Frozen 2 Fire and Ice


Kristian now stands alone in the narrow tunnel inside the large pile of snow and ice. He had just watched Kristoff leave, and now Kristian turns his attention towards the block of ice containing Elsa. After glancing on each side of him, Kristian says, "First thing, I need some more room."

So Kristian places his bare hands on the icy walls of the tunnel on each side of him. Then flames are seen emerging from under his hands. With fire surrounding his hands, Kristian stretches his arms out and his flaming hands push into the ice. Once his arms are extended, the flames on his hands begin to swirl and grow causing the ice to melt. Once the swirl of fires reaches the floor, they begin to spiral around Kristian. Then Kristian pushes this spiral outward until the fire has created a fair size chamber.

Once Kristian is done creating some space, he moves towards the ice block containing Elsa and kneels down in front of it. Now Kristian stretches his flaming hands out in front of himself. Then Kristian gently places his fingertips onto the block of ice. Soon the fire from his hands spreads smoothly over the surface of the ice, until the fire covers an area nearly 3 feet in diameter. Moments later, small flames from the fire on the surface burrow into the block of ice. Thus cutting small channels into the ice as the flames extend inward. Once the flames near Elsa, they stop burrowing. This is because Kristian has paused for a moment.

What Kristian needs to do next is going to take a great deal of concentration. The trick is to melt the ice, but not to harm Elsa. There is very little margin for error. Kristian takes a deep breath and focuses his power. Now the flames continue inward, but this time they begin to swirl. The flames nearly touch Elsa; and as they do this, their spiraling pattern begin to spiral around Elsa. Her arms are the first to be touched by the flames, and the flames spiral up and down Elsa's arms. Then a separate flame touches Elsa's head and this flame does the same. The flames continue to move around Elsa and extend themselves down the full length of her body.

In mere moments, the flames that surround Elsa begin to widen; and soon Elsa can no longer be seen through the ice. The flames completely cover her body and extend all the way to the fire that covers the surface of the ice block. Once Elsa can no longer be seen through the fire, Kristian pushes his hands into the fire. As he does this, the fire dissipates and Elsa becomes visible. Then Elsa's body goes limp in the cavity that the fire created in the ice. As this happens, Kristian catches Elsa's head and upper body in his arms before they can fall. Kristian then gently pulls Elsa out of the ice and lays her down on the floor of the tunnel.

However, Elsa is motionless on the floor; and she is not breathing.

In another part of the tunnel, Kristoff is making his way to the outside. As Kristoff nears the entrance he hears the sound of men working. Kristoff soon sees the movement of men ahead of him.

As Kristoff comes into sight, one of the men yells out to other workers. "Someone is coming out!"

A large commotion can be heard as Kristoff enters an area in the tunnel that had been cleared and braced by beams for support. Now Kristoff could move more quickly through the remaining tunnel as the workmen inside stop to watch him pass. Near the mouth of the tunnel stands Anna. She is waiting for news of Elsa. Once outside, Kristoff can see several carts pulled up outside the pile. He also notices others clearing the snow and ice away from other parts of the street.

Anyway, as Kristoff nears Anna, Anna asks, "Have you found Elsa, and is she all right?"

"We found her, but I don't know if Elsa is alright," replies Kristoff solemnly. "Elsa has encased herself in a block of ice and we will need tools to get her out."

"No, Elsa," says Anna as she begins to tear up. However instead of crying, Anna turns to the workmen behind her and says loudly, "Elsa has been found but she has been encased in ice! We need tools to free her from her frozen prison!"

Now Kristoff steps forward and addresses the men as well. "We need ice saws and picks! Wedges and splitters will be needed as well! I will also need a few men who will be willing to enter the pile with me to help free the queen! The space will be tight so only a few men will be able to come!"

In response to Kristoff, the workers outside begin to rush around and gather the tools that will be needed. In less than a minute, the tools are gathered and a whole line of men are about ready to offer to take the risk of entering the pile.

Inside the large pile of snow and ice, Kristian kneels over Elsa's body. Kristian has his hand on Elsa's shoulder, and he tries to gently shake her awake. "Elsa. Elsa. You can't go like this," says Kristian as no signs of life are seen coming from the queen.

