Star Trek :Mind-Fire

Chapter 21

It was good to be on the Enterprise again. They were en route from Vulcan to Derilia and so far the trip had been uneventful. Kirk sat back in the command chair and watched the hypnotizing vision of the stars at warp.

All seemed well on the Vulcan front. Sarek was settled in his stateroom preparing for the negotiations and Spock and Saavik seemed as professional as always. They had even resumed their research on the Derilian minerals and visited the rec room from time to time. So far nothing appeared to be amiss in the mysterious love lives of his officers. Even so, he had decided it best to put them on different shift rotations. Whether that was a help or a hindrance, he couldn’t quite determine.

He turned to look at Spock at the science station to his left and realized that his assessment had been premature. The Vulcan was working quietly but a pronounced head tic revealed his effort at emotional control. The captain rose and approached his friend.

“Spock,” he spoke low so no one else could hear, “are you ok?”

Spock looked up sharply as if he hadn’t heard the captain approach and willed his body to calm.

“It is...a momentary difficulty, Captain,” he said.

Kirk studied his face with concern. “Take a break, Spock,” he said. “That’s an order.”

When Spock hesitated, he bent closer so his voice wouldn’t carry. “You’ll find Saavik in the Science Lab,” he said with a small smile. “Go.”

Spock left reluctantly, ashamed that the captain had considered it necessary, but made his way to the science lab as Kirk had suggested.

When he arrived at the lab he noticed that most of the stations were occupied and Saavik was working with several colleagues on at least two different projects. Empty coffee mugs and trays from the mess indicated that many of these people had been working overtime. Spock had nearly changed his mind about entering when Saavik looked up and saw him in the open doorway. No doubt the link had alerted her to his presence.

“Spock!” she cried, leaving her work and walking across the room to meet him. Their different shifts necessitated different sleep cycles, and they had seen little of each other for several days. Something in his eyes alerted her and she touched her fingers to his temple.

The excessive heat of his skin alarmed her and she pulled her hand back in shock. Her eyes searched his and she spoke low so only he could hear. “Has your time come already?”

He shook his head. “No,” he said. “But it is...imminent.”

He had a strong desire to kiss her but thankfully still had the necessary control to resist such a public display. Even so, he reached up to arrange a stray lock of hair behind her ear and his hand rested against her face shamelessly.

She sucked in her breath at the sudden flow of his thoughts and carefully removed his hand. Without a word she led him to an unoccupied chair in the corner and made him sit. Several curious eyes shifted their way but no one interrupted them.

Saavik stroked her fingers against his temple again. “We must couple soon,” she whispered, “It may delay the onset.”

He smiled so only she could see and lifted an eyebrow suggestively. “Here?” he asked pointedly.

She lifted her chin, her own eyes laughing. “Wherever you wish, my love,” she replied. “as long as it is done.”

He nodded, touching her face again. The tremor in his hand had returned and was too pronounced to hide. She took his hand and held it between her own.

“You must meditate,” she said with concern.

He sighed, slouching uncharacteristically in the chair. “I have tried,” he said, meeting her gaze.

“Your sleep is disturbed as well?” she prompted, but she already knew the answer.

He nodded. “This has been more difficult than I predicted.”

She absently reached out and smoothed his hair. “I am here, beloved. Whenever you need me,” she said.

He reached up and caught her hand, kissing it as if they were alone. It was an understandable act for one on the verge of pon farr, but Saavik still turned her body to shield them from the others in the room.

“My need will soon become uncontrollable,” he said. “I do not wish you to witness that.”

Saavik found another chair so she could sit in front of him .She held his trembling hand again and stroked his face. “I have already witnessed your pon farr on Genesis, husband,” she said gently, “I will witness many more in your lifetime.” She cocked an eyebrow at him.“In any case,” she continued, “the purpose of the pon farr is to mate, so unless you have another, I must logically be present.”

He smiled fully without hiding it. “There is no other,” he said, tracing his fingers along the outside of her ear. She shivered at the intimate gesture and glanced around self-consciously.

“Come,” she said as she stood and held out her hand. “It is not logical to wait.”

He stood but tried to maintain a posture of dignified calm. “May I remind you that we are both technically on duty,” he said with a raised brow.

“And neither of us is technically at our stations,” she countered with a raised eyebrow of her own.

“That is true,” he observed. “However, while the captain did order me to take a break, I do not believe he meant it to be indefinite.”

She smiled at him. “Has the issue that prompted the break been resolved?” she asked.

“No,” he answered.

She took his hand again, stilling the tremors. “Then there is only one logical course of action,” she said and led him from the room.

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