Frozen 2 Fire and Ice

Conversation on the Bridge

Outside in the village square, Kristian has been pacing back and forth. He is trying to work up the courage to talk to Elsa. Kristian is also trying to think of the most appropriate thing to say. However nothing he thinks of seems to be right. As he paces, Kristian talks to himself. "Come on Kristian, all you have to do is tell her. It shouldn't be this difficult. You've got to say something more than just hello or good morning. Something like, sorry Elsa I can't be with you because I have the power over fire." "Oh ya, that'll work," says Kristian sarcastically. "Upset her first and then make her fear for her life. Maybe, Elsa I have a special gift, a gift that allows me to generate extra heat. Enough heat to melt ice. That seems better, but it still is going to lead to a difficult standoff," says an uncertain Kristian. "Dam it. I just don't see any easy way to do this. Hey Elsa, I have the power to burn your whole house down," says Kristian with an unrealistic and off the wall idea. ""Oh ya, that will definitely get you an ice dagger in the old body. Definitely won't go that route."

As Kristian continues to talk to himself, he has walked nearer to the palace bridge. He has also not noticed Olaf, Anna, and Elsa come out of the main gate. Olaf takes off running excitedly. Meanwhile, Anna and Elsa continue at a walking pace.

"He seems to be focused on his own thoughts," says Anna to Elsa as they walk.

"If Kristian is going to be revealing anything, it will be difficult for him," replies Elsa. "He thinks we don't know about the Duke of Weselton. Think about it, what would you do if Kristoff told you he was working for the Duke?"

This comment causes Anna to stop walking. "Kristoff wouldn't be working for the Duke!" exclaims Anna as she feels insulted by the idea.

Then Elsa stops and turns towards her sister. "Just for argument sake Anna, what would you do?" repeats Elsa with her question.

"I most likely would get upset with Kristoff," replies Anna. "Then I would probably hit him with something."

"Exactly," says Elsa. "Kristian could feel that I would react the same way. I mean, how do you tell someone? Kristian knows the Duke of Weselton is not a fan of mine, and he is working for the Duke."

"He could be thinking that," replies Anna. "But he could also be trying to rationalize the hostile actions he will be taking against you."

"Perhaps, but I would much prefer to think of him doing the former than the later," says Elsa.

"I would too, but I want you to be careful around Kristian," replies Anna with concern. "You still need to find out what his true motives are."

As Elsa and Anna stand at one end of the bridge talking, Olaf runs across the bridge towards Kristian. As he nears Kristian, Olaf yells out, "Hey Kristian! We're glad that you showed up!"

Kristian stops his pacing, and he looks over at Olaf who is nearing him at a quick pace. Then Kristian looks down the bridge and sees Anna and Elsa talking. Seeing them there unnerves Kristian, and he takes a few steps backwards. He is not yet ready to tell Elsa.

"Um hi, Olaf. Ah ya, I was going to show up," stammers Kristian.

"Well, you are heading in the wrong direction for that," replies Olaf as he sees Kristian take another step back. Olaf then takes a hold of Kristian's hand and begins to pull him forward. "We've all been waiting for you to explain things."

"All of you?" asks Kristian timidly. "I was just planning on telling Elsa alone. I wasn't expecting an audience."

"We all sort of know what you are going to talk about," replies Olaf as he continues to walk alongside of Kristian.

Kristian stops and asks with some trepidation, "Olaf, did you tell them something about my powers?"

"No, I didn't say a thing," replies Olaf. "I have kept my promise to keep your secret, but you are going to tell Elsa about it aren't you?"

"I was trying to thing of the best way to do that when you showed up," replies Kristian.

"Great!" exclaims Olaf as he once again gets Kristian moving. "I think you are going to find that it will be a breeze to tell Elsa the truth."

"I seriously doubt it," replies Kristian as he walks with trepidation. Shortly, everyone is standing in the middle of the palace bridge.

"I am certainly glad to see you again," says Elsa as she and Anna approach Kristian. "I am sorry it isn't more of a private meeting, but Olaf and Anna insisted on being here."

"Maybe it is better that they are here," replies Kristian. "Because what I have to say is not going to be pleasant."

"That much I understood from last night. Would you like to continue our talk inside where we all can be more comfortable?" asks Elsa as she gestures towards the palace.

"It would be better if I told you out here. You won't want me in the palace after what I have to say," replies Kristian as he tries to avoid eye contact with Elsa.

"I'm not that sort of person," replies Elsa as she tries to keep the conversation more on a light mood. "I'm a good queen and not some mean old monarch. I have kept the palace doors open to everyone, even to those that I don't like very well."

"Elsa, I wish that you were that mean monarch," says Kristian as he looks over at Elsa. "It would have made things so much easier and simpler for me, but you have made things complicated and I am in a no win situation."

