Frozen 2 Fire and Ice

Goran's Defeat

In the courtyard, Elsa was running at the fire tornado. As she ran, Elsa generated a layer of swirling cold air and snow around her to protect her from the heat. As Elsa neared the tornado, she lifted her hands up in front of her. Elsa then generated a swirling disk of snow in front of her, but she kept the disk close to her and didn't project it forward. Soon the swirling disk made contact with the fire of the tornado. This caused the disk to rapidly melt, but as it did Elsa jumped through the disappearing snow disk and entered the interior of the fire tornado.

In the interior of the tornado, Elsa found herself standing next to Kristian. His arms were stretched forward and slightly off to the side. Around each of Kristian's hands, fire swirled in an aggressive fashion. Occasionally, this fire flared up and erupted in small bursts. The fire also extended away from his hands and joined up with the fire of the tornado.

"Elsa!" says Kristian with great strain in his voice and surprise. "You shouldn't have come here! I don't have the ability to protect you in here!"

"I can protect myself, Kristian," replies Elsa. "I'm here to protect my people and also to help you."

"I need to do this alone!" says Kristian with effort. The strain of maintaining his cyclone was high. "I must do this alone!"

Kristian, everyone needs help from time to time," replies Elsa. "Even I need help. I'm fortunate that I have friends and family that will help me; and despite your reluctance, I consider you a friend. So if you will allow it, I believe that I can help you now."

So Elsa then positions herself next to Kristian and stretches her hand forward. Elsa then grabs the back of Kristian's flaming hand and interlaces her fingers with his. As she does, Elsa feels a momentary sensation of pain from the heat of the fire. However Elsa uses her own magic to generate a small swirl of snow around their joined hands, and the pain is gone. At first, the snow and fire seem to fight each other; but in seconds a balance is achieved. Now the snow and fire swirl around their joined hands. Once Elsa was satisfied with the stability of their magic, a color split stream leaves their joined hands and begins to combine with the fire tornado. One color set is the orange and red of fire. The other color set is the white and blue of snow.

Soon a ribbon of snow begins to weave itself into the fire tornado. As it does this, Elsa lifts her other hand up and projects a snow stream into the tornado. Once this stream meets the wall of the tornado, the tornado begins to grow in size and was equally split between snow and fire. As the split fire and snow tornado grew, the fires in the court yard were drastically pulled towards the tornado. Even Goran's tower of flame was nearly bent in half as the upper part of the tower was being sucked into the tornado.

Outside the palace gates, Kristoff and Anna stand in the heat coming from the fires inside the courtyard. As Kristian's and Elsa's tornado grows, a breeze of air can be felt by Anna and Kristoff; and the heat in the air fades away.

"Something is happening!" exclaims Anna as she looks over to the palace gates. The first thing Anna sees is the fire on the open gates getting diminished and pulled into the courtyard.

"Look!" exclaims Kristoff as he points up over the walls of the courtyard. So Anna looks up and sees the fire tornado. What she sees is that the fire tornado was changing. Elsa's snow had begun to form half of the tornado.

"It must be Elsa!" exclaims Anna. "But what is she doing? Is she taking control of the cyclone?"

"I don't think so," replies Kristoff. "It looks more like she is adding her magic to the twister, but how can that be possible? I would think her snow would extinguish that fire."

"Elsa said she felt a connection with Kristian. She must be able to use that connection to combine her magic with his," replies Anna as she watches the tornado in amazement.

Olaf, who is further back on the bridge, watches the events unfold over the palace walls. "Wow!" exclaims Olaf. Then Olaf hears an odd sound of distress behind him. He turns around to see what it is. What Olaf sees is a fire gremlin hanging onto a corner of a building. That gremlin was being pulled towards the palace. As Olaf watches this gremlin, streaks of flame begin to come down the streets of Arendelle. Also several more gremlins begin to tumble down the street and through the village square. A few gremlins even become air borne.

