Opposites attract

Lightning Can Strike Twice


This was the first moment I had really looked at Azula. Her bangs had been cut in a jagged angle across her forehead, she wore no makeup on her eyes, and her clothes were wrinkled and mussed. This was not how Azula would carry herself as she swung around her arms hung limp at her side and her head lolled onto one shoulder as she looked at me. Those gold eyes usually cold and calculating looked almost loose in her skull. Something had made her crack and for once I might have the upper hand against my little sister. Her eyes rolled onto me and a crazed cracked smile formed on her face.

"It is a shame that it has to come to an end like this Zuzu." I wasn't going to let her psycho babel get into my head. She lunged and shot her typical blue flames at me. I knew all her moves and she knew mine, or at least most of them. In watching Toph, Aang, and Katara train I had invented some new moves based on the different styles of bending. We began our dance back and forth. Neither gaining an upper hand, red and blue flames collided and flew into the sky. We continued this way for what seemed like hours. The only move she didn't use against me was her lightning. Ozai must have told her that I had learned how to redirect it. This could be my chance, if I could play off her ego I could possibly get her to use the lightning against me and turn it on her. I split the next barrage of fire she sent at me and stood my ground, tall, strong, unyielding. She stood slumped loose moving more like a rag doll then her normal self.

"What no lightning?" I yelled at her, her eyes flared at this. "Afraid I'll redirect it?" Azual's nostrils flared and she threw her arms behind her.

"Lightning?! You want lightning! I'll show you lightning!" She began to bend blue bolts of lightning from the air and for a moment I saw my old sister, cold, calculating, and precise. There was only one shot at this and I had to make it count. There was no way she was going to miss. I readied myself to take the blow, this wouldn't be the first time I had used this against my own blood before and I prayed it would be the last. She readied the blot for release when I saw her eyes flick ever so slightly from me to the back ground. My heart stopped as I realized what she was doing. She turned and aimed past me towards Katara. It was all I could do to lung myself towards the lightning. Katara had no way to protect herself from the lightning I need to block it I had to protect her. I reached out my hand and caught the lightning bringing it into my body. I felt its power ripping inside me as I flew through the air. Electricity crackled around me, I couldn't release the power and crashed to the ground and the lightning ripped out of me in one mind shattering blast.


My heart stopped as I watched Zuko collapse. Lighting exploded in the air cracking and splitting the blood red sky. I began to run towards Zuko if I got to him fast enough I might have a chance of saving him. I bent the water out of my water skin and encased my hands, just a few more feet. Lightning struck the ground in front of me, it threw me back a few steps as Azula fired another shoot of lighting. With Zuko unable to redirect her blast she wasn't holding back at all. I jumped and dodged. My knees scraped the stones of the courtyard as I dodged another blast. I searched for more water to use against her. She laughed crazed evil way, I looked up to see that she had vaulted herself up on to the roof and was lying casually on her side examining her fingernails.

"I would really prefer it if Zuzu saw the family doctor." Her eyes locked on me as she sent another volley of lightning. I bent the water out of the trough next to me trying to give myself some cover and turn it into ice so I could skate along it. I curved the wave around to get to Zuko but Azula kept blocking any path I had to reach him. A bolt of lightning crashed down next to me forcing me to stumble and dive behind a pillar for protection. I covered my head as I felt white hot blue flames blast around the pillar. I needed a way to get her to hold still and not blast lightning at me every second. I couldn't stay here I had to find more water. I jumped out from behind the pillar but my foot caught on the grating that I had failed to notice. Panic set in for I was a sitting turtle duck. I looked down as I heard the roar of flames that Azula was using to come after me but there was another roar. Water, this grate revealed a small river of water more than what I needed. I looked up and saw a pair of cuffed chains. This gave me and idea. I leapt forward and grabbed the chains pulling them free from the wall. I need to taunt Azula into close.

"I expected more from a pampered princess." I shouted at her and I turned holding my ground. She whipped around a pillar and snarled at me. She looked more like a wild animal then her normal self. "You really are just a daddy's girl who can't do anything for herself." Her eyes narrowed becoming nothing more than slits of gold.

"I'll show you helpless, you water tribe peasant." I took my stance and waved my hand beckoning her forward. She took this as an insult of course and charged at me in a full run. There was only one shoot at this, too early and she would dodge, too late and I would be fried. I prayed to the spirits for protection as I focused on her. She stepped into a lunge a move that I recognized. In one swift motion I bent as much water as I could out from under us and froze it. The cold encased me as I stated at Azula's perfectly kept nails just inches from my nose. I looked at her too see her eyes shifting around like made trying to move. She couldn't bend if she couldn't move or if she couldn't breathe. If I had learned anything about firebending from watching Zuko and Aang train was that without breath there was no fire. Slowly I exhaled melting the water around me, I melted just the water around her hand and clamped the first cuff around her wrist. I swam around her melting the water as I went dragging her arm with me I looped the chain under the grate and then grabbed her other wrist. I tied the chain around bother her wrists before cuffing the second wrist. Once she was succor I drove all the water back down into the flow beneath us. I gasped and felt sweet air fill my lungs, with one gulp of air I was fine having trained to hold my breath for as long as possible, but Azula gasped and wheezed collapsing on the grate. With that I sprinted towards Zuko, he was lying on his stomach not making any movements. I quickly rolled him onto his back and could see the massive wound on his stomach where the lightning had been released.

I pulled the water out of my water skin and had my hands wrapped in it and caused them to glow. I placed my hands on his abdomen and began to work on his injury. The water worked its way through his body mending and repairing his body. After several minutes of intense work I stopped. There was nothing more I could do for healing, the body would have to start working to heal him the rest of the way. I looked at his face hoping to see some sign of life. A began to lose hope then I saw it a small twitch around his eyes. I reached out and caressed his cheek his eyes squinted and his lips parted.

"Thank you Katara." He said in a very tiny whisper. Tears of joy rolled down my face as he opened his eyes and smiled at me. I smiled back as joy filled my heart.

"I think I should be thanking you." I said he slowly moved pushing himself up onto his elbows. I helped him sit him up and then get to his feet. That was when we heard it. Azula was screaming and blasting fire out of her mouth. I kept an arm around Zuko's waist as we looked at his sister who was completely lost in madness. For the first time in my life I felt pity for my enemy.

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