Star Trek :Mind-Fire

Chapter 9

Saavik entered Spock’s quarters and drank in the pleasing warmth of a Vulcan mid-morning..Human ships were cold by any reasonable standard and it was pleasing indeed to relax in a native heat. Saavik could never keep her quarters quite as warm, finding it difficult to constantly adjust to human comfort levels when on duty.

Spock met her at the door, bowing ceremoniously. He wore a traditional Vulcan robe, open to the waist and she looked with appreciation at his exposed chest. He caught her look and intoned solemnly.

“To signify exposing our hearts to one another,” he explained.

She looked up at him, smiling coyly. “Should I open my robe as well?”

He smiled at her so long that she wondered if he might be considering it. Then he shook his head. “That will not be necessary,” he said. “It is also important to portray dignity.”

He led her to the center of the room where pillows had been arranged on the floor around a low table. On the table was a votive candle and a small pot containing an aromatic Vulcan tea. He indicated for her to sit on the floor and he took his place across from her.

“Are you familiar with this rite?” he asked her.

“It is the tea ceremony,” she answered, “to signify my willingness to serve my mate.” Her nose wrinkled in distaste even as her voice remained even.

Spock allowed a small smile. “Perhaps among unenlightened Vulcan, it is so,” he said as he picked up the tea pot, pouring some into two small vessels. “But serving is a mutual obligation.”

He presented her with one cup and she handed the other to him. It was very quiet as they drank. When they had finished, they set the cups aside and moved closer together.

“Saavik-kam,” he said, rearranging her hair behind one delicate ear. “It will not be painful, I promise. But resistance will only prolong the confusion.”

She nodded, realizing her face must be showing her apprehension. She had never melded with anyone and the prospect was very disconcerting. Would he still want me?

His face lost all hint of the stoic mask as he raised his right hand and sought the nerve centers of her face. With his other hand he placed her hand on his own face.

She sucked in her breath, feeling suddenly faint and fearing she was beginning to hyperventilate. Then he was there, holding her—not in reality but in her mind—quietly waiting until her fears were abated before proceeding further. She willed herself to breath deeply, inviting him to come closer.

It was not what she had imagined, this merging of beings into one, and yet still two. It was like walking together in a dream...or a memory...or a thought. There was speaking without speaking, moving without moving, being without being. His psyche was imprinted on her mind, not as a shadow, but as a permanent reflection of self. She embraced his memories, his thoughts, his wants, his fears. His amusement at her surprise that he had fears was contagious, and mind-laughter was a strangely compelling thing. He had not run from her own memories, of things done in the dark past and things imagined in the present. His mind-kiss left her breathless.

Too soon he was drawing away, leaving her feeling suddenly empty. But not alone. Never alone again.

He let his hand fall from her face and closed his eyes as he reordered his mind with the new presence there. Saavik still had her hand on his face and he gently removed it and placed it on her lap. They were quiet for a long while. Finally he blew out the candle and helped her to her feet.. She found she had to lean into him for support.

“We must rest,” he said, beginning to guide her to the other room. She stopped, regarding him with some alarm.

He gently pushed her hair behind her ear again. “No, Saavik-kam,” he assured her, “the physical joining is for another time.” He stroked his hand across her face in a ghost-whisper of the meld. “However, sleeping together in the truest sense is not an infraction and is traditionally expected.”

She smiled, feeling suddenly very tired and followed him to the bed chamber. He removed his robe, leaving his pants on and lay down on the bed. She kept on the robes she wore, laying down beside him and snuggling close to his side. The newly formed link whispered softly in her mind, as if it had always been there and always would be. It was like finding a part of herself she didn’t know she was missing. She pushed herself further under his arm, her lips briefly brushing the base of his neck as the link called her to sleep.

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