The Night Haunters

Simple Negotiations

Nick drove the four vampires towards Mystic Falls, with Jake chatting it up with him in the passenger seat and Danny and Alex in the back seat. Danny and Alex had talked about everything but things concerning vampires, like clothes, the weather, how they each looked. Danny found that Alex's old name was Alexandria Young, and that she'd turned thirty years ago in Washington D.C. Before Alex had turned, she had a mother, father, and two younger sisters. When she was given the choice between the blood or the poison, she'd actually been intrigued about the idea to be a vampire, but didn't think of her family like Danny had.

"Speaking of Turning," Alex started, "What do you think?"

"Well, everything is the same but different too," Danny begun, "Everything is better, like my hearing and sight. It's just amazing really. But every bad feeling feels way worse, and I hate that sometimes. I love the power that it gives me, though."

"Oh, tell me about it," Alex said with a smile, "The longer you live, the better everything is. It's amazing what you can do in ten years compared to when you just start out. Trust me, Danny, when we train you, and when you help us with these assignments instead of spectating, you'll love being one of us. And I, as your first vampire friend, will be with you every step of the way."

"Thanks," Danny said smiling happily, "What kind of training?"

"Combat, strategy, spying, things like that. Really cool stuff, trust me. It's the history lessons that are boring, but those fly by once you get into a rhythm. The combat's fun for the girls, though," Alex laughed, "We have to learn a funner martial art then the guys because we're smaller, but its way better."

"I beg to differ," Jake chimed in, "Granted you have some moves that would leave a regular human pissing his pants, but that doesn't mean overall that your better."

"Well," Nick muttered loudly, suppressing a smile, "They did beat you in the last two fights."

Jack shot Nick a look, an Danny couldn't help but laugh. They were just now entering the outskirts of Mystic Falls ans Danny asked, "So whats the plan?"

"Well," Nick said, "We were going to bait him out somehow and then snap his neck. Then we bring him back home with us."

"Oh," Danny said, sounding kind of bored, "How are you going to bait him out then?"

"You," Jake said, and continued when Danny raised an eyebrow, "Your going to act as a normal human out for a mid-night drink. Then, Alex over here's going to show you something in her car outside but she'll compel you, and your going to go along with it. Then, our mark, being the selfless hero, will follow after you two and your going to lead him right to us."

"And I'm the bait, why?" Danny said with a small smile.

"You're the youngest," Jake said as if he were her big brother.

"No fair," Danny said, and acted hurt.

"Alright," Nick said, ignoring Danny's complaint, "We're here."

Danny glanced up and saw a large sign that read: "Welcome To Mystic Falls"

Damon sat in a bar stool, tuning out the constant chatter of the Grille. He'd had a long day and sloshed around the bourbon in his glass, sighing with exhaustion. His shock of black hair slightly wet from when he'd splashed his face with water. Elena and Stefan were home, sleeping most likely. Damon was glad for the alone time, resting his elbows on the bar, hunched forward over his glass.

Damon turned at the sound of the door opening to the Grille and was shocked at the sight of a girl clad in black. Her lazily curled black hair, highlighted by a thin strip of blood red, framed her flawless face and icy blue eyes. Damon watched her as she say at the far end of the bar, sitting graciously down on the bar stool.

"What'll it be?" Damon over heard the bartender say.

The girl smiled brilliantly, "Surprise me. Something strong, though."

"I don't know about strong, miss," The bartender said, "How about bourbon?"

"Sounds good to me," She shrugged, "How much?"

"You know what? It's on the house," He said with a smile.

"How sweet of you," The girl said with a soft, thankful tone.

The bartender smiled, turned for the bourbon, stooped for a glass, and poured the girl a drink of the liquor. She nodded her thanks and took a sip. She breathed a sigh as she brought the glass from her lips. The girl glanced around passively, as if she were taking the place in. She pulled out a mirror and refreshed her make up somehow, then took another sip. A slightly older girl with brown her like Elena's, sat next to her. She wore similar clothes to the black haired girl, but instead of a jacket, her shoulders were bare except for the straps of her tank top. She smiled.

"Hey," The girl said, "Mind if I join you?"

