Frozen 2 Fire and Ice

The Spring Celebration

In Arendelle, the spring celebration has begun in the courtyard of the palace. The fire pits are lit to help provide warmth in the afternoon cool air. Also musicians are playing for the guest. Everyone is waiting for Queen Elsa to make her opening remarks and to open the main hall. As people gather in the courtyard, Kristoff shows up in clean attire. He is neat but does not display any signs of real wealth.

Soon the main doors open up and out steps Anna. The crowd claps in approval of her arrival. Also Kristoff is taken aback by how beautiful Anna looks. Meanwhile, Anna suppresses a giggle when she sees Kristoff reaction to how she looks. Then Queen Elsa walks out the door. A moment of silence happens when people see her. Then they erupted into applause and cheers.

Elsa had fantastically done herself up. Not only was she wearing a beautiful gown, but she had used her powers to create ice sparkles on it. The late afternoon sun made the dress sparkle in colors of white and blue, and the fires made the dress sparkle in orange and red. Elsa had even placed ice sparkles in her hair. Also on her head was an ice tiara. The tiara stood low on the front of Elsa's head and came to a point at the back of her head. The whole look was a pure mystical sight for those who saw it. As Elsa walks up next to Anna, she notices a slight disapproval on her sister's face.

"Jealous?" asks Elsa with a smile.

"Just a bit," replies Anna. "You have taken away nearly all of my awe inspiring crowd appearance."

"Well, I still think you got the desired effect you wanted from Kristoff," Elsa says smiling as she gives a slight nod in Kristoff's direction.

Anna looks back at Kristoff and smiles. "Yes, I definitely got the response I wanted to see from him," she says with a smile. "This is still going to be the best spring celebration ever."

Elsa steps forward and greets the crowd. "Thank you all for showing up for the first spring festival that is being held in the palace. The last time it was held here I was just a little girl. It is thanks to your acceptance of who I am that has made this possible for it to occur once again here at the palace." Applause rises from the crowd to show their approval of the queen.

Now Elsa strolls to the middle of the courtyard. "Now let's see if I can make your visit an even better one." With that said Elsa raises her hands and creates an ice pillar near each of the fire pits. At the top of the pillar is an ice crystal ball. The balls glow from the light of the fires and the sun. "Now it is time to honor my father and mother who kept me safe while I was growing up." So Elsa turns and moves to a spot near the center of the courtyard. At this spot, Elsa creates a gazebo of ice. Underneath it, Elsa creates two sculptures of ice. These sculptures look like her mother and father. Also under the roof of the gazebo a light snow falls around the statues.

Once Elsa has completed her constructions, she strolls back to the main door of the palace. As Elsa reaches the main doors, she turns back to the crowd. "I invite you all into the palace where there is food and deserts prepared for you to enjoy, as you spend your time here at the palace this spring festival." With this final statement, Elsa turns back around and walks into the main doors. She is followed by Anna who has pulled Kristoff out of the crowd, and she walks him in through the doors.

"You're going to like what Elsa has done with the main hall," Anna tells Kristoff as they enter the building.

Once inside the main hall, Kristoff stops and stares at the room. Two large crossing ice arches are in the room. At their apex, they join together and from this point an ice chandelier hangs. Above these arches, snow is being blown around along the ceiling in twisting patterns always changing. The floor itself has an intricate pattern on it totally made of ice.

"Whoa," exclaims Kristoff. "Your sister really knows how to put on a display."

"She really likes letting go with her magic," smiles Anna. "It is one of those things that makes her happy." Then with a slightly sadder note she says, "I just wish she would find the kind of happiness that I have whenever I am with you." Then an idea flashes in Anna's mind and she excitedly tells Kristoff, "I know! You could ask Elsa to dance with you."

"What?" replies Kristoff. "You want me to dance with your sister tonight and not you?"

"I was just talking about one dance Kristoff," replies Anna. You will still have most of this evening with me. So will you do it?"

With a sigh Kristoff replies, "Alright Anna, one dance won't hurt and it might be a little fun to."

Just don't enjoy yourself too much dancing with my sister," warns Anna with a smile. "You're supposed to be enjoying your time by spending it with me."

Elsa, in the meantime, has position herself next to the main door. Elsa is here, so she can greet guests as they come into the hall. Also Elsa has put on a pair of gloves so people would not be afraid of shaking her hands. While she is doing this, Kristoff and Anna have moved to the back of the room near the food tables. In the meantime, Elsa greets several people at the door. Some of the guest even bother to shake Elsa's hand as they say hello. Among the guests that come in is Olaf, the snowman that Elsa had created.

"Olaf," smiles Elsa, "I see that you and the kids managed to find some flowers on the hills."

Olaf hands the wildflowers to Elsa and says, "There were quite a few of them out there. All of them are as beautiful as the lady who is receiving them."

"Olaf, you are the sweetest thing and quite the charmer," smiles Elsa. "I think these flowers deserve a good home." So Elsa removes a glove and waves her hand to create a small round pedestal table and vase. Then she places the flowers into the vase and says, "There we go. A pretty home that is fitting for the flowers, and it is also perfect for showing the gentlemen who brought them what he means to me."

"Elsa, you are the one who is making this party special," replies Olaf. "Just look at all the wonderful things you have done in here, and all the food that you had set out for the people to enjoy." Olaf then notices a large bowl at the end of the table filled with marshmallows. "Say are those marshmallows over there?" inquires Olaf.

"Yes they are," replies Elsa. "The kitchen made them for the kids to enjoy. There are canvas sacks for you to put some into if you want. Go ahead Olaf, help yourself."

