Frozen 2 Fire and Ice

Kristian's Defiant Stance

Out on the harbor; Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf get to the edge of the hole in the ice that was created by Kristian's fireball. Meanwhile, Elsa swims over to them and she allows Kristoff and Anna to pull her out of the water. Once out of the water, Anna grabs a hold of her sister and gives her a big hug.

"I thought that Kristian had killed you!" exclaims Anna as tears of joy descend her cheeks. "I thought that he actually hit you with his powers!"

Elsa also hugs Anna back and replies, "I'm glad that you are safe as well." Then Elsa gently pushes her sister away and says, "And Kristian did hit me with his power. He just didn't hit me with his fire."

"I don't understand?" questions Anna. "Aren't they the same thing?"

"My own magic power generates the snow and ice that I project. Kristian's obviously does the same," replies Elsa. "When Kristian's fire struck, the flames actually went around me and melted the ice underneath my feet. As I fell into the water, I felt something else. It was Kristian's magic in its purest form. When it hit me, my own magic reacted uncontrollably to it. So as I fell in, I accidentally froze the water again."

"That would explain the magic that was released after his fire hit," says Kristoff.

"Was anyone hurt?" asks a concerned Elsa.

"Only Goran's fires," replies Olaf. "It put all the fires out. Goran was even pleased with it."

"That's what Kristian was up to!" exclaims Anna. "He wanted to convince Goran that you were dead, in the hope of persuading him to leave!"

"Well Kristian got it half right," says Olaf. "Goran thinks you're dead, but now he is creating a hot time for the villagers."

"What?" exclaims Elsa as she turns to look at the village. Anna and Kristoff look as well. They all can see small fires and smoke rising from the village. They also can see some villagers near the harbor working on putting out those fires.

"After we saw that you were alive, we forgot that Goran went to set the village ablaze!" says Anna.

"Not Arendelle," says Elsa. "My people don't deserve to suffer because of me."

So Elsa begins to run to the village; and Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf follow her. As Elsa runs, she extends her arms down from her sides and activates her magic. With this motion, Elsa freezes the water instantly that was on her. Then that frozen water flakes off of Elsa, causing her to be completely dry.

"Wow, instant freeze dry!" exclaims Olaf.

Once Elsa makes it to shore, she lays a layer of snow on some of the fires that were burning next to the harbor. "There, these fires should be easy to extinguished," says Elsa.

Then Anna notices something emerging from under the snow. It was one of Goran's fire gremlins. "Elsa!" says Anna as she points to the creature. The gremlin's fire was spluttering because of Elsa's snow, but the creature still managed to relight the fire.

Well after Elsa looked in the direction that Anna pointed, she struck the gremlin with her magic. The gremlin was then extinguished. "It's going to take more than I thought to put these fires out," says a concerned Elsa. "These gremlins will keep resetting every fire unless we put them out as well."

"Just lead the way Elsa," says Kristoff. "If you can take care of the bigger problems, the rest of us can handle the smaller ones."

While Elsa and the others were heading out into the village to combat the gremlins, Goran was completing his run through the village. Now he was returning back to the village square. Goran was still riding his beast of fire, and he continued to ride the beast across the palace bridge into the courtyard. Finally, the fire beast stopped a few yards inside the palace gates.

Once inside the courtyard walls, Goran climbs down off his beast and takes a few steps towards the palace. Goran then addresses the people inside. "People of Arendelle, your unholy alliance with the demonic witch is over! She is dead and now you will see what your loyalty to her is going to cost you!"

Now Goran lifts his hands and he begins to cause his hands to flare up, but as he does this Goran hears a voice call out. "Goran!" It is Kristian sitting astride Mattias, and Mattias was perched on top of the palace wall. So Goran pauses what he was doing as he watches Mattias and Kristian fly down to the palace courtyard.

"What is your intended purpose Kristian!" demands Goran as he watches Kristian climb off of Mattias.

"My intentions are simple. The people here do not deserve to suffer any more at your hands," replies Kristian. "All I want is for us to leave and head back home. If not, then I will defend this place from all of your attempts at destruction."

This remark causes Goran to become furious. So Goran releases a fire strike from one of his hands towards Kristian. In response Kristian lifts his own hands and creates a small fire shield. As Goran's flame hits this shield, the fire scatters in all directions.

"Haven't you learned yet? You can't defeat me!" bellows Goran. "You're such a pathetic example of a warrior! Every time I try to break you of this sympathetic weakness of yours, you find a way to cling onto something!" Now Goran's second hand begins to flare up larger.

As Goran's hand flares up, Kristian turns to Mattias who is crouched in an aggressive stance. To the firebird, Kristian says, "Mattias, go! Take care of the village. I don't want to risk losing you again to Goran."

