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Blood Petals

By LeeLovesForever

Other / Romance

He's a Vampire

Rose petals kill you. Sakura petals hurt you. Blood petals kiss you.

“What do you live for?” Our teacher pointed towards the dusty black board on the wall. Many past mistakes erased, leaving a trail of white chalk to be smudged in place. The piece of chalk, only a inch, tapping against the board. “A thousand words, MLA format, due in three weeks. Please write the assignment in your planners.” 

Twenty-two other students and I grab a smooth long pocket book flipping to today’s date. 5th of March 2015. What do you live for? What do I live for-even I don’t know. The bell rings as I grab my items.

What do you live for?

+What do you live for?+

I carry my small brown bag as I enter the open room filled with chatter and variety of tastes. “Lucia-Chan!” Haru calls waving her hand to where Kyoko and her sit. I walk across the noisy lunch table and sit in front of the two, ignoring the rambunctious actions the boys in the back make.  

Kyoko and Haru smile and that’s when I realize there is no evidence of food in front of them. I send them questionable look as I dig for my own food, “Where’s your lunch?” 

Both frown and dart their eyes downward.

“Um….well…you see…” I can tell Kyoko is twiddling her thumbs.

“They were having a sale at that cake shop we like a lot…..” Haru answers. 

I just roll my eyes while I begin eating my sandwich; I know exactly where this is gonna go. I look at the two. First there’s Kyoko. She’s a generally kind girl with golden colored hair and light brown eyes, but tends to doze off a lot especially at crucial times. Then there’s Haru, who’s-let’s say a big dreamer. She has brunette hair that’s usually tied and contains the biggest pair of brown eyes I have yet to see. Both love cake usually stuffing their faces with it whenever they get the chance. Though their common sense lacks, I just have to love them both. They are actually the only girl-gender friends who I have which is quite odd since it’s expected of you to have more friends of your own gender.

“But Lucia-Chan.” Haru brings her head up and looks at me with those big eyes, “I heard from the man at the cake shop say there’s a cookie shop that just opened two days ago Desu.”

My own chocolate-brown eyes lighten up. I barely like to eat anything only eating small proportion, which are why I eat am eating a sandwich instead of a bento. However, when it comes to cookies-everything changes.

“Where?” I ask.

“On Buriberi Drive.” Kyoko answers.

Perfect it’s near that place. I smile, “Thanks.”

+Who are you? I am me.+

I walk into the cookie shop known as Tsumi’s. Surprisingly it’s not very busy even though it has balloons and streamers everywhere for it’s new opening, but then again it’s getting late.

 I had to stay after school to work on a project and didn’t get out till 9:00pm. It’s currently 9:30pm and I still have something else to do. Thank goodness there’s no school tomorrow. I walk up to the glass counter staring at my reflection. 

“Can I help you?” I look up to see an old man wearing a apron. Under the silver glasses he wore was a tint of darkness. It must have been a long day at work.

“Um…..yes can I have two chocolate chips and one sprinkle.” The old man nods and heads to where the cookies are neatly displayed in the far-off case.

Waiting for him to return, I stare at my reflection again. There’s me wearing my Namimori middle school uniform, my dark chocolate eyes gazing towards the glass, and my dark brunette hair with tads of black. It’s so strange compared to my pale body. I’m so pale that my neighbor once thought I was a ghost- or rather-apart of those magical creatures that hide.

Yes their real……but you rarely see them…..

“Here you go. That will be four hundred and seventy one yen.” The old man replies with a white paper bag holding my cookies. I open my school bag wrapped around my shoulder and lapped around my left hip. I pull out the yen and carefully hand it to him, slightly scared he might just break. I then place the paper bag in my school bag and leave.

Now I have to go to that place… 

+Cookie Cookie Num Num Cookie Cookie+

I stumble upon a hill. A hill that’s hidden from everywhere else.

 My Hill.  

Yes, my hill. This is my place where I can be alone; only me, up on this hill. I’m the only one who knows this place. So what’s here?….

My garden.

Up on the hill lies two sakura trees, beneath those trees are flowers of many kinds. Amaryllis, alstroemeria, baby's breath, star gazer lily, and more. The garden is circled by my second favorite flower, pink roses.

Though this garden consists of many; there is one thing special about it…

The Blood Petals.

Towards the back near the sakura trees lies a group of paper-like flowers. The steams are purple with thorns that prick. The petals are white as clouds but splattered in a velvet red color.

I’ve never seen them anywhere else. They could be from outer space, but I don’t care. I call them blood petals for the red looks like blood splatters against the white, though I’m not sure what the purple’s about.

I have never told anyone and I never will. These flowers are just too unique.

