Frozen 2 Fire and Ice

Defending the Village

Out in the streets of Arendelle, Elsa was leading a fight against the fire gremlins that had been setting the buildings of Arendelle on fire. As Elsa puts out a blaze, the gremlins then come out of their hiding spots to attempt to relight the fires. Either Elsa or one of the villagers would extinguish these gremlins. Then Elsa moved onto the next big blaze, while the villagers remained behind to put out any remaining small embers and fires.

Then shortly after Kristoff dowses a gremlin with a bucket of water he says, "We are gaining control of these little demons! Soon there won't be any left!"

"We couldn't have done it without Elsa's help," adds Anna as she hands another bucket of water to Kristoff.

Then Anna takes the empty bucket from Kristoff and looks over to Elsa and sees some concern on her face. So Anna walks over to her sister and asks, "What's wrong Elsa? You seem to be concerned about something."

"I am. It is these fires and gremlins," replies Elsa. "They are a problem, but the people should have been able to take care of these things on their own; and where is Goran? Honestly, I am beginning to think that this is just a diversion. Goran has to have something bigger planned."

"This isn't big enough?" asks Anna. "He has been setting the whole village on fire."

"With the kind of power that Goran is wielding, nearly all the wooden houses in Arendelle should be large infernos. Yet, all we are dealing with so far are small blazes."

"Well, what sort of thing do you think he is planning then?" asks Anna.

"I wish I knew," replies Elsa. "But we also have not run into Kristian either."

"Maybe Kristian has stopped Goran and that is why we haven't run into them," ponders Anna.

"Maybe, or at the very least Kristian has interfered with Goran's plans. Perhaps Kristian has just temporarily stopped his actions," hypothesizes Elsa.

Just then Elsa and Anna hear Kristoff call out, "Elsa look out!"

Just as Anna and Elsa begin to look over to Kristoff to see what the matter was, they both see a group of fire gremlins charging them from around a building. So Elsa quickly turns and tries to smother them with a layer of snow but only manages to get about half of the group before they were on top of her. Meanwhile, Anna has darted away from the oncoming gremlins to get out of harm's way. The remaining gremlins, that Elsa missed, jump onto her and try to set her on fire. However Elsa's magic powers prevent that, but the gremlins clinging to her making it difficult for Elsa to respond well. Elsa was eventually pulled down to her knees by the fire gremlins.

Now Kristoff runs to Elsa's aid but one of the gremlins surges towards him. So Kristoff had to jump to the side to avoid being hit by the charging creature. Then Kristoff, a little unbalanced, turns towards his fiery attacker. Meanwhile, Anna too runs towards her sister's defense and another gremlin comes at her. So Anna stops running. Then with her empty bucket, Anna swings it and hits the gremlin. Anna manages to knock the gremlin several yards down the street. However Anna's bucket was now smoking a little because of the gremlin but it was still intact. Meanwhile Kristoff, carrying his own empty bucket, now uses it on his attacking gremlin. So with great force, Kristoff brings the bucket down from over his head and slams it into the charging creature. The force crushes the beast and extinguishes the fire gremlin instantly.

Elsa too is now able to fight back. In an unnatural position on the ground she starts to freeze the gremlins one at a time. As the gremlins are extinguished, Elsa is able to regain her feet and get to a more standing position. However, another group of gremlins have showed up. This time instead of heading straight for Elsa this group splits up. Three head towards Anna and another three head towards Kristoff. However, the largest number still heads towards Elsa; as she tries to eliminate the last two gremlins clinging to her.

Anna once again uses her bucket to hit another gremlin down the street, but the other two gremlins manage to grab a hold of her bucket and catch it on fire. Anna then screams, "No!" as she drops her burning bucket. Anna then backs away from the remaining two gremlins, and those gremlins begin to slowly stalk her.

"Anna!" cries out Kristoff as he once again slams his bucket down on one of his attacking gremlins. As that gremlin is extinguished a second gremlin jumps onto the bucket and sets it on fire. However before this gremlin can burn the bucket up, Kristoff swings the bucket over his head and hits the ground on the other side of him. The bucket splinters apart from becoming weak from the fire and the hard use it was receiving. However, the second gremlin was extinguished as well. Now Kristoff turns towards Anna to try and help her, but the third gremlin stands in his way and he has to stop moving forward.

