Frozen 2 Fire and Ice

Fire & Ice The Beginning Battle

On the mountain side, if people would look, a light can be seen coming down the mountain. It is Goran, riding a fire wolf that he had created with his own magic powers. The beast leaps through the countryside at a fast pace. Whenever the fire wolf steps into a spot of snow or water, steam is released from the rapid evaporation. It takes some time for Goran to get down the mountain, but eventually he is near Arendelle and the snow from his avalanche.

Once Goran reaches the avalanche, he stops his mount and climbs down. Now Goran stands and looks at the snow that blocks his way. Then by raising a hand out in front of him, Goran generates a fireball. He then thrusts the fireball forward into the snow of the avalanche. This fireball rapidly moves forward with a roar of flame and a loud hiss as it melts its way through the snow. In mere seconds, it has cut a path through the snow. The fireball then emerges right in front of a number of workers, who were busy clearing the snow. These workers were shocked to see the flames emerge. Many of the men run as the fire spreads out as it is no longer contained by the walls of the snow. The fireball then quickly dissipates into the air, but not before it catches some of the buildings on fire.

So because of these fires, the workers' attention is now turned towards the burning buildings. So they rush to put these fires out. These workers became so busy with the fires that very few pay any attention to Goran as he quickly walks through their midst. He even walks quickly with determination. Since Goran's thoughts are focused on his mission, the destruction of the Queen of Arendelle.

Meanwhile, Elsa and Anna had been walking back to the palace. They had just reached the village square when Goran made his way through the avalanche.

"Did you hear something?" asks Anna as she stops at the edge of the square. Anna had heard Goran's fire emerge from the snow, but the roar of the fire was muffled by the buildings.

"No, but my thoughts were elsewhere," replies Elsa. "Why? What did you think you heard?"

"I'm not sure. The sound was faint, but it didn't sound good," says Anna as she looks back from which they came.

"Then we should go investigate to make sure that no one is having difficulties," says Elsa as she begins to walk back towards the village.

"Just wait," says Anna as Elsa passes her. So Elsa stops and looks over to Anna. "It was probably nothing, Elsa. If there is a problem someone from the village will come to see us. Besides, Kristian's friend is still out there. Who knows when we will be running into him? It would be better if you secured yourself in the palace, at least for the time being anyway."

"That is not something I am looking forward to doing," replies Elsa. "I've done that for most of my life. I'd much rather be out among my people. Besides, it could take some time before we have to really be worried about Goran."

"You can't say that for sure Elsa," says a concerned Anna. "And I wasn't talking about isolating yourself either. You can still spend time with those that you trust, and you still can visit with the people out in Arendelle. You just need to bring the palace guards with you for protection."

"It still sounds rather confining," replies Elsa. "Instead of doors and walls between me and others, there are going to be people between us."

"I know it is not the best of circumstances, but neither is a shorten life," says Anna. "If we are fortunate, Kristian will be able to bring us some good news late tonight. Then this can all be over by tomorrow."

"I do hope we are fortunate," replies Elsa as she walks over to look out at the docks and ships. "Arendelle has suffered enough because of me."

Anna walks up behind her sister and says, "It's not fair to be blaming yourself. It is not because of you that this has happened to Arendelle. It is the Duke of Weselton's fault."

Elsa looks back at her sister and smiles. "Have I ever told you that I am glad that you are my sister," inquires Elsa.

"Yes you have," replies Anna with a smile. "But keep on telling me. I enjoy it every time that you say it."

Elsa continues to smile at her sister and then her smile fades. Elsa looks up into the mountains and then says, "I wonder how Kristian is managing."

Anna turns and looks up as well and says, "I'm sure he will be OK, Elsa. Goran is supposed to be like family to him, and a true family will love one another no matter what happens."

Elsa looks over to her sister and says, "A true family loves one another unconditionally, but I am concerned that Goran is not a true family man. What Kristian has said about him makes Goran sound like an uncaring sort, not like the way our father was with us."

"I can't give you an answer on that," says Anna. "I haven't talk to Kristian about Goran nor have I actually met the man himself. However if Kristian still is willing to talk with Goran, he can't be that dangerous to Kristian."

"Perhaps not, but then how dangerous can a fire actually be to Kristian," replies Elsa. "Just look at me. I am not bothered by the cold, so Kristian could just as easily not be bothered by fire."

"Maybe I will give you that point, but if I do then you will have to admit that Kristian isn't in any real danger," says Anna. "Kristian's magic will protect him against Goran."

"You're right. Kristian will be safe," replies Elsa.

"Good. So can we head into the palace now?" asks Anna. "The whole place needs to be organized. We still have to house many members of the village for the night, and don't forget about all the food that has to be prepared for the workers."

