Frozen 2 Fire and Ice

A Wonderful Window Exit

Back in the sitting room, Kristian had just finished lighting the fire in the fire place; and he is walking back towards Elsa. As Kristian nears, Elsa hands his cup of tea back to him. As she does this, Elsa says, "That was interesting. You got the fire going with almost no effort. I wish some of the servants here could be as efficient as you were just now. Some of them can make a real chore of it sometimes. Could you possible show then how you are able to do it so easily?"

After taking his cup, Kristian sits down on the same couch that Elsa is sitting on. Then Kristian looks into the fire as he replies, "That is sort of one of my secrets; but even if I showed it to other people, they wouldn't be able to duplicate it."

"It's that difficult to do then?" asks Elsa as she looks over at Kristian.

Now Kristian looks over at Elsa and can't help smile when he sees her eyes. "For me, the trick is fairly simple; but only someone with my talent would be able to reproduce it."

"Perhaps I should hire you in that capacity then," says Elsa partly in jest. "There are a lot of fireplaces in the palace. Someone with your talent could come in real handy."

Kristian likes the fact that someone would actually want to have him around, but he also thinks that his magic would not allow such a thing to happen. "I'm afraid, that I am use to the openness of the mountains. Living here would be too confining for me," replies Kristian with a hint of sarcasm.

"There are more rooms in the palace than we have the need for," says Elsa cheekily. She gets up from the couch and walks over to the fire place. Standing near the fire, Elsa takes a sip from her cup. Then she says, "Besides, you don't have to live at the palace." Now Elsa turns and makes a gesture towards the window. "If you like living in the mountains, we do have some nearby that could be to your liking."

So Kristian turns around on the couch to look at the window. Elsa, after placing her cup on the mantel, then moves away from the fireplace and towards the window. Once there, Elsa opens the window and leans on the window sill. Kristian then places his cup down on an end table and gets up and walks over to the window and stands next to Elsa. He also looks out the window. Elsa looks over to Kristian and smiles. "So what do you think?" asks Elsa lightly.

"What I have experienced, so far of the country around here, does make for a pleasant feeling," replies Kristian as he looks out the window. "Yet, I can't just get up and move to another area."

"Something is keeping you tied to your home then," says Elsa in a mellow tone as she looks out the window. "A girlfriend perhaps?"

"No, there is no girl," replies Kristian as he looks over at Elsa. "There is only Goran, and the fact that trouble seems to follow me where ever I go."

Now Elsa looks back at Kristian and says, "If you lived here, you would have the protection on my kingdom and Goran would be welcomed here as well."

Kristian smiles as he looks into Elsa's eyes. "You really are a queen, Elsa, and not just in title alone but in your warm personality."

Elsa beams brightly from the comment and a hint of redness enters her cheeks as she blushes a little. Just then, both Kristian and Elsa hear Anna calling out. "Elsa, are you up here? There is something I need to talk with you about."

Elsa turns around and looks towards the door. With disappointment she says to herself, "Anna, do you have to be interrupting now?"

Kristian looks towards the door as well, and then he leans out the window and looks down. Once Kristian pulls his head back into the room, he asks, "Do you want to avoid your sister?"

"What?" asks a puzzled Elsa.

"If you want to avoid Anna, I need to know before she enters the room. I can take you away from here if you wish," says Kristian as he reaches into a satchel that he has been carrying from his camp.

Elsa hesitates for a moment. Then Anna is heard outside the door. "Elsa, are you in there?"

Elsa looks at the door. Then she looks back at Kristian. "Yes, let's leave Anna behind," says Elsa.

So Kristian wraps an arm around Elsa's waist. "Then hang on to me," says Kristian as he pulls Elsa towards the window.

As she is pulled towards the window, Elsa wraps her arms around Kristian's neck. Just as the knob on the door clicks from being turned. The door is pulled open and Anna steps into the room. "Elsa?" asks Anna as she looks into the room. However, Anna sees no one in the room as she scans over it. Yet, Anna's attention is soon drawn to the fire; and there she sees the cup sitting on the mantel. Anna then moves to the mantel to pick up the cup. As she examines it, Anna notices the leftover tea in the cup.