Elsa was having her own problems with a much larger group of gremlins. However, this time she was able to maintain her feet as she fights them. As she does the gremlins grab a hold of Elsa and try to pull her down again. During all of this time, Elsa had been holding back with her powers. She was afraid of over using her magic and possibly harming some innocent bystanders, especially Anna and Kristoff. However, when Elsa saw Anna trip and fall backwards; she cries out, "Anna!" So Elsa now focuses her powers and lets out a brief cold blast that radiates out in all directions. The gremlins that still cling to her are immediately extinguished. These fire gremlins also absorb most of the cold blast and only a slight cold air is felt by Anna and Kristoff. Now Elsa starts to run to help her sister but another two gremlins manage to jump onto Elsa's back. So these gremlins knock Elsa forward and she falls to her hands and knees. "Get off!" shouts an angry and desperate Elsa, because she desperately wants to go to her sister's aid.

Anna, who is now sliding backwards on her seat away from two fire gremlins, looks over at Elsa and Kristoff and sees both of them preoccupied with their own problems. Just then one of the gremlins jumps at Anna. Anna screams, closes her eyes, and lifts an arm up in front of her face.

"No!" cries out Elsa as she lifts an arm to try and stop the attacking gremlin. However, one of the gremlins on top of her, jumps onto her arm and pushes Elsa's ice strike towards the ground. Elsa had totally missed.

As this was happening, Kristoff and Elsa could see a streak of fire descending from the sky. The next thing that either of them knows was that a large firebird had come down out of the sky, and it had caught the attacking gremlin in its talons. Then as the second gremlin began to run away, the firebird caught it in its beak and ate it.

"Mattias!" exclaims Elsa with relief and some happiness. So Elsa now turns her attention to the gremlins on her back and roles over and begins to freeze them.

"Who?!" asks a concerned Kristoff as he focuses on the fire gremlin he has to face down.

"That's Kristian's bird!" replies Elsa as she starts to stand up after extinguishing the gremlins that had jumped on her back. "He's also a friend!" Now Elsa turns her attention to the few remain gremlins that still approach her. She begins to extinguish them with a burst of snow and ice.

Meanwhile Anna begins to pick herself off the ground while Mattias consumes the fire gremlin that he had caught in his talons. "I'm glad that you showed up Mattias," says Anna as she brushes some of the debris off of her clothes.

Suddenly Mattias turns towards Anna in an aggressive fashion. The firebird lowers his head and partly extends his wings. Flames leap from Mattias's back as he lets out an aggressive hiss. "Mattias?" questions Anna with fear as she takes a few steps back from the firebird.

"Anna, behind you!" shouts Kristoff, just as he picks a flower box off the front of a house. He then slams the flower box down onto the fire gremlin, dirt first. The dirt from the box extinguishes the fire gremlin that Kristoff had been facing.

In response to Kristoff, Anna turned around and saw a large fire beast nearing her. That beast then stopped and started to growl. Anna now realizes what was going on. Mattias was challenging this fire beast and she was caught right in the middle of the two fire creatures. Thus Anna looks back and forth between the two beasts. She didn't know what she could do. Suddenly Anna heard Olaf call out to her.

"This way Anna!" calls out Olaf as he waves an arm to attract Anna's attention. Olaf was standing under one of Mattias's extended wings. The heat from Mattias was heading up but Olaf still melted a little from the excess heat.

Anna was surprised to see Olaf standing where he was, but she did not hesitate to run towards Olaf. During all of this, Mattias was still in an aggressive stance and Anna cringes as she passes the massive head of the firebird. Anna had to duck low to get under Mattias's wing, but she followed Olaf quickly under the firebird's wing. Meanwhile Kristoff had come forward and grabs a hold of Anna's arm as she comes from under Mattias's wing.

"You all right?" asks a relieved Kristoff.

"I'm fine," replies Anna. "Just don't let me get caught between two magical creatures again."

"Easier said than done, especially considering who your sister is," says Kristoff as he takes Anna out of harm's way.

Now Mattias and the fire beast were facing each other. Each one of them was not backing down from the other and both were looking for a weak spot to exploit. Now Elsa had finally taken care of the last gremlins that were trying to attack her. So she turns to look at the standoff that was going on between the two fire creatures.

"Enough of this!" says Elsa to herself. So Elsa began to charge up her powers. Cold air and snow begin to swirl around her hands. Then to Mattias she yells, "Mattias take flight!"

