Frozen 2 Fire and Ice


Out on the streets of Arendelle, the villagers are busy removing the snow and ice from the avalanche. Yet in the unaffected parts of town there is almost no activity. However, there are two figures walking their way to the palace gates. One figure is Olaf, a happy and often carefree snowman that Elsa had created. The other figure is Kristian. He is a stranger in these parts with a unique gift. However he is in a sullen mode. After all, the fact that Kristian came to Arendelle is the reason that Elsa is in her current state of health.

Soon Kristian and Olaf reach the bridge that leads to the palace. Here Kristian stops walking. So Olaf turns to look at him and asks, "Are you sure you don't want to come in and say hello?"

"It is for the best Olaf," replies Kristian. "My being in there could cause Elsa's magic to go off unexpectedly, and my own reaction to her magic powers could possibly do the same."

"If you are certain that you won't come in, will you at least wait for me to come out and give you the good news?" asks Olaf.

"I will wait here for your return, Olaf," replies Kristian.

"Then I will return as quickly as I can with the good news," says Olaf as he waves goodbye and trots off into the palace.

Up in Elsa's room; Kristoff is sitting in a chair, drinking a cup of tea. Where as, Anna had placed her cup of tea on a side table and is lying down next to Elsa. From here Anna just watches her sister breathe. As she watches, Anna can just barely see the cold air come rushing out of Elsa's mouth with each breath. While laying on the bed, Anna had wrapped herself in a winter cape that a servant had brought to her. This is because Elsa's magic had caused a light snow to cover the bed and Anna's cape. The room had developed a frost on all of its surfaces as well.

It is during this time that Olaf comes walking into the room. "Hi guys!" says Olaf cheerfully. "It is a great relief to have Elsa rescued from her little avalanche encounter."

Now Anna sits up on the bed and responds to Olaf. "I'm grateful that we were able to get Elsa out, but she is still unresponsive and that worries me."

"I don't think you have anything to worry about," replies Olaf. "By looking at this room, I would say Elsa is doing just fine. The frost level in here is quite low for Elsa and she does look like she is resting comfortably."

Anna was about to object to this when Kristoff speaks. "Olaf does have a point. When Kristian first brought her out, he was covered from head to toe in a heavy layer of snow. You have been with her for some time now and all you got was a light dusting. She must be doing better."

Anna looks around the room, and then looks back at Elsa lying on her bed. She begins to agree with this sentiment. Elsa did look peaceful lying there, and she did not look like she was in stress. "Perhaps you're right," replies Anna. "Elsa does look like she is resting well."

"So Olaf, did you come alone?" asks Kristoff. "The last time I saw you, you were standing next to Kristian."

"Kristian came too, but he didn't want to come into the palace," replies Olaf. "He is waiting outside on the bridge for me to bring some news back about Elsa."

"He's not coming in?" questions Kristoff. "I know we all have been a little hard on him, but not that hard."

Now out of curiosity, Anna gets up and walks over to the window. "Earlier Kristian said he wanted to end things with Elsa. He was going to explain why but we all got distracted. He said it had to do with him being dangerous to Elsa. Maybe that danger still exists," says Anna as she opens the window and looks out.

At the far end of the bridge, Anna sees Kristian leaning his back against the stone rail of the bridge. Olaf then walks up alongside of Anna and looks out the window as well. "Your closer to the truth than you realize, Anna," says Olaf. "In Kristian's mind, he does think he is a danger; but I think he is over emphasizing the threat."

Anna has an inquisitive look on her face, but before she can say anything Olaf shouts out the window. "Hey Kristian, Elsa is resting peacefully!"

This yell causes Kristian to stand upright and look for where Olaf was at. His eyes soon fall on the funny little snowman. What Kristian sees is Olaf waving vigorously. So Kristian waves back at the snowman. Anna, who was standing next to Olaf, feels a little embarrassed by Olaf's loud display. Yet even she politely waves back at Kristian.