"Someone has been in here," says Anna to herself as she examines the room more closely. That is when she notices the second cup near the couch. Anna moves quickly over to the cup and looks into it. Then Anna places the first cup next to the second cup and says, "Elsa and Kristian were here, but where are they now?" With a loss of what to do next, Anna moves closer to the open window and looks out the window. "I do hope Elsa is alright," says a concerned Anna to herself.

Unbeknownst to Anna, Elsa and Kristian are hanging from a rope just below her. The rope is attached to a metal hook, which is hung on the window sill of the open window. Elsa has her eyes tightly shut, and she is hanging tightly onto Kristian's neck. Elsa was scared when Kristian jumped out the window with her, and now they both hang a couple of feet below the window.

"You alright?" asks Kristian as he hangs with one gloved hand on the rope and the other hand around Elsa's back.

"Yes, I'm fine," replies Elsa as she is breathing heavily. "That was exciting."

"The excitement is not over yet," adds Kristian. "We still have several more feet to go. It is a good thing that I'm wearing leather gloves." So now Kristian loosens his grip on the rope and begins to slide down the rope.

Elsa watches the ground move closer to them, as they move down the rope, with fear and excitement. Then Elsa looks into the side of Kristian's face and sees him intensely focusing on the rope. An excited smile comes across her face and then Elsa lays her head on Kristian's shoulder as they descend the last few feet. Finally, their feet touch the ground. Then Kristian lets go of Elsa and faces her, and Elsa steps back with her hands on Kristian's shoulders.

"That has been the most exhilarating thing I've done for some time," says Elsa.

"Oh, have you done other things this exciting before?" asks Kristian cheekily.

Elsa lets go of Kristian shoulders and steps back with a smile. She then replies, "There have been times this past year that have been fun, but the only thing that would come close would be back during the time of my coronation. That was nearly all fear, but this had some fun to it."

"Least you're easy to please," says Kristian humorously as he turns to the rope to retrieve it.

To give Kristian some room to work, Elsa turns away and takes a few steps back away from him. "I wouldn't say that I am easy," replies Elsa happily. "I prefer to think of myself as having simple needs."

As the rope and hook fall from the window, Elsa turns around and watches it fall. Once the rope is on the ground, Kristian bends over to gather the rope up. Then finally when Kristian stands up to roll the rope up, Elsa lets out a slight gasp.

"Kristian, I'm sorry!" says Elsa as she moves towards Kristian.

Kristian is puzzled about what Elsa is apologizing for. So he turns to look at Elsa as she approaches.

"I didn't mean to cover your back in ice," apologizes Elsa. "You scared me with the jump out the window, and my magic must have been released. I didn't realize that it had."

Now Kristian looks down his shoulder and back the best that he could. He hadn't even realized that Elsa had done that. Kristian's own powers had kept his face and neck clear of the ice and frost, but Kristian's clothing insulated the heat from getting to the outer layers. "I'm fine Elsa. It is no big deal," says Kristian.

"Still, I am sorry," says Elsa. She then reaches up and places a hand on the back of Kristian's shoulder. While doing this she says, "Here, let me take care of that for you."

Elsa, like she had done in the past, removes the ice and frost. As Kristian watches, he is amazed by the fact that Elsa is able to do this. Kristian has never been able to extinguish a fire by willing it and here Elsa is doing it with the ice.

Once Elsa was done making the ice vanish, she steps back and says, "There, I hope you can forgive me."

"Kristian turns to face Elsa and replies, "There is nothing to forgive. I have faced many severe winters at my mountain home. That bit of ice wasn't even noticeable."

Now Elsa and Kristian begin to walk towards the water's edge. "I am glad that I didn't cause any real harm," says Elsa. "Sometimes, I still have difficulty controlling my magic powers."

"I know that problem," replies Kristian quietly.

"Pardon me?" asks a puzzled Elsa. She wasn't sure she heard Kristian correctly. "You know that problem?"

"Well, um, I mean that with any natural gift there are problems," replies Kristian in a stammer as he realizes he had said the wrong thing. A hint of his secret was almost revealed. Kristian continues his line of thought as he tries to work his way out of his predicament. "Well like a strong man has to learn how to be gentle or a logical man has to figure out how to express emotions."

