Frozen 2 Fire and Ice

A Shifting Battle

Up on the mountain; Kristian was sitting on the floor in the cave that had become his prison. As he sat, Kristian's back was against the wall near the mouth of the cave. Kristian's head was against the wall as well and his arms were hanging down his sides. The palms of Kristian's hands faced upwards as they rested on the floor, and flames flicker out of his palms as he sat motionless.

Emotionally, he is in agony. Kristian had come up here to try and help Elsa, and he had failed. Kristian had even lost his favorite companion, Mattias. With all the magic powers over fire that Kristian has, there was nothing that he could do. Now all he could do was think. Kristian's mind went over everything that had happened in Arendelle. Kristian remembers the fear he had when he first met Elsa. Then Kristian remembers how in awe he was of her life. Kristian also remembers the fun that he had when he didn't care about why he was here in Arendelle.

Eventually Kristian's mind turns to Goran. He recalls the insistence of completing the mission by Goran when they first arrived in the area. Kristian also recalls his failures to try and turn Goran away from this mission. As Kristian thinks about this, he becomes angry and frustrated. So Kristian clenches his fists and fire quickly surrounds them. Krisitan then raises one fist up and swings this fist backwards, hitting the wall behind him. Small flames then leap away from Kristian's fist because of this impact.

So with some of his frustrations used up on the wall, Kristian's mind turns to his mother. "Mom, what can I do now? I've failed Goran. I've failed Elsa. I've even failed myself," says Kristian to himself.

Eventually Kristian's thoughts travel back to his time on the side of the mountain when his mother was still alive. Kristian recalls how his mother would tell him stories of royal balls and important visitors to a faraway kingdom. Kristian also recalls how his mother would take care of their home and how she would welcome him into the house with a hug and a kiss. This was especially important to Kristian after a difficult day, and Goran made many days difficult.

Now Kristian's mind goes to the time before the mountain, the time when his mother and he could not stay in any place for long. They had to always be careful and often they had to leave in a hurry. During one of these times, his mother was packing in a hurry. Kristian had set a hedgerow on fire during a game with some of the village kids, and many people saw this. Kristian can remember the fear he saw in people's eyes. Then his mother came, and she took Kristian into the house that they were staying at in that village.

"I'm… I'm sorry," says a young scared Kristian as he sits in a chair and watches his mother pack. "I… I didn't mean to cause the fire. It just happened." Small flames can be seen coming from the child's hands as he sits on the chair.

"It's OK Kristian. I know you didn't mean to. You just need to learn to control it better. In time, you will learn to use it in the right way; and when you do, everything will be fine. I promise you that," says Kristian's mother as she continues to pack and look over to her scared son.

Soon Kristian's mom is done packing and she picks up the pack and swings it over her shoulder. She then heads over to Kristian and reaches for her son's hand. She was in such a hurry that she didn't notice the flames coming from her son's hands. So the flames cause Kristian's mom to scream in pain as her hand was burned. Kristian screams as well as he realizes that he has just hurt his mom. So the young boy gets up and runs to a corner of the room.

Meanwhile, Kristian's mom drops the pack and runs to a pail of water. She puts her burned hand into the pail too sooth the pain. After a moment, Kristian's mom pulls her hand out of the pail and raps a cloth around her hand. She then turns to Kristian and approaches him. As she nears the boy, Kristian's mom kneels down in front of him and extends her hand.

"It is OK Kristian. Just give me your hand," says Kristian's mom in a calming voice.

"No!" cries Kristian as he shakes his head and holds his flaming hands together under his chin. The young boy is scared of harming his mother again.

"Trust me, it will be all right. I believe in you and I always will," says Kristian's mom as she encourages her son.

So Kristian reaches a trembling hand out towards his mother. Flames were still flickering off of his fingers. As his hand nears his mother's he stops and looks down at the fire on his hand. Then with an anxious expression he looks up at his mother.

His mother has a warm smile on her face and she nods to her son. "Whatever happens Kristian, I will never blame you," says Kristian's mom.

