Frozen 2 Fire and Ice

Elsa's Defeat

Up on the mountain, Kristian mind is racing. "I've got to get down to Arendelle fast!" exclaims Kristian. "Any sort of riding beast will still take too long! A flying creature would be best but to create one that I can properly control and ride will take time! What I really need is Mattias, but I'm going to have to get along without him."

So Kristian raises his hands out in front of him and his magic in its purest form begins to swirl out of his open palms. Just then, Kristian hears a faint screech. So Kristian stops what he is doing and looks around. "Mattias?" Kristian doesn't see anything until his eyes pass a spot where there are small fires on the ground. This spot is where the remnants of Mattias's fire fell to the ground.

As Kristian's eyes pass this spot one of the flames briefly bursts into the shape of a small eagles head and then quickly fades. "Mattias!" shouts Kristian as he runs to the fading flame. As he nears this fire, Kristian stretches a hand out and emits his pure energy into this fading fire. The fire begins to grow and Kristian falls to his knees in front of it. Soon the shape of an eagle can be seen in the flames.

"You clever bird," says a joyful Kristian. "You found a way to survive by clinging to some of the combustible debris around here."

Now Kristian places his hands opposite each other along the sides of Mattias's fire. He then focuses his energy into this fire and it quickly grows. In no time, Mattias turns into his bird form but his form is flaming up and hot. Then Mattias jumps up onto Kristian's arm and flaps his wings. Small sparks fly off his wing tips as he does.

"I hated what happened to you Mattias, but I need to ask a big favor of you. I know you are not ready yet, but I need to be flow down to Arendelle. Do you think you are capable?" asks Kristian.

Mattias spreads his wings and screeches. He also nods his head in agreement. "Thank you. You are a good friend," says Kristian.

Mattias then hops off of Kristian's arm and Kristian stands up. Now Kristian stretches his hands out over the firebird and begins to place his energy into Mattias. Kristian does this slowly because Mattias is in an unstable state. Yet Mattias begins to grow and fire erupts out of the top of the firebird as he does grow. In a short time, Mattias is large enough to carry Kristian, but Mattias's fire is unstable and he is flaring up instead of his smooth sleek form.

Mattias rises up, flaps his wings, and screeches. Flames shoot off his wings and fires ignite all around the firebird. Then Mattias lowers to the ground and Kristian climbs onto his flaming back. Kristian is quickly covered in flame, but Kristian is unharmed by the fire. Mattias now rises up and takes to the air with his passenger. His wings release a large burst of fire when he takes off and fire streams from the tail of the firebird as he moves through the air.

Down in Arendelle, Anna and Kristoff had to pull back from the harbor. Goran's fire wall had grown and its heat had pushed everyone back. Out in the harbor, Elsa's snowstorm had been eliminated by Goran's large column of fire. With the storm gone, Goran lets his fire column burn out. Now Goran can look around and find Elsa.

Soon his eyes fall upon the place that Elsa is standing. Elsa had prepared herself to once again to battle Goran. Elsa is prepared to strike as a cold wind blows around her filled with snow. However, Elsa is surprised when she looks at the face of Goran. Goran's face is crisscrossed with red lines.

"Your face!" exclaims Elsa.

"A mere trivial event!" replies a hostile Goran. "It is a side effect of pushing my powers past my own limit! It is something that you would have to look forward to, if you would have lived past today!"

Now Goran launches a fire stream at Elsa and she counters with a massive flurry of snow directed at the stream. It is quickly followed by a line of rapidly developing ice spikes along the surface of the ice. These spikes quickly reach Goran and they strike him. Goran is knocked back a step and a huge cloud of steam is released from the melting ice.

As the battle continues between Goran and Elsa, back on land, everyone is at a loss of what to do. "Elsa needs us! There has to be something that we can do to help her!" exclaims a desperate Anna.

"The fire is too strong. We can't even get near it to do anything," replies Kristoff.

"We have got to find something that will allow us to help Elsa!" says Anna as she begins to look around the village square.

"Anna, there is nothing that we can do! It would take a massive amount of water just to reduce that fire wall to a flicker!" replies Kristoff.

Just then, Anna and Kristoff hear the call of a reindeer. They both look and see Sven coming down the street. He is pulling Kristoff's ice sled and it is full of ice. At the reins is Olaf.

"Yes!" exclaims Anna as she runs over to the sled. "Water is not the only thing that we can use!"

"Hi Anna!" says Olaf as he waves to the approaching princess. "Sven and I thought you could use something to cool you off."

"That was an excellent idea Olaf!" exclaims Anna as she begins to unhitch Sven from the sled.

"Hold up Anna!" exclaims Kristoff as he catches up with Elsa's sister. "What are you planning on doing?"