"Or perhaps even someone who excels at living alone trying to coup in social settings," adds Elsa as she smiles and looks at Kristian.

"Um, ya that too," replies Kristian as he smiles sheepishly back at Elsa.

Now Kristian and Elsa stand near the water's edge. The sun is starting to get low in the sky, and a few hours of daylight still remain. "Most people should be eating about now," comments Elsa.

"Yah," replies Kristian. Then after a slight pause, Kristian asks, "Um Elsa, is it all right if I ask a question? I don't know if you want to or will be able to answer it."

"Go ahead, I will do my best to give you an answer," replies Elsa.

"Well back near the palace, I had ice covering my back and you got rid of it. I was wondering, how were you able to accomplish that? Since your magic has more to do with the cold and not with heat," asks Kristian.

"Oh, that has a simple answer. Anna helped me to figure it out. In simplest terms, its love," replies Elsa.

"What?!" responds Kristian with some apprehension. "Love?!"

Elsa notices the sudden fear in Kristian's voice and face. So she says, "Oh, please don't read too much into that. I'm not just talking about the small portion of love that is romantic. I'm talking about love in its broadest sense. Like the way I love Anna, and the way I love Arendelle and its people. So if you look at it in its broadest sense, that love can include you as well."

Kristian relaxes some after hearing this and says, "So how do you use love to reverse what you have done?"

"It mostly has to do with caring about others and wanting to do right by them," replies Elsa. "The positive feeling that love gives me makes it fairly easy for me to control my magic. It even allows me to reverse anything that I might have done."

"It's as simple as that, a positive feeling and a desire to help others," inquires Kristian. "I would have thought that your magic powers could only work in one direction."

"I thought that at first as well; but I realized when my sister was willing to sacrifice herself for me, that love could overcome even what I thought was impossible," replies Elsa.

Sometimes, I can't get over who you are," says Kristian as he is amazed by what Elsa has accomplished. Kristian gazes into Elsa's eyes and can feel the happiness and warmth emanating from her spirit. For some reason, which Kristian doesn't understand, Elsa has been able to get past his emotional defenses and touch his heart. Kristian can't help but look at Elsa affectionately and Elsa notices this and responds in the same way.

Then after a short period, Kristian smile fades and his eyes drop. He then walks away from Elsa a couple of feet. Kristian's mind always comes back to Goran, why he is here, and Elsa's powers over snow and ice. Elsa is puzzled about Kristian's actions and she is becoming frustrated by this constant up and down of emotions she is receiving from him.

Once Kristian stops walking and without turning around, he says with frustration," Why do you have to be you? Why couldn't you be what I was expecting when I came to Arendelle?"

Elsa is surprised by Kristian's comments. First he seemed to be enticed by what she could do. Now Kristian seems to react with displeasure. "I don't understand," says a perplexed Elsa. "It is about my magic powers isn't it?" Elsa receives no response from Kristian. Kristian stands there quietly with his back to Elsa. "I can't help being who I am," says Elsa sadly.

With still no response from Kristian, Elsa moves to a nearby boulder and sits down. A frost develops on the surface of the boulder as she sits. Still Elsa doesn't care anymore that her magic is revealing itself by accident. Elsa has already accidently revealed them twice before in front of Kristian, what is one more time.

As Elsa sits on the boulder she says with remorse, "I wish I never had these powers. They have caused so many problems for me. I try to make the best situation I can with them, but they still end up keeping me isolated." Elsa then raises a hand and starts to cause a swirl of cold air and snow. "People will always be afraid of me. I'm just going to have to learn to live with my magic all on my own," says a sad Elsa as she watches the snow dance above her hand.

After hearing this, Kristian finally turns and looks at Elsa. He sees Elsa sitting there looking miserable on her frosted boulder and the snow dancing above her hand. He hates himself for making Elsa feel this way. Now Kristian looks down at the ground and grimaces as he clenches his fist. Then he looks up again at Elsa and sighs. Afterwards Kristian removes one of his gloves, and he walks over to Elsa. Then Kristian kneels down before her.

