Star Trek :Mind-Fire

Chapter 47

Spock leaned back against the pillows at the desert window and watched the fiery reds and golds of the sunset against the horizon. Saavik lay nestled against him, her hand caressing his right hip and thigh, still less muscled than the other.

“There is no more pain,” he answered her silent question. “And Doctor McCoy is confident that I will regain full strength in time.”

She smiled and reached up to kiss the ear she had been biting only recently. He returned the smile and stroked her belly, cognizant of the new life growing there. She lay her hand on his and leaned against his shoulder as they watched the desert’s passage into evening.

“We will be expected soon,” Spock said reluctantly, stretching his full length and turning from the window. Saavik pressed herself against him a moment longer before sitting up with a sigh.

They helped one another dress, he in his uniform again and she in a casual tunic. The difference in their clothing was a stark reminder of their nearing separation. Spock stood looking at her a long time and gently kissed her lips before hiding his face behind Vulcan reserve once more.

As they neared the sitting room they saw that Kirk was there already and that Sarek was entertaining them on the lyre. Amanda looked up and caught Spock’s eye.

“Will you join your father?” she asked him.

He inclined his head in acceptance and retrieved the other lyre from its place on the wall. As he sat down, Sarek stopped playing and looked up expectantly. Without a word between them, they began to play the same melody they had played at the wedding party.

As he listened, McCoy glanced at Saavik beside him and couldn’t help but notice the hint of tears in her eyes. He reached over and laid his hand on hers. It was a purely human gesture, but one she didn’t protest. On her other side, Amanda had also noticed and added her hand to theirs.

As Spock played the delicate instrument, he took note of the humans’ concern for Saavik. It was well that she would have such caretakers in his absence. He kept his face an unreadable mask but his mind reached out with a gentle caress.

I love you.

Only a soft intake of breath marked any change in her bearing, but Spock saw her struggle to maintain impassive.

T’nash-veh k’diwa

As the song drew to a close, the last notes seemed to linger on the ear well after the players’ hands were still. Spock and Sarek acknowledged the humans’ applause as they rose to return the lyres to their places.

“Come,” Amanda said brightly as she stood. She purposely took Saavik’s hand as she led her guests to the kitchen. Sarek took his usual place at the head of the table and Amanda led Saavik to the seat next to Spock. As Kirk and McCoy found their places, Amanda went to bring the prepared dishes to the table.

It was a bitter-sweet meal, marked by the joy of homecoming and the sorrow of separation. Spock and Saavik appeared to be in perfect control, but their stolen glances and secret touches didn’t go unnoticed by anyone.

When the meal was finished, they made their excuses and went together into the garden. Through the window Amanda could see them holding hands as they slowly walked the garden path. They paused at the fountain as they had done many times before and sat on the stone bench, lost in some private conversation. At length they turned to one another, hands to faces as they initiated a mind meld with an ease that Amanda found enviable. Their faces relaxed in the simple peace of that union and Amanda smiled. Time and distance would only strengthen the bond they shared, and they would bear the separation with persistence and yes, even logic.

The garden was quite dark by the time they finally lowered their hands and rose from the bench. There was no more reason to speak, for all had already been shared in the melding of minds. As they began to follow the path back to the house, their stance and expressions naturally resumed a practiced impassivity. But it wasn’t by accident that their fingers brushed briefly together at the doorway.

Parted from me and never parted

Ever and always, touching and touched

Spock smiled inwardly as he blinked in the sudden brightness of the house. He was already calculating the number of days before he would return to this place, to this woman, and to the child he did not yet know. He looked at Saavik once more, imprinting her image on his mind.

Captain Kirk was preparing to take his leave, and as Spock took his place beside him, Amanda and McCoy moved to stand close to Saavik. Spock inclined his head to them, entrusting his bondsmate to their care. As the transporter beam faded his vision, Spock considered his long journey to discover that logic was only the beginning of wisdom and that love was an essential part of life. The thought was suspended in his memory as he was transported back to the Enterprise, only to replay in his mind when he materialized. He followed the captain from the transporter, eager to begin the passage of time, and paused at a viewport to look once more at the planet of his birth. He felt the familiar mind-touch and embraced it.

Finally turning from the celestial view, he reminded himself that time would indeed pass as it must, and that the bond would call them home again in due time. He hurried to catch up to the captain as he ordered his thoughts and his demeanor to the expected Vulcan calm. By birth and choice he was a logical being after all, and though change was inevitable, it was not a complete transformation.

He felt the change of speed and direction as the ship left orbit for the vastness of space. He relaxed again into the routine of a Starfleet officer as the soft whisper of the link caressed his mind with its permanence. Secretly he smiled at that peaceful assurance.

And perhaps, too, that was logical.

The End

Intended Translations of Vulcan Dialogue

Hiyet! Tor k’ me u’ du istaya enough! Do with me as you wish.

Tor bogozh k’ wuh trensu t’ gol heh ish-veh kre’nath sa-fu! To hell with the masters of Gol and their bastard sons

Fvadt damn (romulan)

Llhusra (Romulan curse)

Hiyet! vokau ik du nam-tor Enough! Remember who you are

kashek shaukaush mind passion

Rik’ tash without control (The name for an emotional sect)

T’nash-veh ashaya My love

Ha, k’diwa Yes, beloved

Saavik-kam wilat nam-tor du? Saavik where are you?

Saavik-kam, t’nash-veh ashaya! Saavik my love

dahsau s’ me heh worla dahsau. parted from me and never parted

Saavik-kam i bolaya du Saavik I need you

T’nash-veh khaf-spol, wilat nam-tor du My heart, where are you?

Ri tor trasha me sa’awek Don’t leave me alone

Kre’nath! du dungi geldau k’ ish-veh sha’ pekh-mev Bastard! You will hang by your own intestines

T’nash-veh el’ru dungi shaya ish-veh talu heh tres si’ ish-veh khaf-spol My hands will break your neck and rip out your heart

t’nash-veh kashek yontau na’ du My mind burns for you

hafau la’ kwon-sum, Saavik-kam Remain here always, Saavik

tal-kam veh dear one

k’diwa beloved

k’diwa t’ t’nash-veh khaf-spol beloved of my heart

T’nash-veh tal-kam ashaya my dear love

t’nash-veh slor ashaya my sweet love

k’diwa sa-telsu beloved husband

ek’wak t’nash-veh ashaya forever my love

kwon-sum t’nash-veh ashaya always my love

t’nash-veh ha’kiv, t’nash-veh khaf-spol, t’nash-veh ashaya my life, my heart, my love

ha, fan-vel du istaya yes, anything you wish

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