Frozen 2 Fire and Ice

A Big Revelation

After seeing a fire in the village of Arendelle, Elsa runs towards the fire to try and extinguish the blaze; and Anna is following her. In mere moments the sisters reach the edge of the snow that now covers Arendelle. Now to aid in their movement, Elsa creates a simple ice walkway over the tops of the snow hills to make it easier to traverse the rough terrain of the avalanche. Then after a few moments, Elsa and Anna are surprised to come to an area of the village where the snow is nearly completely gone. Houses here stand free of the snow while tall walls of snow stand surrounding them. In simplest terms, it looks like the houses were built in a small canyon. So the sisters slow to a walk as they stare in amazement.

"What is going on?" asks Anna as she looks around. "Why isn't this area buried under the snow?"

"I'm not sure," replies Elsa as she too examines her surroundings. "Some sort of magic must be at work here."

Now almost out of awe, both Anna and Elsa continue to walk through this canyon made of snow. They soon come across a stream of water running down the street with chunks of ice and debris in it. This stream eventually makes it way all the way to the fiord waters. "The snow is melting and it is melting at a rapid rate," comments Elsa.

"The fire we saw must be causing it," replies Anna.

"Very likely, but why are the house untouched then?" asks Elsa. "The fire should have at least damaged these homes but there isn't a mark on them."

This canyon of snow makes a sharp turn up ahead and the sisters soon reach this corner. The first thing that they see around the corner is Olaf. He was picking up some of the debris and ice and dumping them into the stream of water. The water then carries this material away. After a few steps more, the next thing that Anna and Elsa see is a large wall of fire. So Elsa increases her speed when she sees this fire. This is because she wants to try to extinguish this blaze. However, before Elsa even has an opportunity to reach the spot where Olaf was at, she stops.

What causes Elsa to stop is what she sees ahead of her. The wall of fire was in full view and at the center of this wall stood a man, a man that Elsa recognizes. It was Kristian. Kristian had his arms stretched out in front of him, and from his hands fire was shooting out. The fire expanded from his hands creating this fire wall. Out of pure shock, Elsa stands there watching the fire inferno devour the wall of snow in front of it.

Now Kristian has to walk forward to keep the inferno near the snow that was just in front of it. Shortly, Kristian comes to one of the houses in Arendelle. Just as the house becomes visible in the snow of the avalanche, Kristian changes the wall of fire into two swirling fire towers. It was during the creation of these towers that Olaf notices Elsa standing a few yards away with a look of total disbelief.

"Hey Kristian, can I talk to you!" shouts Olaf to be heard over the roar of the fire.

"Olaf, I need to concentrate! This next step needs a delicate touch!" Kristian shouts back as he keeps his back to Olaf and Elsa.

Kristian then proceeds to move the two towers closer to the house. Soon these fire towers begin to move alongside the outer walls of the structure. The flames lightly touch the outside of the house and steam can be seen rising from the walls as the fires move past the walls. In under a minute, the two fires have completely gone around the building and have met up behind the structure. Once the fires have joined together, they begin to decrease in intensity and eventually are extinguished in the snow. So the house now stands completely out of the snow. The only snow that still remains is on the roof.

"Is it OK to talk now?" asks Olaf.

"What is it that you want to say Olaf," replies Kristian. However Kristian still has his back towards Olaf and Elsa. Kristian now has his palms upright, and the small flames in his palms begin to grow in intensity.

"I was just wondering is it really such a bad thing if Elsa finds out about your magic powers?" asks Olaf.

"I can't see it ending well. Fire and ice are just natural opposites. One will always attack the other," replies Kristian as he shoots his flame up onto the snow that is on the roof of the house.

"Ya, but…," begins Olaf as he is about to tell Kristian about Elsa's presence.

However, Elsa has now walked forward. Since Elsa has recovered from her initial shock. "Just let him speak, Olaf," quietly says Elsa, as she interrupts the snowman.

