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Opposites attract

By DianaStargaze

Adventure / Romance

The Play

Ok so I love the Avatar series and I used to be a total Aang and Katara fan. After a little while and watching season 3 I am now a total Zuko and Katara fan. This is for everyone who was totally disappointed when the series ended. If you're not a Zuko and Katara fan then don't read this. I'm pretty much rewriting from the Ember Island players on. Hope you enjoy please. Also note I am converting this to a third person perspective. I wrote this a long time ago and it's due for and update. So here is a little taste of how the story will be from now on.

Katara stormed away from Aang, how could he just kiss me right after I told him I was confused. Katara walked over to a different part of the theater, the wood panels creaked under her feet loudly as she went. She went over to a rail and leaned on it trying to clear her mind, Why am I so confused? She dug her fingers into the wood as if breaking the rail would make everything clear. Aang has always been there with me he was one of my best friends yet something was keeping me from liking him more than just a friend. Katara ran her fingers through her hair as she desperately tried to puzzle out her feelings. In the end all her struggling came to no avail, she buried her face in her hands as frustration over took her. A soft cool breeze began to blow out of the south and her thought turned back to the home she had not seen in almost a year. She thought fondly of the ice and snow and her heart began to ache for it. She wondered how much home had changed since she had left and how much she had changed. Katara could say for certain that she was not the same girl who had left the south pool so long ago. All the adventures she had been on since they had found Aang had turned her world upside down. The most I had hoped for before we found Aang was to survive the war and have Dad come home safe, but now everything is different. Katara could her footsteps coming towards her, she quickly lifter her head and tried to hid her internal dilemma. She saw that it was Zuko walking towards her and she couldn't help but smile. Out of everyone in the group he was the one that had come the farthest, from chasing them across the world to training Aang and helping her find and confront her mothers killer. Zuko casually walked up next to Katara and leaned up on the railing. His face was mostly covered by the long hood he was wearing. Zuko's face was cast almost completely in shadow to try and hide his scar from the world around him.

"I warned you this was going to be bad." He said in a sarcastic voice. Katara giggled and nodded her head in agreement. Zuko had tried desperately to convince them that the play was going to be awful, but there was no stopping Sokka who insisted they go see the play about themselves.

"Yeah like we really said those things to each other in Ba Sing Sa." Katara added trying to be funny but when Zuko didn't respond the atmosphere became awkward and stiff. Katara felt a blush running up her cheeks as she thought of what their play doubles had said and done. She looked away trying to calm her nerves. She had always felt nervous around Zuko and not just because of all the times he had tried to kill them and capture again. It was something different like a thousand butterflies filling her up. Katara twisted her figures together and tried to think of something to say. She looked over at him and couldn't help but think how his scar both degraded and glorified his face. His beautiful golden eyes looked up at the full moon, he looks amazing in the moon light, why have I never noticed that before? Katara began to ponder what Zuko would look like without his scar, and remembered back to Ba Sing Se and how she had almost used the spirit water to try and heal it. Zuko broke suddenly pulled her back to reality when he spoke.

"I've always hated the full moon." He said calmly, Katara was startled by this. Zuko was not the kind of person who just opened up and shared things like this. He's such a private person. Why is he opening up to me of all people? Katara knew that General Iroh had been his confidant but why would he tell her this.

"Oh, it always makes me stronger." She said rather quietly. She thought about how truly different they were, opposites in almost every way moon, sun, fire, water, day, night. Yet I am strangely comfortable be around him. Her mind turned to Tui and La back in the north pool. How they two were opposites but they needed each other to maintain balance.

"I can hardly bend at all on these nights." He lifted his hand from the rail and mustered a tiny flame in his hand. Katara looked at her own hands and thought of what the full moon allowed her to do. The thought made her feel sick.

"I can only bloodbend on full moon nights." Zuko looked at her confused. Not many people knew about what waterbenders were capable of doing on a full moon night.

"You can what?" He asked in a puzzled voice.

"Bloodbend, I can literally control a person's body against their will. It's what I did to those guards when we went looking from me mother's killer." Zuko understood then and gave a small nod. He looked back out towards the ocean for a long moment.

