Frozen 2 Fire and Ice

Frustration and Anxiety

Kristian had left Elsa in the courtyard of the palace, and he is walking through the streets of Arendelle back to his campsite. Kristian's mind is tormented while he passes the villagers in Arendelle. It is late in the day and just a little over an hour of sunlight is left. As he walks, Kristian watches the villagers settle down for the evening. Street vendors are closing down for the night, and street lanterns are starting to be lit. Also children are running through the street, trying to enjoy the last few minutes of daylight left before the night calls them in to settle down.

"What is the point in ruining their lives," says Kristian to himself as he knows of the pending disaster that Goran will soon unleash on this village.

Kristian walks slowly as he thinks and lets out a sigh when he leaves the village. Now all he has is the noise that swirls in the country hills. Kristian continues his walk in silence, and when he reaches his campsite he fails to notice the two fires. One fire sits at the top of the rock outcropping and the other is in the fire pit. Goran had arrived at the campsite and was waiting for Kristian to return. Since Mattias and Goran do not get along very well, the firebird took off to the safety of the rock outcropping.

Goran looks up and watches Kristian walk into the campsite. Then he says in a rough voice, "I've been waiting for you to return."

Kristian stops and looks up. He is surprised to see Goran sitting by the campfire. "What are you doing here?" asks Kristian in surprise.

"Just pathetic," says Goran in disgust. "How do you expect to survive if you don't pay attention to your surroundings? You walked right into camp without even noticing me." Then Goran, from his sitting position, launches a fireball at Kristian. Kristian manages to get a glove off and deflects the fireball in time. This fireball then bursts apart when it hits the ground, setting some of the grass on fire. "If I was a threat, you would be dead by now," states Goran. "And what are you doing wearing gloves on such a tricky job? If you were caught by this ice witch, you would be at a significant disadvantage. You have limited your attack potential by wearing those dam things."

"By wearing them, I reduced the possibility of someone finding out about me," replies Kristian in a stern voice as he takes his other glove off. Kristian then places both gloves into his satchel. "Besides, my job was to watch the queen and I figured that secrecy was more important that my attack prowess."

"First of all, she is a witch not a queen. Secondly, that is why I am here, your job," says Goran as he stands up and faces Kristian. "You weren't watching the monster at all. You were messing around and not paying attention to your mission."

"What are you talking about?" angrily asks Kristian. "I had my eye on her the entire day. Only for a few brief periods did I not have her in my sights."

"You call standing on a hill outside of the village keeping an eye on the witch!" exclaims Goran angrily. "Not to mention, you were hanging out with some local trollop instead of doing your job!"

"That trollop, you are talking about, was my job and she never left my sight!" shouts Kristian.

"You bothered to hang out with that creature?!" hotly asks Goran. "That was the stupidest thing I have ever heard. You risked your life getting that close to her and you hampered yourself by wear those leather gloves. By all rights, you would have been dead if she found out. An ice witch would not have shown any mercy to a fire demon, and you should not show any to an ice witch."

"You're wrong about her!" exclaims Kristian. "She is, by no means, a witch. She is in all senses, not only be birth but also by her nature, a queen. You have to accept that fact. She has found her place here, and is warmly accepted by the villagers. The only threat that she would be is if we threatened her first."

"You fool, Kristian," snarls Goran. "She has bewitched you, like she has bewitched everyone in this backwater village. This ice witch has broken your fighting spirit and has left you helpless. The only way you are going to get that back is by her death."

"I am as strong as I ever was, Goran!" hotly replies Kristian. "Let's forget about this place and forget about Elsa! She has no reason to leave this land and we can return to our mountain home. I can even obtain the funds we need to repay the Duke his money. We can leave free and clear of this whole mess and have no further consequences from it."

Now Goran is angry at what he perceives as Kristian's weakness. So Goran raises his hands and flame rises from his upright palms. He lets out a roar of anger and shoots the fire forward in a long stream at Kristian. Kristian raises his own hands and generates a large fireball. Kristian then thrusts the fireball forward to meet the fire stream from Goran. The two fires meet just in front of Kristian. Parts of the stream are sheared off and impact around Kristian. However, parts of the stream manage to push through Kristian's defense and it strikes Kristian in the chest. The force of the impact knocks Kristian backwards and it causes him to sprawl on the ground. Now Goran walks towards Kristian with both of his hands ablaze. Kristian struggles to right himself as he is dazed by the blow from Goran.