"I guess not," The black haired girl said with a shrug, then looked to the bartender, "She'll have what I'm having, I guess."

"Thanks," The brown haired one smiled, "Hey, I love that jacket!"

"Oh, this?" The black haired girl said, smiling and gesturing to her leather jacket, "I guess it's alright."

"You know what?" The brown haired one said, looking straight into the other girls eyes, "Give that to me."

The black haired girls expression blanked and she slid out of the jacket and handed it to her, "Here."

"Gee, thanks," the girl smiled, sliding on the jacket then compelled her again, "Come with me."

The girl dark haired girl looked blankly and nodded. The brown haired one smiled devilishly and rose, turning to to exit. The other girl was not far behind her. Damon, sighing, finished his drink and followed the two girls out the door. The night air whistled past his ears, slamming his nose with its fresh scent. Damon looked right and then left, spotting the pair heading towards a dark area of the road. Damon followed them silently, casually with his hands in his pockets. He saw the two girls duck into a dark alleyway.

"Hold still and don't scream," He heard the older girl compel. He turned the corner and saw the brown eyes of the older girl become dark and a web of veins showed under her eyes, her canines lengthened into fangs.

"Hey," Damon called, causing her to stop inches from the dark haired girls throat, "Let's not do something we'll regret, shall we?"

The girl sighed, annoyed as she pulled back and retracted her fangs, "And you are?"

"The party-pooper at the moment," Damon smiled, "For now, anyway. So I'll give you two choices: compel her to forget this and leave, or share her with me."

"You drive a hard bargain," She said with a cool smile, "Choice number three: you shut up and let me have a meal while you go find your own dinner."

"Oh sorry," Damon said with a smirk, "Wrong answer."

Damon dove for the black haired girl. Then she snapped out of her black state and looked devilishly at Damon. He stopped in his tracks, confused, as the brown haired girl disappeared. Damon hardly noticed as the black haired girl faced him and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Hello, Damon Salvatore," The girl said, "So very pleased to meet you at last."

"Oh come on, lady," Damon said in his trademark annoyed-bored voice, "You could have just asked for me to meet you, instead of having a minion of yours help."

The girl shrugged, "It's funner this way, you must admit."

"I could have another drink right now," Damon said sadly, "But I guess not. So who are you anyway?"

"Does it really matter?" She said, and nodded to behind Damon. He turned around to find two guys in the same type of black clothing with leather jackets. They had wide hoods over their heads, casting the darkest shadows so that he couldn't see their eyes. They flanked the brown haired girl, who looked at him with a smirk. They all stood shoulder width apart, arms crossed over their chests.

"Nighty, night, Mr. Salvatore," He heard the dark haired girl whisper in his ear, then she snapped his neck with a quick twist. Damon crumpled to the ground.

"Well," Danny said with a sigh, "That was fun."

"That went well for your first time," Jake said, "So how come you don't seem to be freaked out about any of this, Danny?"

Danny shrugged, smiling mischievously, "Maybe I'm just a demon and you just didn't notice."

"Well. Nick," Jake said clapping Nick's shoulder after they tossed Damon's limp body into the trunk, "You sure know how to pick 'em."

"I have a good eye, what can I say?" Nick smiled, "Now, who's gonna be the one to shoot him full of vervain when he wakes up?"

Danny raised a hand to volunteer, smiling. "Do that's what that syringe was then?"

"Right again, my young friend," Jake chuckled, "I vote Nick for it, since he's the oldest and all."

"Aww," Alex sighed, "I want to do it, he had the nerve to keep me from a kill...well, kind of, anyway."

Nick shrugged, "How about Alex sticks him, and Danny stands back in case we have to snap his neck...again."

"Yay!" Alex exclaimed in mock excitement, making her voice like a squeal, "Girl time!"

Danny rolled her eyes and leaned back onto the Camero, "Can I have my jacket back?"

"Oh," Alex laughed, shrugging off the leather jacket and transferring the vervain to her pants pocket, "Yeah, here."

"Thanks," Danny nodded, taking the jacket and sliding it over her shoulders, she felt warmer now, "Well, can we go now?"

"I don't see why not," Jake said, looking towards Nick, who was closing the trunk with finality, "How about you, Chief?"

