Star Trek :Mind-Fire

Chapter 45

Transportation between Derilia and its colonies was restored soon after talks began, giving hope to all participants that relations might one day return to normal. Despite the good intentions of the Derilian government, their silence concerning the Wramuth had prompted a litany of concerns from their moon-dwelling neighbors. Sarek was kept busy leading negotiations ranging from more representation to more autonomy for the colonies. The loudest voices naturally came from the young, whose inexperience and enthusiasm frequently expected too much, too soon.

One thing that didn’t lack cooperation however, was the rebuilding of structures damaged on the planet Many buildings had ultimately collapsed due to the corrosive elements, and many more needed extensive repair. Social and political differences meant nothing when safety was concerned, and the different races worked diligently and peacefully to repair their cities.

Scotty and his team lent their expertise to designing a grid of defensive satellites around the planet, while simultaneously working to extend the range of the colonists shuttles. Uhura spent her time initiating an emergency communications system so Derilia and its neighbors would never lose contact again. Doctor McCoy naturally began research on the insanity caused by the plants on Elaanus, getting a head start for the Federation doctors that would soon replace him. Spock and Saavik more than once visited Elaanus to study the bioluminent creatures that could somehow safely eat the vegetation that had caused the madness in the unfortunate Derilians. It seemed that the flurry of activity continued non-stop as everyone pitched in according to his or her expertise.

It was no surprise that the month seemed to pass very quickly and soon the space around the planet was crowded with ships of every size arriving from the Federation. Kirk’s time was soon filled with meetings and briefings, designed to ease the transition to a new mission commander. He couldn’t help but feel a touch of sadness at his imminent departure, but it was time for the Enterprise and her crew to go home.

It took some fancy talking to convince Regent Aiden to refrain from an elaborate send-off. Instead the captain invited him and other leaders from Derilia and the colonies aboard the Enterprise for a more private celebration. The observation lounge was filled to capacity and echoed with the sounds of impromptu song and dance. Kirk had to smile to see McCoy trying to teach the regent’s daughter, Dalina how to two-step. Across the room he even saw Spock and Saavik sit down with someone’s keyboard to play a duet. He looked around again and was happy to see Regent Aiden in earnest conversation with Chancellor Raelle and Minister Jaridan. It was a good ending to a mission that had been beset with a multitude of mysteries, doubts and set backs.

He smiled and accepted a drink from a roving server before turning to gaze out the expansive windows and the controlled chaos now orbiting Derilia. He had no doubt that this species would one day join the every-growing Federation, and add their voices and skills to that wonderfully diverse body of cooperation. He moved closer to the windows, his eyes searching beyond the planet and its moons to the vast darkness of space, and his thoughts turned inward as he considered that, at least for now, his adventures there would be without his two best friends.

But there would be time for self-reflection later. Resolutely he shook off the melancholy and turned from the window to join the party.

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