"She has made you weak!" roars Goran as he approaches Kristian. "I have spent my energy and time to try and turn you into a warrior! I had to overcome your mother's compassionate influences on you to make you into a true fighter! Now you allow this—this creature to undo all of that work! She deserves to be punished for this!"

Kristian just manages to get to his feet as Goran nears. Goran then grabs Kristian by the neck with a flaming hand. The fire surrounds Kristian's head as Kristian tries to wrestle Goran's hand away from his throat. Kristian's own magic keeps him from being burned, but the fire consumes the oxygen. This causes Kristian to grow weak from the lack of breathable air.

"All ice witches deserve to perish and there will be no exception for this one," strongly states Goran as he holds onto Kristian. "It will be done with or without your help."

With this said, Goran throws Kristian back down to the ground where Kristian lays gasping for breath. "You forced me to come down here to set you straight," states Goran harshly. "It is costing me over a half day of work. Still, I will have everything prepared by the third morning. The avalanche, that I will unleash, will bury this village. Prepare yourself for it." Then Goran begins to walk away but he stops and turns around. "And Kristian, if you betray me, there will be no place on earth that your weak body will find protection from my anger."

Goran then proceeds to walk out of the camp to head back up the mountain. Meanwhile, Kristian sits on the ground. His breathing has become more controlled as Kristian sits with his arms on his knees and his head on his arms. Suddenly flames blaze up from his hands. Kristian then rolls over and he pushes himself up into a standing position. He stands there with a tired angered determination. The flames grow on his hands until he lets out a roar and thrusts a fireball into the rock outcropping. The exploding fireball and exploding rocks makes Mattias soar into the air. Then Mattias lands behind Kristian as he watches Kristian fire another fireball into the rock wall.

"I am not weak!" shouts Kristian as he fires a third ball into the wall. Kristian then stands there for a moment as he builds his flame up. The fire crawls up his arms until Kristian's entire upper torso is engulfed in flame. "I will show you Goran, that I can be as strong as you are!" states Kristian as he launches a fourth giant flaming ball at the rock wall. This time boulders fly off of the wall. "Then maybe you will be proud of me," quietly states Kristian.

Kristian then walks over to one of these boulders and places a flaming hand on top of it. "I am a warrior," growls Kristian as once again his flame grows "I will prove that to you!" yells Kristian as he pushes down on the boulder.

Kristian's fire grows larger until this time his entire body is covered in flame. The boulder is awash in fire and it begins to glow red. Kristian lets out a yell as he pushes down with even more force on the boulder. The boulder melts under his hand until it is nothing but molten slag on the ground. Now Kristian steps back from what is left and his flame diminishes. Finally Kristian falls backwards onto the ground exhausted. When he hits the ground, Kristian's body scorches the surface leaving a black spot around his body. Now Kristian's fire is spent and the flame goes out. So Kristian ends up laying there panting with his eyes closed.

Kristian just lays there for several minutes. He just doesn't want to care about anything anymore, and Kristian's exhaustion helps keep him from getting agitated by the subject of Elsa and Goran. Kristian's convoluted thoughts are only interrupted by the sound of snow melting on his cheek with a hiss. So Kristian opens his eyes and sees a light snow falling from the sky.

"Snow," says Kristian factually. He is too tired to give this event much thought. Kristian watches the snow fall and it takes his mind off of his problems. The sun has almost set but the few rays of sunlight that still hang in the air make the snow glow with a certain peaceful energy. Soon Kristian notices something else up in the sky. A swirl of snow crosses the sky above him. Then another one crosses. Finally, in his tired state, Kristian realizes what is happening.

"Elsa," says Kristian as a tired smile comes to his face. As Kristian lies there, Mattias comes over to him and lays his head on Kristian's chest. Then Kristian wraps his arm around the fire bird as he watches the snow fall. In time, Kristian eventually falls asleep holding onto his companion Mattias.

Meanwhile, in the village of Arendelle, the villagers are marveling at this current event of snow.

"The queen must be practicing," comments one villager.

"Isn't it wonderful," says another.