"I'll be down in a few minute to give you more details!" continues to shout Olaf.

Now Kristoff was still sitting in his chair, but he was looking at Anna and Olaf staring out the window. Then what everyone heard after Olaf's shout was a weak voice. "Olaf?" asks the voice.

Everyone turns around and looks over to Elsa. What they all see is Elsa lying on her bed with her hand lifted up to her head. Anna was the first one to react, and she quickly runs over to her sister's side. "Elsa!" says Anna excitedly as she moves to give her sister a hug.

"My powers," says Elsa weakly as she raises a forearm to try and block Anna's advance.

However Anna goes and grabs Elsa's hand in her own gloved hands. "It's all right Elsa, you haven't hurt anyone," says Anna.

So Elsa looks at their joined hands and sees the gloves on her sister's hands. Elsa also sees some frost develop on those gloves from her powers. The frost was light and Elsa begins to relax and allows her arm to go limp. So Anna then lays Elsa's hand down on Elsa's lower chest. This allows Anna to lean down and gives her sister a hug. "You had me worried Elsa," says Anna with a tear running down her face. "I thought that I might have lost you."

Now Elsa reaches up with her free arm and places it over Anna's back. "It's OK Anna," says Elsa. "I thought I was going to be a goner too, but I will be fine now."

With this reassurance, Anna releases Elsa and sits up on the bed. This gives Elsa a chance to look up at her sister; and out of the corner of her eye, Elsa sees Kristoff and Olaf standing behind Anna. So Elsa looks over to them and says, "I thought that I heard your voice, Olaf."

So Olaf steps forward and says, "I'm glad that you survived your experience. That was a lot of snow that fell on top of you."

"Yes it was," replies Elsa as her head rests on her pillow. "And Arendelle, how did it fair?"

"About a third of the village got buried, but thanks to you it was spared the full force of the avalanche," replies Anna.

"It will take time to clear all the snow, but Arendelle should recovery without any difficulty," adds Kristoff.

"Arendelle is buried?" questions Elsa. Then Elsa tries to get up. While trying to get up Elsa says, "Arendelle needs me. I have to… Ohh." Well Elsa was not yet physically ready to get up, and so she falls back down onto her bed.

"Elsa. You have already done more for Arendelle than anyone else," says Anna as she moves and places a hand on Elsa's shoulder. "What you need now is rest. I can take care of things for now. People are already busy clearing the snow from the village. The most important thing you can do right now is to recover."

So now Elsa lets out an exhaustive sigh. "OK Anna. I will do as you say." So after accepting Anna's response, Elsa closes her eyes to rest.

So as soon as Elsa begins to doze off, Anna moves to the others and whispers, "Let's let here rest." Then Anna motions for everyone to leave the room. Out in the hall, Anna speaks to Kristoff. "Kristoff, I need you to organize the snow removal."

"Sure thing, but what exactly did you have in mind," replies Kristoff.

"Goods have to be able to come in and out of Arendelle," says Anna. "So the main road out the village should be the priority, along with the docks. I need people to focus on those areas. While you are doing that, I will have to get the palace staff organized. We need to get the palace ready to house people whose homes are still buried in the snow."

"Sven and I will head out right away and inform everyone. Don't worry, Arendelle is our home too and we will do what we can for it," says Kristoff.

As Kristoff starts to leave, Olaf turns to Anna and says, "I should head out too and tell Kristian the good news about Elsa."

"Sure, and thank him for me. For how he helped Elsa," replies Anna.

"OK I will," says Olaf as he begins to walk away. "Bye Anna," says Olaf as he waves.

In response, Anna waves goodbye to Olaf. Then she heads off to get the palace ready to house those villagers in need.

Outside in the palace courtyard, Kristoff was climbing onto his cart when Olaf walks out the main door. "Olaf, are you coming along with me?"

"No, I'm going to tell Kristian about Elsa. He is waiting out on the bridge," replies Olaf.

"Hop on, I can give you a ride there," says Kristoff.