Finally Kristian stops shaking Elsa and his head drops. Then Kristian sits upright and lifts a hand up in front of his face. Soon Kristian's energy begins to move over the top of his open palm. It isn't fire, but it is Kristian's energy in its purest form. With this energy moving around the top of his hand, Kristian looks down upon Elsa and says, "Elsa…, I hope that your heart can take this."

So Kristian then moves his hand over Elsa's chest, and his energy flashes downward entering into her torso. Once this happens, a burst of cold energy rapidly exits Elsa's body. It strikes everything around it. When this energy hits Kristian, his whole body flares up with fire. "NO!" exclaims Kristian as his powers react to this cold energy. So then Kristian concentrates to reduce his flame, and he quickly moves away from Elsa. The last thing he wants to do is to set Elsa on fire.

Besides setting Kristian ablaze, Elsa's energy also causes the walls of the tunnel to develop ice shards on their surfaces. These shards continue to grow inward to the center of the tunnel. In reaction to this, Kristian stands up. Then with a flaming hand, Kristian spins around unleashing a ring of fire. This fire quickly melts the ice shards away.

Then from behind his back, Kristian hears a gasp of air. So Kristian turns around and sees some slight movement from Elsa. With excitement Kristian then moves quickly over to Elsa's side, and he falls onto his knees. "Elsa! Can you hear me?" exclaims Kristian as he places his hands onto Elsa's shoulders. As Kristian does this, his sleeves frost over. This frost startled Kristian, but he was unharmed. This is because Kristian's own powers had protected him from Elsa's magic.

After Kristian's startled reaction, Elsa's eyes open for a brief moment before closing again. "It's all right Elsa. You just take it easy. I'll get you out of here," says Kristian as he slides and arm under Elsa's back and then her legs.

Then Kristian lifts Elsa off the ground and turns towards the way out. Elsa is nearly out of it, but she still manages to wrap her arms around Kristian's neck. Also Elsa's magic powers begin to cause a frost to develop over the entire torso of Kristian. Meanwhile, Kristian allows Elsa's legs to fall as he raises that hand towards the exit. From that hand a horizontal cyclone of fire emerges and grows in intensity. Kristian grows this cyclone forward and it grows in size until it is taller than a man. This cyclone rapidly melts the snow and ice, and continues to extend forward. It continues to burrow through the pile until it exits into the tunnel being created by the workmen of Arendelle.

Outside, Kristoff had selected the men who will enter the pile with him. They were just about to enter the tunnel when a low rumbling whoosh was heard coming from the tunnel. Then shouts of fear were heard as the workmen in the tunnel started to run out. Steam also emerges from the tunnel entrance because of Kristian's fire.

"What's happening?" asks a concerned Anna as she moves forward to intercept some of the escaping workmen.

"A fire ball came out of the tunnel!" exclaims one of the workmen as he quickly moves away.

"No! Elsa! What has Kristian done!" exclaims Anna as she moves towards the tunnel entrance.

"Wait a second Anna!" exclaims Kristoff as he catches up to her. "Let things calm down a bit before you enter. Things could be unstable."

Anna turns to Kristoff and replies, "But Elsa is in there and she needs me."

"Kristian is also in there and he would not place himself at risk," says Kristoff. "Right now, he is the best chance of Elsa surviving this explosion."

"Kristian may have caused the explosion in an attempt to hurt Elsa!" replies Anna.

"Anna, he would not have caused the explosion while he was in the pile," responds Kristoff. "Such an act could have brought everything down upon him."

Anna looks back at the tunnel. "Yes, your right," says Anna with concern. "Kristian wouldn't have caused it."

As everyone is watching the tunnel, a shape is seen coming through the fog and steam. Finally the figure emerges out of the fog into the open air. What everyone sees is this large whitish figure carrying the Queen of Arendelle.

"Elsa!" exclaims Anna as she rushes forward to her sister.

"Careful!" says the white figure. "Elsa magic is going crazy. You could get injured if you're careless."