"She is giving us a show this evening," says a third.

Back at the palace, Elsa is standing in the courtyard. As Elsa waves her arms around, the snow in the sky makes unique swirls and waves in the air. All of her snow displays head out over the village of Arendelle and out to the countryside. After a while, Anna emerges from the front doors of the palace.

"Elsa, what are you doing out here?" asks Anna politely as she looks up into the sky. "Are you putting on a display for the villagers?"

"I'm actually doing this more for Kristian, but the people of Arendelle can enjoy it as well," replies Elsa as she continues her display.

"Kristian!?" exclaims Anna as she is a bit surprised. "After what we just learned about him, why would you bother to give him a show like this?"

"I am hoping to show him a gentler side to my magic," replies Elsa. "Maybe this will help to bring Kristian over to my side instead of the Duke's. Maybe it will even ease his mind. In any case, a little practice doesn't hurt."

"I guess there is no harm in a little practice," replies Anna. "I just have my doubts to whom you are showing this too."

"I grant you, that Kristian might not seem to be the most ideal person to be going to this much effort for," says Elsa. "But I am not willing to give up on him just yet. After all, how can I dismiss someone who has managed to brighten my days, even if he did it by accident?"

When the light finally fades from the sky, Elsa stops her show and returns to the safe confines of the palace interior.

When the next morning arrives, Elsa is up early as usual. She tried to sleep the best that she could but Elsa was anxious about what Kristian might decide. As a consequence Elsa has once again, in her sleep, frosted the interior of her room. Elsa is disgusted by this, but by using her powers, she removes the frost.

Afterwards, Elsa tries to start her day like she normally does. After eating her breakfast, Elsa tries to do some work; but she ends up looking over at the chair that Kristian sat in during their evening dinner with Anna and Kristoff. With her mind on other things, Elsa gets very little work done. Finally, Elsa gives up on doing work and starts to walk around the palace. Elsa starts to visit all the places that she showed Kristian during that dinner night. Elsa smiles at the fun time she had that night. The excitement she felt when Kristian helped Elsa out of the chair. The enjoyment she felt when Elsa held onto Kristian ice skating. Even the time when they both watched the stars on the bridge makes her smile a little.

Out in the countryside, Kristian is also starting his day. Last night he slept out on the ground without a blanket. Kristian didn't need the blanket for warmth. That is because Kristian's own power of fire and his firebird Mattias was all the warmth he needed. However, Kristian could have used the blanket to soften the ground that he was sleeping on. As Kristian begins to move Mattias, who has been sleeping on Kristian's chest, flies off and nestles down into the rock ring that was set up for the campfire. Mattias also pulls some of the sticks from outside of the ring into the middle of the ring to make a comfortable sight for himself. Soon the bird and the wood are brightly blazing away.

As Kristian gets up, he groans as he stands and stretches his back by placing his hands on his waist. "I should know better than to sleep on bare ground," complains Kristian about his backache.

Then Kristian prepares his breakfast, cleans up, and puts his supplies away. Once done, Kristian sits down next to the campfire and throws Mattias a stick. "Yesterday ended badly," says Kristian to Mattias as he watches the bird consume the stick. "Now, I don't know what to do. Do I betray Goran, a man I've known for most of my life and who has taken care of me; or do I forget about Elsa?"

As he thinks, Kristian leans back against a rock and looks up into the sky. He then continues, "Elsa did put on a show for me last night. However, if she knew what I am and what I am a part of, she would not have been so thoughtful. Fire and ice are just not compatible. There is no way it can work out between us. It was fun while it lasted, but it has to end between Elsa and me."

Now Kristian stands up, and he grabs one of his elbows as he stretches his shoulders. "I guess this means that I've made my decision," says Kristian a little down.

As this thought begins to weigh heavily on Kristian, he walks over to the wall of rock and places a hand against the rock. Kristian's hand flames up as he leans against the rock. "I am sorry Elsa," quietly says Kristian as a tear steams away from his face.

Mattias had been quietly watching Kristian go through his thought process. Now the firebird hops up onto the rocks of the fire ring and squawks and flaps his wings. So Kristian turns and looks at the firebird. "What is it Mattias?" asks Kristian.

