What'll that do?"

"It'll get rid of these chains and let me give you my strength, and there might be some...side effects."

"Side effects?"

"You might have to let me take...complete control of your body and let me go crazy for a bit. I'm...worried that his blood will bring with it...his Ripper's rage and I wont be able to control it. And if I can't control it, then I'll start...destroying you from the inside out."

Danny slowly nodded back her understanding, "Got it."

Then, with a last glance of sympathy, Danny turned and started to walk away. A good minute later, Danny sat down and closed her eyes. She was overwhelmed with what had happened, though she would never admit it to being anything but strong. Savage seemed to have an idea of what to look for and who to contact, just from the look Danny had seen in his eyes as he told her a debrief of what happened. Danny, however, was wondering who could the "original prodigy" could be. There were only about four prodigies, including Savage, here currently at the Warehouse. The two other then Savage were just the average prodigies, even though "average" was hardly a word that could fit their description. Compared to Savage, or even Danny, they were not as powerful. However, when compared with the average recruited Haunter, they were exceptional. Danny would have to tell Savage and Nathaniel when he awoke from her "sleep".

With a deep breath, she focused on waking up. Thinking of opening her eyes in reality, she regained consciousness.

Savage was practically in her face when Danny sat up, "Well? What'd it say?"

"That I need to see the original prodigy," Danny blinked in surprise at her brothers sudden urgency.

"Anything else?" Nathaniel asked from behind Savage.

"Only his blood can get rid of this stupid binding spell thing," Danny shrugged.

"Brother," Nathaniel said, turning to Savage, "Would you like to tell her something?"

Savage had been standing, apparently deep in thought, "What was that?"

"Do. You. Have. Something. To. Tell. Her?" Nathaniel said, irritated as he punched Savage to punctuate every word.

"We know where that original prodigy is, or at least we think we do," Savage said finally, sarcastically rubbing his arm.

"Where?" Danny asked urgently, eye's wide.

"...It's me, actually," Savage said, looking her in the eyes now.

Danny stared silently at her new brother. She blinked and tried to think why it hadn't come to her before. She was already coming up with excuses. She was busy training, busy doing her job, and was focused only on things that improved her skill so she wouldn't be a liability to any one Haunter. But there wasn't a good enough excuse in Danny's mind. Every story her Ripper had told her, the lore behind the Prodigies, and the background Nathaniel and Savage slowly trusted her with all made it perfectly clear. And she was related to him, which would've been a big clue as well, especially given his age.

Danny blinked again, "Why didn't you tell me, Brother?"

Savage shrugged, "It didn't come up, just like how your exploits before you came here didn't come up."

"Or how you haven't told us your real name, either," Nathaniel chimed in.

Danny glanced at Nathaniel, grimacing, "Sorry about that."

"Well, that's for another time. Right now, I suppose you have some blood to drink." Nathaniel shrugged and grinned his usual maddening smile.

"I guess so," Danny stood up, but winced. Her arms were starting to hurt, and exactly where she would think they would hurt if they were chained with red hot metal.

Nathaniel, just as she realized she was falling, caught her as a wave of pain radiated from her biceps outward. She could smell her flesh getting seared by the invisible chains. She could see the reflection of the burning flesh in the glint of Savage's now concerned irises. The instant Savage saw what was happening he brought his wrist to his mouth with fangs bared and slit open his vein. He put his bleeding wrist to Danny's mouth just before she could let out a scream of agony.

Blood flowed through her brother's wrist into her mouth. It had a different taste to it then her usual human prey. It was like eating the most rare and delicious chocolate compared to the normal convenience store candy bar. She drank and drank, the pain ebbing away with each gulp. Nathaniel held her up, but in a way that, if she were to have the same reaction as the last time she came in contact with Savage's blood, he could keep her pinned with his strength. Savage faded by the minute until he was on the limit for a vampire to lose blood, then he took his wrist back.

Danny, with fangs unknowingly bared, bit the air where Savage's wrist had been as if she could sneak in another drop, wishing for more. Savage chuckled and took a blood bag from his pocket. He drink the whole bag in three or four gulps. He looked less dizzy now, thankfully.

"Thank you, Brother," Danny croaked, breathing raggedly as she looked gratefully to Savage. Then she turned around to face Nathaniel, "And before I forget, my name was Danielle."

Then, it the same way as before at the Oath Ceremony six months ago, Danny slipped into unconsciousness.

Danny woke up with Savage breathing heavily, fangs bared, knife in hand. Danny felt her own fangs had extended, as she was in the middle of sinking them into Nathaniel's wrist to let her go. She blinked. Savage stood up straight from his fighting stance, and smirked so that one fang was visible. Nathaniel sighed and let her go.

"Sorry about that," Danny said, her fangs retracting slowly.

"Just be glad that we were there again," Nathaniel shrugged.

"Anyway," Savage said as he sheathed his blade, "How do you feel?"

"Better, I guess," Danny looked at Savage, "Did I hurt anyone?"

Savage shook his head.

"Good," Danny breathed.

"Got another mission for you then," Nathaniel said, grinning as usual, "Your team should be waiting in about fifteen. So go get geared up."

Danny blinked, "Already? After all that you want to send me back out?"

"We don't have time, Shadow. Something's come up and I only trust that you can handle it. Alright?" Nathaniel raised an eyebrow.

Danny nodded, smirking, "Yes, Commander."

"You know, you using my rank as if it were a button you can push makes me mad," Nathaniel grinned menacingly, which told Danny he was messing around, but to others it looked as if he were about to go on a killing spree.

"I know all too well, Brother," Danny smirked again and started towards her hammock to grab her gear. But when Danny glanced over her shoulder she caught sight of her bare arms.

She went to a tall mirror as quickly as she could. Her breath caught in her throat and her eyes widened in a mixture of shock and realization. She was surprised at the sight of her. She looked like her in er ripper again, with her tattered tank-top and pants, but with two differences. Her eyes were their cold, ice blue, and she had scars on both of her upper arms from the invisible chains.

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