Frozen 2 Fire and Ice


Out in the village, people are puzzled and a bit concerned by the noise of the approaching avalanche. Meanwhile, Elsa is running past them towards the edge of the village. "Get to the palace!" calls out Elsa as she runs past people. Soon the warning trumps sound and people begin to run in fear towards the safety of the palace walls.

As for Kristoff, he is working on his ice cart at his warehouse when he hears the warning trumpets. Kristoff was polishing it for the day. When Kristoff hears the warning, he drops what he was doing and hooks up Sven to the cart. Kristoff then heads out quickly on the cart into the village of Arendelle. Once out in the village, Kristoff stops to pick people up who need assistance. He then drives the cart toward the palace entrance.

Meanwhile at the palace, Anna is busy giving orders to the palace staff. "Quickly, we need to create as much space in the palace as we can!" orders Anna. "Don't be neat about it! The whole village of Arendelle needs to fit inside the palace gates! Prepare the dungeons to shelter as many people as possible!"

"The dungeons your highness?" questions one of the servants.

"The dungeons are the strongest part of the palace and are the farthest away from the approaching avalanche," replies Anna. "Safety is the most important thing right now. So the dungeons need to be prepared."

"At once your highness!" replies the servant as he runs off to do his duties.

Anna soon has no one around her in the great hall. In no time at all, people are beginning to enter the palace in a panic. They are quickly escorted to other areas of the palace that are being prepared to house them. As Anna watches, she sees that things are moving in a smooth but chaotic fashion. So Anna's thoughts soon turn back to her sister. Since things are proceeding as well as can be expected with the palace, Anna heads out to the courtyard. Once outside, Anna tries to cross the palace bridge; but the panicking villagers crowd the bridge making it difficult to move against the flow. So Anna moves to the side and jumps up onto the stone hand rail. Then Anna moves as quickly as she can down the rail trying hard not to fall off. When she makes it to the far side of the bridge, Anna jumps off just as Kristoff pulls up to unload his cart of passengers.

"Kristoff! I'm glad to see you!" exclaims Anna. "I need you to take me towards the edge of the village! I'm sure Elsa is there!"

"Hop on! I'll get you there!" replies Kristoff as he finishes helping people off the cart. Anna quickly climbs up and soon Kristoff is on board as well. "Let's go Sven!" says Kristoff.

Sven takes off in a quick run and heads into the village of Arendelle. Kristoff turns to Anna and asks, "Do you think this avalanche is a real threat to the village?"

"Kristian says it will hit the village, and I do believe him about this," replies Anna.

"So you are beginning to trust this Kristian guy again," says Kristoff.

"Not totally. I don't think he will harm Elsa himself, but I don't think Kristian will try and stop anyone else who will," replies Anna. "However right now, I know that Elsa is going to attempt to protect Arendelle by herself. I'm worried about her."

"Don't worry Anna," replies Kristoff as he urges Sven on. "We'll get there in time to help Elsa, if she needs it."

Like Elsa, Kristian is also running through the streets of Arendelle. It is from the urging of Olaf that Kristian has relented into helping Arendelle as well. The snowman is with Kristian and is doing a good job at keeping up with him. At this point, the streets of Arendelle are beginning to empty of people. They have all sought shelter and most have headed towards the palace.

Now the rumbling from the avalanche is getting louder as it nears Arendelle. Meanwhile, Elsa has just reached the edge of the village and can see the top of the wall of snow coming at her. There isn't enough time for her to go any further. Kristian too knows that there isn't much time for him to do something as well. So Kristian veers off the street and climbs a set of outside stairs at a run. He clears 2 to 3 steps with each stride. Kristian also pulls his rope from his satchel and snares the top of a nearby chimney. He then uses the rope to swing himself onto the roof tops. Once Kristian finds a suitable spot to stand, he removes his gloves. Now Kristian stands with his hands down by his side, and the palms of his hands are facing forward. Almost instantly, flames arise from his open palms.

Down on the street, Olaf has moved to the other side of the road. From this location, Olaf is able to watch Kristian work. The fire from Kristian's hands quickly moves up his arms. In no time, Kristian's entire torso is covered.

Back at street level, Olaf sees Sven running down the street towards him. "Hi!" calls out Olaf as he waves when the cart passes him.

"Olaf!" replies Anna with surprise. There was little time for anything else because of the speed at which the cart was moving.