"Thanks," exclaims Olaf. "I think I will take some outside for the kids to enjoy around the fires." With that said, Olaf goes to the table and loads up a sack and carries it outside.

Meanwhile on the outside of town, Kristian and Goran have arrived at a hill just outside of Arendelle.

"Good," exclaims Goran. "We have made it here in good time. It appears that Arendelle has only one access point. That should reduce the number of escape routes this witch can take. When she tries to flee the village. However, first we both will need to inspect the houses in the village. So your bird can't come with us. He will be a dead giveaway to our abilities. Just his presences in the village will make it impossible for us to complete our mission."

Kristian nods affirmatively towards Goran and walks up to a pile of rocks. With Mattias on his arm, Kristian says to the firebird, "OK Mattias, go make yourself a nest and wait for us to return." With that, Mattias flies off into the rocks and nestles down. Once comfortable, Mattias burst into fire and takes a nap. Kristian then walks up to Goran and asks, "So what are we looking for in the village then?"

Goran replies as he heads down into the village, "Signs of the witch. Most likely it will be a house or structure that will be shut off from the outside world. Somebody with that kind of power will not want others to find out about them. I'll take the north side and you can take the south side, but stay clear of the palace. You don't want to end up in a confrontation with the palace guards." With that said, the two men go their separate ways; and they both begin to check out the village buildings.

In the village,Kristian walks the streets of Arendelle checking out the buildings. However, he does not see anything out of the ordinary. "It doesn't look like there is anything unusual around here," Kristian tells himself. "Everything looks normal enough except," Now Kristian pauses for a moment as he realizes something. "There aren't many people on the streets." So Kristian walks up to an individual and asks him where the people of the village are.

The villager responds, "People are celebrating the spring season today. So most of them are at the palace to partake in the festivities there."

The palace is just barely in view from where Kristian is standing. He looks over at the building and Kristian can barely hear the music playing. "Well, I doubt any ice witch will be at the party," Kristian tells himself. "Besides, I shouldn't get too near that place anyway." So Kristian continues to check out the buildings; but in a short time, he finds himself nearing the palace. Eventually, Kristian ends up in the city square that is just outside the palace.

Some of the party activities are going on in the square. Now Kristian is fascinated by these party activities. This is because Kristian had spent most of his time in isolation with Goran. So Kristian begins to move around the square checking things out. However, he unintentionally ends up in front of the bridge that leads to the palace. Once Kristian realizes that he is there, he looks towards the gates of the palace. From this point, Kristian is able to look down the bridge and look through the open gates of the palace. Through the gateway, Kristian is able to see the ice statues of Elsa's mother and father.

"Wait a minute," says Kristian with surprise. "Are those statues made of ice, and is that snow falling?" So Kristian walks towards the bridge and stops at its edge. Now Kristian hesitates for a moment. This is because he was supposed to stay clear of the palace. "There are so many people in there already one more person will not be notice," Kristian tells himself. So after gathering his courage, Kristian walks quickly across the bridge. He doesn't want to be caught in the palace, and if Kristian walked slowly he might change his mind and turn back.

As he enters the courtyard, Kristian notices the ice pillars and the glowing ice balls on top of them. "They are ice!" exclaims Kristian with surprise. "Is it possible? Could the ice witch have made all of this for the party?" Now Kristian looks around at all the people. "Nobody here looks worried at all," says a bewildered Kristian. So Kristian walks up to the statues and begins to check them out. Kristian also examines the snow that is falling from under the roof of the gazebo.

Olaf, who has been standing by one of the fire pits with some of the children, has notice the funny reaction of Kristian. So Olaf, carrying his sack of marshmallows, decides to walk up next to Kristian. "Elsa has done some pretty good work here hasn't she," pipes up Olaf.

"Yes," replies Kristian as he turns towards the sound of the voice. However Kristian stops moving when he notices the snow falling from the sky. He then looks up at the cloud that is snowing down on Olaf.

"I'm down here," says Olaf as he waves his hand in the air to get Kristian's attention.

Kristian looks down and takes a step back. Olaf introduces himself, "Hi my name is Olaf."

"You're a snowman," says Kristian in surprise.

"Boy nothing ever gets by you does it," replies Olaf sarcastically. "So who is the newcomer that I am addressing here?"

"Umm, Kristian," stammers Kristian. "What told you that I was a stranger?"

"Around here everybody knows me," Olaf replies. "You don't act like most newcomers to Arendelle. Many scream when they see me."

Kristian replies, "You're not exactly the first thing that I have seen that has been a little different from the norm. You are the first talking snowman I've seen though. So who is this Elsa that you mentioned earlier?"

"Elsa is a very special lady," responds Olaf. "She made me and all the pretty ice and snow that you see around you. The people here really love her and they would not have it any other way."

"You mean she lives openly out in the village. People aren't afraid of her magic powers or have tried to drive her out?" questions Kristoff.

"Oh, in the beginning Elsa tried to hide her magic but they accidentally came out," replies Olaf. "Things got a little crazy for a while, but her sister Anna would not give up on her. Eventually because of Anna's love for her sister, things worked out in the end for Elsa."

Just then the Duke of Weselton walks into the courtyard of the palace with his bodyguards. "Wait a second!" exclaims Kristian. "That is the Duke of Weselton. What is he doing here?"

"I don't have the foggiest idea," replies Olaf. "He is partly responsible for some of the bad things that happened to Elsa when her magic was revealed. He is definitely going to be a party pooper."

Kristian turns his back to the Duke, as the Duke walks by. This is because Kristian does not want the Duke to realize that he is there. So the Duke walks into the palace followed by his body guards without noticing Kristian.