"Thanks!" replies Olaf as he climbs onto the cart next to Kristoff.

Once Olaf is settled, Kristoff gets the cart moving out the palace gates. At the far end of the bridge, stands Kristian. He moves out of the way and notices Kristoff and Olaf on the cart. The cart then slows as it nears and stops in front of Kristian.

"Hi Kristian!" says Olaf as he climbs down off the cart. "I've got good news. Elsa opened her eyes and spoke."

"She's OK then," replies Kristian.

"Elsa is weak but fine otherwise," says Kristoff. "All she needs is rest. Then she should be up and moving around in no time."

"Elsa has been fortunate," replies Kristian as he is relieved about her condition, but worried about what still lies ahead for Elsa.

"Her fortune improved when you showed up," says Kristoff.

Kristian looks up at Kristoff with some confusion. "The only fortune I brought was misfortune," replies Kristian. "Since, I am indirectly working for the Duke."

"True, but if the Duke had hired someone else instead of your friend, Elsa may not have been warned about an attack," says Kristoff.

"Don't forget, it was also you who got Elsa out of her ice coffin," adds Olaf.

"Maybe," quietly says Kristian as he contemplates what Kristoff and Olaf had said.

"Oh, and Anna says thank you for helping Elsa," adds Olaf.

After a slight pause in the conversation, Kristoff speaks up. "Well, I've got to get going. Sven and I are put in charge of snow removal. Arendelle is going to need some help if it is going to recover from this mess. See ya around Kristian."

So Kristoff waves good bye as he heads off on his cart. Kristian returns the wave and so does Olaf. "You could always help you know," says Olaf.

"One more labor won't make that much of a difference," replies Kristian.

"Are you kidding?" says Olaf. "You could do more work than twenty men! With your magic, you could clear streets in no time."

"Olaf!" exclaims Kristian in disagreement. "For me to do that would mean I would have to create a blazing inferno. People would be scared of that and of me. I should be leaving for that alone, before someone discovers what I am."

"But you haven't left yet," replies Olaf. "It makes me wonder why. Could it be my irresistible charm or my awe inspiring physique?"

So Olaf begins to make a few moves as if he is showing off his muscular body. However, all that Kristian sees though are bending stick arms and a snow belly that sticks out over short squat legs. "No offense Olaf, but I have seen better bodies on other people here in Arendelle," says Kristian as he smirks at Olaf's movements.

"Not into the traditional snowman build then," cheekily replies Olaf. "I'm guessing you're more into that hour glass shape that someone like Elsa has." After his comment, Olaf notices Kristian turn a little red from his suggestion. "That's it!" exclaims Olaf. "You fancy Elsa. That's why you're hanging around. You're in love."

"Elsa just fascinates me," replies Kristian sheepishly. "Here she is, living openly in Arendelle and freely associating with everyone. I envy and admire her for what she has accomplished."

"It is more than just that," says Olaf. "If you didn't care about Elsa, you wouldn't have helped her like you did; and now you can help Elsa again. Her home is buried under snow and ice. You can do a lot to solve that problem. If you are worried about people seeing you work, I can take you to parts of the village where no one will be. You can work in total privacy. So what do you say? Will you help?"

So Kristian looks down the road to where Kristoff had gone and into the hillside where the snow stands tall above the village. Kristian then turns and looks back at the palace and the open window that Olaf had shouted from. With a slight sigh, Kristian says, "You sure you can find an unoccupied part of the village?"

"That won't be a problem," replies Olaf. "Everyone will be working on the main road, if they are not at the palace."

So Kristian looks down at Olaf and says, "If you can find a place Olaf, I will do what I can."

"Then follow me!" exclaims Olaf as he begins to trot away with a happy giggle. Kristian follows the happy little snow and smiles as he watches Olaf's silly reaction.