Meanwhile, Kristian had prepared himself to do as much damage as he could against such a massive amount of snow. When Kristian saw the snow crest the final hill before Arendelle, he began to thrust forward but stops. What made him stop was the quick appearance of an ice wall. It arose just outside of Arendelle and it continues to grow.

Elsa was at the edge of the village, and she was using her magic powers to generate the solid wall of ice. Anna and Kristoff had just come into view of Elsa as the wall arose from the ground. Yet they were still several blocks away. The appearance of the ice wall causes Kristoff to stop the cart, as they then watch Elsa work.

In mere seconds, the first snow from the avalanche hits the ice wall when the wall was about 2 stories tall. It hits hard and a person could hear the wall crack. Yet the wall held. However, there was still a lot of snow and ice to follow. It quickly piles up behind Elsa's ice wall. The avalanche was almost coming faster than Elsa could build the wall. Also the force of the avalanche causes the formation of the wall to bend back onto the village of Arendelle. So Elsa quickly begins to form crude ice columns to hold up the wall as it starts to turn into a dome. She continues to work feverishly to stay ahead of the oncoming onslaught of snow and ice. So the dome continues to grow until the avalanche was stopped.

When it was over, Elsa had covered over a third of the village of Arendelle in a dome of ice supported be pillars of ice. The edge of the dome stood high just above where Kristian was standing on the roof. He stood there in pure amazement of what Elsa was able to do in such a short amount of time. So the flames on Kristian's hands soon reduce to a small flicker as it seemed that the danger had past.

Now Elsa is exhausted from the effort she has just put out, and she breaths heavily as she stands there. Even Elsa is impressed by what she has just accomplished. However, there is someone who is less than pleased by what he is seeing.

Up on the mountain, Goran had been watching the events down in Arendelle through his spyglass. He is angered by the failure of the avalanche to do any significant damage. So once again Goran's hands flare up, but this time he fractures his spyglass before he throws it down. The damage to his spyglass causes Goran to become infuriated with these events. So Goran yells out with a roar and raises his hands into the air. Fire bursts from his entire body and climbs high into the air. Then Goran throws several fireballs, one after another, down towards Arendelle.

After taking several deep breaths, Elsa turns around and sees Kristoff and Anna down the street in the cart harnessed to Sven. At the same time, Anna stands up and waves to her sister. "You did it Elsa! You protected the village!" yells out Anna.

Elsa waves back as she starts to walk towards Anna and Kristoff. However, before she took many steps, a roar was heard in the air. Then an explosion was heard and the dome shook and cracked. It was followed be several more explosions in close succession. So Goran's fireball attack begins to cause the ice dome to collapse.

So the collapsing dome causes Elsa to run towards Anna and the cart. Sven takes off too, towards Elsa. However before they reach each other, a fireball breaks through the falling ice and snow, and hits the ground. The ground then shakes violently from the impact. Everyone becomes unbalanced and Elsa falls to the ground. Sven also rears into the air as fire is splashed everywhere from the impacting fireball. The next think anyone knows is Elsa is buried under the collapsing dome.

"Elsa!" cries out Anna as she stands up on the cart.

Meanwhile, Kristoff pulls hard on the reins and turns Sven around to head out of danger and away from Elsa.

"Stop! Elsa is back there!" exclaims Anna as she turns around to look back at where her sister was.

Kristoff grabs a hold of Anna and pulls her back down onto her seat. "We have to save ourselves first!" exclaims Kristoff as large pieces of snow and ice fall around them. The entire dome is collapsing and Anna and Kristoff are still under it. "We can't help her if we're buried as well!"

So Kristoff and Sven do their best to evade the obstacles caused by the falling snow and ice. In no time, they come into view of Olaf. With the sight of Sven and the others, Olaf begins to wave his hands frantically at them. Olaf then looks up towards the sky.

What Olaf was doing was yelling at Kristian. "Hey, Kristian! Help! Anna and Kristoff are coming down the street under the collapsing ice!" yells Olaf.

Just then, a large piece of ice falls in the middle of the street. It totally blocks the progress that Anna and Kristoff were making. This ice forces the cart to stop. Anna then screams as she looks up at the falling ice and snow. In a desperate effort, Kristoff grabs a hold of Anna and covers her with his arms and body to try and protect her. The next thing they both hear is a loud hiss. After this sound, they both feel large amounts of cold water fall down onto them.