"Yes, the people of Arendelle do need to be taken care of," says Elsa. "That is my main duty as their queen after all, the care and protection of everyone in my kingdom." Elsa then begins to move towards the palace to help in preparations for the evening.

Anna begins to follow her sister Elsa across the village square, but before the sisters can get to the palace bridge they hear a voice call out. "Queen of Arendelle, I demand your attention!"

Elsa and Anna turn around to see who it was that called out. What they see is a strange man walking towards them with determination. This man is Goran, and he approaches Anna and Elsa with his fists clenched.

"You do have my attention, sir," replies Elsa. "You seem unfamiliar to me. Are you a recent visitor to Arendelle?"

"Very recent, but I am here now because I have a complaint," harshly says Goran as he walks up to one side of Elsa. He stands facing the harbor and Elsa has her back to the water as she faces this strange man.

"What are the circumstances that trouble you? There isn't much that I can do at the moment because of the avalanche; but if possible, I will do what I can," replies Elsa as she watches this man closely. Elsa is a little wary, but strangers are a common occurrence in the village.

My complaint is about you being the leader of this backwater village," growls Goran. "A freak like you should not be the leader of any place."

"That's an unfair accusation!" counters Anna. "Elsa has every right to be queen and the avalanche was not part of her doing! She actually stopped the avalanche from doing any serious damage! Elsa has done more for Arendelle than any ruler could hope to do for their own kingdom!

"My problem with the queen has to do with the threat she is to me!" snaps Goran. "Her magic alone is dangerous! With an army standing behind her she is even more so!"

Now fear enters Elsa mind as she releases who this strange man must be. "Goran," quietly says Elsa as she takes a step back. "You don't need to go through with this," says Elsa as she addresses Goran. "I am very willing to let you live in peace and I will even allow you and Kristian to live her in my kingdom. Whatever problems that may plague you Goran, I can provide you protection."

"So Kristian did betray me," snarls Goran. "Did he also betray me by telling you about this," says Goran as he flares up a hand and throws a fireball at Elsa.

Anna jumps off to the side as Elsa's own hands come alive with swirling snow. Elsa counters Goran fireball with a snowball of her own. As the two balls meet, they erupt into a cloud of steam. The balls meet close to Elsa and the force of their collision causes Elsa to take a few steps backwards.

"Kristian didn't want to tell me, but I found out anyway," replies Elsa. "There is no need for this Goran! Kristian doesn't want this to happen! If you truly love Kristian, you will stop this!"

"Love has nothing to do with my relationship with Kristian," states Goran as he lifts both hands into the air. Goran's magic ignites in his palms and the fires grow large. In response Elsa activates her magic as well. Snow swirls around Elsa's outstretched hand and a light wisp swirls around her as well. "He is nothing but a tool to me, a means to an end. Just like your demise will be," says Goran as he thrusts forward.

A long stream of flame is emitted from Goran's hands. It heads quickly towards Elsa. In return, Elsa responds by creating a large ice spike that grows from the ground. The spike diverts most of the flame off to the side, but the spike melts from the heat. Goran had increased his fire, and eventually the fire bursts through the ice spike and hits Elsa hard.

"Elsa!" cries out Anna as she watches her sister get hit.

The force of the strike sends Elsa flying backwards into the air several yards. Elsa ends up flying out to the harbor. As she comes down, Elsa manages to freeze the surface of the water. So when she lands, Elsa slides across the ice several more yards.

Back on the village square, Anna begins to move quickly to go help Elsa. As she moves towards the harbor, Anna glances over to Goran. What she sees is Goran forming another fireball, but this time it is not Elsa he is looking at. It is Anna. Goran releases the fireball at Anna, and Anna goes diving against the ground as the fireball strikes behind her. Anna then scrambles to her feet and runs off towards the palace. As she runs, Anna looks back to see what Goran was doing. What Anna sees is that Goran is no longer interested in her. Instead Goran is heading towards the harbor.

Goran is now focused on his target Elsa. Anna was merely an annoyance. Someone that could possibly cause problems if allowed to act unheeded. When Goran reaches the water's edge, he jumps onto the ice. A hiss is heard as his hot hand touches the ice causing a small bit of it to melt. As Goran stands up, he raises his hands out from his sides. Fire leaps from his hands and right at his back a wall of fire begins to form. As Goran begins to walk towards Elsa, the fire wall starts to spread around the outside of the harbor.

Elsa has now recovered from the shock of Goran's attack, and she is scrambling to her feet. As she gets to her feet, Elsa watches in fear as the fire wall continues to encircle the entire harbor. Once the wall is complete, Elsa turns her attention to Goran who is coming towards her.

