Opposites attract

The blue spirit and talking

Katara raced into the house she couldn't believe Zuko had seen her in his robe. That was so embarrassing; I should have just stayed in my underwraps. At least that would have been less embarrassing than that. She knew that wearing his robe was something that a girlfriend would do not just a friend. Suddenly the robe felt like she was crushing her and began to pull at the knot but for all her effort it wouldn’t come loose. Somehow amidst her haste Katara ended up finding her way back to her room. She slammed the door shut behind her and slumped onto the ground, Katara pressed her head against her knees as she tried to slow down her breathing. What in the world was Zuko thinking when he saw me? If anyone else finds out about this I will never live it down as long as I live. Just then there was a soft knock on the door. Katara scrambled to her feet and looked at the door, it was probably Zuko behind it but she didn’t want to take any risks.

"Who's there?" She asked tentatively, wanting to make sure that no one else saw her like this.

"It's me." He said through the door. Katara reached for the handle and opened the door just enough to look through. He was standing there holding her clothes in his arms,

"I just wanted to give these to you so you didn't have to wear my robe." He said in an awkward voice. Katara was surprised by the surprisingly considerate gesture, she had expected him to storm in a demand and answer. Katara opened the door the rest of the way so she could face him properly. He didn't meet her eyes he just awkwardly put his arms out and handed her clothes to her. She took them from him gingerly and tucked them under one arm. Katara brushed her hair out of her eyes as she struggled to find something to say.

"Thanks that was…nice of you." Zuko stood there staring at the ground as Katara walked over to edge of her bed and started to unite the knot of the robe. As the robe slipped off her shoulders Katara realized that Zuko was still standing in the doorway, she looked back at him.

"Umm Zuko what are you doing?" He seemed to come back to reality as his head snapped up to look at Katara. His golden eyes grew wider at the sight that was before him. Zuko quickly retreated out of the room stammering.

"Oh ahh I'll just wait out here." He went around the corner and shut the door harshly. Katara slipped the robe the rest of the way off and pulled on her own clean clothes. Why did he just stand there staring at me? It’s so strange for Zuko to act unsure of himself. Once she was dressed Katara went out into the hall to find Zuko sitting a few feet away from her door. He looked up and pushed himself to his feet. It was now Katara’s turn to hold out his night robe awkwardly.

"Umm here." He reached out and took it from her but as he did their hands brushed against each other. Upon their hands touching their eyes meet and for a moment Katara couldn't breathe she just stood there staring into his amazing golden eyes. He didn't move either, to Katara it felt like an eternity of looking into those twin pools of gold. Zuko pulled away suddenly, he ran a hand threw his hair trying to think of something.

"Well ah thanks for giving this back." He said quickly before he turned and walked down the hall to his room. Katara turned back into her room flopped down on the bed buried her face in the pillow and tried to think. Zuko made her feel like she had had too much of Sokka's cactus water and couldn't think straight. After lying on her bed face down for a good fifteen minutes she decided she had better at least go and finish the laundry.

Once Zuko was safely back in his room he place the robe back on his dresser and sat down hard in front of his meditation alter to try and clear his mind. Zuko had no idea what to do with the robe now as it seemed to be somehow changed. It wasn't just any sleeping robe now that Katara had worn it and the sight of her in it wouldn't leave his mind. First the Painted lady now Katara is wearing my sleeping robe while she does laundry. Zuko puzzled over it in his mind as he meditated. After meditating for about an hour he could hear people coming back into the house. Everyone must have been back from town, Zuko got up and went to see what was going on.

Aang was still fuming about the play and how he wasn't a woman. Obviously they had seen more advertisement for the show. Sokka was complaining about being hungry and wanted to know where Katara was.

"Hey Zuko do you know where Katara is?" Sokka asked Zuko. Zuko felt his heart begin to race but he clamed himself quick and spoke.