Kristian had sprung into action. He had created a modest sized fire spiral. There wasn't time to create anything larger. This spiral had cut into the falling snow and ice, and it melted a long path. The spiral of fire manages to make its way nearly down the entire length of the street. What remained afterwards looked like a small valley though snow covered hills.

"Brrr, that was cold," exclaims Anna as the cold water had chilled her.

"At least we are alive," replies Kristoff as he looks over at Anna to make sure she is OK.

"What happened?" asks Anna.

"Something brought down the dome," replies Kristoff. "If I had to guess, it was several fireballs that did it. One of them must have hit above us and melted everything."

Just then Olaf appears from around the corner of the large ice chunk that fell in front of Kristoff and Anna. "Is everyone all right?" asks Olaf anxiously.

"We're a little drenched, but we survived," replies Kristoff as he looks over at the snowman.

"What about Elsa? Where is she?" inquires Olaf.

Now Anna turns to Kristoff. Her fear for her own safety has faded and the shock from the cold shower no longer concerns Anna. "We have to go back!" exclaims Anna to Kristoff. "Elsa is buried back there and needs our help!"

"Right, let's go!" replies Kristoff as he pulls on the reins to turn Sven back towards where Elsa was. "Come on Olaf!" says Kristoff as he looks over to the snowman.

"Go ahead without me!" replies Olaf. "I'll go get some help!"

So Kristoff then cracks the reins and Sven heads quickly back down the street. As for Olaf, he turns around and heads quickly in the other direction.

Now just up the street, in the direction that Olaf was heading, Kristian was climbing down from the top of the building he was standing on. Olaf approaches him quickly and calls out, "Kristian! Elsa needs your help! Anna says that she is buried! Anna and Kristoff are heading back to try and help her!"

Kristian looks down the street in the direction that Elsa and the others are. After a short period of disbelief he says, "Alright Olaf, I'll help." After saying that, Kristian begins to run down the street.

"I'll get some more help!" shouts Olaf as Kristian leaves. Olaf then heads in the direction of the palace.

Ahead on the street, that leaves Arendelle, is Anna and Kristoff. The fire spiral, that Kristian had thrown, had melted nearly all the snow on the street. Large ice blocks still remain from the dome and the surrounding buildings are partially covered still. Yet the fire spiral managed to cut a path nearly all the way to Elsa before being dissipated by the cold snow and ice.

Finally, Sven could not proceed any further because of the large ice chunks on the street. So Anna and Kristoff climb off the cart and proceed by foot, climbing around and over the snow and ice.

"How in the world are we going to find Elsa in all this mess?" asks Kristoff in frustration. "I know we are close but where do we start looking?"

Soon Anna climbs to the top of one of the larger ice chunks and stands there. "I don't think finding the right place to look is going to be that difficult," replies Anna as she points in a certain direction.

Kristoff climbs up next to Anna and looks. What he sees is a large pile of snow and ice with the surrounding snow melted from the fire spiral.

"I would say someone who can generate a lot of cold would be able to keep that pile intact, and the only one I know that can do that is Elsa," says Anna.

So Kristoff and Anna scramble over the ice and snow and make it to the large pile. "Elsa, are you in there?! Can you hear me?!" calls out Anna.

Anna hears no response to her call. Kristoff, meanwhile, begins to dig into the pile. Anna then begins to dig as well.

Back near Sven, Kristian has just arrived. "Hey Sven," says Kristian as he breaths heavily from running. "So where did Anna and Kristoff go?" he asks the reindeer.

So Sven points the direction that Anna and Kristoff went with his antlers. Thanks," replies Kristian as he heads in the direction that Sven pointed.

After a short period of trying to crawl over the ice and snow, Kristian says, "This is ridiculous!" Kristian then takes his gloves off and stands in one place. Kristian focuses his powers and soon flame spreads across the ground from his feet. The flame cuts through the snow to the ground. With his hands, Kristian melts the sides of the large ice boulders to make an easy walking path. For a short while, Kristian proceeds through this rough terrain in this fashion. Soon Kristian is able to hear the voices of Anna and Kristoff calling out to Elsa. So Kristian heads in the direction of their voices. Using his flame, Kristian cuts a narrow path through the snow as he goes.