"Nope, let's go," Nick said, then as they all got in at about the same time, he asked with a smile, "Anyone hungry?"

After they all nodded quickly, Nick laughed and revved the engine and drove off. They sped down the road and were soon on their way to New York. They were almost out of town before they realized it was almost dawn. Nick sighed and turned around towards the dimming lights of Mystic Falls. They pulled into a motel minutes before sunrise and rented two rooms, the girls in one and the guys with their captive in the other. After they'd closed and locked the wooden door, Danny sighed heavily and shrugged of her jacket. After she tossed her jacket on her bed, she went to the sink, where Alex stood brushing her teeth. Danny cupped her hands and splashed water onto her face. It felt good and refreshing, and Danny sighed as she dried her face with a hand towel. When she looked up, she couldn't help but notice the strange predatory look in her eyes, which made her think of how she'd so easily snapped Damon's neck. She laughed, shrugging off the thought. She turned and saw Alex sitting on her bed expectantly.

"Yes?" Danny said turning, "What is it?"

"What do you think so far?" Alex said smiling, "You like it?"

"Do I like being an immortal bad-ass?" Danny intoned with a slight smile, "It has its ups and downs."

"Oh don't lie," Alex smiled, "You love it, and you know it. I know it's a bit of a change going from not hurting a fly to snapping people's necks and drinking their blood, but you'll get used to it, trust me."

"Everything's changed for me, Alex," Danny said, sounding sad, "I left behind everything I've ever known not even a day or two ago. My Mom and Dad, my friends, my entire life just gone. And I can't even see my own funeral, for even a hint of real closure."

"I'm sorry, Danny," Alex said softly, "It was easier for me because there wasn't much for me to leave. My Dad was a very dedicated drinker, my mother left us, and I never fit in anywhere. But that changed when Nick found me. He gave me his blood, gave me a painless death, and brought me to the Manor. They trained me to fight, how to use my new abilities, how to stay alive in any kind of fight. I was impulsive the first two to three weeks, slaughtering people because my anger towards how bad I'd had it overwhelmed me. But everyone helped me through it. It was different back then, there was Nick, Mark and Adam, Michael, Jake, and me. They recruited me after they'd lost a good amount of them in a huge fight with a wolf pack. A werewolf bite is fatal to us, just as much as stakes are. Sunlight, though, is a strange one. Witches can make special rings that let you walk in the daylight, well, that's the rumor anyway. But if you stay away from all those bad things, the perks are so worth it."

"That, I can agree to," Danny laughed, "Well, I don't know what to do for the day, want to go pester the guys?"

"Sounds like a plan to me!" Alex smiled cheerfully.

Danny and Alex walked through the door without knocking, both smiling at Nick and Jake. The two men were laying on their beds and neither of them had taken an article of clothing of except for their jackets, just like Danny and Alex. Danny glanced over to to foot of Nick's bed, and saw a passed out Damon Salvatore with a plain leather jacket, white v-neck, and light jeans. Danny could hear the bones in his neck moving back into place. The men were acting as if the girls hadn't entered, pretending to sleep but acting so terribly that the girls knew that they were faking.

Alex just sighed and slowly made her way over to Jake, who was laying down on his back, while Danny leaned on the nearest wall and watched with a small smile. When Alex finally made her way over to Jake, he was fake snoring up a storm, Alex traced the edge of the bed with her index finger as she went around to the other side of the need, straining to not giggle, smiling wider every second until she was on the other side of the mattress. Then she threw herself onto Jake's stomach just as he inhaled a large gulp of air. When Alex landed, Jake faked doubling over as his breath was knocked out of him. Danny and Alex burst out laughing and Jake just smiled wide. Danny felt good as she laughed, all of the small twinges of worry and guilt that she didn't even know she had been forming in her chest melting away at how silly Alex and Jake were acting. Danny had friends that acted like that all the time, and this reminded her of them in the best way so that she didn't miss them.

"So," Jake said his breath wheezy from laughing, "How you girls doing?"

"Tired," Danny yawned, using her vampire speed to appear at Nicks bed where he still lay with a larger then possible snore, "Very, very tired."

