Star Trek :Mind-Fire

Chapter 43

As Spock entered his quarters he could hear the shower running. He was always amused that Saavik, heir to the desert, preferred a water shower to a sonic one. He undressed and quietly approached the wash room.

Saavik startled when he opened the door but smiled widely when he stepped into the shower with her.

“T’nash-veh tal-kam ashaya!” she cried as she embraced him.

“Yes, my love,” he smiled, kissing her mouth and face. She clung to his neck, her shower forgotten even as the water soaked them both. His hands were warm and comforting on her face, his lips urgently inviting on her skin. She laughed and wrapped her legs around his waist when he lifted her up, biting playfully on his elegant ears. He laughed also as he nuzzled her neck, balancing her weight against the wall while one hand reached to shut off the water. The sudden silence was soon filled with his steady breathing and the sound of her sighs.

He gently put her down and led her to the bedroom, their dripping bodies leaving slick puddles along the way. As he lay her down, he took one ear in his teeth, carefully licking the water droplets from its surface, before following the rivulets of moisture down the length of her. When he finished one side, he proceeded up the other, ending on the other ear with the same thorough inspection. She laughed and moaned with delight, doing her best to capture an ear of her own. He caught her hands gently, kissing each finger with slow determination before returning his attention to the graceful ear.

“Tell me what you wish,” he whispered, “and I will do it.”

He stopped kissing her long enough to see her smile and allowed her to push him on to his back. Then with as much care as he had taken, she began her own teasing explorations while she described each wish in great detail.

“That will take some time,” he laughed.

“Five point two five hours,” she answered as her hands roved freely, “taking into account frequent rest breaks and the average duration of an individual coupling.”

He laughed and took her in his arms, kissing her thoroughly before sitting up and helping her up in front of him.

“Then we should begin,” he said with a smile, pulling her close as they wrapped their legs around one another, sighing together as she received him. The position allowed little movement, but they took full advantage of the closeness of eager lips and hands. They kissed with eyes open, enjoying the reactions of the other accompanied by the sweet sound of gentle sighs.

“T’nash-veh slor ashaya,” he murmured against her lips as his tongue traced against her own. “Ever and always.”

Her hands encircled his face, her fingers sliding inside his delicate ears and up along the pointed tips. His deep sigh mingled with her own as her teeth raked the base of his neck.

“K’diwa sa-telsu,” she whispered. “Ek’wak t’nash-veh ashaya.”

He smiled and lay her down without separating, sliding his legs between hers and shifting forward for a closer connection. She arched against him as he loved her, holding tightly to his back and biting freely at his neck and ears. His hands and lips on her face were hot and welcoming, but a mere whisper of the fire that lit his eyes.

“I love you,” he said, “logic be damned.”

She laughed and kissed him eagerly as he rolled to pull her on top of him.

“I love you,” she answered, wrapping her legs around him and laying forward on his chest. “Logic be damned indeed.”

He laughed lightly, pulling her lips close again, his fingers in her hair. They moaned together, the steady movements of their bodies synchronized in perfect rhythm. He kissed every part of her he could reach and smiled as she did the same. Her hands and lips explored his chest in minute detail while his hands slid down her back to pull her hips even closer. She sighed softly at his touch as she adjusted herself to his wishes and found his eager lips again.

“Kwon-sum t’nash-veh ashaya,” he whispered, his staccato breath in her ear. “T’nash-veh ha’kiv, t’nash-veh khaf-spol, t’nash-veh ashaya.”

Eye to eye she pressed her face to his as she answered the ancient verse. “Your life, your heart, your love I will keep,” she said. “My life, my heart, my love I return. Kwon-sum t’nash-veh ashaya.”

He found her lips again as he rolled her under him. She smiled and touched his face, her fingers tracing the sharp angle of his brows as she sighed in his arms. He matched her sigh with sudden urgency, giving himself to her completely. Holding tightly to his neck, she answered the primal urge with fire of her own, the deep thunder of her heart a bass accompaniment to her cries.

They lay together for some time, their lips continuing a steady exploration of lips and face. He laughed when she bit his ear and gently guided her face back for a proper kiss.

“Always my ears, Saavik-kam,” he chided.

“They intrigue me,” she said with a smile, running her fingers along the convoluted edges.

“They are much like your own,” he pointed out, delicately tracing the flared tips of her ears.

She arched an eyebrow and smiled again. “I didn’t say it was logical,” she admitted, capturing an ear again and tickling it with her tongue.

He laughed and rolled on to his back, pulling her close to nestle under his arm. Her hand caressed his chest, following the fine hair downward to his belly. His deep steady breathing was the only sound for some time. She looked up at him and stroked his face, the mind-whispers awakened at her touch.

“What are you thinking?” she asked quietly.

He turned his head to look at her, arching an eyebrow in surprise. “You do not know?” he asked.

She stroked his face again and reached up to kiss him softly. “Tell me,” she said.

He closed his eyes a moment in thought and his face lost all pretense of Vulcan control. “The

kashek shaukaush has no more hold on me,” he said.

She raised up to study his face. “How?” she asked in surprise.

He shook his head with the same surprise. “I do not know,” he said. “Perhaps I have grown old enough not to need everything.” He stroked her face and awakened the whispers again. “Or perhaps you are enough.”

She smiled and turned him to face her, their legs tangling together. “Love me again,” she said as her lips slowly traced a line along his neck and shoulders.

He smiled broadly as the hand beneath her neck got lost in her hair while his other hand began a tantalizing exploration of its own. She purred with contentment, pushing herself closer still to his warm body. He carefully hooked one of her legs over his hip, laughing in his determination to make the awkward position work. She laughed with him as she shifted her other leg to help him find his place.

“One of us is considerably younger than the other,” he pointed out, even as he found a unique pleasure in the somewhat restricted position.

She giggled with delight, moving her hips in counterpoint to his and feeling the gasp on his lips as she kissed him. His mouth trailed slowly down her neck and explored each breast, causing a gasp of her own. Carefully he eased her on to her back and found his place again between her legs.

“My Saavik-kam,” he murmured as he kissed her lips slowly.

“Always,” she whispered, returning the kiss, slower still.

And he loved her in slow motion despite his new freedom, reveling in her every reaction. She held him tight with arms and legs, keeping his face close and her eyes wide open. He smiled and kissed her, his tongue lingering on her lips. Then with a smile and a look of surrender, he rolled under her again, guiding her back on top.

She moaned with pleasure as she kissed his broad chest and took control. He laughed without protest when she bit his ears, and enjoyed the sight of her youthful body as it rose and fell. He started to reach for her but she trapped his hands in hers, laughing at his surprise.

“Tell me what you wish, husband,” she said while delicately kissing his face.

He smiled slowly as his hands escaped hers and firmly grasped her waist. Then smoothly he sat up, keeping her firmly astride him. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her face practically touching his as she awaited his answer.

“I wish to please you,” he said with a smile.

She took his face between her hands, kissing his mouth hungrily. He kept his hands firmly around her waist, supporting her efforts at loving him. Her body was soft and warm, her breath tantalizingly sweet on his neck. He kissed her eager mouth with urgent desire, losing himself in her dark eyes.

With a smile, she lay back down and pulled him down on top of her, allowing him to move freely again. With a smile of his own, he surrendered to his passions while she held him tightly.

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