Can You Love a Heart of Black

Hall of the Gods

I appeared in the hall of the gods the moment that blasted little god of love shot an arrow past me. A strong hand grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the way almost throwing me off balance. Sun light streamed into the hall and reflected off the marble pillars and floor. The twelve thrones looked out at me Zeus and Hera's in the middle of course. My own was on Hera's side towards the end. Green vines and flowers bloomed across it, each god's throne represented their power.

"Demeter move a little. Or I might hit you." Said Zeus in his deep booming voice. The king god wore a white tunic that fell to the ground, he also and a shield on one arm and his thunder bolts strapped across his back. His gold crown glistened in his hair and a matching golden arrow in his hand. I gave a low bow to the king of gods before smiling at him.

"Zeus my dearest one you haven't aimed a love arrow at me in years." At this moment I snatched the golden bow from Eros' hands. He grabbed at it but I held it out of reach. Eros of course was one of the most handsome gods on Olympus, gold hair cut long, piercing blue eyes, and a perfectly sculpted body. All thanks to his mother, damned goddess of love, I would die before I let either one of them near my Persephone. Zeus held up his hand to stop Eros from protesting further. No one argued with Zeus unless you wanted to end up with whatever your worst fears are coming true.

"I heard our daughter sighing and I was going to send her Eros. Before you snatched his bow away from him like he was a child." Rag boiled inside me. I grabbed the golden arrow from Zeus hand and snapped it in two. He may be Persephone's father but he did not control her. He would not pierce her delicate heart with that accursed arrow. I would die before I let him make her fall in love.

"What! A good thing I did then. You may control the gods and mortals but I control our daughter!" Zeus grabbed the bow back from me and handed it to Eros. Lightning crackled around Zeus' crown as anger over took him. I knew I was dangerously close to pushing him over the edge but I did not care.

"No one talks to me like that!" he raised a hand as electricity crackled in the air. He pointed and Eros. A wicked smile crossed his lips.

"Eros SHOT!" He soared into the sky on his snowy white wings and took aim and Persephone's meadow. Panic gripped my heart I had to protect her. I transformed into a crane and swooped in front of Eros. He let to golden arrow fly but I knocked it back to the hall of gods. Let it pierce Zeus for what he wanted to do to our child. Zeus took up the shield and deflected it back towards the earth. I dove after it but there was no hope of catching it. I helplessly watched as it fell towards my child. She sat on a rock in the river with no idea of what was going to happen to her. Breath froze in my chest as it closed in. It shot past her in a glitter of gold missing her by inches and plunged into the deep pool.

I flew back to the hall and landed in front of Zeus. He was in a fit of rage but I did not care I had one this battle. A smile fluttered across my lips at Zeus' utter rage of being defeated.

"The arrow missed her heart she will not feel the pangs of love. I will keep my daughter safe no matter the coast." He knew the laws as I did. Once Eros missed a person's heart he must wait for a year before taking aim again.

"For now you have won but this is not over yet." He said in a voice as cold as steel. He knew I wanted to keep Persephone safe so why did he insist on putting her in harm's way by using Eros? I changed back into a crane and returned to my temple to rest. I landed on the steps and pushed aside the long vines that grew in front of the temple entrance. Zeus was the last person I wanted to see. I relaxed as I thought of Persephone safe in her field away from the prying eyes of the Gods. Perhaps in a while I would go and see Persephone again, she would be missing me soon.

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