Kristian looks back down at his hand and slowly grabs a hold of his mother's hand. As he does, the small flames on his hand begin to move around his mother's hand. However, the flames do not burn his mother. Instead the flames actually move to the surface of both of their joined hands. So the young Kristian begins to cry as he holds his mother's hand.

Then Kristian's mother pulls her son to her and gives him a hug, and he hugs her back. "See I told you that you can control it," says Kristian's mom as she continues to give Kristian a hug. Then she pushes him away with her hands on his shoulders and says, "No matter what happens, no matter what happens to me, I want you to understand that I will always love you."

As Kristian remembers this event, as he sits in the cave, he says, "Mom, if only your love would be able to fix this now."

AS Kristian sits and thinks of this, he begins to think of the previous night when he took Elsa out of a window. After Kristian had lowered both of them down on a rope to the ground, Elsa had used her powers to remove some snow off of his back. After thinking of this, Kristian sits up right and says, "Love."

So Kristian gets up off of the floor and walks to the mouth of the cave. "Elsa says she can reverse her magic with love," says Kristian. "Can it be that simple? Could it be done against someone else's magic?"

Now Kristian reaches his arms forward and focuses his thoughts on the bars. For a brief period nothing happens, but then some small hints of orange energy begin to move away from the bars. The rate of energy release soon increases. Then fracture lines begin to show up in the bars. Now Kristian steps forward and places his hands on the bars. Kriatian continues to focus his thoughts on these bars. After a little time, the bars begin to crumble, one by one. Now the bars are nothing but piles of debris at the mouth of the cave.

Kristian lets out a sigh of relief and steps out of the cave. He then hurries over to the cliffs edge and looks down at the village of Arendelle. The village is barely a small spec on the scenery, but an orange glow from Goran's fire can be seen. "Goran has already started," says Kristian with concern.

Down in Arendelle, the bucket line had been having very little effect on the fire that surrounds the harbor. Out on the ice, Elsa and Goran were battling each other. So far Elsa had been able to stave off Goran's attacks, but Goran also had been increasing the strength of his strikes.

Meanwhile, Kristoff was standing near the fire and he throws a bucket of water on the fire. As he throws the bucket, a few arrows are fired through the flames. However, the shafts of the arrows burn up instantly and the arrowheads clink onto the ice.

"This isn't working," says Kristoff as he hands the empty bucket back to another person.

"We can't give up!" exclaims Anna as she stands near Kristoff and hands him another full pail. "Elsa can't keep holding Goran off like this. She needs us!"

"I didn't say we should give up," replies Kristoff as he tosses the pail onto the fire. "We need a different strategy, something that can really douse this fire."

"But what else can we do?" asks Anna. "How are we going to find enough water to dump onto the fire at one time?"

"We need something that can hold a lot of water," says Kristoff as he begins to look around the area. Soon his eyes fall upon a watering trough. "Like that trough over there!" So Kristoff begins to move towards the trough and calls out to some nearby men. "Come on!"

The men follow Kristoff over to the trough and help him to pick it up. They then begin to carry it over towards the fire. After seeing this, Anna then begins to give orders. "I need buckets ready to be tossed all at the same time! Archers and crossbowmen, I need you to be prepared to fire when the fire is doused! We may only have one shot at this to aid the queen!" commands Anna.

Out on the ice, Goran had generated several arching flames from the surrounding wall of fire. They arch high into the air and come down upon Elsa. In response, Elsa had created a protective layer of cold air and snow above her; but the force of the plunging fire forces Elsa down onto her knees and hands. The protective layer of snow also becomes very thin, and the heat begins to bear down hard upon Elsa. Soon Elsa begins to feel the fire burn.

Just as this was happening, Anna had given the command for everyone to act. Kristoff and the men dumped the trough and many buckets of water. The fire hisses and sputters. As the flames dim, arrows are shot through the fading fire. Some arrows still burn up as they go through, but many still remain in flight. Most are on fire but a few are not. The arrows quickly fly through the air to their intended target. However, because of the fight, Goran was putting out a lot of heat. Those arrows that had caught fire begin to burn up and those that weren't burning catch fire. Yet one arrow still makes it through this heat and manages to graze Goran's arm.

