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The Journey To Erebor

Chapter 2

Ingrid stood with the rest of the company and moved towards the door. Bilbo reached the door first and pulled it open. The great circle swung open with ease and without stood Thorin Oakenshield. She felt the breath catch in her chest, it had been years since she had last seen him and he had lost none of his prowess in that time. Ingrid knew in her heart that she stood before a true king. The dwarf king was still very handsome man with long black hair streaked with grey, a short cropped black beard and piercing blue eyes. I wonder why he never married. Thorin must have had woman throwing themselves at him over the years but when your heart is filled with anger, love is hard to let in. She had also heard old rumors that Thorin had once been engaged but his betrothed was killed by Smaug. Whether the rumors were true or not, Ingrid could not say and she had no intention of asking Thorin Oakensheild such a personal question. Thorin unhooked his cloak and surveyed the company,

"Gandalf, I thought you said this place would be easy to find. I got lost, twice. And would have never found it if not for that mark on the door." The little hobbit ruffled at the remark,

"There's no mark on that door. It was painted a week ago." Before the hobbit could get out to the door to inspect it Gandalf moved into his path.

"Yes, there is. I put it there myself." Gandalf said calmly. Bilbo continued to fret over the door as Thorin greeted his nephews and each member of the company. Ingrid stood in silence waiting for him to reach her. He greeted the members warmly or as warmly as was possible for Thorin to. A part of her began to panic, it was almost unheard of for female dwarves to join quests such as this, but she had no brothers to take up the call and her father could not join due to a mining accident that had left him lame many years ago. So the duty fell to her. When Thorin turned his deep blue gaze on her she all but stopped breathing he seemed to be looking right through her to her core, judging her worth.

"I do not recognize you." He said coolly. Ingrid stood straight and spoke,

"My father is Ingemar son of Ingvar. He could not come himself and I have no brothers to answer to the call. So I have come to take his place." Thorin eyed her carefully. Ingrid would not back down now, her stubbornness had won out over her fear and she would not be moved. I will prove myself to you. Thorin looked her over for several moments before saying,

"Very well." Seemingly satisfied with Ingrid he rounded on Bilbo. He questioned the hobbit as to his expertise in burglary and his weapon of choice. All the answers the Halfling gave brought laughs from the company. He is too gentle for this quest. Ingrid couldn't help but think, even her youngest sister Inga, who was only fifty, could take him in a brawl and Inga was hardly trained to fight at all. A gentle soul like Bilbo's had no place on the road, living day to day, fighting whatever foe came at them. Ingrid did not think that this hobbit would survive the journey. Even Thorin shook his head in disbelief that this was the person, of all the peoples of middle earth, which Gandalf had chosen. With that matter settled for the moment the company returned to discuss the plan to journey to Erebor. Thorin told everyone what had happened at the meeting of the seven families and that we were alone but not without reason. The quest was for the dwarves of Erebor and for them alone. The next problem to be faced, besides the dragon, getting into Erebor the front gates had been sealed and there was no other way into the mountain, or so they thought. The wizard then produced a key that was meant opened a hidden door to the lower halls of Erebor. The map that was with the key still held secrets that the wizard could not make out. He knew though that the door could only be opened under specific conditions. What those conditions were though no one knew. At that moment it felt to Ingrid as though the quest had truly begun. They had the company, their leader, a wizard, and a way into Erebor, only one thing that remained was their burglar. What hopes they had of Bilbo joining the quest were soon dashed when the hobbit proceeded to fall unconscious after reading the contract, not that Bofur helped the situation. Without a burglar, even one as unlikely as Bilbo, the company didn't have much of a chance. There was still a small bit of hope left, now that they had a way into the mountain the opportunity could not be missed. Gandalf reassured them that Bilbo would join the company in the end but that was hard to believe after watching the Halfling collapse from just reading about a dragon.

Later that night Ingrid walked out of Bag End and into the gardens for a moment of fresh air. The company had settled down for the night and it wouldn't be long before everyone was asleep. Dawn would bring them to the beginning of their journey. A journey, Ingrid knew would define the rest of her life. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined she would be doing this. Ingrid had many worries for what the future would bring. There was bound to be dangers on the road and though she was a good fighter she wondered how she would measure up against the others in the company. She pondered what the future would bring as she reflected on Bilbo.

How in Durin's name is he going to face a real dragon? He can't even read about one without fainting. I know Gandalf has faith in him but how can he do this? She became more forlorn as she thought about the hobbit joining the company. What right does he have to join this quest? What right do I have to join this quest? Ingrid pressed her face into her palm in frustrations. I haven't fought in any great battles or even traveled far beyond the Blue Mountains. Father I know that you trained me for a quest like this but I don't know if I can do it. I don't know if I can prove myself to Thorin, if I can show him I deserve to be here as much as any other. She let out a long sigh as she looked out across the Shire. Ingrid heard foot steps behind her.

"Ingrid?" She turned at the sound of Fili's voice. He was walking towards her along the path from the side door.

"Oh Fili…It's you…What are you doing out here?" She asked halfheartedly, her mind was still wrestling with whether or not she truly deserved to be a part of the company.