"Anna, something weird is going on over in the village!" exclaims Olaf as he turns to speak to Anna.

"Olaf, what are you talking about?" replies Anna as she and Kristoff turn around. However both Anna and Kristoff are then surprised by what they see.

"Look out!" shouts Kristoff as he pulls Anna out of the way of a flying gremlin. Well a few gremlins and fire flames enter through the palace gates, but most go over the palace wall and enter the tornado.

"That cyclone is drawing fire from all over the village!" exclaims Anna as she holds onto Kristoff.

As Anna and Kristoff watch the spectacle going on, Olaf keeps looking back and forth between the village and the palace. Shortly out of the village, Olaf sees Mattias coming. However, Mattias was flying backwards. Like the fire gremlins, Mattias was being drawn into the tornado. The firebird was fighting the pull as best as he could, but he was losing ground. Long ribbons of flame were coming off of Mattias's wings and tail, and Mattias was getting smaller as his fire was being drawn off.

"Mattias!" shouts Olaf as he begins to run towards the firebird. "Hang on! I'm coming!"

Soon Olaf meets up with Mattias at the far end of the bridge. By this time Mattias was down to his normal size. The firebird had been using his excess fire to stay ahead of the pull of the tornado, but now Mattias had spent that energy. As Olaf meets Mattias, the snowman reaches out and wraps his stick arms around the firebird. "Gotcha!" exclaims Olaf. However, Mattias was still flaming. So Olaf's face begins to melt and slide off. So Olaf reaches up with one of his hands to push his face back up. As he was doing this, the stick arm that Olaf was using to hold Mattias catches fire. So with a yelp, Olaf cries out in shock of his burning arm. Now Olaf turns his head and calls out, "Guys I need help over here!"

"What sort of help?" asks Kristoff as he and Anna turn to look at Olaf.

Then next thing that both of them see is a fire melting through the body of Olaf. "Olaf!" exclaims Anna as Olaf's head falls down on top of what was left of his body and legs. Olaf still had one stick arm left and that fell down to the ground.

"That's Mattias!" exclaims Kristoff.

"The cyclone is pulling him in as well!" says an excited Anna. "We've got to do something!"

"Like what?" asks Kristoff. "How do you expect us to catch a fire without being burned?"

As Anna and Kristoff quickly talk, Olaf had managed to get his arm up and attached it to what was left of his body. Then he began to run towards the palace. As he ran Olaf shouted out, "Flame down Mattias! Flame down!"

Anna and Kristoff heard Olaf call out. So Anna then says, "Of course! Mattias can control his fire!" Thus Anna then takes a few steps forward and calls out to the firebird. "Mattias, flame down!"

As Anna and Kristoff watch, the flames on Mattias begin to diminish. Kristoff now steps ahead of Anna and reaches out and grabs a hold of Mattias as he nears. "Oh hot!" exclaims Kristoff as he grabs a hold of the firebird. So Kristoff quickly shifts the firebird under one arm and begins to pat down his clothes.

"Kristoff, are you all right?" asks a concerned Anna.

"I'm fine," replies Kristoff. "I just grabbed a hold of Mattias too soon. He just singed my clothing before his heat was all gone. He is cool enough now."

Now Anna steps forward and looks at Mattias under Kristoff's arm. Mattias lets out a polite screech when he sees Anna. "This is the least that we could do for you, Mattias," says Anna. "After all, I owe you for saving my life." Now Anna turns to look back at the expanding mixed fire and snow cyclone. "I just hope that I can properly give my gratitude to our other benefactor," says Anna.

Inside the walls of the courtyard, the mixed cyclone had been expanding. Goran could not believe what he was witnessing. It's impossible!" exclaims Goran. "Fire and ice can't coexist!" So Goran now begins to growl and the red lines develop on his face once again. Then with a roar, Goran's rage causes his tower to flare up greatly. The flames straighten some and the top of the fire tower now extends higher than the palace itself. The base of this tower also began to expand.