"I'm going to do what Olaf said. I'm going to cool things down. Elsa is not the only one that can fight fire with ice," replies Anna as she finishes unhitching Sven.

"There isn't enough ice here to make a dent in that fire wall!" exclaims Kristoff. "You're just going to end up burning my sled for nothing!"

Anna begins to climb up on the back of the sled and says, "We have already tried extinguishing the fire! This time I'm going to take the fight directly to Goran! There is enough ice here to protect me from the flames!"

"Ya, let's do this!" exclaims Olaf as he stands up and points towards the fire wall. "Let's get this old ice toboggan going!"

Kristoff looks up at Anna in disbelief. Then he says, "Anna you can't be serious! You have no idea if this will work! You can't risk your life like this!"

Anna looks down at Kristoff and replies, "That is my sister out there. She is fighting for her life. Elsa had been willing to give up everything to protect me, and I just can't sit here and do nothing. No one else needs to come with me. I will take the risk alone."

Kristoff reaches up and grabs a hold of Anna's hand and says, "Anna, I…"

"I know Kristoff. I love you too," replies Anna. The Anna turns to the back of the sled. Sven had already moved back there. To Sven, Anna shouts, "Go Sven!"

So Sven lowers his head and begins to push hard against the sled. It quickly begins to move. At the last second Kristoff grabs a hold of the back of the sled and pulls himself up onto the ice blocks.

"Kristoff!" exclaims Anna in surprise.

"If you're crazy enough than so am I!" replies Kristoff as he crouches down next to Anna behind a stack of ice blocks.

"Woo Hoo!" shouts Olaf as he stands up on the seat of the sled.

With only seconds to spare Kristoff reaches up and pulls the snowman back behind the ice blocks. Then Sven stops running and the sled leaps off of the village square and hits the fire wall. A roar of fire is heard as the sled enters the fire. Flames from the fire quickly ignite the wood of the sled and the ice begins to rapidly melt. The fire also bends over the top of the sled and is only inches away from the trio that is crouched behind some ice blocks. In a mere second or two, the sled finally exits the fire wall.

"We made it!" exclaims Anna as she sits up right on the sled.

Kristoff and Olaf get up as well. Then all of a sudden the sled collapses. The fire had severely burned up the wood on the sled. "Sure we made it, but this is the second sled you burnt up for me," bemoans Kristoff.

It can easily be replaced," exclaims Anna as she climbs off the ice blocks and then scans the area for Elsa.

"At the rate you are going through them, you are going to have to buy me a whole fleet!" replies Kristoff in slight exasperation.

Soon Anna sees Elsa and Goran. Goran is releasing a steady stream of fire at Elsa, and she is countering this with a heavy stream of snow. The fire gets split apart by the snow and shoots away from the center of the streams. The snow is in a more concentrated stream than the fire. Elsa had to do this just to maintain any sort of defense against Goran's massive fire magic. Yet, even this attempt was beginning to show signs of failing.

"There's Elsa!" exclaims Anna as she points in her sister's direction.

Anna begins to move towards Elsa, but Kristoff calls out as he gets down off the ice blocks. "Wait, Anna! What are you planning on doing?"

"I'm going to help my sister!" exclaims Anna as she turns back to look at Kristoff.

"How? With what?" asks Kristoff? "Neither one of us came out here prepared to fight someone with his kind of magic!"

"I don't know how we are going to fight Goran," replies Anna. "But if all I am able to do is be a distraction, I will do that for Elsa!"

"It is a shame we can't fight with snow and ice like Elsa can," says Olaf as he climbs down from the blocks of ice.

Then Anna's eyes brighten up as she looks at Olaf and the pile of ice blocks behind him. "Who says we can't fight with ice!" exclaims Anna as she walks back towards Olaf.

"What? Me!" exclaims Olaf. "I would barely be a drop in a bucket against someone like him!"

"No Olaf. I'm talking about the ice blocks that we used to get out here," replies Anna as she tries to get one of the blocks off the pile.

Now Kristoff steps up to what was left of the sled and pulls a pair of metal ice tongs out of the ash. "It is going to be a long shot Anna, but it is the best thing that we can do," says Kristoff as he goes and grabs an ice block with the tongs and swings it off the pile.

"Any shot is better than none," says Anna as she gets her block off the stack and pushes it to the side.

While Kristoff, Anna, and Olaf dismantle part of the ice block stack; Goran is continuing his fire stream against Elsa. However, Goran is becoming annoyed with the length of time it is taking to finish Elsa off. "Witch! Why don't you give up?" shouts Goran as he intensifies his fire stream.

The fire pushes forward and gets real close to the Snow Queen. Elsa grunts as she tries to respond. She manages to intensify her snow stream enough to stop the fires push, but the fire is close enough for Elsa to feel the heat. Soon Elsa begins to sweat from the effort and the heat of the fire.