"There is a very easy solution, choose Elsa," strongly says Anna. "It will solve all your problems."

"What?" asks Kristian as he is surprised by Anna's statement. "Sorry, but that is not even a possibility. No matter what happens, it is necessary for us to end any kind of relationship we might possibly have."

This was not the talk that Elsa wanted to have and all the warmth has gone out of her face. Elsa wanted Kristian to talk about what was bothering him. Then Elsa hoped that she could smooth out those problems. That way, Kristian wouldn't have the guilt from associating with the Duke of Weselton. Then he would be free to try a real attempt at a relationship with her.

Anna's reaction was a bit more outwardly. "You're actually going to side with the Duke of Weselton over Elsa!" strongly states Anna as she steps forward. "The Duke will not intimidate us, and you can tell your boss that if he does try anything he will regret it!"

Elsa turns towards her sister and says, "Anna please, this is not the time for such an outburst. I promised Kristian that I would listen; and I would have preferred if he had brought up the Duke in conversation, not you."

Anna quiets down and backs off of Kristian as Elsa turns towards him and apologizes. "I am sorry about that. I didn't want you to be interrupted with such harshness."

Kristian is shocked by what Anna has said. "How did you find out about the Duke?" asks a stunned Kristian.

"It was Kristoff who discovered it," replies Elsa quietly. She didn't want it to happen like this but Elsa has no choice now. "He was delivering ice to Vidar, when Kristoff heard the two of you arguing."

"And you still wanted to see me after that revelation?" asks a perplexed Kristian.

"I only got part of the story that way. I wanted to hear your side of things," replies Elsa. "So is it true then? Did the Duke of Weselton hire you?"

Kristian turns away from Elsa and leans on the stone rails of the bridge. Kristian replies as he looks down into the water, "No. He didn't hire me directly, but more in an indirect fashion."

Elsa walks up to Kristian and stands at his side. "Then it was Goran that he hired then," says Elsa calmly.

Kristian glances over at Elsa before looking out over the water. Then he says, "Yes, it was Goran that the Duke hired, I just came along with Goran to help him."

"What was Goran hired to do then?" asks Anna warily. Right now, Anna is very protective of her sister and doesn't want to trust Kristian.

"Goran is a mercenary for hire. What do you think he is here for?" replies Kristian as he continues to look out over the water. "He is known for handling people like Elsa."

Elsa becomes slightly excited. "I have always known that there were people out there like myself, but never thought that I would hear of someone actually meeting another individual," says Elsa.

Kristian looks over at Elsa and replies, "I've never met another; but when I was younger, Goran did go alone on one such assignment." Kristian looks back down at the water before he continues. "Goran did win that meeting." After a slight pause, he says, "I wasn't going to be talking about the Duke and Goran, but you were the ones who brought them up."

Elsa is surprised to hear this. Wasn't this supposed to be the thing that was bothering Kristian? What is he here to talk about then?

Anna too is surprised, but she is more angry than shocked. "Why would you be concerned about protecting the Duke?" angrily asks Anna.

"I don't care a bit about the Duke!" hotly replies Kristian as he looks over at Anna. "But Goran is a different matter. He is family to me, or the closes thing to family that I have. I just can't betray him."

Elsa steps forward again and this time she places a hand on Kristian's arm. "I understand how important family can be," says Elsa as she tries to comfort Kristian. "But is family so important that you are willing to do something that you know to be wrong?"

Kristian looks at Elsa as he replies, "I also owe him Elsa, and it is also about my own security. Goran has kept me alive and the only safe place that I have is our mountain home."

"I can offer you sanctuary here in Arendelle," says Elsa. "You can be safe under my protection."

"No, you can't Elsa," replies Kristian as he pulls Elsa's hand off of his arm and holds it in his gloved hand. "That is what I was going to talk to you about. What I have to say will make you unwilling to protect me from yourself."

Up on the mountain, Goran's fire demons are continuing to build the large mound of snow. It is massive now. No one in Arendelle can see this large creation because of the cloud that has been created by the release of steam from these creatures gathering the snow.

Goran, however, is standing at a lower elevation. So he can have a clear view of Arendelle below. He has his spyglass out and Goran is watching the scene unfold on the palace bridge. He is not pleased to see Kristian standing on that bridge talking to Elsa and Anna. Finally the last straw for Goran was when he saw Elsa touch Kristian's arm and Kristian taking hold of Elsa's hand. This act angers Goran. So his hands flame up around the spyglass. Goran yells in disgust and throws the spyglass down onto the snow covered ground. As the spyglass hits the snow, it hisses a little as the snow melts from the heated spyglass.