"Elsa, please, can you hear me!" calls out Anna as she pulls ice and snow away from the pile.

Then Kristoff steps back from the pile for a moment. "Anna, this is going to take us too long. We need to get more help and some tools," says Kristoff.

Anna stops for a brief moment and looks at Kristoff. Then she says, "Olaf has already gone for help. Someone will come shortly. We just need to keep digging." Anna then turns back towards the pile and resumes her digging, but Anna stops when she hears a voice.

"I'm… here to help!" calls out Kristian. Right now, Kristian is uncertain how Anna and Kristoff will react to his presence. Anna turns around, and she and Kristoff look over to Kristian. Kristian had smothered his flame in a snow bank before he rounded the last corner. Kristian still doesn't want anyone to find out about his powers just yet. Besides, Kristian already knows that he is in trouble because of his relationship with Goran and the Duke of Weselton. So Kristian sees no need to make things worse.

"Olaf told me you need help to dig out Elsa, and I figured that I owe her at least that much," says Kristian.

"This is all your fault!" exclaims Anna as she steps towards Kristian. "If it wasn't for you Elsa would not be trapped right now! I don't want you even near …. ."

Before Anna can finish her sentence Kristoff grabs a hold of Anna and interrupts her. "Thanks, we can use all the help we can get."

Kristoff's interuption causes Anna to looks over at him in disbelief. Meanwhile, Kristian walks forward. "I know how to handle problems like this. I should be able to find a way into this pile in no time," says Kristian. Kristian knows that Anna does not like him at the moment. Still he begins to dig into the pile of snow and ice.

Anna watches Kristian work for a moment, and then she turns back to Kristoff. "How can you accept Kristian's help? Elsa may very well be dead under there and you are willing to allow him to help. He's partly responsible for what has happened in the first place," quietly says Anna to Kristoff.

"Anna, I am aware of his role in what has happened, but he also gave the warning of the avalanche," replies Kristoff. "If it wasn't for him, a lot more of Arendelle would have been destroyed. Not to mention all the lives that his warning did save. Go ahead and blame Kristian if you want, but also realize that he has already helped Arendelle; and right now we need his help again."

While Anna and Kristoff were talking, Kristian looked over his shoulder and noticed that they were not paying any attention to him. So Kristian slips his bare hand into the pile and releases a gentle flame stream into the snow. This stream melts the snow and quickly works its way through to the interior of the pile. The lighter snow melts easily but the ice chunks hardly melt at all. The flame leaves an uneven path to the center. Then a low rumble is heard from the pile as the removed snow allows the rest of the pile to settle.

"What was that?" exclaims Anna as she looks towards the pile.

At this moment, Kristian grabs a hold of a large ice chunk and pulls it over. Behind it was the small and narrow tunnel that his fire had created. "I've found a way in!" exclaims Kristian.

So Anna and Kristoff hurry over to where Kristian was and look at the opening. "How did you find that so quickly?" asks Kristoff.

"I just have a knack for this kind of thing," replies Kristian.

"I don't care how he found it. I'm just glad that he did," says Anna excitedly. So Anna then moves to enter the narrow opening.

"Wait Anna!" exclaims Kristoff. "It might not be safe."

"But that is my sister in there!" replies Anna. "I have to try and help Elsa!"

"Anna, why don't you let me go in," says Kristian passively. "I'm willing to take the risk and if anything does happen, you won't be losing anyone you care about."

"I don't trust you to go in there alone," replies Anna warily. "Someone will have to go with you."

"Then I will go with him," says Kristoff. "You can take charge of the laborers, which show up to help clear the snow."

"What laborers?" replies Anna? "I will be standing her doing nothing!"

As they were talking, a voice is then heard behind the group. "I'm finally here!" chirps Olaf. "And I have brought lots of help!"

Kristoff, Anna, and Kristian look over to where Olaf was; and behind him stood several villagers with tools.

"Olaf! You're here!" exclaims Anna. "Thank goodness you were able to find more people!"

"Once I told everyone that Elsa needed help, they came right away," replies Olaf. "So what do you want to be done?"

Anna then looks back at Kristoff and Kristian. Anna is anxious about her sister, but knows that there are responsibilities out here for her.

"It will be fine Anna. I can look for Elsa on my own with the help of Kristian," says Kristoff. "And don't worry. I won't let anything happen to her."