Meanwhile, in the palace main hall, the musicians are playing and a dance is going on. Anna and Kristoff are on the dance floor under the ice arches moving with the music. Meanwhile, Elsa has retreated to the throne area. There she stands and watches the dancers. After awhile, Elsa sadly sighs as she watches the couples move around the floor. Anna notices this and turns to Kristoff.

"You should go ask Elsa to dance now," Anna says. "She needs to be cheered up and a dance will help to do that."

Kristoff, a little uncertain, replies; "Are you sure? Because I will be dancing with a different lady than you." Then with a little humor, "Who knows maybe I will end up liking Elsa better than you."

Anna amusingly replies, "If you do, I'll end up giving you the biggest lump on your head that you have ever seen. Just go on, asks Elsa to dance."

So now Anna and Kristoff move off of the dance floor. Anna retreats to a spot near the throne area as Kristoff walks up to Elsa. Elsa notices his approach and asks Kristoff as he nears, "Is there something that I can help you with Kristoff?"

"Well," with a slight pause, "I was wondering if you wanted to go out and dance with me," says Kristoff with some uncertainty.

"Don't you want to dance with Anna instead?" questions Elsa.

"Sure, but Anna said that you needed some cheering up; and she told me that a dance would do that," replies Kristoff.

Elsa shakes her head and responds with, "You don't need to, Kristoff. I am perfectly fine here by myself."

"It will make things easier on me," replies Kristoff. "Sometimes it is easier to go along with your sister than it is to try and reason with her. Besides, I've got my gloves on as well and it will be fun." So now Kristoff holds out his hand to Elsa. "So what do you say Elsa?"

So in response to this offer, Elsa looks over to her sister and sees her making gestures. Anna is trying to tell her sister to go out on the dance floor. Elsa with a sigh and a smile replies, "Very well Kristoff, you may have one dance with me."

So Elsa takes Kristoff's gloved hand with her own gloved hand and walks out onto the dance floor. Then they begin to dance. While Kristoff is not the most graceful of dancers he moves well enough to not look clumsy. Even Elsa is enjoying herself out on the dance floor.

While dancing with Kristoff, Elsa says; "You dance very well Kristoff."

"Thanks, your majesty," replies Kristoff. "Anna has helped to teach me, but I am not as graceful as she is; or you for that matter."

Elsa smiles and replies, "There are many things that you are taught. When you grow up in a palace. My father and mother were my main teachers. Dancing was just one of the things they taught." Elsa looks over at her sister and sees her sister smiling as Anna watches them dance. Elsa smiles back and tells Kristoff, "Anna certainly can be over enthusiastic about certain things."

Kristoff looks over at Anna and says smiling, "Ya, she can be quite the go getter; but her intentions are good and she has a real loving heart."

Now unknown to Elsa, the Duke of Weselton has entered the great hall. He has come here to seek an audience with Queen Elsa. Also, Kristian has followed him in and is trying to stay out of the Duke's sight. Olaf has followed both of them, and he is sticking close to Kristian.

Now Olaf speaks up to Kristian, "Why are you so interested in the Duke?"

"Keep your voice down," replies Kristian to Olaf. "I don't want the Duke to know that I am here. My interest in the Duke is personal. I want to know why he is here. Since I already know that this is not his most favorite place to be."

After coming to a stop in the hall, the Duke of Weselton scans the room looking for Elsa. Finally he sees her dancing with Kristoff. The Duke starts to walk over to Elsa and this is when Elsa sees the Duke. Seeing the Duke in the hall makes Elsa angry. "What is he doing here," Elsa quietly states. A cold air also erupts from Elsa and everyone near her feels the chill.

"Whoa," exclaims Kristoff. "Did it just get cold in here?"

"Sorry about that Kristoff," apologizes Elsa, "but some unwanted business has entered the hall that I must deal with."

So Elsa leaves Kristoff and walks towards the Duke. Meanwhile, Kristoff watches for a while and then walks over to Anna.

"Kristoff, what has happened?" Anna asks as Kristoff nears.

"I'm guessing that the Duke of Weasel Town wants to have a meeting with your sister," replies Kristoff.

"The Duke? Here!" exclaims Anna as she looks over to Elsa and sees the Duke nearing her sister. "What in the world will he be doing back here in Arendelle? I have to go to Elsa." So Anna leaves Kristoff and heads to Elsa's side.

In the meantime, Elsa and the Duke meet near the edge of the crossing arches. They are a few feet away from one of the legs. This allows Kristian to move to a position behind that leg so that it partly conceals his presence. It is close enough for him to listen in on the conversation of the Duke and Elsa. Olaf has followed Kristian over to the arches leg. However, he does not try very hard to conceal himself.

"Greetings your majesty," says the Duke politely as he bows down to Queen Elsa. "I don't wish to intrude on your affairs here, but I must speak with you privately."

"Your presence here is not welcomed," sternly states Elsa. "This was meant to be a fun affair for the people of Arendelle and your presence here will sorrow the mood of this whole event."

Just then Anna comes walking up. As Anna approaches she angrily says, "You should not have dared show your face here Duke! Especially after the way you have treated my sister last summer! In fact, she should have you thrown out by the palace guards!"

In response, the Duke replies calmly, "Then the queen will have to explain that not everyone is welcomed here at the spring celebration. Her policy of having an open door to all visitors will be in doubt. Is your majesty willing to put her reputation in jeopardy this early in her reign?"

Anna was about to respond to the Duke when Elsa puts up her hand to silence Anna. "That will be enough Anna," states Elsa. "Very well Sir Duke, I will listen to what you have to say. However, the way you have gone about it will not help me be receptive of your words. We will head to a more private camber to have our discussion." With this stern rebuke, Elsa turns and walks to a side door followed closely by her sister Anna. The Duke and his two body guards follow at a distance behind.

