Star Trek :Mind-Fire

Chapter 19

When Saavik returned to their room Spock was already sleeping, his naked body uncovered on the bed. She noted with concern his restless movements and his unnatural quickened breathing. She touched her hand to his temple, feeling his desire but thankfully no sign of the pon farr. She undressed and lay down beside him, stroking the inside of his thigh until he awoke.

“It is not logical to resist your desire,” she said, kissing his chest suggestively. He rolled toward her and touched her face.

“Neither is it logical to force my attentions when you do not wish it,” he answered.

She reached up to kiss him. “I do wish it,” she said.

He touched his hand to her face, believing her, but he shook his head.

“My desire is too great,” he said. “I do not wish to hurt you.”

She smiled, pushing him back and wrapping her legs firmly around him, “Don’t forget I know the suus mahna,” she said as she began to love him.

He smiled widely, holding her firmly against himself, feeling the blessed relief of her warm body against his own. He took the tip of one elegant ear into his mouth, delighting in the way she trembled and feeling her teeth on his neck. She pushed against him, unafraid of his pent-up desire nor his desperate urgency that sought to satisfy it. He moaned even as she kissed him and tried to reverse their positions. She laughed, biting his ear in protest as she held firm to her position on top of him. Accepting his current state, he bit her neck in response, watching her sleek body rise and fall. His hands slid down her sides to support her hips while she kissed his eager mouth, the ghost of a mind-kiss flitting between them.

Spock tried to match the thrust of her hips but she held tight to him with her knees, forcing him to her own rhythm. He sighed and closed his eyes, knowing that he could move her if he wished and reveling in the decision not to. Her hands and lips were on his chest, moving resolutely up his neck to the crest of one pointed ear. He moaned, biting at her own ear and exploring it with his tongue. She cried with delight, taking his face between her hands and kissing his hungry mouth. He trapped her face with his hands and extended the kiss for several delightful minutes. She laughed against his lips, quickening his breath and feeding his urgency. His body shuddered as he moaned against her neck, his fingers tangled in her hair.

Then suddenly she released her hold on him, allowing him to choose his own position. But he chose to stay beneath her, moving his body with her, memorizing every curve and feel and intoxicating smell of her. She cried out as her body urged his to release its desperate desire, matching his frantic urgency with her own .He whispered softly in her mind while his body raged its sweet release.

Breathing heavily she sank against him, her hand sending electric shocks of sensations through the link as she stroked his face. He took the fingers into his mouth, finding an excuse to explore each one and stroked her face in response. His chest rose and fell in a staccato rhythm. She nestled under his chin while he tickled the alluring tip of her ear.

“Thank you,” he murmured as he wrapped his other arm around her. Her legs were still tightly wrapped around him and he let his mind get lost in the tantalizing feel of their bodies still so close together. Gently he laid his fingers on her face, feeling the familiar mind-touch and savoring the mind-kiss that had no beginning and no end. He sighed and closed his eyes.

Sleep came quickly to them both as the link replayed their love in exquisite detail.

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