So the firebird obeys Elsa's command and begins to flap its wings to take off. Once the other fire beast saw this action, it charged at Mattias. The firebird got about ten feet into the air, when the other beast leaped up to strike Mattias. However, now this fire beast was totally exposed to Elsa's line of sight. So Elsa lets loose her powers and the fire beast was almost instantaneously extinguished. Thus nothing but a smoke cloud was left of the fire beast.

Now Elsa just stands there with her arms stretched out in front of her. She was still focused on the spot that the fire beast was a moment before. It wasn't until Anna speaks that Elsa snaps out of her focus. "Nice shot, Elsa!" exclaims Anna as she approaches her sister with Kristoff and Olaf following. "You totally got him in one blast!" continues Anna.

Elsa finally drops her arms as she now looks over to the approaching group. "There must have been some serious emotion behind that strike," adds Kristoff as everyone comes to a stop in front of Elsa.

"I got angry," replies Elsa a little sheepishly. "Normally, I don't like to get that angry. Since I don't want to accidentally go off and hurt somebody."

"Everybody gets angry sometimes, except me of course," chirps Olaf. "I just hope that I never get on your bad side."

Elsa smiles as she looks at the snowman and says, "I don't think you could ever get on my bad side, Olaf."

Now a warm breeze can be felt coming from the sky by everyone. They all look, and they all see Mattias coming down for a landing. The large fire bird lands near Elsa. Once the firebird had settled, Elsa walks over to Mattias and says, "I want to thank you Mattias for helping us just now."

Mattias lets out a friendly squawk and lowers his head down. Elsa reaches up and pats the firebird on the beak. Then Olaf goes and picks up a piece of wood debris left over from the fight from the gremlins and walks up to Mattias.

"Here you go!" says Olaf as he tosses the piece of wood into the air towards Mattias. Mattias catches the wood in his beak and consumes it.

"He's a bit large for a bird," says Kristoff in amazement at how Elsa and Mattias seem to be getting along.

"I don't think he is normally this big," replies Anna. "When I first saw Mattias, he was the size of a normal hawk. Then Kristian made him grow so that he could carry him."

Elsa then turns to look at Anna and Kristoff. The she says, "That is true. Kristian used Mattias to fly up the mountain to speak with Goran on my behalf, obviously with no success; but where is he now? Kristian should be with Mattias. I don't think Mattias would leave Kristian, unless Kristian ordered him too."

"Most likely, Kristian is trying to stop Goran," replies Anna.

"Yes, but where are they?" asks Elsa. "Where could Goran have gone that could be so disastrous that Kristian isn't here helping with these gremlins?

As Elsa finishes speaking, Mattias lets out a loud squawk. So Elsa turns around and looks at the firebird. "Mattias, is there something that you want me to know?" asks Elsa.

Mattias then looks in the direction of the palace. Then he looks back at Elsa and lets out another squawk. Then he looks back towards the palace. "Is Kristian in that direction?" asks Elsa. So Mattias lets out an affirmative squawk.

Elsa and the others begin to move out into the road to look down the direction that Mattias had indicated. "The only thing in that direction are the village stores and…," says Anna as everyone moves out into the road but she momentarily stops speaking when Anna sees two massive fire formations coming out of the palace courtyard. One formation is a tall tower of flame reaching high into the air. The second formation can best be described as a fire tornado. This fire tornado seems to be spinning rapidly and the flames from the flame tower are being pulled towards this tornado.

"The palace!" exclaims Elsa. "That is what Goran was up too! He was using those fire gremlins to draw people away from the palace, so it would be left undefended!"

All of a sudden, Elsa and the others hear Mattias let out an aggressive hiss. They all turn to look and they saw Mattias looking at a nearby fire. "Mattias, what is it?" asks an anxious Elsa. Suddenly, Mattias launches himself forward and his head disappears into the flames. In that same instant, several fire gremlins leap out of that fire and start to scurry away. Then Mattias lifts his head out of the fire with one of the gremlins in his mouth. The firebird then consumes this gremlin. Once the firebird was done, Mattias looks over at Elsa and then back in the direction that the gremlins ran off to. Then Mattias looks back over to Elsa.

"Go! Take care of those fire creatures!" exclaims Elsa. So with Elsa's blessing; Mattias opens his wings, lets out a screech, and takes flight just barely off the ground. Nearly every fire that he approaches, a fire gremlin leaps out and began to run away.

"Come on!" exclaims Elsa as she begins to run towards the palace. So Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf follow her.

"Why would Goran want to draw people away from the palace?" asks Kristoff as he runs. "With the kind of power he is wielding, he shouldn't have had any trouble with normal men."