As this was happening, the cyclone contracts inward on Elsa and Kristian. So both Kristian and Elsa let out a groan of discomfort and effort, as the cyclone contracts. The cyclone continues to contract as both Kristian and Elsa try to counter Goran's fire. "We've got to increase our powers!" says a straining Kristian.

"How, I don't think I can give much more!" replies Elsa with difficulty.

"There's a trick that Goran taught me, but I've only done it with him!" says Kristian. "I'm worried our powers won't work the same! It could be dangerous!"

"I don't think we have a choice now!" replies Elsa. "We've got to take that risk!"

"Fine!" says Kristian as he jerks his hand free of Elsa's. Elsa was surprised by this action as she continued to pour her energy into the cyclone. However, Kristian does not leave Elsa's hand for long. Now Kristian repositions his hand so that he can interlace his fingers with Elsa's. This time their palms are touching one another. "Elsa you need to push your energy into my hand, and I will be doing the same!" instructs Kristian. "Are you ready?"

"Yes," replies Elsa.

"Then go now!" exclaims Kristian as he begins to push his energy into Elsa's hand and Elsa begins to do the same to Kristian's.

As both Elsa and Kristian begin their energy exchange, they both feel the pain of each other's powers. However they both continue the attempt as the cyclone they are in continues to contract. The energy that now surrounds their joined hands sparks and surges erratically. For a while, it looked as if their attempt was going to fail. Then the color of the contrasting powers changes and the pain fades from their joined hands. Instead of a swirling, clashing of colors of orange and white, a bright cool blue energy begins to replace it.

Outside the courtyard walls stand Kristoff, Anna, and what remains of Olaf. They all saw the surge in fire from Goran's fire tower and the shrinking cyclone of Kristian and Elsa. "No!" exclaims Anna. "They are losing to Goran!"

Then Kristoff reaches up with his free arm and places his hand on Anna's shoulder. He was still holding onto Mattias under his other arm. "I know it looks bad, but don't give up hope just yet," says Kristoff trying to give Anna some hope. "As long as that cyclone still stands, Elsa will still be fighting."

"Don't forget about Kristian!" adds Olaf. "He won't let anything happen to Elsa! He does fancy her after all!"

"I hope you are both right," replies a concerned Anna. "But what can they do against such power?"

So now Anna looks back at the cyclone to watch the battle; and a few seconds later, a bright blue light can be seen shooting skyward out the top of the cyclone. "Something is happening!" exclaims an excited Anna. Hope builds inside Anna from this new sign of energy.

As the blue light begins to fade out of sight, the cyclone starts to turn color as well. It no longer was a combination of fire orange and snow white, but the color blue. With this color change, the snow and the fire in the cyclone could not be distinguished from one another. Once the color change was complete, a strong breeze was felt rushing in towards the cyclone. So Kristoff and Anna had to brace themselves against this unexpected wind. A few seconds after the wind appeared the fire on the palace gates go out. After the fire on the gates, the fires on the palace were extinguished as well.

The cyclone grows rapidly now and it significantly reduces the size of Goran's tower of fire. In just seconds the cyclone had expanded to the edge of Goran's tower. However, the expansion of the cyclone was stopped at this point. This was because Goran was refocusing his fire to rage just in front of him to act as a barrier. For what seemed like several minutes, Goran held the blue cyclone at bay. Then Goran lowered his head. The fire lines on his face began to flare dramatically, and then Goran roared as he lifted his head. As Goran did this, his fire defense began to rage and it pushed back the blue cyclone.

"No, not this time Goran," growls Kristian. Now Kristian brings his free hand down on his and Elsa's joined hands. This action causes more of Kristian's energy into the blue energy stream. This stopped Goran's push back but now there was a stalemate.

However now Elsa brings her free hand down on their joined hands. "Now let's finish this, together," says Elsa as she looks at Kristian's face.