The glowing red lines that had formed on Goran's face begin to glow brighter because of the extra energy he is using. Now Goran concentrates hard as he is about to up his power again. Just as he is starting to push forward with this stronger fire, an ice block comes sliding across the ice and strikes Goran's feet. Goran yells as he releases his fire and falls over as the block of ice trips him. This causes Goran's fire to shoot over the head of Elsa and Elsa's snow stream surges forward and covers Goran in a heavy flurry of snow.

Elsa is surprised at what had just happened. All she sees is Goran lying on the ice of the harbor. Plus, Goran also did not know what had happened. For now, Goran just flares up his body to respond to Elsa's snow. Once that had been done, Goran could now see things better. However, the first thing that Goran can see is another ice block sliding towards him. It is mere seconds away from striking him. So Goran raises a hand and projects a flame at the block, but he is late and only melts part of the ice block. Thus the second block strikes Goran, and it sends him sliding and spinning.

Elsa saw this ice block coming and she looks in the direction from which it came. She finally sees who is responsible. "Anna! Kristoff!" says Elsa in surprise. She did not expect to see them out on the harbor with her. Elsa thought that Goran's fire wall would have prevented that.

Meanwhile Olaf, Anna, and Kristoff are busy setting up for another shot. Anna and Olaf slide a block of ice over to Kristoff. Then Kristoff grabs the block with his ice tongs. Then Kristoff picks up the block and hurls it with the tongs along the surface of the ice.

Goran had regained some composer from the last ice block strike. He gets to a knee and prepares to fire at the sliding block and the people that are sliding them. Now Elsa's becomes fearful for Anna and her friends. "Anna!" exclaims Elsa as she quickly fires some ice spikes at Goran. The spikes fly through the air and strike Goran. However, Goran is giving off so much heat that the points of the spikes melt off. However, the spikes still hit with enough force to knock Goran off balance. The fire that Goran was firing hits the ice of the harbor just off to the side of him. At the same time, the block of ice that Kristoff slid hits Goran and Goran falls forward over the block and hits the ice of the harbor hard.

Now Kristoff prepares to slide another ice block and Elsa begins to try and encase Goran in ice. At first, Elsa wasn't making much headway but soon ice began to form around Goran. However, Goran was not going to have any of this. With a yell from his knees, Goran flares up greatly and melts the ice that was beginning to encase him. Meanwhile, Kristoff had slid another ice block towards Goran. However, Goran turns to look at the block of ice and shoots a massive fire at the block. The block melts almost instantly.

"Enough of this!" growls Goran as he extends a hand towards Elsa. With this hand, Goran generates a large fire shield that absorbs Elsa's snow attacks. Then Goran raises his other hand and points it towards Kristoff and Anna. "Your fun is now over!" shouts Goran.

Now Goran releases a fire wall across the ice that travels towards Kristoff and Anna. It moves quickly and Anna yells out, "Look out!" So Kristoff had to drop the ice block that he has and dives off to the side. Anna and Olaf also have to move out of the way of the fire wall. This fire wall soon cuts right through the place that Kristoff was standing. Also the fire wall continues to cut through the stack of ice blocks. When the fire wall gets in the midst of the ice blocks, it erupts and sends the blocks flying. As this was happening; Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf try to run out of harm's way; but the fire wall quickly encircles them. The fire wall then begins to close in on the trio.

High on the mountain, a fireball can be seen moving through the air towards Arendelle. This fireball was Mattias, Kristian's firebird. Mattias is carrying Kristian on his back. With every flap of his wings, flames are released into the air and fire trails from the firebird's tail. Mattias's energy is unstable at the moment and Kristian has to continually put energy into the firebird to maintain Mattias's size.

Mattias flies at a steady rate. To go faster would mean higher risk to himself and to Kristian. Yet, with every flap of his wings, Mattias is becoming more stable. The fire coming from Mattias's tail diminishes and the fire that covers Kristian has now receded back to the bird's body. By the time the pair get over half way down the mountain, Mattias is back to his stable form and Kristian stops feeding energy to the firebird.

"You good to go, Mattias?" asks Kristian as he leans his head down next to the side of Mattias's head. Mattias responds with a loud screech. "Then release your energy and get me down there fast," says Kristian.

So Mattias then soars high into the air and as he turns back towards Arendelle, Mattias sweeps his wings back and goes into a fast dive. Fire roars off the wings of the firebird as the speed of the bird starts to rapidly increase. Meanwhile, Kristian is steadily feeding energy into Mattias to keep Mattias at a suitable riding size.

Down on the ice covered harbor, Goran's attention was split in two different directions. In one direction, Goran had to defend himself against Elsa. In the other direction; Goran was dealing with Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf. Goran had trapped the trio in a tall fire ring, and the fire ring was closing in on the trio.