"She's probably out back finishing the clothes." Toph raised an eye brow when Zuko spoke. His heart leapt again when he remembered her all to annoying ability to sense a person’s heartrate. Zuko turned on his heal and walked away from her quickly, the last thing he wanted was to have her interrogate him in front of everyone. Zuko could almost see the look on Sokka's face when she forced it out of him how much he cared for Katara. Zuko froze in his tracks it was the first time he had ever admitted to himself how much she meant to him. It all makes sense, but what if she didn't feel the same? What if she thought of me only as a friend and she really cared for someone else. I know that someone else would be Aang. Just the thought of him and her made Zuko want to go punch something. He had never been one to just wear his emotions on his sleeves but with Katara it was even harder. Zuko found himself walking out the front door and down onto the beach. He walked for a long time not really thinking about anything, when he noticed he was half way to town Zuko turned around and headed back.

I wished for someone to talk to. I can't talk to Sokka about how I felt about his sister that would be like committing suicide, and Aang was also out of the question it isn't any secret on how he felt about Katara he would probably end up freaking out on me and want to fight for her or something stupid like that. I wished Uncle was here to give me advice. He had always been there to help me and how had I thanked him my betraying him and leaving him to root in prison. When Zuko thought about it he became sick to his stomach. When he got back to the house everyone was still just laying around the courtyard. Zuko sat down near Aang in the sun and just relaxed. He noticed Katara was sitting by Suki mending something. Their eyes met and she looked away quickly a slight blush forming in her cheeks. Zuko thought about when they had looked into each other's eyes. He felt like he could swim in her beautiful blue eyes, it was like they were deeper than the ocean and it seemed like they were looking into his very soul and there was nothing he could or wanted to hide from her.

The day passed with little excitement. Katara wasn't sure whether she wanted to be near Zuko or to stay as far away from him as humanly possible. She couldn’t help but think about when everything was simpler, Zuko was the enemy and they just had to stay away from him. But, now he was their ally, which she had no problem with, it was just how he confused her. After dinner Katara went to bed early she figured if she could get some sleep then maybe things would be clearer in the morning. Once Katara had brushed out her hair and taken off her clothes she slipped into bed and closed her eyes. For once it was easy to fall asleep and she was soon in a sound sleep.

Katara felt a hand brush her cheek, it was gloved in soft leather. Her eyes fluttered open to see a demon smiling at her, his face was blue and white, it was the blue spirit. Katara tried to make her brain focus but it wouldn't wake up all the way. The spirit didn't move he just stood there and looked at her, finally she was able to make her voice work.

"W…who are you?" Katara asked in a sleepy voice. She knew the spirit was nothing to fear because he had helped Aang but who was behind the mask. He did respond and sleep over took her again. Katara woke in the morning and the first thought she had was the blue spirit. Why was he in my room last night, She knew he wasn't a real spirit but that only made me wonder more who was behind the mask. Or was it all a dream? After Katara got dressed she went out in the courtyard to find Toph and Aang training. As they practice she decided that she needed to talk to someone about Zuko and the blue spirit, Suki was the first person that came to her mind.

Katara found her practicing with a fan out on the beach. When Suki saw Katara coming she stopped and smiled at her.

"What's up Katara?" Katara brushed my hair back nervously.

"Umm well I need to talk to you but you have to swear that you won't tell anyone about it including Sokka." It wasn't a secret that almost anything Suki knew Sokka knew. She nodded in agreement and they started to walk down the beach. As they walked Katara explained everything that had happened. Well everything except the part about her sneaking into Zuko's room in the middle of the night dressed as the Painted Lady. She didn't know why she had gone to his room in a disguise but was glad of it when he woke up. Katara had gone down to just look at him for some reason though she had no clue what that reason was but she had gone all the same. He had looked so peaceful while he was sleeping and that only made her more confused when she realized she had liked watching him sleep. After Katara was finished Suki stayed quiet for several minutes.

"Well it's pretty obvious you like Zuko and way more than a friend." Katara knew she was right but then she thought about Aang.

"Yeah but if Aang finds out it will totally crush him." Suki nodded her head, Aang never was good about hiding his feelings. Everyone knew that he had strong feelings for me, I bet even that cabbage merchant we always seemed to run into knew by now.

"Katara, you are just going to have to do what you feel is right." Katara had to agree with her but what if Zuko didn't feel the same way. She knew he had been with Mai and probably still had feelings for her. Katara was just going to have to see how the next few weeks played out and after the commit she would worry about her boy problems.

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