"That girl has got some spunk there," Kristian says to Olaf as he is impressed by Anna's courage. "The queen is not too bad either."

"Yes, Anna and Elsa are a pair of fearless ladies around here," replies Olaf. "Anna is a loving free spirit and Elsa is a caring and kind lady, doing the best that she can for her people."

"Wait! Do you mean Elsa, the lady who made the ice sculptures outside, is the queen of Arendelle here?" asks Kristian in surprise.

"Yep," replies Olaf. "One of my best friends around here is Elsa and she is also the beloved ruler of Arendelle."

Kristian turns towards the door that Elsa, Anna, and the Duke have passed through. He then quickly moves to the door. Once there, Kristian peaks through first before stepping through the door and enters a hallway. "This whole situation is more complicated than I thought," exclaims Kristian.

Meanwhile, Olaf has gotten lost in the crowd out in the main hall so Kristian is left alone for a while. "Where have they gone to?" wonders Kristian aloud.

So he scans the hall and sees a light coming from an open doorway. Now Kristian slowly moves towards the door, not wanting to be found here in the palace. When he hears the muffled voices of Elsa and the Duke coming from the room, Kristian quickens his pace and peers into the room. He sees Elsa standing very rigidly with what could almost be described as a scowl on her face. Anna is a few feet away from Elsa standing next to her. Anna is holding her wrist with one hand and making a fist with the other hand. There was no doubt by looking at her face that Anna hated the Duke and this whole affair. The Duke was facing Elsa a few feet away from her, trying to convince her to reestablish trade with Weselton.

"First of all, let me thank you for allowing me to see you in private your majesty," says the Duke as he gives Elsa a slight bow. "And I hope you will accept my apology for the misfortunate events that we had at your coronation."

"At the coronation, you called Elsa a monster!" angrily snaps Anna. "You also tried to have your men kill her; and for that alone she should have you thrown out of the kingdom, if not imprisoned!"

Elsa looks at her sister Anna and holds up her hand to signal her to stop talking. Elsa then turns back to the Duke. "I will hold my acceptance of your apology until I have heard everything that you have to say, Duke of Weselton," coldly replies Elsa. "So far you have not won me over by your approach."

"Whatever your feelings about me are my queen, you must agree that trade with Weselton will be highly beneficial to Arendelle," politely states the Duke. "After all, Weselton is one of the larger seaports in the surrounding area and many goods come through our docks on a daily basis."

"I agree that Weselton makes things simpler in managing trade, but I cannot abide in the attitude that you have displayed with me and my kingdom," replies Elsa. "You are not the only kingdom we can trade with. In fact, we have already replaced all our needs by going to other ports."

"There are other concerns that need to be addressed as well," points out the Duke with a less than a gracious tone. "There is a need for protection as well. If trade does not get reestablished with Weselton, I'm afraid that the King of Weselton cannot assure the safety of vessels and merchants from the kingdom of Arendelle."

Anna erupts again, "What!" Elsa turns again to her sister and puts her hand up again to signal Anna to stop. Elsa then turns back towards the Duke and coldly stares at him. This unnerves the Duke and he takes a step backwards.

"You know as well as I, that if such a posture was made towards any merchant vessel, that port of call and kingdom would suffer from cargo ships avoiding that port for fear of reprisal," states Queen Elsa. "The King of Weselton would not dare make such a move."

Out in the hallway Kristian has been listening and watching the meeting between the Duke and Queen Elsa. "Wow," whispers Kristian. "Elsa has managed to maintain control of her magic powers and the conversation. That is not easy under an emotional state of anger."

Just then Olaf has entered the hallway with a sad young girl. Olaf is still carrying a sack of marshmallows with him, and he sees Kristian standing outside an open door. Olaf says to the little girl, "I believe we can find you help this way. Kristian is keeping an eye on Elsa. He is like a royal peeping tom. So wherever he is there will surely be royalty, and who is more deserving to be royal than Elsa." "Hey Kristian," calls out Olaf. "Is Elsa in there?"

This startles Kristian and he steps from the doorway leaving one hand on the wall. "What? Quiet Olaf," Kristian says quietly. "I don't want anyone to know that I am here, and yes Elsa is in there."

Now Olaf motions to the girl to go into the room. "So have you heard any juicy details you would care to share? "happily asks Olaf.

"I better understand the Duke of Weselton's position. If, he is back here trying to get trade with Arendelle started again, his king must not be happy with the Duke. The Duke must be trying to save face here," reasons Kristian.

"You mean his face is falling off!" exclaims Olaf as he moves to the door so he can look at the Duke's face. "His face is a little distorted but it looks like it is still hanging in there."

"Oh boy," exclaims Kristian as his hand goes to his head. Kristian shakes his head gently in a negative fashion, and he still has one hand up against the wall. "What I mean by saving face is that the Duke wants to make his king happy with him again. Probably because the king was threatening to remove some of the power and influence the Duke had in Weselton."

While this was happening in the hallway, the Duke of Weselton was getting more agitated because he was not making the headway he wanted. "There is also the matter of your own personal security Elsa," uneasily states the Duke. Losing all formality and showing more of a threatening tone. "There are individuals out there who will do you harm. I may just even be aware of some of these men. If trade cannot be reestablished, I see no reason to divulge the knowledge that I have. You will be left alone to defend yourself, and you may be left at their mercy."

This last statement by the Duke has angered Elsa and Anna. However, Anna sees the air begin to swirl with snow around Elsa and her concern quickly turns to Elsa's emotional state. "You dare to make a threat like that in my presence," angrily replies Elsa. "The only threat that I have at the moment is you Sir Duke. It is a threat that I know that I can handle on my own!"