Mattias then flies off and lands on the path that leads to Arendelle. The bird looks down the path. Then he looks back at Kristian and then back down the path again.

"I told you already, it can't work out between us," says Kristian. "We'll just end up hurting each other."

Mattias turns back towards Kristian and claps his beak. Kristian then replies, "What is there to talk about?" Mattias claps his beak again louder. "Mattias, I don't know what there would be for me to say to Elsa except good bye," replies Kristian.

Mattias flaps his wings and squawks. "That's what you want me to do? You want me to say good bye?" questions Kristian. Mattias lets out a squawk of conformation. "Mattias, I can't just go and say good bye. If I do, Elsa would want to know why," replies Kristian.

Once again Mattias claps his beak. "Tell Elsa?" questions Kristian. "It would be the right thing to do," says Kristian as a little light of kindness begins to grow in his heart. "She does deserve to know the truth about why I am leaving, but not the entire truth. I just can't tell her about Goran. I owe him too much."

So with this decision made, Kristian heads over to his pack and pulls his leather gloves out. Kristian holds his gloves for a moment of hesitation. If Kristian takes the gloves, it means he will be sacrificing his attack potential. Finally he puts the gloves on and heads down the path to Arendelle.

Back in the palace, Elsa has moved up into the private sitting room. Last evening, Elsa and Kristian spent some time together here. Now Elsa sits down on the couch alone. She leans against the arm of the couch; and Elsa pulls her legs up against herself, almost sitting on her feet. She looks into the empty fireplace and sighs. Elsa is both happy and sad as she thinks about Kristian lighting the fire. As she looks into the fireplace, Elsa is wondering if Kristian will return to the palace or not.

Elsa then looks over to the window. She smiles as Elsa remembers the exciting departure that Kristian and she took out that window. Holding onto him as they descended the rope was magical to Elsa. It was over sooner than she wanted it to be. Then Elsa thinks of the moment when Kristian took her hand. Elsa holds her own hand as she remembers this. That simple gesture was beyond what anyone had ever done with her before. Elsa never thought it was possible, but Kristian was able to be physically close to her even when her powers were active.

That simple touch had sent Elsa's whole world in a spin. What Elsa thought the world was going to be for her was now in near disarray. She didn't care though. The hope and excitement it gave Elsa was all she needed right now. The down side was the apprehension. What was Kristian going to do? Elsa wanted to see Kristian again, but would it be for her sake or for the Duke of Weselton. As Elsa thinks about this, Anna and Olaf walk into the room.

"Hi Elsa!" chirps Olaf as he greets the Queen of Arendelle. "Are you taking a respite from your busy morning?"

Elsa, who has been lying on the couch with her back against the arm of the couch, swings her legs off and sits upright. "I'm afraid this down time has been going on all morning," replies Elsa. "I barely got anything done concerning my duties."

Anna then walks over to the couch. As she does, Anna says, "You have been very diligent with your royal responsibilities, that you can let things go for a few days and just let the royal advisers handle things for a while."

"I know, but it wouldn't be right to throw all my duties off on them," replies Elsa.

Anna sits down on the couch next to Elsa and smiles. Then she says, "You would never do that. You always try and do things for others. I just wish you would do more things for yourself. Speaking of which, I bet the thing that has been troubling you this morning has something to do with Kristian."

Elsa looks into the fireplace as she replies, "I just wish I knew what he will be up to. Since we have met him, Kristian has continually surprised me. During the spring festival, he brushed pass me without a second thought and placed his hand against mine in the process. Then in the library before our first dinner together, Kristian help lift me out of my chair. He held my hand without any concern." "Then last night, when we were avoiding you, we leaped out that window," says Elsa as she points towards the window in the room.

"Wait, you went out that window with Kristian? That's over 30 feet to the ground!" interrupts Anna with surprise.

Elsa looks at her sister and smiles. "Yes, it was terrifying initially, but then it was wonderful," replies Elsa. "I held onto him and he held onto me. Kristian brought me down to the ground safely on a rope. The whole time, I was holding onto him. I just wish the descent was longer. At the bottom, he didn't even care that I accidentally frosted his shirt. Then later, he actually took my hand into his when I was using my magic powers."

"He touched you?!" inquires Anna. "He must have some kind of magic of his own. I mean, what other kind of explanation could there be?"