So after receiving his orders from Kristian, Mattias stands up right and lets out a screech as he spreads his wings. The firebird then takes to the air and starts to fly out to the village. As Mattias flies, Goran focuses his attention onto the firebird as it leaves. So before Mattias is over the wall of the courtyard, Goran launches a fire strike at the firebird. He intends to rip the bird apart for good this time.

However Kristian had anticipated this move from Goran. Just as Goran launches his large fire strike, Kristian releases a small but intense fire strike of his own. The smaller size allows the fire to move quicker through the air than Goran's larger attack. So Kristian's fire strike was able to quickly rip through Goran's strike. With the center of Goran's fire gone, the fire strike had nothing to maintain itself. So it quickly burned itself out as it moved through the air. So before Goran could react, Mattias was over the courtyard wall and out of sight.

Goran was angered by his failure and for Kristian's rebellion against him. So Goran looked at his own fire beast and shot a fireball at the feet of the creature. "Go! Finish off that bird!" gruffly says Goran. Then Goran turns to Kristian and shouts, "Your insolence shall not be tolerated! If you think I've been hard on you before, after today you will wish to return to those times! You will learn to obey me or you will suffer the consequences!"

Now Goran's hands and arms flare up and the fire climbs over the top of his head. Kristian's hands also flare up as he prepares to counter Goran's moves. Goran now releases a massive fireball at Kristian. Kristian responds by creating a fire updraft that lifts this fireball up into the air and over the palace wall. The fireball then comes down again into the frozen harbor and crashes through the ice that remains there.

Now Kristian counter attacks with a flurry of small flaming orbs. So Goran stretches one hand forward and creates a small fire shield to absorb the impact. Yet once the orbs near Goran, Kristian makes the orbs shoot skyward. This surprises Goran. The orbs then change direction again and they come streaking down on top of Goran. Yet, Goran manages to respond by raising his fire shield over his head. The shield absorbs some of the impacting orbs but some of the orbs strike the ground. The orbs that strike the ground erupt in forceful explosions. These explosions end up knocking Goran to the ground.

Kristian now steps forward with both hands raised and flaming. "You have taught me a lot about how to fight, Goran!" says Kristian forcibly. "And I know how you fight! If I have too, I will use everything that you have taught me to defeat you!"

That is a two way street Kristian!" replies Goran as he pushes himself off the ground to his knees. "I know how you fight as well! The advantage is still mine!"

Now Goran takes his flaming hands and slaps his hands down onto the cobblestones of the courtyard. His fire enters the cracks between the stones. Soon a low rumble is heard from the cobblestones and a red glow can be seen between the stones. Then the courtyard begins to shake and Kristian has to stabilize himself to keep from falling. In a moment, small flames can be seen coming from the cracks between the stones.

"Now you are going to feel my wrath!" shouts Goran.

The red light and small fires between the stones quickly start to disappear from the outer edge of the courtyard. This disappearance continues to move inward until the only remaining red light is under Kristian. Once this happens, the cobblestones under Kristian explode upward. This explosion causes Kristian and the stones to be sent skyward. As Kristian comes back down from a severe height, he generates a fire on the ground. This fire roars upwards underneath Kristian, and it creates a strong updraft. This updraft slows Kristian's fall as he falls into the middle of the fire. Still Kristian hits the ground with a thud. However, Kristian is now totally hidden by view by his own fire.

Now Goran steps forward and releases a large fire draft towards Kristian's fire. Goran intends for his fire to extinguish Kristian's fire, but what it actually did was split it in two. Since Kristian was in the middle of that fire, he got knocked back several feet by Goran's attack. Meanwhile, the two halves of Kristian's fire quickly created two separate flaming paths that curved towards Goran. In response to these two fires, Goran had to stretch his hands out to his sides to block them. However, this move left Goran open.

At about this same time, Kristian got to a knee and fired a strong blast at Goran. With Goran already preoccupied, this fire blast hits him solidly. This sends Goran flying backwards into the courtyard wall. As he hits the wall, Goran yells out in pain. Then he crumples down to the ground.

With Goran on the ground, Kristian begins to walk towards him and says, "Arendelle isn't worth all this aggravation! What more do you think you can accomplish here! Destroying this village won't accomplish anything! Goran just leave knowing that you have won against your ice witch!"

Now Goran pushes himself up and leans against the wall of the courtyard. He is now facing this wall. "You think that you can give me orders," snarls Goran as his hand flare up on the wall. "You are supposed to take orders from me!"

Hearing Goran, Kristian begins to brace himself for Goran's next move. What Goran does next is to send his fire into the stones of the wall. Then the next thing that Kristian knows is that Goran had stepped towards him, swinging his arms forward. What follows this motion is an explosion form the courtyard wall, and many stones from the wall went flying at Kristian. So in response, Kristian quickly sends out a fire spike right at the flying debris. Many rocks get diverted by the spike but a few made it through. So Kristian gets hit and is knocked backwards in a daze.