"There is no "But" about it," replies Kristian to Olaf as Kristian continues to work on removing the snow. "It has already happen more than once with Elsa and me. Most have been minor reactions, but the one that occurred when I pulled Elsa out of ice block was severe. Elsa's magic powers reacted violently when I used my own to revive her. Then my own powers did the same from hers. I was lucky that I was able to control my magic before any real damage was done to either of us. So I really don't think that Elsa would allow someone who is as dangerous as I am to her and Arendelle to remain?"

"That is what you are worried about," says Elsa. "My reaction to what you really are."

Now hearing Elsa's voice startles Kristian and his fire flares up wildly. This rapid flare up catches the edge of the house roof on fire. As this happens, Kristian quickly turns around to face Elsa with both of his hands still covered in flames. There is also fear in his eyes as Kristian sees Elsa standing near Olaf.

Suddenly, Elsa raises her own hand and shoots out a blast of snow. In response, Kristian raises his own hand and the fire flares up on that hand. He is about to counter attack, but he stops because Elsa's aim was off. The snow flies over Kristian's head and off to the side.

Meanwhile out of fear, Anna comes forward in a run and calls out, "Elsa!" Anna soon reaches Elsa, and she places one hand on Elsa's back and the other on Elsa's outstretched arm. With her hands on Elsa, Anna does push Elsa a little but stops when Elsa resists being moved.

Meanwhile, Kristian stands with his arm pushed forward and a fire surging around his hand. As he stands like this, Kristian looks over his shoulder at the direction that Elsa's snow blast went. What he sees is a layer of snow on the roof edge of the house and steam rising from that snow. Elsa had put out the fire that Kristian had accidentally set. Thus the fire around Kristian's hand soon begins to diminish as his fears diminish.

Now because of Anna's outburst, Elsa turns to her sister. "What is with this frantic display of yours?" asks Elsa.

"Elsa! Fire! Kristian was going to attack!" exclaims Anna as she looks desperately at Elsa.

"Anna, Kristian was only startled by my presence and my magical projection; and after living with me, how can you be so quick to judge someone with such abilities," replies Elsa as she tries to comfort Anna.

"But Elsa, fire is the most dangerous thing that you have ever faced! Wielded by someone working for the Duke!" says Anna anxiously.

"If Kristian was really a threat Anna, he would have acted before this," says Elsa and then she looks over to Kristian. What Elsa sees is Kristian's arm beginning to drop as the fires on his hands reduce to small flames. "See, there was never any real threat," says Elsa as she nods over in Kristian's direction.

So now Anna looks over at Kristian and releases Elsa's arm. Then Anna takes a step back from Elsa and her head drops a little as some feeling of shame enters Anna's mind. Meanwhile Elsa begins to walk toward Kristian and she is followed by Olaf. Yet, Anna stands where she is at. Anna is having a difficult time accepting what she has just learned about Kristian.

As Elsa nears Kristian, she can see the flames on Kristian's hands increase some. This is because Kristian is becoming nervous. Elsa is feeling uncertain about this as well, but Elsa also feels that Kristian would never harm her.

"I see we both are going to have to be careful around one another," says Elsa with a slight smile as she tries to ease the tension.

"I've worked on being careful since we first met," replies Kristian as his nervousness recedes some. As it does, the fire on his hands does the same.

Elsa sees this and her own mood relaxes. "From what I've just heard, you have limited success with that," says Elsa politely.

"Well you have managed to unnerve me now and then," replies Kristian warily.

"I know what that is like," says Elsa sympathetically. "Oh, our first meeting must have been very difficult for you. I'm surprised you kept control during that incident."

"It wasn't easy," replies Kristian as his cautiousness is replaced by a more questioning mind set. "Since, I was suddenly cornered by someone with magic abilities over the cold and snow."

"That was the best moment of all!" chirps Olaf from behind Elsa. Olaf then moves up alongside Elsa as both Kristian and Elsa watch him. "If that moment had not happened, you would have never met Elsa. Without that night you never would have had dinner with Elsa, gazed at the stars, or even had an adventurous day in Arendelle."

"What Olaf says is true," adds Elsa as she looks back at Kristian. "I am grateful for that chance meeting and all those events that followed. I just hope you will reconsider your plans of leaving Arendelle, but if you do decide to leave I wish to still leave you an invitation to return here someday and be my guest at the palace."