An hour or so has passed since Elsa first woke from her encasement in ice. Now Elsa rests comfortably on her bed. Elsa is almost asleep and no one is with her in her room. Anna is busy getting the palace ready to house many people. Meanwhile Kristoff and Sven are working on removing the snow and ice on the main road. As for Kristian, he had been led to a residential part of the village by Olaf. While there, Kristian is using his powers of fire to melt the snow and ice around the homes. A steady stream of water flows down the street Kristian is on, all the way down to the water's edge.

Up on the window ledge of Elsa's open window, a song bird has landed and it starts to sing. This bird song brings Elsa around and she opens her eyes. Since Elsa is aroused, she turns her head to look at the bird and smiles. "Hello little friend. Are you here to tell me the good news of my home?" inquires Elsa playfully.

The bird continues to sing and Elsa slowly pulls herself up to sit on the edge of her bed. Elsa steadies herself with her arms as she sits there watching the bird sing. A sad smile remains on her face as Elsa looks at her colorful visitor. Elsa knows that Arendelle is suffering now because of her, but the song bird represents a hope that she has that Arendelle will still thrive.

Now Elsa slowly raises herself and takes a few steps over to the chair that Kristoff was sitting in earlier. Elsa steadies herself by leaning on the back of that chair. Now Elsa closes her eyes and takes a few deep breaths. "Spring still refuses to be undone by the snow," says Elsa as she can smell the fragrances of the spring air.

Then Elsa continues her walk towards the window. Elsa is a little steadier now in her movements. As she nears the window, the song bird flies away and Elsa leans against the wall near the window. She looks out the window and sees the large amount of snow that covers Arendelle. Elsa can also see the villagers working on removing the snow and ice. Cart loads of material are being dumped into the fiord waters by the workers. It saddens Elsa to see her home in this state.

"It is my fault that you had to suffer Arendelle," says Elsa to herself. "If I wasn't who I am this wouldn't have happened." However, there is contentment as well. Elsa's village had survived this disaster and its people were working on bringing it back to life.

As Elsa stands looking out the window, she hears the door of her room open. So Elsa turns around to see her sister Anna enter the room with a serving tray. Anna notices that Elsa is no longer in bed but instead is standing by the window.

"Elsa, you should still be in bed," says Anna out of concern.

Elsa stands facing her sister and replies, "I'm feeling fine Anna. I'm just a little fatigued, that's all. After a while, it gets boring just lying in bed."

"If you are feeling better, then maybe you would like something to eat," says Anna as she carries her tray over to a side table that sits next to a chair. "I brought you some soup in case you wanted it."

"No thank you," replies Elsa as she turns back towards the open window. "I'm not all that hungry."

"Some tea and honey then?" asks Anna.

Elsa looks back at her sister and smiles. "You are bound and determined to have me consume something aren't you?" replies Elsa.

"I would feel better if you did," replies Anna with a smile. "It will help to bring your energy back and make you feel better."

"Very well, one cup of tea will be fine," says Elsa as she turns to face Anna.

Anna begins to pour the tea as Elsa walks over to Anna. Elsa then accepts the cup of tea from her sister. Then Anna goes and picks up the honey jar as Elsa sits herself down in the chair. Elsa then accepts some honey in her tea from Anna. Now Elsa takes a sip from her cup and leans back in her chair.

"Would you like a biscuit cookie with your tea?" asks Anna as she lifts a square tin with the cookies in them.

Elsa looks at her sister with a mischievous scowl on her face as she takes one of the cookies. "Are you going to become my personal servant then?" asks Elsa with a light sarcastic tone as she takes a bit of a cookie.

"Only for today," replies Anna with a smile as she sits herself down on the bed. "I am glad that you are feeling better and you even look better. For a while there you had everyone in the village worried about you."

Elsa takes another sip of tea and says, "I wonder if I truly deserve all their concern."

"What are you talking about?" asks Anna. "You are the Queen of Arendelle! Everyone in the village loves and respects you."

"It is also because of me that the village is buried under a mountain of snow," counters Elsa. "If it wasn't for the magic that I possess, this avalanche would never have happened."