"Alright, but you better keep your word," replies Anna as she turns away and heads towards the men that are there to help.

Now Kristoff turns and crawls into the small opening in the pile of snow, and Kristian follows right in after him. After a short distance of traversing the narrow tunnel, Kristian says, "Thanks for standing up for me out there."

"Don't be thanking me," replies Kristoff. "As far as I'm concern, I feel the same way Anna does about you. You're not trust worthy."

"Then why did you accept my help?" asks Kristian.

"Because we needed help, and this was an emergency," replies Kristoff. "Time was important and I couldn't see turning down any sort of help, even if that help is coming from you."

"You could have left me outside and taken one of the other men that had showed up," inquires Kristian.

"I'd rather have you with me than outside with Anna. Besides, you did find this tunnel and we might need that knack of yours again in here," replies Kristoff.

Outside the pile, Anna has the workmen widen a trail through the hills of snow and ice. It wasn't difficult to do because Kristian had already melted a winding path. The workmen just straighten it and widened it. Once it was wide enough, carts were brought in to haul timbers to the pile for bracing; and to haul the snow and ice away.

Inside the snow and ice pile, Kristoff and Kristian came to an area where they had to crawl on their hands and knees or even their bellies. One area was particularly narrow and Kristoff dislodged a chunk of ice with his leg when he crawled through. It fell down onto Kristoff's back and upper legs.

"Ahh, no!" exclaims Kristoff as the falling ice hurts a bit when it lands. "Dam, I can't get free!" says Kristoff as he struggles to free himself from the ice.

"Hang on Kristoff! Let me see what I can do from back here!" yells Kristian as he inches his way forward to see what is going on.

The light is dim in the tunnel so Kristian allows a flame to arise from the palm of one of his hands. Kristian can now clearly see the ice that had fallen onto Kristoff. With his flaming hand, Kristian begins to melt a break line into the ice.

"What is going on back there?" asks Kristoff. "I think I feel water."

"I'm just working on the ice that has trapped you," replies Kristian. He doesn't want to tell Kristoff how he is doing it though.

In mere moments Kristian is able to break the ice free of Kristoff and drags it back to a wider part of the tunnel.

"How did you do that?" asks Kristoff.

"It's just a gift that I have," replies Kristian.

Kristoff doesn't push the matter, and he begins to crawl again and enters a slightly larger area. "A gift huh. Is it a gift like Elsa has?" inquires Kristoff as he stands up again and waits for Kristian to emerge.

"No, definitely not like Elsa," replies Kristian as he too stands up in the taller section of tunnel.

"Anyway, thanks for the help," says Kristoff as he proceeds down the tunnel.

In a few more yards, the two men come to a chunk of ice poking out of the snow. This chunk has a slight glow to it. "This is Elsa handy work!" exclaims Kristoff.

"Are you sure it is Elsa's?" asks Kristian.

"I've come to know what her work looks likes," replies Kristoff. "There is a flawlessness to her ice and this chunk has that. Help me to clear some of the snow off of it."

So the two men brush the snow off the ice and discover a large irregular block of ice. The ice is crystal clear and Kristoff and Kristian are able to look inside the block. What they see inside the block is Elsa. Elsa looks as if time had stopped her in mid fall. One arm is bent above her as if Elsa was trying to shield herself from falling debris. The other arm is slightly bent and extending downward as if to catch her fall.

"No, Elsa," quietly says Kristoff to himself as he takes a step back.

"She has encased herself in ice!" exclaims Kristian in disbelief.

Now Kristoff steps forward again and begins to run his hands over the ice. "Dam, it's like all of her other work. There is not a single crack for us to exploit to get her out," says Kristoff.

"So what now?" asks Kristian. In truth, Kristian wants to be left alone with Elsa but doesn't know how to get rid of Kristoff.

"We need some proper tools to get Elsa out of that ice and we need them in a hurry. I don't know how long she can survive in this state," replies Kristoff. "I'll go back out and get the tools. I know were some are kept. You can stay and try to break away some of this ice, since you do seem to have a talent for it." Just as Kristoff is about to leave the area, he turns around and says, "I'm putting a lot of trust in you right now. I don't want to, but the circumstances require it. So I don't want to be disappointed." Kristoff then leaves the narrow space.

"I won't disappoint you," says Kristian quietly after Kristoff was out of sight.

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