"Elsa, how can you still offer me that?" exclaims Kristian as he cannot comprehend what Elsa is thinking. "How can you possibly accept the potential threat that I am? How can you accept this?" asks Kristian in a slightly agitated tone, as he raises a hand up. From this hand a fire erupts and flashes upward in a brief display of energy.

Elsa shifts back a bit with fear from this agitated display, and Anna moves forward with concern for her sister. Meanwhile, Olaf stands still. Olaf looks at Kristian's hand and exclaims, "You can really do some cool things, Kristian! So how high can you make that baby go?"

Now Kristian's fire diminishes to a small one as he looks at Olaf in surprise. Olaf had unbalanced him once again. Elsa notices this reaction of disbelief, and her momentary fear has now been replaced by amusement and sympathy for Kristian. Now Elsa steps forward as she speaks. "In truth, I would have to admit that the magic you are displaying does concern me, but no more than my own magic concerns me. We both possess abilities that can harm others. Yet, it is how we use those abilities that truly define who we are. You have come to know me and have seen me do what I can for the people of my home, and I have come to know you. Now I have even learned of how you saved me from my burial by the avalanche."

It was after saying this that Elsa reaches up with her own hand and grasps Kristian's flaming hand with her own. Kristian doesn't resist for he has experienced it before. However for Elsa, this experience is new; and she has some slight trepidation. Yet the fire on Kristian's hand is quickly extinguished by Elsa's own magic. A bright smile then appears on her face as Elsa finally understands how Kristian can touch her even when her magic powers are active. "No wonder you are not afraid of my magic," says Elsa.

"The avalanche!" exclaims Anna as an ominous thought enters her mind. Due to Anna's outburts; Elsa, Kristian, and Olaf look over to Anna. "Elsa! You got buried because your ice dome was collapsed by fire balls! Kristian could have done that!"

So Elsa lets go of Kristian's hand and takes a step back as she looks at him. "Kristian?" questions Elsa quietly.

"Kristian couldn't have done it!" exclaims Olaf. "He was with me when the dome failed, and the fire balls came from the other direction." "In fact, he was even responsible for saving Anna and Kristoff from being buried as well," says Olaf as he looks straight at Anna.

"The cold shower," says Anna as it dawns on her what had happened. "It was you that melted all the snow down the main road."

"Um ya, sorry about all that cold water that came down on you," apologizes Kristian. "Olaf said you were on the street and I had no way of knowing where. So I did the best I could and covered as much of the street as possible. If I had known your exact location you wouldn't have felt a drop."

"I'm the one that should be apologizing," replies Anna. "Being drenched in cold water is only a minor inconvenience. Also with all the snow off the street, it made it easy to get back to Elsa."

Now Elsa looks over at Kristian and says, "You have done so much for us already and neither Anna nor I ever knew about it. Now you're even clearing a whole area of the village. I feel that I should repay you in some way for your assistance. I know just the thing! I will repay the Duke of Weselton the money he gave you and I will consider the matter resolved."

"Wait a second," interrupts Anna. "Why would the Duke hire you when he wants to eliminate Elsa? After the way the Duke reacted to Elsa's magic, I would have thought that he would avioded anyone with magical powers."

"The Duke doesn't know. Goran and I try to keep others from finding out. If the Duke did find out, I think he would have gone into a panic," replies Kristian to Anna's question.

"Then can I be the one to tell him?" asks Anna with a devilish smile. "I would like to see the Duke of Weselton come unhinged."

"What! No!" exclaims Kristian. "I've still got to find a way to live! If you tell the Duke, others will find out about me and whatever peace that I did have will be gone! As it is, I am already in trouble with Goran just for associating with the both of you!"

Now Elsa and Anna are both surprised by this outburst; but things are becoming clearer to the sisters as the veils of secrecy are being removed, one at a time. "You were driven out of your home because of your magic, and lost your mother as well because of it," states Elsa. "You've been worried that the same think will happen here in Arendelle."

"It's more than just that, Elsa," replies Kristian. "Since I've been living with Goran, it has been ingrained in me the negative contrast of ice to fire. What you are is everything I was told to fear and to hate. You were supposed to be an enemy who would do anything to harm someone with my abilities, and thus had to be taken care of."