"This isn't your fault, Elsa," replies Anna. "There are always challenges to every kingdom. Yours are just a little different. No one in Arendelle will ever blame you for this. They are actually grateful that you stopped the destructive force of the avalanche. The only ones that they really will be blaming are the people who caused it in the first place."

Elsa takes another sip from her cup as she contemplates what Anna has just said. "Kristian would be among one of those responsible," says Elsa. "You were right to be concerned about him. He let it happen and Kristian hasn't even bothered to show his face afterwards."

"It's nice of you to admit that I was right," replies Anna. "But you also have been right about him."

Now Elsa is puzzled by Anna's comment. "How can we both be right?" asks Elsa. "He can't be acting against me and for me, can he?"

In response, Anna leans forward with her hands down on the bed. Then Anna says, "Elsa, we both know that Kristian came here to do you harm for the Duke of Weselton; and yes, he didn't do anything to stop the avalanche. However, what you don't know is what he did afterwards. Kristoff and I knew you were buried in the avalanche and we were the first ones to find the mound that you were buried in. We did our best to try and dig you out but had little success. Then Kristian showed up after Olaf asked him for help. It was only mere moments after Kristian showed up that he found a way into the pile. He and Kristoff crawled in to search for you and found you in a block of ice."

"Ice!" exclaims Elsa with surprise as she sets her cup down. "Did I actually encase myself in ice?"

"Kristoff said you did, after he crawled back out to get tools to free you from your tomb," replies Anna. "While he was getting ready to go back in something fearful happened. I'm not sure exactly what happened but some kind of fire erupted from the pile. The next thing I really understood was seeing you carried out of the large snow pile. Kristian had found some way of getting you out."

"He actually came back to help me," says Elsa with a smile to herself.

"Yes, and you should have seen him carrying you," says Anna. "He was covered from head to toe in a thick layer of snow."

"Snow?" questions Elsa. "Did I do that to him?"

"Your powers were going crazy, but he seemed to be alright," replies Anna with a smile. "He just looked like an over sized snowman."

"Poor Kristian," says Elsa as a smile comes to her face. "He must have looked ridiculous covered in snow."

"I guess he did," replies Anna with a smile. "I really didn't think about it. I was too concerned with you at that moment. Let's just call it a fair retribution for his past transgressions against you."

"Oh Anna," says Elsa with a smile as she shakes her head in a negative fashion. Anna just giggles at Elsa's reaction. "So did Kristian come to the palace to see me then?" asks Elsa.

"He came to the palace with Olaf, but he stayed outside," replies Anna. "Olaf said he was concerned about harming you. Olaf said he was over emphasizing the risk but I wish I knew what that risk was."

Now Elsa stands up and begins to walk over to the window. "I wish I knew what it was too," says Elsa. "Kristian was going to tell us about it before all this happened." Soon Elsa reaches the open window and looks out. Anna follows Elsa to the window and looks out over her shoulder. As Elsa leans on the window sill, she says, "I just hope that he will come back and try to tell us again."

"I'm sure he will come back," replies Anna. "He will to want to see how you are doing, after all. You certainly managed to strike a chord with Kristian."

Elsa glances over her shoulder at Anna and smiles before looking back out the window. Elsa looks down at the main road where most of the villagers are working. Then in another part of the village, Elsa notices something. "What is that?" asks a puzzled Elsa.

Anna steps closer to the window and looks out. "I'm not sure. It almost looks like smoke," replies an uncertain Anna.

Just then a flash of flame is seen rising above the snow that covers the village. "It's a fire!" exclaims Elsa as she steps back in dread. She then turns and runs for the door.

"Elsa wait!" shouts Anna as Elsa leaves the room. Anna then runs after her sister. Anna manages to catch up to her sister as she runs down the stairs. "Elsa, what are you doing? You need to rest!" exclaims Anna.

"How can I sit back when Arendelle is burning?" exclaims Elsa. "I have to do what I can to protect it!"

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