"I sometimes wish I wasn't a fire bender." He confessed quietly. Katara felt as though she could be knocked over by a puff of wind at that moment. She couldn't believe what she was hearing and that Zuko was telling her this. He looked so sad in that moment, so vulnerable.

"Why you have such amazing power something I will never have." Katara couldn't help but remember having this same conversation with another firebender but that was so long ago and so much has changed since those days.

"Yeah but you don't understand how deadly it is. How easy it is to lose control, I mean look at what my own father did to me." Katara shuddered at the thought of any parent scaring their child in such away. But, with Azula for a sister she wasn't so surprised at the fact. Katara tried to imagine Hakoda fighting Sokka in the same way Zuko had fought his father but she just couldn't. Katara straightened up and started to walk back towards the theater. The next act would be starting soon and though it was probably going to be just a painful as the first. She stopped after a few steps and looked back to Zuko.

"We better go before the second part starts." Karata said, Zuko shrugged slightly. The play was already going Sokka filled her in on what she had missed so far which wasn't much. Zuko came in shortly afterward and sat next to her. Katara couldn't help but notice how Aang didn't like the fact that Zuko was sitting next to her and not him. I wonder if he thinks Zuko and I have a thing for each other. She blushed at the thought of it. The play went on till it ended with Ozai wining and Aang and Zuko both dying. It was probably the worst play she had ever seen. The gang walked out of the theater and down the beach in silence.

"That was horrible." Sokka said on their way back to the house. Everyone murmured in agreement. Katara walked closer to the ocean and kept her distance from Aang. I just needed to think is all I'll be able to figure this out eventually. If I keep my distance for the next few days I should be able to figure out what it is I really want. After a short walk back to the house everyone dispersed to their rooms, Katara went into her room and stripped out of her clothes and down to her underwraps. She moved quietly out of the house so not to wake anyone. The soft sand squished under her feet as she made her way to the ocean. She waded into her waist enjoying the feeling of the water around her. The warm water was soothing on her skin and the full moon made her feel strong. Katara breathed out and froze some of the water that was in front of her. Soon she was bending the water not really thinking about what shewas doing just letting her body flow. It was moments like these that she truly loved, no one around to bother her just her, the water, and moonlight. It was easy for her to get lost in the movement of the waves and forget about all the worries that plagued her mind.

After a while she began to tier and decided to head back in. She walked out of the water and rung out her thick hair before bending out the last bit of water from her hair and off her body. She walked quietly back up into the house but once she reached the courtyard she saw Zuko sitting alone in the moonlight. He seemed so peaceful and the moonlight made him seem almost unreal. His black hair hung lose over his face and his skin looked snow white all except for his scar that looked black. If Katara hadn't known better she would have thought that he was a spirit on earth. Katara stood there just staring at him thinking about all that he had been through over the past two and half years his banishment and then returning as a hero only to leave and join them. Katara was jerked back to reality by Zuko moving slightly. She then realized it was very strange for her to be standing there in only her under wraps staring at him. The last thing she wanted was for him to open his eyes and see her standing there. Katara walked on as silently and quickly as she was able to. She went down the hall to her room and curled up in the bed. The sheets where soft made from the finest silk and they warmed quickly. It was weird to think that she was sleeping the fire lord's vacation home and that it was perfectly safe. Katara kept thinking Azula would show up at any minute with Mai and Ty Lee but Zuko had told them that no one came there anymore and from the layers of dust on everything everyone had to agree.

Katara pulled the blanket up to her chin and closed her eyes. She meant to just fall asleep but she kept thinking about Zuko and Aang. Her mind just couldn't seem to let it go and after several minutes of trying to push both of them out of her head she gave up and tried to work on her own feelings. Eventually exhaustion over took her and she fall asleep but it wasn't a peaceful sleep. In her dreams she saw Zuko and Aang fighting and she wanted to stop them but couldn't and the fight seemed to be about something other than just a normal sparring match. Katara had no choice but to just watch them fight hoping both would come out okay and that nothing bad would happen.

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