Star Trek :Mind-Fire

Chapter 15

Spock and Saavik slipped unnoticed through the garden gate and walked barefoot into the darkened desert. There was little danger so close to the city. Le’matyas lived much higher in the mountains and wild sehlats were rare this close to civilization. Still they walked carefully to avoid the small arachnids and reptiles that lived in the sand.

They wore sheer robes that would have been considered indecent in the sunlight, but covered them well enough in the darkness. Spock carried a small satchel under one arm which he purposely kept out of Saavik’s reach.

“Where are we going?” she asked for perhaps the third time. “And what is that?” She snatched at the bundle but he grinned and ran ahead of her. She chased after him, the sand slowly her progress but not by much.

He stopped in a grove of coniferous trees that formed a tight ring around an artisan spring. He laid the bundle down, pulling out several thick blankets and spread them on the ground. Saavik raised both eyebrows at the implication, but sat down with him on the impromptu bed.

“You wish to mate here?” she asked. It was very late and they were not exposed to the nearby path, but the thought was scandalous by Vulcan standards.

He smiled. “The reason will become evident soon,” he said. Slowly he raised his hand to her face, aligning his fingers to the nerve centers. She smiled as she placed her own hand on his face. An actual mind meld was a much more intimate experience than the mind-touch they always shared. She joyfully welcomed him into her mind and sighed.

As his mind greeted her mind his other hand explored her body. Her eyes opened with a gasp as sensations flooded her mind and body together, and her own hand slipped under his robe to touch him as well. He groaned, a sound as pleasing in her head as it was aloud. With her free hand she removed his robe and shrugged out of her own nearly as quickly. She laughed as he laid her down, his hand firmly on the link, his body effortlessly complying with her unspoken request.

As mind and body joined together, she cried aloud, unable to contain the exhilarating excitement of complete oneness. His eyes reflected the same giddy thrill and his cries matched her own. In comparison, all previous passions had been a dim reflection of their current excitement. Their hands pressed firmer to the link, their lips connecting in both realities. She cried again—aloud or not?--reveling in his embrace.

Time seemed to slow as in an alternate reality, and he laughed at the illogic of it even as he relaxed into the synchrony of his love-making in both mind and body. This was the only reality worth considering, he thought, seeking a deeper meld. Saavik responded by clinging tightly to him with her free hand, her legs encircling him, her breath hot and quick on his neck. Their minds entwined on a level too deep and dangerous to maintain for any length of time, but they embraced it anyway. Their bodies moved as if they had always been one. Always


Some distant warning in his mind urged him to passion’s completion and self preservation. His heart raced with hers as their bodies responded to the intense desire and their minds absorbed the shock of it. He felt the meld drawing him inward, forever locked in the mind-embrace. With great effort, he sought to separate the essence of their separate minds, the withdrawal painful and terrifying. He called to the one...was she here? He searched again, daring to follow deeper still, and fought his own desire to remain there. The mind was a dangerously vast space with many hidden places. Saavik-kam, he called desperately, attend me! It was a long time before she answered, her mind less disciplined than his own. He sought her in the link, pursued her, caught her, carefully drawing her back to a separate reality. She tried to hide, to run, to stay forever in the oneness.

My love, we cannot stay here, he murmured softly, fearfully in their heads.

I do not wish to go, she answered as her body stirred under him.

You must, he insisted, holding tight to her essence,drawing her to wakefulness. Her eyes opened as he removed his hand from her face. She sighed, leaving her hand in place while she kissed him. He stayed in her embrace, slowly kissing every inch of both pointed ears before he gently removed her hand and rolled off of her.

She felt completely exhausted and startlingly giddy at the same time. Her hands explored him as if for the first time, delighting in his every reaction. He purred low as he caught her against himself, trapping her tantalizing hands.

“Saavik-kam,” he murmured, “the kashek shaukaush requires much rest.”

Mind-passion, indeed.

She nestled against him, idly tracing the angles of his face with her finger. A soft breeze had begun to blow but nothing was visible save the stars in the sky. Small splashes could be heard on the spring nearby as night creatures awoke to their business. Spock’s skin was pleasingly warm against her own and the whisper of his mind lulled her to the deepest sleep in memory. She held tight to him as echos of the oneness flooded her dreams.

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