Because of Elsa's anger, ice begins to form on the floor underneath Elsa and on the wall behind her. The Duke and his body guards take several steps backwards away from Elsa. Meanwhile, Anna steps towards her sister. "Elsa, it is not worth upsetting yourself over him," says Anna trying to calm her sister down.

However, Elsa barely heads Anna's advice and continues. "I could write a decree that says you are an enemy of Arendelle! I could strip you of all rights and privileges that come with your title! I could even have you arrested and thrown in prison for threatening my life! So before you start making threats against me Sir Duke, you better understand the full consequences of what you say from here on!"

While Elsa was angrily addressing the Duke; the ice, that her emotions were forming, spreads quickly over half the room. It climbs up the furniture and it even climbs a little bit up Anna's shoes. However, as this happens Anna breaks her feet free quickly from the ice before a thick layer of ice can form. Unfortunately the young girl who had entered the room, unbeknownst to the adults in the room, did not move her feet when the ice approaches her. Her feet get frozen to the floor. This causes the young girl to scream out of fear, and this makes everyone in and outside the room aware of the problem the young girl is having.

"Elsa!" cries out Anna as she rushes to the young girl. The young girl's cry have snapped Elsa out of her fixation on the Duke. So Elsa now turns and follows Anna to the young girl. "What have I done!" whispers Elsa as she moves towards the girl.

Out in the hall, the young girl's scream have alerted Kristian and Olaf to the young girl's plight. Kristian tries to turn to look into the room. Only to find out that his hand is frozen to the wall. The ice had managed to travel out the doorway and had encased Kristian's hand in ice. "Great," says Kristian; with some disgust. Then to Olaf, Kristian says, "This is what I get for letting you hang around me. I should have been paying attention to Elsa instead of talking with you."

In the room, Anna has grabbed the hands of the young girl and Anna tries to comfort her. "It will be all right. Elsa will soon have you free of the ice."

Elsa kneels down next to Anna and is taking off both of her gloves and she places the gloves into a pouch located in her dress. "I am so sorry about this. I should not have let my emotions out like that," Elsa regretfully says. Then as Elsa raises her hands she says, "Here let me take care of all this nasty ice."

Out in the hallway, Olaf is about to enter the room. "Don't worry," says Olaf. "I'll go get Elsa. She can help get you free."

"No! Don't bother," quickly replies Kristian. The last thing that Kristian wants is for Elsa or the Duke to know that he is there. In almost an instant, a light emits from Kristian's ice encased hand. The ice quickly melts and soon fire is seen coming from Kristian's hand.

"Whoa, that is cool," says Olaf. "Hey, can you roast marshmallows with that!" So Olaf then reaches into his sack and places one of the marshmallows onto one of his stick fingers. Olaf then sticks the marshmallow into the fire on Kristian's hand. Soon Olaf pulls the marshmallow out of the fire and pops it into his mouth. "Mm, that is a great trick to have at a party," smiles Olaf.

"You really are a weird one," states Kristian in disbelief of Olaf's actions.

"So says the man with the flaming hand," replies Olaf sarcastically.

Kristian, realizing that his hand is still blazing, shakes the fire out. When Kristian turns back towards the door he notices that the ice is disappearing. "What?" exclaims Kristian? "How is the ice disappearing?" So Kristian looks into the room and sees Elsa waving her hands around and the ice everywhere is receding. "She can actually reverse her own actions," says Kristian with puzzlement. "How in the world does she do that?"

"Like I said before," replies Olaf with a smile, "Elsa is a talented lady."

Soon the ice in the room is all gone and Elsa stands up. Anna, still kneel and holding the young girls hands, says; "See, Elsa has managed to get rid of all the ice."

Now Elsa turns towards the Duke and says coldly, "Your meeting with me is over Duke of Weselton. I suggest you leave the palace and not return today."

The Duke hesitates for a moment but realizes that this attempt has failed. He then proceeds towards the door. As The Duke passes the queen, Queen Elsa speaks up, "Next time Sir Duke, I will only see you after a formal written request has been delivered to me. Then I will decide when and where we will meet again." With that, the Duke leaves the room.

Out in the hallway, when Kristian realizes that people will soon be leaving the room; he hunts for a hiding place. Kristian ends up in a room just down the hall. Olaf has followed Kristian into this room. "You like playing hide and seek don't you," chirps Olaf.

"I just don't want to be seen by anyone right now," replies Kristian. "I've got to think things over and being spotted by anyone in that room will just complicate things."

In a moment, the Duke and his body guards pass the room and are about to leave the palace through the main hall. As the Duke passes, Kristian opens the door enough so he can step out a little to watch the Duke leave. Just as the Duke was about to pass through the door he turns around to glance back at the room he came from. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Kristian looking out of another room. So the Duke nods to Kristian with a smile on his face. "Dam," curses Kristian. "The Duke has seen me. I'm definitely going to have to tell Goran now."

Back in the room, Anna and Elsa are attending to their young guess. Elsa has placed her gloves back on because she knows people feel more comfortable around her if she is wearing them. "Now then," says Elsa as she kneels in front of the young girl. "My name is Elsa and this is my sister Anna. So what is your name?" Elsa says politely.

The young girl sniffling and hugging Anna replies, "Nora."

Elsa then asks gently, "Well, Nora for what reason did you decide to come into this room?"

"I had showed up too late to get any ice cream," sniffles Nora. "It was all gone when I got to the table. The snowman said I could find someone here to help me find some."

"That will be an easy matter to fix," says Anna with a smile. "Don't you agree Elsa?"