"Even Goran can't focus his attention in multiple directions," replies Elsa. "With the palace guards off fighting these small fires, Goran thought he could more easily destroy the palace. However, I don't think he anticipated Kristian's interference."

"Interference!" exclaims Anna. "It looks like Kristian is helping him burn the place down!"

"I refuse to believe that!" exclaims Elsa. "After all that he has done and all he had to sacrifice, I cannot accept such a fact as Kristian destroying our home."

Soon Elsa and the others reach the village square and near the palace bridge. Olaf was trailing the group when he saw one of the fire gremlins clinging to the edge of one of the buildings. The gremlin looked like it was being pulled by some invisible force into the palace. Soon this gremlin lost its grip and went sailing through the air. "Heads up!" shouts Olaf. "There's a Gremlin flying at you!"

So everyone turns around expecting to encounter this gremlin in a fight. However, what everyone saw was this helpless creature sailing through the air. It went over the wall and soon disappears into the fire tornado. "That was weird," says a surprised Kristoff.

Then after a momentary pause of disbelief, Elsa continues to cross the bridge. She was followed by Kristoff. Meanwhile, Anna had stopped to talk with Olaf. "Olaf you should stay here!" says Anna. "With all the fire inside the palace gates, I don't think your flurry is going to help you much."

"Don't worry about me, Anna!" chirps Olaf. "There are more important things than a snowman's life."

"You're not just a snowman, you are a friend," replies Anna as she turns to follow Elsa and Kristoff. Olaf follows too but he keeps his distance from the heat of the fires.

Meanwhile Elsa runs through the open gates and stops a few feet inside the courtyard walls. The gates themselves are burning and the flames from the gates are being drawn into the fire tornado. Portions of the palace front have also caught fire, but the fire does not seem to be spreading. Now Elsa just stood there, taking in what she was witnessing. Elsa even raised one arm up to help shield her face from the heat. What Elsa saw was large areas of flame being pulled off of a tall inferno of fire. These sections of flame quickly traveled across the courtyard and enter the fiery tornado. With each flaming mass, the tornado pulses bigger before reducing back down. However, the tornado seems to get larger with each flame mass; as each mass seems to be larger than the last. In the middle of each fire formation, the outline of a man can be seen. In the fiery tower the figure had his arms stretched upwards. Whereas, the man in the fire tornado had his arms stretched forward and slightly to the side.

Kristoff, who was right behind Elsa, had to stop just outside the gates. The heat from the fires were too great for him to enter the courtyard. All he could do was stand there and watch everything.

Finally, Anna runs up alongside Kristoff. "Kristoff, why are you standing out here?" exclaims Anna.

"The heat is too great from the fires," replies Kristoff. "I really can't get any closer."

"But Elsa is in there!" says a concerned Anna as she begins to run towards the palace gates.

"Anna!" shouts Kristoff as he chases after her. However, as Anna nears the gate, she too has to stop because of the heat. "Anna, you can't go in there!" exclaims Kristoff as he catches up with Anna and grabs a hold of her arm to pull her back. However, Anna resists his efforts.

Anna stands as close as she can tolerate and looks in through the palace gates. Anna lifts her arm up to shield her face as she looks at her sister standing in the courtyard. "Elsa!" shouts Anna. "Elsa!"

So Elsa partly turns to answer Anna but she keeps her eyes on the fire tornado. "Kristian is trying to pull the flames away from Goran! I'm certain of it!" exclaims Elsa. "Yet Goran is just generating too much fire for him to handle! He needs my help!"

"Elsa, the fires are too hot, even for you!" exclaims Anna as she shouts from outside the gates. "There is nothing that you can do in that heat by yourself!"

Elsa now looks over to Anna and sees her struggling against the heat. "Alone no, I won't be very effective!" replies Elsa. "But I don't have to be alone!" Now Elsa turns away from Anna, and she begins to run towards the fire tornado.

"No! Elsa!" shouts Anna as she tries to move forward into the courtyard. However, Kristoff grabs a hold of Anna and pulls her back, just as the heat from the fires begin to cause Anna's clothing to smolder.

"Anna, you can't survive that kind of heat!" says Kristoff as he pulls Anna out of the heat and several feet away from the gates. "You just have to trust that Elsa knows what she is doing."

"But what can she do alone?" asks a concerned Anna.

"She won't be alone," replies Kristoff trying to reassure Anna. "Kristian is in there as well; and if there is anything that he can do to help Elsa, I'm sure that he will do it."

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