Goran now stands up right and slowly begins to walk towards Kristian. "I could have destroyed you long ago!" shouts Goran as he flares up his hands. "But I thought that you could have been useful to me when I first saw you. With your powers, you could be the general of my army; and I would be your king! Now you are willing to betray me, and you are willing to take action against me as well. I now see that you don't have the heart to be a real warrior! I should have destroyed you when I destroyed both of your parents!"

"My parents?" says a confused and unstable Kristian. "My mother died because of me, because someone wanted to do me in."

Kristian tries to push himself up off the ground but Goran launches a fireball at him. This fireball knocks Kristian back down. "Your mother did die because of you, but not because someone wanted to harm you," says Goran. "The man that came was your father, and he and your mother wanted to take you away with them. I could not allow that to happen! You were too valuable as an asset to lose, and the threat that you posed as a potential enemy was too great! You had to stay with me! Either to be a tool for me to use, or as an enemy that I could easily and swiftly deal with! I've decided now that you are the latter!"

Now Goran raises his hands out to the side and over his head. Between his hands, fire begins to swirl and come together. Soon a fireball begins to form of a large size and high intensity. The fire is initially orange in color but in a short time it turns to a bright red. The light from the fire continues to get brighter until the flame turns to a high intensity white color. It is nearly a milky white fire with only hints of red around the outside. It is the hottest fire that Goran can create. It is so hot that even Goran can barely tolerate its heat over his head.

Meanwhile Kristian was lying on the courtyard. He was slowly moving around on the ground and had been listening to Goran. Finally Kristian looks up to see the large fireball above Goran's head, and then he drops his head down and closes his eyes. In a moment some small wisps of flame begin to swirl around Kristian.

Goran looks at Kristian and begins to laugh. "Is that all you are able to do now, a few wisps of flame! That isn't a defense at all! If you can't do better, then this will end quickly!" states Goran.

Finally Goran releases the fireball at Kristian. It roars as it moves through the air and the air itself hisses as it passes. In what seems like in a blink of the eye, the fireball crosses the distance and seems to strike Kristian. Now Goran stands there with almost a gloating look but that look soon changes to astonishment. Since Goran's super fire begins to swirl and start to cool. The white color of the fire begins to change to a bright red and soon to an orange. In a few seconds, Goran could see a figure in the fire.

It was Kristian, and he was kneeling on the ground with his arms outstretched. Kristian was working on dissipating the fire and soon the fire was nothing but thin wisps again. Once Kristian had done this, he slowly began to push himself up to his feet.

"How is this possible?" exclaims Goran in disbelief. "You had nothing, and you were broken! You shouldn't have had the skills or power to block such an attack!"

Then Kristian looks over to Goran sternly as he steadies himself on his feet. Then in a confident voice he replies, "You have taught me a lot about how to survive and how to use my powers, but you don't know everything! I have also learned from others! Things that you have no comprehension of, and have shown no capability or desire of learning! The most important of those things that I am talking about is love!"

"Love!? It is a weakness!" shouts Goran. "It is what condemned your mother to death! It is what has caused you to risk your life and for what; a village that surely will despise you, and a monster that would have destroyed you if I hadn't taken her out!"

"You will never understand Goran!" replies Kristian. "It was my mother's love that kept me alive during my early years, and it was she that taught me how to love! But it was when we came to Arendelle that I learned of the power that I had with that love! Something that the Snow Queen taught me! So it is for Elsa that I am will to protect her home, despite what the people here would think of a monster like me!"

"Love is nothing compared to anger and fury!" yells Goran as his hands flame up. "And to show you how wrong you are; I will burn down this palace, even the stones themselves will be nothing but molten slag!"

Now Goran raises his hands and his entire body becomes engulfed in flame. This fire begins to grow and starts to climb into the air. Soon the heat from the fire begins to catch the outside wood of the palace on fire. In response, Kristian focuses his own abilities by stretching his arms out and intensifying his swirling wisps. In mere moments, Kristian begins to draw the fire away from the palace and into a swirl around him.

This causes Goran to become furious with what Kristian was doing. So he says, "You have never seen my full power, Kristian! There is no way you can keep up with what I am capable of releasing!"

Then Goran begins to surge his powers and the flames once again leap towards the palace. Kristian responds by increasing his own magic. The fire once again gets pulled into a swirl around Kristian. However, Goran does not stop releasing his power. He continues to push out even more flame. Soon a swirling cyclone of fire surrounds Kristian as he does his best to block Goran's attempts. Yet, Goran continues to increase his energy output. So Goran's and Kristian's battle continues like this for a long time. Neither one of them was gaining the upper hand and neither one was willing to give up on their attempts.

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