So Kristian looks over to Elsa and a smile comes across his face and Elsa smiles back at him. Then they both look forward and they both push their energy into the cyclone. The cyclone begins to push outward again and Goran's fire bends backwards towards Goran. For a few seconds, things stand this way with Goran roaring with a strain in his voice as he tries to hold his fire defense together. Finally, the blue cyclone rips Goran's fire apart, and it throws him hard against the stone wall of the courtyard.

With Goran apparently defeated, the blue cyclone begins to fade away and Kristian and Elsa step towards Goran. They both want to make sure the fight was over. As they near Goran, they both see him pushing himself off the ground. The lines on his face still remain. However, instead of being red with fire they are black.

"I see that you survived our last encounter witch," snarls Goran. "And you both have surprised me today. I was caught unprepared by your actions, but you're mistaken if you thing I'm done!"

Goran was standing on his feet now, and the lines on his face fire up again as well as his hands. However, before he could proceed any further, Elsa lets loose with her powers. She sent a wave of energy towards Goran that struck him in the chest. This strike made Goran stagger backwards and his fire vanishes.

After being hit, Goran then straights himself up as he places a hand on his chest. "Fool, you can't freeze my heart! I burn too hot for my heart to be frozen!" shouts Goran as the lines on his face begin to flicker to life again.

However Kristian now steps forward and he begins to wave his hands around. "Let's see if you're hot enough now!" says Kristian as he pulls the magic out of Goran. A stream of red energy leaves Goran's body and enters the out stretched hand of Kristian.

Thus the fire and lines on Goran's face disappear as well as any signs of fire. Soon Goran's limbs begin to freeze and movement starts to become difficult. "Kristian, you fool!" shouts Goran. "You can have no life here! In the end, she will destroy you! She will have no choice… but… to… destroy… you!" Finally, Goran freezes to solid ice.

With it finally over, Elsa lets out a sigh of relief as Kristian steps closer to Goran in silence. Meanwhile, Anna and Kristoff had entered the courtyard. "Elsa!" exclaims Anna happily. "You did it! You won!"

"Yes, we won!" replies Elsa with a smile. "Kristian and I did it together." So Elsa turns to look at Kristian and sees him not paying attention to the conversation. "Kristian?" asks Elsa as she steps towards him.

Then to everyone's surprise, Kristian lets out a roar as his hands flare up. Then Kristian releases a fireball towards Goran's ice body. The fireball just barely misses hitting Goran and smashes into the soot covered walls of the courtyard. Afterwards Kristian drops his hands and his head.

Now Elsa walks closer to Kristian and asks with some polite concern, "Kristian, are you all right?"

So Kristian lifts his head and looks straight ahead at Goran. "He was the last thing that I had to a family," says Kristian. "And I didn't even matter to him, at least not in the way that I wanted too."

Now Elsa goes and places a hand on Kristian's shoulder. Then she says, "I am sorry, Kristian. I know how important family can be, and I know that Goran has let you down. You didn't deserve what he did to you, but you do deserve some peace of mind."

"What sort of peace can I find," replies Kristian as he starts to look to the sky. "I've lost everything that I cared about, and I've lost it all because of what I am." Now Kristian looks back at Goran and he continues, "I've even had to help you defeat Goran, and I may even have lost Mattias in the process."

As Kristian finishes speaking, a loud screech can be heard coming from behind Kristian. So Kristian quickly turns around and looks in the direction that the sound had come from. The first thing that Kristian sees is Anna and Kristoff, and standing on Kristoff's shoulder was Mattias. Mattias had gone up to Kristoff's shoulder, once Kristoff had released the firebird from under his arm.

"Mattias, you are still here!" says Kristian as his spirits pick up some after seeing the firebird. In response Mattias lets out a screech and spreads his wings. Mattias then flies towards Kristian, and Kristian lifts his arm up for the firebird to land on. "I'm glad you're still with me you stubborn turkey," says Kristian. "But how did you make it through?"