"Do you really believe that?" asks Elsa as she is surprised by this.

"I had no experience to go on. Just the word of Goran," replies Kristian. "However, I thought it would have been better to avoid any contact, but Goran insisted on taking care of you before you really became a bigger problem later."

"And how about now? Do you still believe that I am your enemy?" asks Elsa.

"No, but I can't understand why you would want to tolerate someone like me in your life," replies Kristian.

Elsa steps right up to Kristian, and she looks into his eyes. Then Elsa says, "I know why you think that I wouldn't want you around, but you are not considering why I would." Elsa then reaches up and places a hand on Kristian's cheek and continues, "At times, you have been kind to me; and though you have been keeping secrets, you have always been honest. Finally, I have enjoyed spending time with you; and despite what you claim to be dangerous to the both of us, I still would like to get to know you better. I'm willing to take the risk if you are as well."

Kristian looks into Elsa's eyes and smiles. Elsa had always been smiling but brightens even more when she sees Kristian's smile. Then Kristian's smile fades and he reaches up and grabs a hold of Elsa's hand. Then Kristian brings Elsa's hand down in front of him, and he looks down at their joined hands. Then Kristian says with concern, "Elsa your life is still in danger."

"I'm in danger? From what?" questions Elsa. "The avalanche failed to do what it was supposed to. There shouldn't be any danger any more, at least for some time anyway."

So Kristian looks up at Elsa and says, "When Goran finds out about the failure, he will disregard the risks and face you in the village. Elsa, you need to protect yourself."

"Just how much danger is Elsa in?" asks Anna. "With her magic, Elsa should be able to fend off any ordinary man."

Kristian looks over to Anna and releases Elsa's hand. Then he says, "Goran is no ordinary man. He has already destroyed two people with magical powers over the cold and ice. Elsa's magic is strong, but so is Goran's."

"Wait, magic?" questions Anna. "What kind of magic are we talking about?"

"The same as my own," replies Kristian. Now both Anna and Elsa are surprised to hear this. Kristian then turns back to Elsa and says, "Goran would have used his powers to bring the avalanche down, and right now he will be recovering from that tiring effort. Yet he will wait only a short while before he comes to find out what has happened. Elsa, you need to prepare yourself. You need to protect yourself from his fire."

"Can't you explain to him that I am not a monster?" asks Elsa. "Tell him that I will offer him a place to stay where he won't be bothered by anyone."

"I've already tried twice to dissuade him," replies Kristian. "He's set on this course."

"Talk to him again. Let him know of the life he could have. If you think that won't work, maybe you could lie a little. Just something that will allow us to prepare," says Anna.

"I would prefer if there was a non-confrontational solution," says Elsa. "Could you at least try again to reason with him?"

Kristian sighs and says, "I will try to do something, but promise me you will do whatever you can to protect yourself."

"That I will promise," replies Elsa.

So Kristian turns away from Elsa and reaches into the satchel that he has been carrying. He pulls out a whistle and blows on it. This whistle lets out a loud tweet.

"What is the whistle for?" asks Olaf.

"I'm calling for Mattias," replies Kristian.

"Who is Mattias?" asks Elsa.

"Oh you are going to love him Elsa," chirps Olaf. "He is Kristian's best friend, besides me of course."

Just then a light is seen coming towards them over the snow. It is Mattias responding to Kristian's whistle. "What is that?" asks a concerned Anna. "Is that another fireball?"

Everyone looks in the direction of the light. Then Kristian holds up his arm for the firebird to land on, and Olaf says, "That's Mattias!" "Hello Mattias!" shouts Olaf as he waves a hello to the arriving bird.

Mattias comes swooping in; but instead of landing on Kristian's arm, Mattias flies low over the heads of everyone. Both Elsa and Anna flinch a little, while Kristian and Olaf aren't bothered by the low flying bird. "What are you doing you crazy bird?" says Kristian in disapproval.

