Star Trek :Mind-Fire

Chapter 11

It was very late when the last guest had finally gone and Spock and Saavik were permitted to retire to the room prepared for them. It was the room Spock normally occupied when he was on Vulcan, but he noticed that it had needlessly been decorated, probably by Amanda herself. The regular sleeping platform had been replaced with a much larger bed-like piece of furniture and it was draped with finely woven coverings, soft as silk. He raised his eyebrows at the large pillows strewn about the floor and at the flasks of aromatic oils on the bureau. He paused near the door and made sure it was secured behind him.

He had not dissembled concerning the wait for pon farr after a bonding; it was indeed customary.

However, he thought, dying has a way of reordering one’s priorities.

Damn tradition anyway.

He reached up to unfastened the clasps of his robe. As he loosened the belt, the garment fell away. Saavik was startled to see that he had been wearing nothing at all beneath it and he now stood with only the sandals on his feet. She covered her mouth with her hand to hide her laughter.

“It is expedient, don’t you agree?” Spock said calmly as if reporting data on the bridge.

She did laugh loudly then, not at him, but at the thought of him secretly exposed throughout the ceremony and the evening party.

“T’Lar would not have approved,” she scolded, trying to be serious.

He smiled broadly.”It was not for T’Lar’s benefit.”

Saavik smiled and ran both hands up his chest and around the back of his neck, her mouth tracing the edge of his ear. His hands sought the fastenings of her robe and it dropped to her feet. She stepped back to remove her under garments and sandals, but he simply kicked off his footwear without untying them. She held out her hand to him and he was surprised when she led him, not to the bed, but to the pile of pillows near the desert- facing window. He settled down on the pillows, half-sitting and pulled her down beside him.

“Saavik-kam,” he said, stroking her soft curls, his fingers lingering on the elegant ears. “I know it is not the first time.”

She pulled back in surprise. “You remember?” Of course he would have seen the memory in her mind. But did he remember?

He shook his head.”I have known for some time due to the meld with Dr. McCoy. But I have no memories of Genesis. ”

She studied his face but saw no rancor or disappointment there. With a slow smile she wrapped her arms around his neck again.

.“Then let us make new memories,” she said, pulling him into a kiss.

The sun was high in the sky when Spock awoke on the nest of pillows. It was rare for him to arise so late, but considering how little sleep he had had, it was not unexpected. He felt Saavik’s warm body nestled close under his arm, her sleeping hand making lazy circles on his chest. He stretched contentedly and kissed the top of her head where it rested on his shoulder.

She stirred and opened her eyes, reaching up to kiss his neck, her lips and tongue lingering there for some time. The joining had left her blissfully exhausted but at the same time strangely energized. She wondered idly how humans could speak of the joys of love without the mind- touch. Were they aware of their handicap?

“It’s late,” she said, tickling the inside of his leg with her toes.

“The time does not matter,” Spock replied, trapping the offending toes as he rolled his legs over her own. She laughed and pulled his head down for a kiss, losing her fingers in his hair and along the tips of his pointed ears. He moaned softly, rolling further on top of her and massaging her own upswept ears with his teeth. She squealed with delight but squirmed away from him, laughing.

“What one acquires too easily, one rarely values,” she teased, rolling into a crouch. He smiled ferally and rose up on his knees facing her.

“Then challenge me,” he teased in return.

And she did just that, running from him around the far side of the bed, laughing contagiously. He followed, trying to trap her there, and found her harder to hold on to than he had imagined. They evaded one another around and over the furnishings, like two young sehlats preparing for battle.

“Saavik-kam,” he purred as they paused, one on either side of the bed, “I do not wish to be exhausted by the chase.”

She laughed quietly. “Then catch me!” she said.

Though the room was not large, it proved a decent arena for their race, but Spock found he could not trap her for long. She was nimble and young and clearly delighted with her new found power. Perhaps he could catch her with logic instead.

“This is not a proper venue for such exertion,” he said calmly.

“Memory would prove otherwise,” she smiled at him.

He grinned at her, conceding her point. “Saavik...”

Without warning she pushed him on to the bed and leapt on top of him in a single motion. His wide smile told her he didn’t mind losing the game.

“Should I surrender?” he teased, stroking the soft hair that had fallen over her face.

She smiled down at him and laid both hands on his broad chest. “That would be best,” she said and began to show him why.

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