With Kristian kneeling in front of her, Elsa looks at Kristian with a sad questioning look. Meanwhile, Kristian has nearly an emotionless look on his face. Right now, Kristian is focusing hard on controlling his powers. Then Kristian places his bare hand on Elsa's hand that is causing the snow. Elsa is shocked by this move, and she tries to pull her hand away to try and protect Kristian from her magic. However, Kristian holds onto Elsa's hand firmly but gently. Being unable to get away from Kristian's grasp, Elsa looks down at their joined hands. She sees that Kristian's hand is unharmed and that there is no ice covering his hand.

With a quiet comforting tone Kristian says, "Elsa, the little bit of snow you were causing does not scare me at all. While your magic does concern me, I am not afraid of it."

Elsa looks at Kristian in disbelief. Not even Anna would dare to touch her like this. Elsa looks back down at their joined hands and then back at Kristian's face. "How…how are you doing this?" asks a shocked Elsa.

Now Kristian lets go of Elsa's hand and stands up. He turns sideways to her and looks at the ground. "I…I can't say," replies Kristian. Kristian hated seeing Elsa being sad, but he also hated how he had to use his magic to stop Elsa's unhappy mood.

"But how could you? The cold should have stopped you. My powers should have harmed you," says a shocked Elsa.

Kristian then walks away again. He also puts his glove back on. Then with his back turned, he stops and says, "I can't."

"I don't understand," says Elsa as she gets up from her boulder. "You were able to touch me like that. How was that possible?"

"Elsa, I can't," replies Kristian a little louder with his back still towards Elsa.

"But if you can touch me like that, why do you try and keep your distance from me? Even if you do leave, why do you bother to create walls between us?" asks Elsa as she walks towards Kristian, pressuring him.

"Elsa, I just can't," replies Kristian louder as he looks up into the distance.

"But why can't you? We get along well together, and we had fun today. I like you and I want to understand. I just need to know. So what is it that you can't do?" asks Elsa.

"I can't fall in love with you!" shouts Kristian as he turns towards Elsa swinging his arm aggressively. Then he drops his head and with his side towards Elsa says quietly, "I just can't."

Elsa stands there quietly looking at Kristian. Elsa is stunned by the loud and dramatic response she had just heard. She needs time to mull over what Kristian had said and what it meant. Finally, in a calm and quiet voice Elsa speaks, "Emotions are a difficult thing to have control over. Our mind might tell us one thing but our emotions do not always follow what our mind says. From what you just said, I know that you care about me; but for some reason you think that you shouldn't form a close relationship."

"Elsa if you only knew everything, you wouldn't even want to be near me," says Kristian as he lifts his head and looks off into the distance. "There are things about me that should concern you. Things that would make you hate me and even fear me."

"You have said that you had secrets that you don't want to be revealed. We are talking about them now aren't we?" inquires Elsa.

Kristian's head drops a little as he replies, "There are reasons why I don't want them revealed, and I am already saying more than I should."

"But Olaf says he knows about these secrets, and that there is nothing to be concerned about," states Elsa.

Kristian looks over at Elsa now when he replies, "Olaf doesn't know everything. What Olaf does know should make him worried but it doesn't, and what he doesn't know would scare you."

"I have been scared before, and I have gotten very good at controlling my fear," replies Elsa. "So if you want to talk about it, I will listen without any judgment or interruption until you have had your say. I will promise you that."

Now Kristian looks away when he replies, "I don't know. I know you believe that you will keep your promise, but I have trouble seeing you keeping it." Then Kristian looks back at Elsa and continues. "Yet, if anyone could keep such a promise, it would be you."

Elsa smiles a little. She wants to know what is troubling Kristian, and he is showing signs of trusting her enough to share it.

Kristian's eyes drop as he senses that Elsa is expecting him to open up. So he says calmly, "I need time to think about what to do next, and I need to be alone when I do."

Kristian begins to move away and Elsa's head begins to drop as she sees him leave. Then Kristian turns towards Elsa and says, "I should at least escort you back to a palace entrance. I owe you at least that much for taking you out of the palace."

So Elsa lifts her head and walks up to Kristian. As she does, she says, "That's very kind of you to offer, but leaving the palace was a joined decision. Though the manner of leaving was yours and it was very dramatic."