"Of course it will be," says Elsa in an up lifting voice. "But first we need to go to the kitchen."

Now Elsa and Anna stand up. Then Elsa leads the way out into the hallway and towards the kitchen. Anna follows behind holding Nora's hand. Meanwhile, Kristian watches them walk down the hall and follows from a distance with Olaf tagging along.

Finally, Elsa reaches the door to the kitchen and walks in with Anna and Nora right behind. "Here we go," says Anna as she lifts Nora up onto a counter. "This was always my favorite spot to sit and watch what was going on in the kitchen."

Meanwhile, Kristian stops outside the door and looks inside to see what the ladies are up too. Olaf stops behind Kristian and just looks at him. "You could find a lot more out, if you just go in and ask Elsa," states Olaf.

"Are you crazy Olaf," replies Kristian. "Do you think someone like her is even going to tolerate someone like me? Just keep quiet so I can observe things."

In the meantime, Elsa has walked behind another counter and faces the young girl. Elsa takes her gloves off again and places them on the counter. "Now then, the first thing we are going to need is a bowl," says Elsa.

The cupboard to your right Elsa," replies Anna. "There should be a nice big bowl there."

Elsa turns around and opens the cupboard. "Yes, this will do nicely," exclaims Elsa. "Now to make this batch special we will need some milk, eggs, and some salt. Anna will you get the milk and eggs, while I go retrieve the salt."

Elsa retrieves a ceramic jug which has the word salt on its side. Meanwhile, Anna disappears into the cooler and shortly comes back with a glass jar of milk and 2 eggs. Anna then hands the eggs to Elsa and places the jar of milk on the counter. "Thank you Anna," Elsa says to her sister. "First thing we do is crack the eggs. Then we add some milk and finally a bit of salt"

Anna has now walked over to Nora and stands next to her. "This next bit is going to be the fun part," says Anna to Nora.

"Now we mix everything together," Elsa says as she raises a hand above the bowl. Then using her powers a cold air swirls from her hand into the bowl.

Soon the liquid in the bowl begins to jump up the sides of the bowl and into the air. Yet Elsa continues to swirl the liquid. More often than not, the liquid is totally out of the bowl being mixed by the air; but it always lands back into the bowl.

Soon Nora begins to smile and giggle. Meanwhile, Anna notices some of the berries sitting in the kitchen. "Would you like some berries in your ice cream?" Anna asks Nora.

The young girl shakes her head yes. So Anna goes and picks up a cutting board and cuts up some of the berries with a knife. "Heads up Elsa!" says Anna as she tosses the cut berries towards her sister. Elsa catches most of the pieces in the flying mixture but one piece hits Elsa in the face. "Opps, sorry," apologizes Anna. Then Elsa, with a mischievous smile, takes a finger and flicks it. A small snowball flies across the room and hits Anna in the face. Now Nora laughs at this and claps her hands with enjoyment.

"Now we have to add the ice to the cream," says Elsa. So the liquid falls back into the bowl followed by snow and ice. The liquid then begins to swirl vertically. It comes up the sides of the bowl and goes back down near the center of the bowl. This action causes the juices of the berries to make swirls in the ice cream. Finally the ice cream hardens and the bowl is full to the top.

Out in the hallway, Kristian has been watching the display that Elsa has been doing in the kitchen. Kristian has become mesmerized by Elsa's abilities and the smile on her face as she is using them. Olaf, standing next to Kristian in the door, watches the display as well with a smile.

Near the end of Elsa's performance, Olaf looks up and sees Kristian expression. "You really need to meet with Elsa," says Olaf. "I think she is really going to like you."

This snaps Kristian out of his gaze. "You can't be serious Olaf," replies Kristian. "We are totally different people. She is royalty and I'm more of a timber rat. Not to mention that fire and ice don't mix."

"Oh come on Kristian," says Olaf in disagreement as he walks to the center of the hallway. "I'm a snowman and I like you."

"Ya, but you are no ordinary snowman," replies Kristian a bit sarcastically.

"Why, thank you," replies Olaf with a smile. "And Elsa is no ordinary lady and you are no ordinary guy. So we all have things in common. You can begin a relationship around that."

"A relationship?" replies Kristian dumbfounded. "There is no possible way a relationship will ever be developed between Elsa and me. It just can't happen."

Meanwhile in the kitchen, the ice cream is ready to eat. "There," says Elsa with pleasure. "Anna, we need bowls and spoons." Anna runs and grabs them and hands them to Elsa. Now Elsa scoops out some ice cream into a bowl and walks over to Nora and hands it to her. "I hope you enjoy it." Nora takes a bite and smiles and nods her head in approval. She then jumps down off the counter giggling.

At this moment, Elsa hears some commotion out in the hallway. What she hears is the argument that Kristian and Olaf are having. However, she cannot discern what they are saying. So Elsa moves towards the door to investigate the commotion.

Out in the hallway, Olaf is trying to convince Kristian to talk with Elsa. "You're limiting yourself to a small point of view," says Olaf. "You need to think outside of that view point. You probably went through a lot of the same problems Elsa did when her magic powers were revealed. She would understand you a lot better than most people would. In fact, I think I'll go tell Elsa right now about your marshmallow cooker; and then you will see that I am right about her."

Olaf begins to walk to the door and this scares Kristian. "No!" quietly exclaims Kristian as he waves a hand towards Olaf. Kristian's fears have cause both of his hands to light up with flame.

However, Olaf jumps back from Kristian's hand. "You certainly do have a fiery flare there," says Olaf.