"I came out here looking for you. Everyone is about to turn in for the night." Ingrid hardly heard him. It was only when he placed a hand on her shoulder that she woke from her toiling.

"Ingrid? What's wrong?" Fili's hand lingered on her shoulder to which she shrugged away.

"It's nothing…" Fili stepped up next to her trying to make her meet his gaze.

"It's been over twenty years since I last saw you and you still can't lie to save your life." Ingrid had to crack a smile at that. Fili placed his hand back on her shoulder and spoke, "Ingrid you can talk to me. What's bothering you?" Ingrid let out a sigh and shook her head brushing his hand from her shoulder.

"It doesn't matter. It's not something that you could fix anyway." Ingrid continued to gaze out over the Shire as Fili stood beside her in silence. Time seemed to creep past as the tension between them began to mount. She couldn't stand this tension much longer, in the silence that the two shared her mind raced. The idea of the possibility of rekindling their former childhood romance terrified her. Fili had not been the first boy to show interest in her but he was the only who hadn't turned tail and ran when he found out that she was trained to do man's work. This mere thought disgusted and horrified most other boys in the village but not Fili, he saw more to her. Her sister Ingeborg ,now she had always been the one to flirt shamelessly with the boys in the village and had them trailing after her like love sick pups. Ingrid was more likely to knock one on their ass than accept a romantic advance, but Fili, he made her feel differently. Even after all these years he could still make her feel off balance. She snuck a quick glance at him feeling her cheeks flush. He had grown into quit a handsome dwarf with his golden hair perfectly braided and his short cropped bread and braided mustache. Ingrid cursed herself for acting like some love struck maiden, she was a warrior, a black smith, the son her father never had, and she didn't swoon over men like other maids would. It was Fili who finally broke the silence between them.

"I can't believe this quest is really happening." Ingrid swallowed hard and nodded in agreement.

"All my life Thorin and my mother have told me stories about Erebor but to actually think of seeing it with my own eyes is almost unbelievable."

"Yes it really is." Ingrid added in a small voice.

"To see it with you will make it even more memorable." Ingrid's head snapped towards Fili at the statement but he didn't stop there. "Ingrid I know that this might sound absurd but I Still care for you and even after twenty years still have feelings for you, there's just something about that never left me." Ingrid stepped back defensively.

"Fili stop we can't do this. Not here, not now." Fili took a step forward drawing nearer to her with each step.

"Why not? What other time would we do this?" Ingrid continued to retreat her heart was pounding in her chest as she raced for the right words.

"I can't worry about these feelings for you from a childhood romance long gone. The quest and the company is all I have time for. You know that it's unheard of for a woman to join a company such as this. Right now I have to prove myself to Thorin I have to show him that I'm worthy of being here and standing by his side in a real battle." Fili reached a hand out to touch her cheek and for a moment Ingrid wanted to give in, she wanted to feel his fingertips across her skin to feel like the maid she was, but then the warrior she had trained to be took back over and she pulled away.

"Then look me in the eye and tell me. Tell me you love another and are promised to be married or that your feelings have faded away. Tell me you don't feel anything for me and I will let it go." She thought she could hear a hurt in voice. A pain that told her that Fili didn't want to hear her say those words. Ingrid looked deep into Fili's eyes, a part of her wanted to tell him that there was nothing but she knew that would be a lie. She knew that the wiser path to choose would be the one that destroyed their chance of ever being together; But a small part of her still clung to the boy who had whispered promises to her and stolen sweet kisses. But before here stood a new man, a man that was nothing like the boy she had loved so many years ago. She had no idea of whether he has was a better or worse man then the boy she had remembered so many years ago. Ingrid turned away from Fili unable to answer and began to walk back towards bag end. She had only gone a few paces when Fili grabbed her hand and pulled her back around. Before she had time to react he had one hand on the small of her back and the other on her cheek and his lips were pressed against hers. It was not a sweet or tender kiss like they had shared as children but one that was bitter and full of longing. Once again Ingrid felt the urge to surrender to him but the warrior within her was stronger. She slammed her hands against his chest pushing him away, anger was boiling inside her now.

"How dare you." She growled. "Just after I told you that I can't worry about my feelings right now you go ahead and do something like that?" Fili looked surprised by her anger.

"I thought that you…" Ingrid cut him off.

"That I was some doe eyed maid that you could sweep off her feet with one kiss? I may still have feelings for you Fili but I don't know you anymore and you don't know me. It's been twenty years! We've both grown up we've both changed and you think that one little kiss is going to put everything back to the way it was?" He didn't respond but beside the look of shock on his face Ingrid thought he looked almost impressed.

"You're right." It was Ingrid's turn to be surprised. "We aren't the same as we were back then but that doesn't mean that I want to give up the way I feel. If anything you've just given me a reason to prove myself to you. You may not be the same girl who I watched ride away all those years ago but you have turned into one amazing woman." Ingrid was taken aback by his words. She didn't know what to say and so she turned around and headed back towards bag end. What she had said in her anger raced around in her mind and before she was too far away she stopped and looked back at Fili.

"I still remember the promise that we made to each other all those years ago, I never forgot." With that Ingrid turned and headed back into bag end trying to wrap her mind around the emotions that were ripping though her.

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