Danny yawned again then "fainted" onto Nick's rising chest, causing the same, even more exaggerated response of Nick wheezing for air. Danny laughed until her vision was blurred by tears. Nick laughed along with them, holding his abs like Danny had hurt him with her landing.

"I think he's going to wake up soon, don't you?" Danny said, catching her breath as she started to stop laughing, a small smile was still on her face and her abs were sore. She heard a low moan, and turned with a sly smile at the awakening Damon, "Told you so."

"You know," Damon said, rolling his neck, "I'm not a fan of getting my neck snapped. Who do I blame for it this time?"

"That would be me, Mr. Salvatore," Danny said with a bow.

"I was hoping it wasn't you," Damon sighed, "Well, your just too pretty for me to rip your heart out... So I think that Blue Eyes will have to do."

"Careful," Danny whispered into Nick's ear, "We have a buzzkill on our hands."

Nick shrugged, "So, Damon, what do you think our here for?"

"Are you guys like the vampire police or something? 'Cause that would explain the matching get-ups," Damon shrugged, "Anyways, I have no idea why I'm in a motel when I can be at a mansion with a tray of liquor instead. So please, enlighten me."

"We have reason to believe that you've been supplying vervain to the local population. Now, seeing as that can cause other vampires problems, you can see why I'm concerned about it."

"That's what this is for?" Damon scoffed, "Trust me, idiot, I've done worse things then give the puny little vampire hunters some vervain."

"We've heard about that," Nick said, "But that's for another time I suppose, if you end up being enough of a problem anyway."

"You know," Damon said, "If that's a threat, then the jokes on you. The Originals hate my guts and would gladly kill me if they had the chance, so why should I be afraid of a small time vamp that has a bad taste in motels?"

"Well, I suppose you'll think more clearly and be more worth my while after I ram vervain into the back of your skull through your eyes," Nick said smoothly, a evil grin crossing his face as he rose and turned towards Alex, "Go ahead, its your turn."

"Gladly," Alex said with a devilish smile.

Alex blurred behind Damon and quickly snapped his neck with out a second thought. Damon slumped in his chair again, lifeless. Alex exhaled and tucked a loose strand of her brown hair behind her ear.

"Feel better?" Danny chuckled.

"Much better," Alex smiled, "Come on, it's getting bright out and I need some sleep."

"Right behind you, Alex," Danny said, following Alex through the door into their room. Danny let loose a long, drawn out sigh and face-planted onto the bed, her hair splayed around her head like a dark halo. She rolled onto her back and stared around the room. The plaster was starting to peel from the walls, creating thin lines that splintered into smaller lines. The fan had a thin layer of dust, and it's light cast a warm orange light. Danny, unfortunately, could hear rodents scurrying in the walls, and the very intimate actions of a couple three doors down. Danny felt blood rush to her cheeks and she tuned them out and covered her ears. She focused on her new clothes. She'd taken off the slim fitting shirt and wore a black tank top that was just as skin tight as the shirt. The black pants she wore had extra material on the outside of her thighs and they were like skinny jeans, wrapping around her thin thighs and calves and went into her high boots. The boots reached just past the top of her calves, made of a tough but comfortable material that acted like the padding on Danny's pants, and they had an inch heel. With relief and a long sigh, Danny felt herself drift into sleep, slowly drifting into unconsciousness.

Danny woke at the sound of the guys' door being pounded on furiously and a voice yelling, "Damon in there with you?"

Danny heard Nick respond almost bored, "Who's asking?"

"Elena," She said, "Look, he didn't do anything to you that I can't help you clear up so just let him go."

"And you know him how?" Nick said, undoubtedly raising an eyebrow.

"I'm his girlfriend," Elena said.

Danny listened and heard two pairs of feet coming towards Nick's door, one small and feminine and the other larger. Danny peaked out the window, a blonde girl with curled hair and a boy with wavy dark hair next to her. It was just beginning to be twilight. Danny quickly checked her sheath and her knife, touching the coarse hilt and quickly grabbing her jacket. Sliding it over her shoulders, she quietly slithered through the door into Nick's room. She held up two fingers mouthing "two more coming". Nick nodded quickly turning back to the door. Alex and Jake were sitting on one of the beds, looking bored as ever. Danny glanced at Damon, who was still tied up and unmoving, his black hair falling over his closed eyes.