In response, Kristian clenches both of his fists. This reduces the flames and then he blows the remaining fire out. "Look Olaf, I don't want anyone to find out about my powers; particularly Elsa," states Kristian. "So do me a favor and promise me you won't tell anyone. OK?"

Olaf stands still for a moment. He is considering Kristian's request. Finally Olaf speaks. "OK fine," Olaf replies. "I won't tell anyone, but I don't know how you are going to keep it a secret for any length of time. You would be better off telling Elsa yourself as soon as possible."

"Thanks Olaf," responds a grateful Kristian. "Just let me worry about keeping my secret. Besides, I shouldn't be staying here long enough to get into any trouble. And Olaf, could you keep the noise down. The last thing that I want to do is to draw attention to myself, especially in this part of the palace."

Suddenly Kristian hears a voice coming from behind him. "I'm afraid it is too late for that." It is Elsa. Elsa has come to investigate the noise she was hearing in the hallway, and she has found Kristian and Olaf talking. However, Elsa has only heard the very end of their conversation. Yet out of fear, Kristian stiffens up and looks at Elsa. Then Kristian looks down the hallway to where he first entered from the main hall. Unfortunately, Elsa is between Kristian and this exit. Soon Anna and Nora come out the kitchen door. Anna is also carrying the large bowl of ice cream and Elsa's gloves.

"Hi Elsa!" pipes up Olaf. "I've just been hanging out with my friend Kristian here."

"In deed," replies Elsa with a smile. "I've just finished helping your other friend Nora with her little problem. Now I see that you are showing someone else around the palace."

Olaf replies, "I knew you could help Nora, and Kristian has been showing himself around. I've just been following."

Kristian fells one of his hands light up. So he quickly clenches the fist and smothers the flame with his other hand and body. Kristian is feeling extremely uneasy. He is caught in an unfamiliar place, facing someone Kristian assumes will be his enemy if she finds out about his magic powers. Not to mention the fact that Kristian was hired by the Duke to end Elsa's life. However, Elsa notices Kristian's discomfort. Yet because of the good mode that Elsa is in, she thinks Kristian nervousness is amusing.

"Olaf, can you take Nora and the ice cream back to the party for us?" asks Elsa. "Anna and I can take charge of your friend here."

"Sure thing Elsa," replies Olaf as he goes and takes the bowl of ice cream. He then starts off for the main hall. Then after a few steps, Olaf turns around and says, "Kristian, don't forget what I've said. You can easily make a connection with Elsa."

Now Kristian cringes from this remark, and Elsa and Anna see Kristian's response. So Anna suppresses a giggle, while Elsa covers one up with her fist and a slight cough. "So your name is Kristian is it?" lightly questions Elsa.

"Ah, ya," replies Kristian awkwardly.

Now Elsa and Anna have moved into the center of the hallway. So they are now between Kristian and the only doorway out of the palace that Kristian knows about.

"I presume that you are new around here," continues Elsa wanting to keep the conversation moving. "Are you here for the spring festival?"

"Um no. I'm here on um business," replies Kristian not wanting to reveal his true intent. The stone floor begins to heat up from Kristian's power, so he shifts himself nervously around. However, Anna and Elsa think his nervousness is due to him meeting Elsa. So Anna giggles a little and Elsa just smiles.

"Business is it," continues Elsa. "Is your business with the palace? Is that why you are here today?"

"No it is not," replies Kristian in a raised voice. He hopes to convince the ladies that his business is being done somewhere else. "My business is for another kingdom. It has brought me here to Arendelle. I just arrived this evening when I came across the festival in the town square."

Anna then speaks up with a silly lint in her voice. "And you decided to explore the palace then, without being invited."

"Initially no that's not what brought me inside," replies Kristian. He still feels uneasy but Kristian begins to think he is going to get away from this situation without being caught. "When I was out in the square, I saw the ice statues through the main gates of the palace and I had to check them out. Their detail was amazing and then there was the snow. Then Olaf, the snowman, showed up and said hi."

"Ah yes, Olaf," says Elsa with a smile. "He can be quite a surprise for newcomers to Arendelle. Funny I don't recall hearing a scream or even a report of someone screaming."

Kristian begins to explain his reaction, "Yes Olaf was a surprise alright, but he wasn't exactly something totally new to me. He was the first talking snowman that I have ever seen though. For some reason, he took a liking to me."

Anna then speaks up, "That's Olaf for you. He has a good heart and a childlike demeanor. He likes everyone that he meets. He, must of, really liked you. If he suggested you meet with Elsa."

Kristian rubs the back of his neck. He is not sure of how to respond to this comment. "Ya well, anyway Olaf began to explain the statues, the snow, and himself to me. He also explained how Elsa could live out in the open here, mostly because of Anna's love.

Elsa then speaks. "Yes, I am truly grateful for my sister. If it wasn't for Anna, I would most likely be exiled into the mountains; if not killed outright."

"You know I would never let that happen if I can help it Elsa," replies Anna.

Elsa turns towards her sister. "I know Anna," responds Elsa. "And I would try and do the same for you as well." Then turning back towards Kristian she asks, "So was it learning about me that you decided to come into the palace?"

"No it wasn't," responds Kristian feeling more comfortable in the situation. "I would have left shortly after learning about you, but the Duke of Weselton came in. I followed him and he led me to you."

"You know the Duke of Weselton?" asks Elsa. "How do you know him?"

Kristian realizes he has said something that he should have not mentioned. "I, um, ya know of him. Met him once," nervously replies Kristian. He glances around looking for any possible way to escape. "I, ah, gotta go!" With that Kristian pushes forward towards Anna and Elsa. He then goes between the sisters. To get by them, he reaches out and places his bare hand on Elsa's lower arm which is uncovered. Kristian pushes Elsa out of his way as he quickly heads towards the exit. This move startles Elsa and for a moment she is stunned. Elsa grabs the spot that Kristian touched with her hand and can only watch Kristian walk away.