Then Mattias comes back around but instead of going to Kristian he heads for Olaf and his waving arm. As the bird nears, Olaf turns his head away with his arm outstretched as if to try and block the incoming bird. When Olaf looks back he sees Mattias perching on his stick arm. Olaf then lets out a slight yelp as his arm starts to burn.

"Mattias! Flame down!" shouts Kristian.

As Mattias flames down he hops over onto the other stick arm of Olaf. Olaf then shakes the arm that caught fire out. Then he turns to Mattias and says with a smile, "I like friendly greetings but yours are a little too warm for me."

So now Elsa takes a few steps towards the firebird and says, "So this is Mattias."

"Yep!" replies Olaf. "I told you Kristian had a really cool fire. All you have to feed him is a few pieces of wood and he will be happy."

Then Elsa kneels down next to Olaf and says, "Hello Mattias." In response, Mattias lets out a squawk in reply and then jumps over to Elsa. However Elsa is surprised by this action and pulls back a bit. Also Elsa lifts her forearm up in an instinctive defensive move, but Mattias still lands on Elsa's raised arm. Yet Elsa quickly recovers from the shock and takes a close look at the firebird. Then carefully Elsa reaches up with her free hand and pets the bird on its head and down its back. So Mattias responds favorably to Elsa's affections.

Now Elsa stands up and turns back towards Kristian with Mattias on her arm. "So was it Mattias that got you so nervous when we showed up at your campsite yesterday?" asks Elsa.

"I really didn't want my secrets known, and I don't exactly have a lot of control over what Mattias does," replies Kristian.

"So where was he when Olaf and I showed up?" asks Elsa.

"I was feeding him," chirps Olaf. "He was Kristian's campfire."

Now Kristian holds his arm up for Mattias to jump on and Mattias obligingly does. "Mattias prefers to rest in the hot embers of a campfire," says Kristian. Then Kristian turns his attention to Mattias and says, "We've got a trip to go on Mattias."

Mattias squawks in reply. Then Kristian raises a free hand over the top of the firebird, and he begins to direct his energy into Mattias. Mattias begins to grow, and he flaps his wings. Mattias comes off of Kristian's arm and Kristian is now using both hands to direct energy into the firebird. Then Mattias lands on the ground and his size quickly increases. Elsa and Olaf back away as the firebird becomes bigger, and everyone watches in amazement as Mattias grows in size. Soon Mattias is standing tall over Kristian.

Kristian then finally stops putting his energy into the firebird. Once Kristian stops, Mattias flaps his wings and warm air is felt coming from the breeze of his wings. Then Mattias lets out a loud screech and bends down low. Kristian then climbs onto the shoulders of Mattias, and Mattias stands up lifting Kristian off of the ground.

"Now that is what I would call a hot ride," says Olaf in amazement.

Well Mattias turns so Kristian can face Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. Then Kristian says, "I don't expect to have much success with Goran. So please take precautions. Besides your magic Elsa, water will be your best defense." Kristian then turns his attention to Mattias and says, "Let's go Mattias."

Mattias bends down and spreads his wings. Then with a strong flap and a jump into the air, Mattias takes flight. He soars away carrying Kristian up into the mountains.

On the ground, Elsa and Anna watch the firebird fly away. "I can't believe what I am seeing," says Anna.

"It is a shock, but it is also wonderful," replies Elsa as she watches Mattias vanish into the hills of the countryside.

"Wonderful?" asks Anna as she turns to look at Elsa. "Why is it wonderful? You did hear him talk about the dangers from Goran. Not to mention the risk Kristian takes not only to face him but the risk he takes to spend time with you. Your powers are not exactly compatible."

Elsa looks over to her sister and smiles. Then she says, "It is wonderful because I have come across someone who knows what is like to be unique, and the risk that Kristian is taking is not for him but it is for me."

"Kristian is your own knight in flaming armor. Riding his feathered steed," says Olaf.

"Yes; and the danger he says exist between our magic powers, I think is tiny. There is almost a connection between us when we touch. I wonder if he senses it too," says Elsa.

"Well he certainly senses something," says Anna with a smile. "To take the risks that he does, Kristian has to be feeling something for you."

"I do hope you are right," replies Elsa with a smile.

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