"So, Elena," Nick said, "What are you and your two friends going to do?"

"We were hoping that you'd just let him go and I answer your questions," Elena said.

"Well, he's been supplying vervain to the local vampire hunters," Nick stated, "So he is due for some punishment, and he needs to shut down the vervain production as well. Then we'll release him. Until then, there's nothing you can do."

Danny heard Elena sigh, "How long until he comes back?"

"Depends on his choice. He can choose to be bleed out and left to desiccate for a two years, or lashed for ten minutes by two of us. So the absolute soonest could be by the end of the week."

"That doesn't sound good either way," Elena said

"It has to be done, otherwise vampires could get killed because one of us was a fool enough to give the enemy tools against us. Now we must be off, Damon's due for questioning soon, so if you could go back home it would be very much appreciated."

"And if she doesn't want to?" said the boy with wavy hair.

Nick just chuckled and flipped on his hood, Danny, Alex and Jake followed suit. Everyone's face was cloaked in the darkest shadows. Danny felt like she was in the middle of a cult gathering, with all of them wearing the same clothing. The guys clothes were slightly different them the girls, Danny noticed. They wore combat boots that reached just past their ankles, and their jackets were more tailored to their broad shoulders and muscular builds. Upon a signal from Nick, Jake went to pick up Damon and the girls slipped into their room and to the door that lead out of their room. The girls waited for about a minute, calming their breathing into slow peaceful breaths. Then, with the sound of Nick's signal, they walked out into the dark night silent as could be and started to walk away from the three at the boys door.

"What the heck?" Danny heard the blonde say, "Who the hell are these people?"

"It can't be," Breathed the wavy haired one, "They were only rumors..."

"What are you talking about, Stefan?" The blonde said.

"There were these rumors I heard a while ago about a group of vampires that punish Rippers and sympathizers for their crimes. I heard that they wear these black clothes and hoods that hide their faces. Caroline, you better follow them, they could be getting Damon or more of them," Stefan whispered as low as he could so that Danny could barely hear him.

Then Danny heard Caroline's soft footsteps behind them, about thirty feet away. Danny looked over at Alex, and smiled. Alex, only the bottom of her nose down showing under the hood, smiled back. Then they both turned the corner and as soon as they knew they couldn't be seen, pulled out their phones and started to fake call in for "reinforcements", knowing that Caroline will be close enough to hear them. Sure enough, Caroline had used her vampire speed to blur in front of Danny and Alex and smack the phones away from their ears, cutting them off mid-sentence.

"I don't think you'll be needing those," Caroline said smugly, "Now who are you people?"

Danny and Alex looked at each other and smiled evilly, then at the same time, turned towards Caroline. She looked confused at their response, stepping back as if she were pushed. Then Alex lunged for Caroline with a catlike, deadly hiss, taking her to the ground while Danny watched with great interest. Alex jumped off Caroline and lowered into a fighting stance, and Caroline got up as quickly as she could, raising her fists to shield her face. Then Caroline swung a left hook at Alex's face, but Alex smirked and beat down the punch, causing Caroline to stumble foreword, right into Alex's elbow as she thrust it into her nose. Caroline's head jerked back, and blood splattered onto her white blouse. Then, Alex slammed her fist into Caroline's jaw with the same arm that had elbowed her. The ensuing whiplash snapped Caroline's neck with a satisfying crack as she crumbled to the ground.

"And that," Alex said with a flip of her hair, "Is just a taste of what you'll be learning soon."

Danny's mouth curled into a huge, mischievous smile, "Can't wait."

They rounded the corner to find Elena and Stefan crumbled on the ground in front for the motel room, their necks snapped. With a glance in both directions revealing no witnesses Alex and Danny flicked their hoods off and headed towards the car. Nick was just then tossing Damon, bound by rope at the ankles and wrists, into the trunk when he started to stir. His eyes fluttered open just in time to see Jake grip his head and break it once again. Danny laughed as she remembered that it was the third time it had happened in 24 hours.

They all piled in the car, not even glancing back at the three vampires in their wake, and drove for New York.

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