"Kristoff held onto him," replies Anna as she steps forward. "When we saw him being pulled in, we had to do something to help."

"I… don't know what to say," says Kristian as he is surprised by Anna's and Kristoff's efforts to save Mattias.

"Nothing needs to be said," replies Anna with a smile. "But thank you is always a good place to start."

"I am grateful, but I don't understand why you would," says Kristian as Mattias climbs up onto his shoulder.

"What's there to understand?" replies Anna. "You and Mattias have both saved Elsa's life and my own. Our efforts were just a simple thing of gratitude."

"I shouldn't deserve your gratitude or your kindness, because of him," says Kristian as he begins to look over to Goran again. Kristian then lets out a sigh and continues, "What am I going to do with Goran now? I can't just destroy what remains of him."

"We can find a suitable resting place for him, somewhere in the mountains where the cold air can keep him from melting," says Elsa. "I will even help to create an environment to keep him cool."

Now Kristian turns to look at Elsa with a puzzled look on his face. Then Kristian says, "After all that he has done, why would you do that for him?"

"I'm not doing it for Goran, but I will do it for you," replies Elsa.

"Even after everything that I have done for him, you are willing to do this for me?" questions Kristian.

"I don't blame you for what he has done, Kristian," replies Elsa. "The only people I blame are the Duke of Weselton and Goran. Yet, in some ways I should almost thank the Duke. If it wasn't for him, I would have never had the opportunity to meet you; and I never would have found a new friend."

Just then, what remains of Olaf hobbles into the courtyard, and he says, "We all found a new friend; and I, for one, am willing to help out any friend that I have!"

So everyone turns to look at Olaf as he hobbles towards Elsa and Kristian. "Olaf, what happened to you?" exclaims Elsa as she sees what remains of Olaf after he was melted.

"I just tried to help my friend Mattias," chirps Olaf. "I do like warm hugs; but when I gave Mattias a hug, he was just too warm for me."

"You really shouldn't play with fire," says Elsa humorously. "Here, let me take care of you."

Elsa began to lift her hand to rebuild Olaf. As Elsa was about to start working on Olaf, Kristian reaches out and places his hand on Elsa's wrist. So Elsa turns to look at Kristian as she is surprised by this action. "Let me help with this," says Kristian as he holds Elsa's wrist.

Elsa smiles and continues with her rebuild. The energy that flows out of her hand is the blue energy that Elsa and Kristian had just used earlier to defeat Goran. In just seconds, Olaf was once again his whole self again. However, the flurry cloud that was over his head had stopped snowing.

"I'm me again!" exclaims Olaf as he starts to jump around, but then he stops and looks up. "What about my flurry?"

"I just added my own magic in your creation," replies Kristian. "You're more heat resistant now. So you should be able to move more freely in the summer heat. You're just not fire proof."

Olaf starts to hop towards Kristian laughing and wraps his stick arms around Kristian's legs. "I knew that I chose a good friend!" exclaims Olaf.

"Olaf, take it easy!" exclaims Kristian as Olaf's dramatic outburst has caused Kristian to lose his balance.

So Kristian begins to fall backwards, and Elsa responds by creating a pile of snow for him to land in. Meanwhile, Mattias takes off from Kristian's shoulder and lands on Elsa's outstretched arm. After landing in the snow, Olaf lets go of Kristian's legs and stands up. Meanwhile, Kristian pushes himself up into a sitting position. His bare hands are in the snow and a little steam rises from the heat of Kristian's hands.

"Thanks a lot, Olaf!" says Kristian with some annoyance.

"You're very welcome!" replies a happy Olaf. Meanwhile Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff begin to laugh at Kristian's misfortune. Finally, Kristian begins to smile and shake his head in a slightly negative fashion.

So later that evening; Kristoff takes Elsa, Kristian, Anna, Olaf, and Goran to his ice warehouse. Once there, Elsa and Kristian clear a path to the building through the avalanche. Then the body of Goran was placed inside with the ice.

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