"It is distasteful to me to see that you are still alive!" shouts Goran as he is still some distance away. "Still I would be disappointed if our battle was over so easily!"

"What have you done with Kristian?" exclaims Elsa. "He wouldn't have just left and ignored this! He wouldn't have forgotten me!"

"Kristian is too valuable to me too harm. Yet you were going to take him away from me, just like his mother was!" exclaims Goran. "He just needs to be taught a lesson and you are going to be that lesson and his punishment!"

Goran then raises a hand way above his head and shoots a fireball high into the air, where it then bursts apart. After the bursting fireball, a dreadful howl is heard off in the distance by everyone in the village. The howl comes from Goran's fire wolf. The wolf had been left outside the village by its master. Once the fire wolf saw Goran's signal, it headed off towards the direction the signal came from.

Meanwhile, Kristoff and the other men had just finished extinguishing the fires that were caused by Goran's fire. Once the fire was out, the men heard the warning trumpets sound. This causes Kristoff to turn and look towards the palace. Then he says, "There is something wrong at the palace."

Just then Goran's fire wolf emerges from the pathway through the avalanche. It scares everyone as it stops for a moment and growls before it continues on its way. Kristoff had pulled back in fear as he looked at this wolf. When the wolf takes off again, Kristoff steps forward and says, "Elsa. Anna!" Then Kristoff hurries over to Sven and his cart and jumps on. "Come on! Let's go Sven!" says Kristoff as he grabs a hold of the reins. Sven then takes off at a quick gallop towards the palace.

Now Elsa was terrified when she heard the sound of the howl. However, Anna had alerted the palace guards and men were streaming out of the palace when the trumpets sounded. Now Goran turns towards the palace and growls as he sees men up on the wall. In response, Goran raises his hands up and the firewall against the palace grows taller than the stone walls stand.

Well Elsa was still fearful, but her emotions ease as she now knows that others are trying to aid her in her time of distress. "Kristian said that his mother died from a man coming to your home on the mountain. He said this man killed his mother. Was this all a lie?" says Elsa as she partly wants to distract Goran, but she also wants to learn what she can about Goran and Kristian.

"He told you about his mother, did he," says Goran. "He hasn't talked about her to anyone. Though he doesn't have the chance. What Kristian told you, is what he believes has happened. That, however, is just what I told Kristian to manipulate him. The man that came to the mountain was actually Kristian's father."

"His father!" exclaims Elsa. "His father came to destroy him?"

"Kristian's father came to take Kristian and his mother back with him. I disposed of both of his parents to stop it," says an indignant Goran. "The fool actual renounced his royal inheritance in order to bring back Kristian."

"Royal inheritance?" questions a scared Elsa. "You mean Kristian is actually royalty, a…a prince?"

"Was! He is not anymore. By renouncing his title, Kristian's father removed all chances Kristian had to claim his birth right," says Goran. "Kristian is nothing now! He is lower than a common bar wench!"

Elsa was going to respond, but before she can say anything the fire wolf that Goran had created had jumped onto the ice. A little steam comes from under the beast's paws as some of the ice melts. "Ah, now I hope you enjoyed your little fact finding; because you will never be able to use it now," boasts Goran as he turns and sends his energy into the wolf to make it grow larger. As the wolf grows it howls and soon it towers over Goran.

"Your end is finally here!" exclaims Goran as he aggressively points in the direction of Elsa. In response, the fire wolf leaps forward in Elsa direction at Goran's command.

Well Elsa responds by creating a creature of her own, a giant snowman that she had created in the past. Olaf had given this creature the name Marshmallow. Marshmallow now stands in front of Elsa and lets out a roar. He steps forward and meets the charging fire wolf. The wolf leaps at the giant snowman and clamps its jaws around the upper arm of Marshmallow. Marshmallow is pushed backwards by the force of the wolf and the wolf's jaws completely cut off Marshmallow's arm. Marshmallow roars in pain, but he manages to spin around with the wolf as he falls backwards and slams the wolf down onto the ice. The fire wolf cries out in pain as it hits the ice in a cloud of steam. However, the wolf manages to turn and bit the leg of Marshmallow. Marshmallow cries out as his leg partly melts. The giant snowman then releases the wolf and the wolf jumps free.

The wolf is smaller now and its fire is flickering intermittently. These two creatures, one of fire the other of ice, then stand and face each other. The wolf then howls and the snowman roars as they once again charge each other. The wolf leaps right at Marshmallow. However Marshmallow, instead of leaning into the wolf, pivots on his misshapen leg and knees the wolf with his good leg. The ice spikes on his knee penetrate deeply into the wolf as the wolf howls in pain. Then using the full weight of his body, Marshmallow falls hard on top of the wolf and drives the beast into the ice. A massive cloud of steam erupts from the ice totally hiding the two combatants. When the steam lifts all that can be seen is Marshmallow kneeling in a depression in the ice. The fire wolf had been extinguished.