Anna looks at Elsa and then the white figure. The voice of this person seems familiar to Anna. "Is that you Kristian?" asks Anna.

"Yes, its me," replies the white figure, who just happened to be Kristian totally covered in snow and frost.

Kristian looks like a snowman. He is covered from head to toe by a heavy layer of snow and frost. Even his skin had developed a white frost on it. This was able to happen because Kristian suppressed his own magic powers. Even now he was still desperately trying to control it. Since Kristian didn't want to aggravate Elsa's powers, and he didn't want anyone outside to know about his magic either.

"Elsa is really out of it but she seems to be OK," says Kristian.

Before anything else could be said, Kristoff whistles for Sven, Thus Sven comes forward pulling his cart. "Here, you can place Elsa on my cart," says Kristoff.

So Kristian carries Elsa to the cart and Anna moves just in front of him. Anna wants to stay close to Elsa and keeps a close eye on her sister. As they near the cart, Kristoff pulls his gloves off and hands them to Anna. She puts them on while Kristian lays Elsa onto the back of the cart. Then Kristoff climbs into the driver's seat of the cart and takes the reins while Anna climbs on the back with Elsa. Anna then reaches out and holds one of Elsa's hands with her own gloved hands. These gloves soon develop a frost layer on them but Anna doesn't care. Finally Kristian steps back away from the cart.

"Let's go Sven! Back to the palace!" says Kristoff as he cracks the reins.

Just as the cart begins to move, Anna looks up at Kristian with a tear in her eye. "Thank you," says Anna with gratitude.

Thus Sven takes off for the palace at a quick and steady pace. Meanwhile, Kristian is left behind looking like a large snowman. Plus, all the workmen stand and watch the cart leave; but once it is out of sight the workmen go back to removing the snow from the street. Yet, Kristian remains standing there looking down the street where the cart had gone.

Of course, Olaf has been hanging with the workmen at the pile. However, now Olaf walks over to Kristian and stands next to him and looks down the street as well. After a moment, Olaf says, "The two of you made a rather impressive exit." Olaf then looks up at Kristian and says, "That fire was your doing wasn't it?"

It was the easiest way to get Elsa out of there," replies Kristian as he keeps looking down the street. "It was a risk but I couldn't see making it through those narrow tunnels carrying her."

"I'm not complaining, but you did scare a lot of people," says Olaf.

Now Kristian looks down at Olaf and replies, "Fire and ice are a dangerous combination."

"I think it is a cool combination," replies Olaf happily. "You even got a really cool look on you now."

Finally Kristian looks down at himself and sees that he is totally covered. "I look like a big snowman!" exclaims Kristian in surprise.

"I think it is the best look of all!" replies Olaf. "What could be better than looking like a happy snowman?"

"Well I don't feel all that happy," says Kristian. "I would much prefer to have my old look back." So Kristian begins to look around the area. "I need to find someplace secluded," says Kristian.

"Follow me!" chirps Olaf as he quickly moves up the street towards the palace. "There is a nice little alley up this way, that will be quiet!"

So Kristian follows Olaf up the street. A street that is busy with people removing the snow from the avalanche. Yet the buildings managed to survive intact because Elsa had stopped the moving force of the avalanche. However, when the partial dome collapsed, it buried parts of the village. Finally Olaf reaches an alley just at the edge of the collapsed dome and motions for Kristian to enter. Kristian enters the alleyway and Olaf follows him.

Once in the alley, Kristian turns around and looks out into the street. Kristian just wants to make sure that he has some privacy for what he is going to do next. Standing perfectly still with his arms held out at his sides, Kristian focuses his powers. A glow can be seen coming from under the snow around his lower chest. In a moment a flame bursts through the snow and forms a circle of fire around Kristian's chest. Once the circle of fire is complete, it splits into two circles. One of the circle moves up and the other circle moves down. These two rings of fire quickly evaporate the snow on Kristian's body. As the rings move, Kristian raises his arms in the air as the fire climbs his body. Once the fires reach his feet and his fingertips the flames go out. Now Kristian drops his arms and stands free of the snow.

