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Short Sherlock Holmes essay.


About Sherlock Holmes The Famous Detective. Short articles of Markus Sixtenstam Sweden.

Mystery / Adventure
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Sherlock Holmes short Essay.

In London mist prevails but The gaslight is The norm for Sherlock Holmes. However The prevailing mist,Like a thick fog, spreads over The city and is not The place for young women to be seen late at night. OneMight want to know If Sherlock Holmes encountered Jack The Ripper, The murderer of poor women,

Or If scotland yard had turned to Holmes in this case. The gaslights shed helpful lights And Holmes must have seen them with a smile, even IF Dr Watson said that Holmes was a cold and calculating machine we May remember that Holmes did find his night hours a good time to play his beloved Stradivarious violin and, we May suppose, composed music for The instrument. Holmes Great gift for solving The sharpest crimes was coupled with deep humanity. But now a new case has Come up and we must prepare to venture into The gaslights again. The Game is Afoot.

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