So Kristian and Elsa begin to walk along side each other. "I guess I should apologies for that departure," says a stoic Kristian as he looks straight forward.

"It was an event that I won't soon forget," replies Elsa as she glances over at Kristian. "It was an unusual ending to a beautiful day. I just hope that you were able to enjoy it as well."

Kristian glances over at Elsa with a questioning look. "The day was easy to enjoy especially when I forgot about everything else, but how can you think about how my day was? Since, I just gave you some unsettling information."

"You have not given out enough detail for me to make a proper judgment call," responds Elsa. "So I have to rely on my time with you. From that I have found you to be kind person. Even this thing you say I should be worried about tells me that you are concerned about my well being. If you weren't you wouldn't have told me."

"You really know how to make things difficult don't you," replies Kristian as he looks down to the ground.

"I was trying to make things easier and lighten the mood," says a puzzled Elsa.

"Not if I try to go back to the way things were before I met you," replies Kristian sadly. "You make it too easy for me to like you."

Soon Kristian and Elsa reach the main door of the palace. "I guess you will be heading back to your campsite then," says Elsa as she stands in the courtyard of the palace.

"Yah, I've got issues to work out in my head," says Kristian as he withdraws into himself.

"Will you come by tomorrow then? I would like to see you again," says Elsa.

"I don't know. It depends on what I decide," says an uncertain Kristian. "Good bye, Elsa," says Kristian as he turns to walk away.

"Good bye, Kristian; and I do hope to see you again," replies Elsa as she gives a slight wave to Kristian. Kristian acknowledges this by giving a slight nod of his head as he walks away.

Elsa watches Kristian walk away with a little apprehension about what he will end up deciding. When Kristian reaches the far side of the bridge Elsa turns to return to the interior of the palace. Just as Elsa nears the doors, they open. It is Anna. She had been searching through the palace looking for Elsa.

"Oh, hi Anna," says Elsa as she is surprised to run into Anna at the front doors. "I heard you looking for me earlier this evening. I just didn't want to interrupt my time with Kristian. So I guess I owe you an apology for avoiding you."

Anna moves quickly towards her sister and wraps her arms around Elsa to give her a hug. Anna ends up pinning Elsa's upper arms against her body. "Um, Anna?" asks Elsa as she is surprised by this unexpected action by Anna.

Anna releases Elsa a bit so she can speak to her face to face. "I was so worried about you, but I am so glad that you are safe now."

"Anna, I was only with Kristian and we never left the palace grounds," replies Elsa.

"Kristian was the reason that I was trying to find you," says Anna as she lets go of Elsa. "You might not be safe around him."

"Why? What did you hear?" asks Elsa. Elsa knew that something was troubling Kristian, and maybe Anna knew something about it.

"What I know came from Kristoff," replies Anna. "He was delivering ice to Vidar when he overheard Kristian in a heated discussion."

"Kristian said that he was talking with his employer, and that his employer wasn't happy with his progress," interrupts Elsa.

"But he didn't tell you who his employer is or what his job was," replies Anna. "The man that Kristoff saw with Kristian was The Duke of Weselton."

"The Duke!" exclaims Elsa. "No wonder Kristian was having such difficulty. That's why he seemed so tormented when we were hanging out together. I was the source of it."

"Elsa, what are you saying?!" exclaims Anna. "Who knows what the Duke of Weselton had planned. Kristian could be here to harm you, and you are blaming yourself for his mental difficulties?"

"No, I am not blaming myself; but Kristian had said that he disliked his job and now I think I know why," replies Elsa. "He has taken a liking to me."

"OK, maybe there is something to feel sorry about; but shouldn't you take this potential threat more seriously?" asks Anna.

There is little that can be done," replies Elsa. "I could send the Duke away, but that would not stop anything the Duke would have put into motion. The only thing I really can do is to isolate myself in the palace, and I don't want to do that again."

"I would hate to see you seclude yourself like you did when we were kids," adds Anna. "You have been having so much fun this last year by being out in Arendelle. Still, I wish you would be careful. I don't want to lose my only sister."

"I think I can take care of myself," replies Elsa. Then with a smile she says, "After all, I am the Snow Queen."

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