I grab my metal water-can that hides behind one of the trees and water each plant. I stare up to see the darken-shade sky. The full moon dims white beyond the pastel navy-blue, the small stars in the sky twinkling down. It’s now 10:30pm, meaning I should go home soon. I guess I’ll take the shortcut near the center of the woods.

+Meet me. I’ll change you. Let your adventure begin.+

I quickly run in the forest, my school bag jumping alongside me. I keep running as the moonlight lights my way from the dark trees that whistle through the shadows. I keep going till I feel my inner side start to burn causing me to slow my steps and begin walking. I do this for about ten minutes till I decide to stop and breathe in the dew air. 

The leaves below my feet rustle with the wind, their black figures acting as eyes who watch. The trees all around play the role they did in the American movie: “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, producing shadowed faces in gleam of my presence.

The cool wind flows around stirring a chill down my spine, almost telling me as if something is here…..


I hear a voice say.

With my back turned and eyes grown wide, I shuffle my steps turning hesitantly around.

I look up to be in the presence of someone.

There, sitting on a dark branch, the moonlight shines right behind a man. Wearing black glimmered pants with black shoes that shine his whole figure is outlined. A black jacket is hung over his shoulder flowing with a light breeze. A white shirt with similar color to that of a blood petal with splatters of dark red on the side….. His hair was short and formed a ‘M’ on his facial features, the color being of a Raven’s feather. Then there were his eyes…..deep crimson that studied my whole being with no end.

“Shouldn’t you be home?” He asks still gazing at me.

I give him a questionable look, “Shouldn’t you?”

He smirks back in reply, “Well you see….” He’s slowly beginning to open his mouth, “I would but….” Something is shinning in there, “It’s my dinner time.”

In his mouth shine two long teeth on the top. Each long and sharp. And that’s when I realize…….

He’s a vampire.  

+Blood Petals+

You rarely see any vampires. They watch you, it’s not you watch them.

I go with my first reaction to run, making about three steps till someone advanced infront of me gripping my waist. My school bag flings to the ground as I catch sight of who it is-Him.

I quickly scream, “Let me go! Let me go!”  

He turns me around and covers my mouth with his left hand, “You’re one noisy Herbivore.”

Herbivore? I glance at him to see more of his features. His skin is like mine, pale; but around his still beady crimson eyes lies darkness worse than that old man’s. I shake the thought off trying to hit or kick him, but he already knew my plan of motion for he instantly put his right arm around my right arm and grabbed for my left arm. He then placed his knee in the middle of my legs to prevent me from kicking any more. Damn my school skirt… 

He then buries his head in my curly hair and breathes in my sent instantly changing the color of my cheeks, “Your thirteen. A very young age to get bit, but that means your blood’s more fresh.” He got all that from my scent!? I try to pull my head way, but he squeezes my arm releasing a ping of pain. I then see his head move to the right side of my neck. His lips trailing the side as he holds my face, their surprisingly soft.

However, the soft part vanished as I feel two needle circle my skin getting ready for their meal. Now I can feel my salty tears drip out of my eyes, onto my face, and onto his hand but he doesn’t give a care.

NO! I don’t want to die! I want to see my little sister, my friends, my garden! I want to be free and explore……

He stares at me one more time with his crimson eyes, “Your Blood is Mine…”

If I die now, I’ll never be able to prove and commit myself to the life I’ve yet to find. I’ll never know what exactly I lived for.

Horrific pain erupts as his teeth enter my neck. A scream produces from my mouth, but is silenced by the power of his hand. My blood leaving my body-everything becoming fuzzy…..everything turning to darkness…

+My blood is your drink. Your heart is my dinner.+

His name was Hibari. He found his victim’s blood to be rather ravishing, so unique and new for he never tasted this type of blood before. The color was so light, while the taste was pure.

Her dark-chocolate eyes had gazed at him, struggling to keep themselves open while he took away everything she had. Those eyes that attempted to fight back gazed one last time before she fell to a slumber.

He had to admit the Herbivore was rather amusing, a young pretty girl infact, but how dare she attempt to give him such a look before his taste of her. She should be grateful he came like this, the usual situations he was in were worse. Though she was interesting, he had no care for humans. They were so weak and ill-minded that he found it was best to simply do away with many of them.

However, the herbivore’s blood…It was like drinking pure bliss-A bliss he himself had never compiled too.

Maybe he wouldn’t kill her just yet…

He took out his fangs as the girl fell limp in his arms. He had left enough blood for the young girl to survive.

Hibari then laid her against a tree near the bag she brought. His scarlet-red eyes stared at her one last time before vanishing back to the darkness of the shadows. While he left he licked the remaining amount of her blood on his lips.

He wanted more……….   

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