So Goran screams in pain as the arrow grazes him. Goran also loses his concentration on his attack against Elsa. Thus the fire around Elsa fades away and Elsa can be seen coughing as smoke rises from her clothes. Goran's fire had singed Elsa's clothing.

Meanwhile, while grabbing his wounded arm, Goran turns to face the direction that the arrow had come. As he turns, Goran sees another barrage of arrows coming at him. So he launches a fireball at these arrows, and the fireball disintegrates them. Now Goran has time to focus on the source of these arrows, and he sees his firewall diminished. Behind that firewall, Goran can see the archers and bowmen reloading their weapons; and he sees other men working on putting out his fire. Goran becomes furious at this sight and raises his arms up into the air. In response, the firewall roars back to life and thickens. The firewall also begins to grow very tall. Everyone at the harbors edge had to pull back from the heat of the fire.

While all this was happening, Elsa got to her feet and forms ice daggers in the air. These daggers were suspended by the cold air that created them. However, Elsa hesitates for a moment. The last thing she wants to do is to harm another individual, especially someone that Kristian seemed to be loyal too. However, Elsa knows that Goran had manipulated Kristian and that her own life was now at risk. Finally Elsa decides that she has no choice but to act. So Elsa waves her arms forward and the ice daggers streak through the air towards Goran.

Meanwhile, Goran's body was giving off a lot of heat because of the energy he had been putting out. So when the first daggers hit Goran they were nothing more than mere slush. Still Goran had to take a step because of the impact. As Goran turns to look, he gets struck again. This time only the points of the daggers are melted and they resemble ice balls more than daggers. Now the impact of these flying objects were much more severe. They hit with enough force to knock Goran down and send him sliding across the ice. Now steam rose from the ice as Goran slid across it.

Goran was dazed by the attack, but not senseless. So Goran manages to get to his knees and generates a small wall of flame around him. As he completes the wall, another barrage of ice daggers strikes. However the firewall melts these daggers. So Goran now scrambles to his feet and tries to reorient himself. In a moment, Goran had relocated Elsa. However, Elsa soon disappears out of sight as a wave of blowing snow erupts from behind her and pushes past. Goran now focuses his fire wall in the direction of the oncoming snowstorm. The wall takes the brunt of the storm but the snow soon swirls all around him. Now Goran fires a large fireball in the direction that Elsa was last seen. This fireball clears a line of sight through the storm but Elsa is no longer there.

"You think you can hide from me!" shouts Goran as he launches another fireball in another direction. "All you are doing is delaying the inevitable!"

"It's not inevitable!" replies Elsa. "You're alone on your mission! Where I am not alone, and this storm works in my favor!

"You are as blind in this storm as I am!" yells Goran as he does a sweep of flame through the storm. "You are harming yourself as much as me, and do you actually think your friends will be able to break through my firewall?"

"You are harmed more by the storm than I am!" replies Elsa. "The cold has always been my companion, and the snow and ice can act as my shield! My magic thrives here, where yours is hindered! As for my friends, they will never give up trying! Even if they don't succeed, the power you have to spend to maintain that wall will drain you of your energy!"

Now Goran begins to laugh, and then he says, "You have no idea the amount of power that I have! I've been restraining myself for my own protection! You're too young to understand witch, but someday your own powers will grow so strong that they will begin to affect you! Just like my powers have affected me! Now you are going to see what I am capable of, when I no longer hold myself back!"

Almost instantly, fire begins to emerge from the core of Goran's body. This fire soon climbs up his torso, and Goran raises his hands up into the air. The fire continues to grow and begins to reach high into the air. Soon the flames emerge out the top of the snow storm. Then the fire begins to expand in size, and as it does it draws the snowstorm into its fire. It takes a little time but the snowstorm eventually thins.

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