Elsa saw this and cries out in fear, "Anna! Kristoff!"

Elsa had been trying to attack Goran through a fire shield that he had created. Now Elsa stops trying to penetrate Goran's defenses and turns her magic onto the fire ring of Goran's. Elsa emits a fast thin stream of snow that shoots quickly over to Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf. The snow stream penetrates the fire ring and begins to swirl around Anna and the others. The swirling snow creates a barrier against the fire ring and stops the inward push of the fire.

Now Goran smiles at what Elsa had done. "Caring about anyone else other than yourself is a mistake!" exclaims Goran as he turns his fire back onto Elsa.

Goran sends out a steady stream of fire towards Elsa, and she responds defensively. This time Goran's fire manages to wrap itself nearly all the way around Elsa. She is giving her all to try and defend herself, but the energy Elsa spent to protect Anna and the others is now costing her. Goran's fire is slowly closing in on her and Elsa can feel the heat once again.

"Your defense of your friends has cost you witch!" shouts Goran. "But your demise was inevitable! I will rule over multitudes; and after today, few will dare challenge my rule over them!"

Now Goran intensifies his fire and the glowing red lines on his face ignite with flame. The fire around Elsa closes in on her and Elsa starts to cry out in pain. "No! Elsa!" cries out Anna as there is nothing that she can do for her sister now. Suddenly, a fireball streaks out of the sky and it seems to strike Elsa. "ELSA!" cries Anna as she watches as Elsa disappears from view.

Almost instantly, a flash of Elsa's energy comes out from the center of the strike. Goran stops his attack and extends his arms out to his side as he waits for the energy to hit him. This blue energy moves quickly across the ice extinguishing all fires that it encounters. All that can be seen from the spot of the strike, after the fires are out, is bare ice. Goran smiles as the energy approaches him. As the energy hits him, Goran allows the magic to enter his body and the glowing red lines on his face disappear. After this, Goran begins to scowl.

"That's it?" growls Goran. "After all that effort; the only thing that witch emits, is a measly amount of magic."

Just then, Mattias lands on the ice several feet away from Goran. Everyone is surprised to see Kristian, including Goran. "You actually escape the cave, and you recreated your dam bird as well," says Goran. "You have gotten better with your powers, and I am glad that you have come to your senses. You can only exist in this world at my side. That witch could never have done anything for you."

As Goran was talking, Kristian climbs down off of Mattias. After listening to Goran, Kristian says, "It's over Goran! Your ice witch is dead! There is nothing here for us anymore!"

"We're not ready to leave yet!" snarls Goran. "An example needs to be made of this village! They have to understand that there are consequences for siding with an ice witch!" When Goran finishes speaking, he raises his hands and creates a beast of fire. Goran then climbs onto this beast's back. Once seated on the beast, Goran turns to Kristian and says, "Come let's set what is left of this village ablaze as a reminder!"

Kristian shakes his head in a negative fashion and replies calmly, "No."

"You sentimental fool," says Goran. "So be it! You have got to learn to break this need for connections. I'll burn this village myself!"

With that said, Goran takes off for the village and Kristian watches him leave; but before Goran is out of sight Anna speaks up. "How could you?" exclaims Anna as she addresses Kristian. "Elsa befriended you! She did everything that she could to help you; and this is how you return her kindness, by destroying her!"

Finally, Goran disappears into the village; and Kristian turns towards Anna and raises a hand. Then Kristian generates a fireball in this hand. Out of fear, Kristoff quickly grabs a hold of Anna's shoulder and Anna stops walking towards Kristian. Then Kristian looks off to his side and launches the fireball. The fireball strikes the ice of the harbor and it instantly melts. Then he turns back towards Anna.

"Go help your sister," says Kristian. Then Kristian climbs back onto Mattias, and then he says," I've got to find a way to stop Goran."

"Elsa?" says Anna as Mattias takes to the air. Anna is confused by Kristian's comments, but she is hopeful as well.

Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff look over to the hole created in the ice by Kristian. Suddenly a head quickly emerges from the water, gasping for air. It is Elsa. "Elsa!" cries out Anna as she tries to run over to her sister. As she tries to run, Anna slips on the ice.

Meanwhile in the village of Arendelle, Goran was creating small fire gremlins as he rides along the streets. These creatures are not big, but anything that these gremlins touch soon catches fire. Goran crisscrosses what remains unharmed of the village. Meanwhile, Mattias and Kristian fly above the village and follow Goran's path.

"What's Goran doing?" questions Kristian. "If he wanted to burn the village down, he would do it himself. The villagers could almost manage these things." Then after a brief moment of thought, Kristian comes to a realization. "Goran doesn't care about the village. These gremlins are just a distraction!" exclaims Kristian. Then to Mattias, he says, "Mattias head to the palace! I know what Goran wants."

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