"Kristian dares to side with this devil of a women!" shouts Goran as his hands continue to blaze. "Kristian has always been weak. A pretty face turns his head and he probably tells her everything that I am up too. I cannot allow this witch to take Kristian from me. I still need a day to get enough snow to be effective, but by then it may be too late." Now Goran turns towards his mountain of snow. "Still a partial victory will still be better than no victory."

The flames, on Goran's hands, grow as he holds his hands out from the sides of his body. The flames move up his arms and soon cover his entire torso. With a loud yell, the fire flames up high above Goran's head. Then Goran thrusts his hands forward and the tower of fire gets funneled down to his body. The fire then shoots out of Goran's hands in multiple large fireballs. These fireballs smash into the face of the giant ice wall that retains the large volume of snow and ice. The wall breaks and the pile begins to move. The fire demons working on the pile get caught up in the falling mound and all of these monsters get buried or extinguished by the massive amount of moving snow.

Down in Arendelle, Kristian is attempting to explain what he is to Elsa, and he is finding it difficult. Kristian had let go of Elsa's hand, and he had steped back from her.

In a haltering manner, Kristian says, "Elsa, we are total opposites."

"You have said that before. I am royalty and you are a mountain man. I tried to tell you before, that doesn't bother me," interrupts Elsa.

"All of that is true. Maybe even the part about you not caring about that, but we are opposites in a very dangerous way. Not only for me but also for you," replies Kristian as he turns back to face the water.

"Dangerous? How can we be dangerous to each other? I know I have the power over the cold, and I know that most people would be endangered from that. Yet, you have shown me that you can tolerate my magic powers," says Elsa.

"What I showed you was a very controlled and dangerous display," replies Kristian.

Just then, a low rumble is heard through the air. "Is that thunder?" asks Olaf.

Everyone looks up into the mountains as the rumble continues. "No, that is an avalanche," replies Elsa with some puzzlement. "But it is late in the season for one to be occurring now."

Now dread fills Kristian's heart as he realizes what is happening. "Goran," quietly says Kristian.

Elsa, who was standing close to Kristian, hears this. "What? Goran?" asks Elsa as she looks over at Kristian.

So Kristian looks over at Elsa and she can see the fear in his eyes. "Goran has set off that avalanche," replies Kristian.

"But, why? What good would it do?" asks Elsa.

"It was going to be a way to separate you from the protection of the village, by forcing you to flee," replies Kristian. "The hope was that you would get blamed for it."

"It will never make it to Arendelle," says Anna. "There are too many valleys between here and the mountains."

"It will make it," replies Kristian. "Goran will make sure of that."

Now Elsa turns towards Anna and out of concern says, "Notify the guards to sound the alarm!" Afterwards, Elsa turns and runs into the village of Arendelle.

"Elsa, wait!" calls out Anna as she watches her sister run off, but Elsa continues to leave. Anna then turns and runs into the palace grounds. This just leaves Olaf and Kristian standing on the bridge alone.

Up on the mountain, the massive amount of snow is gaining momentum. Goran stands below it, just on the other side of a small valley. As the snow nears the valley, Goran begins to wave his hands aggressively upwards. At the bottom of the valley, a flame tower emerges. This tower continues to grow as Goran commands it to. Once the flames reach the top of the surrounding hills, it spreads across the valley to make a large fire bridge. The flames shoot out sideways from the bridge as the snow hits it. The snow travels over this valley on the bridge and soon it travels over Goran as well. Goran also continues his assistance of the avalanche as it travels further down the mountain. As the snow gets further down the mountain, the fire bridges get weaker as they move away from Goran. Some of the snow begins to fall through the bridges, but enough makes it over where a large mass will still be able to hit Arendelle.

Meanwhile on the palace bridge, Olaf looks over at Kristian as Kristian looks up towards the avalanche. "Aren't you going to do anything?" asks Olaf.

"What?" asks a surprised Kristian as he looks at Olaf.

"There is a big bunch of snow coming towards us and you have the magic to stop it. So why don't you help Elsa save her village and people?" replies Olaf.

"That is more snow than I can handle," says Kristian. "Plus, I still have to think about my own future. Helping Elsa would mean the end of my relationship with Goran. I don't know what I would do if I had to leave my home."

"Well if you won't help Elsa, will you at least help me then?" asks Olaf as he smiles at Kristian.

Kristian looks down at Olaf's smiling face. He has trouble saying no to Olaf, when he looks like this. Finally Kristian clenches his fists and groans as he looks up into the sky. "Oh, fine Olaf. My way of life is pretty much over either way. I might as well make a royal mess of it."

So Kristian then turns and runs into the village of Arendelle, just as the warning trumps sound in the palace. As Kristian runs, Olaf follows closely behind him.

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