Now Marshmallow stands up and faces Goran. The snowman roars at the man in front of him and begins to charge. However Goran is furious. His great wolf had been destroyed and it hadn't even touched Elsa. So Goran cries out in anger as his hands ignite. He thrusts his hands upward and outward from his body. From his hands, two arching flames emerge. The flames sweep up into the air and come down on top of Marshmallow with great energy. Marshmallow roars in pain as these flames hit him, but in an instant the snowman is vaporized and all that can be seen is the shape of Marshmallow in steam.

"You infuriate me witch!" shouts Goran as he stares at Elsa. "I will burn this whole village down if I have to, just to eliminate you from among the living!"

"What will that prove!" replies Elsa. "By now everyone in the village knows what you are! Your secret is out! In time, other villages and kingdoms will know who and what you are!"

"So be it! The notoriety that I will gain from this will work in my favor!" exclaims Goran. "Since Kristian will be tied to your destruction as well! He will be forced to continue to follow me if he wishes to survive; and with you gone, he will have no other place to go!"

Now Goran hands flare up and he releases a barrage of small hard fire balls at Elsa. Elsa, in turn, creates an ice wall for protection. The first balls that hit this wall are extinguished but the barrage keeps up. In mere moments, the ice wall is breached and Elsa has to move out of the way. So Elsa leaps out from behind the wall and sends a blast of cold air and snow swirling towards Goran. The swirling snow makes the barrage of fireballs fly all over the place, and when the snow reaches Goran it temporarily blinds him. Well Goran responds to this by flaring his entire body up with fire. This quickly dissipates the snow that surrounds him.

"You're doing all this so you can control Kristian!" exclaims Elsa.

As Goran eliminates the last bit of swirling snow, he replies, "Not just to control Kristian but to control masses! To rule, one must have power and your enemies must fear that power! My own is not enough for that kind of control! I need a general to lead an army to establish that fear! Kristian was going to be that general! However, you and your army are a threat, a threat that I intend to eliminate!" Then Goran's hands flare up again as he prepares to attack.

Back on dry land near the harbor, Anna had organized a response to Goran's attack on Elsa. Men from the palace were using buckets of water to try and dowse the fire around the harbor. Meanwhile, arrows were being fired through the flames at Goran. However, the fire was so hot that the water hardly does any good; and the arrows burn up instantly. So the metal arrowheads make a light clank as they fall harmlessly onto the ice of the harbor.

It was during this time that Kristoff shows up at the village square on his cart. Everyone is rushing about and everything is in controlled chaos. Kristoff scans the chaos and soon sees Anna talking to a member of the palace guards. "Anna!" shouts Kristoff as he waves to her.

Anna looks over to Kristoff and gives a quick wave before turning back to the palace guard to say a few more words. The guard acknowledges Anna before rushing off and Anna then hurries over to Kristoff. Meanwhile, Kristoff had climbed down off of his cart and quickly works his way to Anna through the rushing people.

"Anna, are you all right? What's happening?" asks an excited Kristoff. "There was a beast of fire that scared the daylights out of everyone, and it was headed this way!"

"Kristoff, I'm fine, but it is Elsa that is in danger!" exclaims Anna. "Goran, Kristian's friend, has attacked her! They are both out in the middle of the harbor!"

So Kristoff looks at the harbor and sees the wall of fire surrounding it. "How in the world is that happening?" asks a surprised Kristoff as he watches the fire wall.

"Goran created it," replies Anna. "He has the power to control fire! We are doing the best that we can to battle it but we are not having much success!"

"Don't give up Anna!" says Kristoff as he tries to boost Anna's confidence. "Others will be showing up soon to help and we will find a way to help your sister! Just tell me what to do and I will do the best that I can!"

"Right now, you can join the bucket line!" says Anna. "If we can break through that fire wall, the palace guards can go in and help defend Elsa!"

"Right away, your highness!" says Kristoff as he takes a slight bow before joining others to battle the fire.

While all this was going on in the harbor, up in the palace stands the Duke of Weselton. He had evacuated to the palace when the warning trumpets had sounded for the avalanche. Now he looks out a window at the battle that now rages down in the harbor between Elsa and Goran. The Duke's face is lit in orange by Goran's fire. "I've hired a monster," says the Duke in dread. "How will I explain this? My career will be over if the King of Weselton finds out."

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