Meanwhile, Anna sees the shocked expression on her sister's face. So she tries to console Elsa, "It is OK Elsa. He just couldn't handle you being you. I'm sure there are other guys out there that will not have a problem with your magic."

"No Anna, it is not that," replies Elsa in disbelief. Elsa lifts up the arm that Kristian touched, still holding the spot with her other hand to show Anna. "He touched me. Even after learning of my magic powers, he touched me! He had no fear, what so ever!"

Anna beams with delight. So she goes and grabs Elsa's hand and says, "Oh! That is great Elsa! See there is someone out there for you! I know what we can do. We can invite him for dinner tomorrow and get to know him better; you, Kristian, Kristoff and me. We can have a double date!"

"Anna wait," interrupts Elsa. "We don't even know where he is spending the night. How can we invite him to dinner tomorrow?"

Anna realizes that Elsa is right. So Anna turns towards the way out. Then while pulling Elsa along, she says, "Come on! We have to catch up to him!" Initially, Elsa is a little reluctant to follow. Yet eventually she is running with Anna. As Elsa begins to run, Anna lets go of her hand.

"Anna this is crazy!" says Elsa to her sister. "We hardly know the guy, and he didn't seem all that excited to stick around."

Meanwhile, Anna tosses Elsa's gloves to her and replies, "Kristian is curious about you, because he was watching you from the hall. Maybe he is just the nervous type. Sometimes people can get really nervous when they meet royalty; and after all, you are the Queen of Arendelle. Also don't forget that Olaf is a friend of his. Olaf maybe a little off beat, but he has been a good judge of character."

Soon the ladies burst into the main hall. Elsa is putting her gloves back on and Anna is scanning the room for Kristian. "I wouldn't put a lot of faith in Olaf's judgment just yet," says Elsa. "He is, after all, less than a year old."

"You've got to be a little more positive, Elsa," replies Anna, as she continues to scan the room with no success.

As for Kristian, he had quickly moved himself through the main hall. Already, Kristian has spent more time at the palace than he should have. However once he reaches the palace courtyard, Kristian stops and looks around for a moment. The sun is just setting and the court yard is now being lit by the pit fires, torches, and the ice globes. Kristian then heads quickly towards the main gates. As he passes the statues of Elsa's parents, Kristian stops and looks at them for one last time. "Sorry Elsa," whispers Kristian. "I have brought danger to you and your home."

It is at this moment that Olaf happens to be in the courtyard and sees Kristian standing in front of the statues. "Hey, Kristian!" calls out Olaf. "Are you leaving already?"

"Sorry Olaf, but I have got to be going," calls back Kristian. So Kristian then turns and heads out the main gates and crosses the bridge. Soon he disappears into the village of Arenedelle.

Back in the main hall, Anna sees Kristoff approaching her and Elsa. "Kristoff! have you seen Kristian?" asks Anna excitedly.

"Who?" asks Kristoff?

"Right you haven't met him," replies Anna. "Kristian is a guy with reddish brown hair, about your height and build. He is also under dressed for this occasion and a tad dirty from traveling. Plus, he came out these doors just a little bit before we did."

Oh yeah, I think I did see him," replies Kristoff. "He was in a hurry heading out the front door of the palace."

"Come on Elsa," anxiously says Anna. "We may still be able to catch up to him."

"Wait! What's going on?!" Kristoff calls out to Anna, as Anna and Elsa hurry out to the palace courtyard.

When they reach the courtyard, the two ladies slow to a walking pace, each one scanning the courtyard for Kristian. However, they only end up finding Olaf. This time it is Elsa who asks the question. "Olaf, have you seen Kristian?"

"Yes, he was here just a moment ago," replies Olaf. "But he said that he had to go when he saw me and left through the palace gates."

"Let's move it!" says Anna to Elsa. The sisters run out onto the bridge followed by Olaf. However, Elsa starts to walk and finally stops about two thirds of the way across the bridge. However, Anna makes it all the way across the bridge when she realizes that Elsa has stopped. Anna then turns back and hurries to her sister. "Why have you stopped? There is still a chance we can find him," says Anna.

"No. Not tonight," sadly replies Elsa. "It is getting dark out, and he is most certainly would have gotten into the village by now. Even if we could find the street that he is on, we could easily walk right by him and not notice. It's over."

"OK, maybe you're right," replies Anna. "But it is not over. When the sun comes out tomorrow, we can look for him. After all, Kristian did say he was here on business. Kristian certainly would not have finished it by this evening, if he was spending time at the palace. So he still should be around somewhere in Arendelle."

Elsa's mood improves but she is still skeptical. "Maybe, but even so the chances of finding him are not good," says Elsa. "And I am uncertain that Kristian will accept an invitation for dinner anyway."

"Come on Elsa," encourages Anna. "You've got to be positive. If we all look tomorrow we will find Kristian, and he will accept a dinner invitation. After all, not many people can actually dine with a queen."

"Maybe you are right," replies Elsa. "However, I cannot help in the search tomorrow morning. Some of the merchant captains will want to leave as soon as possible, and I must see to the kingdom's business with them before they leave."

"That's OK, Elsa," speaks up Olaf. "I will be able to help Anna look and I am sure Kristoff can help as well. With the three of us looking we can cover the village in no time. So can we get back to the party and have some fun then?"

Elsa smiles at Olaf and kindly says, "Of course, there are a few hours to go yet; and we might as well enjoy the rest of the evening."

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