"Wow! Instant heat wave!" says Olaf.

Kristian looks over at Olaf and smiles. "You should see me when I'm really hot," says Kristian with some slight sarcasm.

"Now that you are dry and crispy, what will you be doing now?" asks Olaf.

"I'm concerned about Elsa. I may have gotten her out of the ice, but her powers were so unstable. I'm afraid that my magic powers may have over activated Elsa's own abilities," replies Kristian.

"Then we should see if Elsa is OK," suggests Olaf. "Are we off to the palace then?"

Kristian walks out to the street and looks over to the palace off in the distance. "You can go and check up on her. It would be better if I stay away," replies Kristian.

"Aw come on, Kristian," says Olaf trying to coax him to come along. "It will be fine. Everyone will be grateful for what you have done. You will be welcomed as a hero."

"Maybe, but I'm more worried about aggravating Elsa's abilities," says Kristian.

"If you are worried about that, all you have to do is inquire about how Elsa is doing. You don't have to go in and see her. So will you come with me?" says Olaf.

Kristian looks down at Olaf and with a sigh says, "Sure Olaf. I can head to the palace with you, but it would be best if I stayed outside."

"That's fine!" says Olaf as he begins to trot to the palace. "You'll see. Everything will be all right at the palace!"

So Kristian hurries after Olaf and catches up to him. Then the two of them walk alongside each other down the street to the palace.

At the palace, Sven had pulled up into the courtyard. Once the cart had stopped, Kristoff hoped off and heads to the back of the cart. On the back, Anna is with her sister Elsa. Anna had been holding Elsa's hand with one hand, and she had placed her other hand against Elsa's head to steady it during the cart ride. The gloves that Anna was wearing were totally covered in frost. The frost had even covered parts of Anna's dress and has even moved up her sleeves.

Soon a servant exits from the main door and Anna gives an order to him. "Get a stretcher! The queen has been injured!"

When the stretcher arrives, Kristoff takes his gloves back from Anna and lifts Elsa up off the cart and places her onto the stretcher. "Careful with her," says Kristoff as he brushes some of the frost off of himself caused by Elsa's powers. "The queen's abilities are acting up."

"We are prepared," responds one of the royal guards. He then turns to the others and gives a command. "You heard him! Gloves on!"

The men, that are there, pull gloves out and place them on their hands. Then four of the men go and grab a corner of the stretcher and lift it off the ground.

"Take the queen to her room," says Anna as the stretcher is carried into the palace.

As Elsa is carried in, Anna walks alongside the stretcher and Kristoff follows. As the group moves toward the staircase, a servant comes forward and hands Anna a pair of gloves. Anna pulls these gloves on and once again places her hand on Elsa's hand.

Soon the servants and the royal guards carry Elsa up to her room. Once there, it is Kristoff that places Elsa onto her bed. Once Elsa was placed on her bed, one of the head servants directs everyone out of the room but he remains inside with Kristoff and Anna. "Shall I light a fire, miss?" asks the servant.

Anna, who is sitting on the side of the bed next to Elsa, looks over to the servant. "Elsa isn't bothered by the cold," says Anna. Now Anna looks back at her sister and continues, "She needs rest to recover from her ordeal and I hope that is all she will need."

"Perhaps there is something that I can get for you, your highness," asks the servant.

Anna looks back at the servant and says, "Some tea would be nice and could you bring one of my winter capes as well. I don't wish to leave Elsa's side."

"I will get them at once, your highness," replies the servant with a slight bow as he turns and leaves the room.

After the servant had left, Anna turns back to her sister. As Anna sits there with Elsa, Kristoff walks up behind her and places a hand on Anna's shoulder. Anna glances over to Kristoff's hand and reaches up and places her own hand on top of his. Then Anna looks back down at Elsa.

"Is there anything that I can do for you?" asks Kristoff.

"Being here with me is enough," replies Anna. "It's just hard for me to see Elsa like this. I've been reconnecting with my sister this past year, and I don't want it to end."

"I am sure Elsa will be OK," says Kristoff trying to comfort Anna.

"She will be OK," replies Anna. "She has to be."

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