With excitement Elsa replies, "I know, I've been thinking the same thing; but what kind of magic? Is he like me? Does he have the power over the cold and snow as well?"

"I don't think that would be the right answer," interjects Anna. "Why would the Duke of Weselton hire someone with powers like you?"

Elsa's excitement fades as she replies, "You're right. The Duke wouldn't hire such a person knowingly. He distrusts people with unnatural powers."

"True, but it doesn't mean he wouldn't hire someone who can protect themselves," replies Anna in an attempt to cheer Elsa up. "Most likely, Kristian has some kind of protection spell on him, something that allows him to keep the cold out."

Elsa perks up again. "Yes that must be it!" says Elsa excitedly. "That would fit perfectly with what we know. The Duke would have hired someone that he knew would be capable of taking me on."

"I don't know why you are so excited about this," interjects Anna. She is a little concern about what this possible revelation could mean. "We are talking about the Duke of Weselton here. Your interactions, so far, have not been friendly. If anything, Kristian is here to harm you."

"I know," says Elsa as her excitement wanes again. "That's why I wish I knew what Kristian will be up to. I had hoped that he would show up this morning to explain things but he hasn't. Maybe Kristian thought that the deal he had with the Duke would be too much for me to accept and has decided to leave Arendelle."

"He could have also decided to go through with his deal with the Duke," adds Anna. "If that is the case, Kristian could be the worst person you will ever meet. He will have taken your heart and will have thrown it away."

"My heart has been broken before Anna and it has mended," replies Elsa. Then she stands up, starts walking around, and continues, "I just want this not knowing to be over. Why can't he just come and tell me. Even if what he had to say was going to be bad news, it would be better than knowing nothing." A little snow begins to fall in the room as Elsa becomes frustrated with her situation.

So Anna gets up and stands behind her sister. "He may still show up and explain things," says Anna trying to comfort her sister. "There is still time left in the day. Maybe he hasn't made up his mind yet. Just give it a little more time."

Elsa turns around and faces her sister. "But how much more time?" replies Elsa. "I am having my doubts that he will even be showing up."

"I think Kristian will show up, but I don't think it will be anytime soon," chirps Olaf as he is standing by the window. "All he seems to be doing is walking back and forth out there. So I don't know when Kristian will start moving towards the palace."

"What?" exclaims Elsa as she hurries over to the window.

Anna follows Elsa to the window and then both of them look out. Down below, in the town square is Kristian. What, Anna and Elsa see is Kristian pacing back and forth, and it looks like he is talking with himself.

"He did show up," happily says Elsa.

"From the look of him, it seems he hasn't figured out what to say," adds Anna.

"He does seem to be unsettled, but he is here," replies Elsa. "It means Kristian is willing to talk and I want to hear what explanation he has."

Elsa then moves quickly towards the door and as she reaches the door Anna speaks. "I will notify the palace guards then."

Elsa stops with her hand on the doorknob and turns towards her sister. "Anna, that won't be necessary," replies Elsa. "We are just going to have a talk. That is all. There is no need for extra security."

"Have you already forgotten that he is working for the Duke of Weselton?" interjects Anna. "I would rather see you safe than out there with someone who could possibly be dangerous."

"Anna, I don't think he is here to harm me," replies Elsa "I will be fine on my own."

"If you won't accept the protection of the palace guards, then I am at least coming with you," says Anna with determination."

"But-," replies Elsa.

Before Elsa could finish her sentence, Olaf speaks up. "I will come to. My pal Kristian could use a friendly face. He seems so moody down there and could use some cheering up."

Elsa looks at Olaf who is smiling, and then she looks at Anna who has a concerned determination on her face. Elsa sighs and says, "Fine, you both can come."

"Terrific!" exclaims Olaf. "If Kristian is going to say what I think he is, this is going to be an exciting revelation!"

Elsa opens the door for Olaf and Anna to head out, and as Anna nears Elsa says, "Anna, please let Kristian have his say before you say anything. I promised him that much and I would like to keep my promise."

Anna stops in front of her sister and replies, "OK, I promise that I will at least try to be silent; but don't expect me to stand quietly by if things go south."

Elsa sighs and says, "I guess that is the best that I can hope for." Then she follows Olaf and Anna out of the room.

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